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Found 41 results

  1. Moin zusammen, ich nenne mich Plueckbaer, komme aus dem Südosten von NRW und spiele World of Warships seit der Alpha. Seit einiger Zeit streame ich auch wieder. Ich bin sicherlich nicht der beste Spieler (obwohl ich mich in den letzten 2 Jahren stark verbessert habe), sondern eher ein "Normalo", und zeige daher auch alles aus der Sicht eines "normalen" Spielers. Grundsätzlich streame ich Gefechte aller Art, mit Ausnahme von Coop-Gefechten. Bei mir steht der Spaß am Spiel im Vordergrund, dennoch versuche ich auch, das eine oder andere zu den gefahrenen Schiffen oder aktuell laufenden Kampagnen, Feldzügen etc. zu erzählen. Mitgefahren werden darf grundsätzlich, einfach fragen, ich entscheide dann spontan, denn sowas ist natürlich auch ein wenig "tagesformabhängig". Fester Bestandteil ist mein Stream immer Montags abends um 20:00 Uhr für mindestens 2 Stunden - in der Regel aber länger. An den anderen Tagen streame ich so, wie es gerade passt. Lasst ein „Follow“ da, dann verpasst ihr nichts. Schaut doch einfach mal rein auf https://www.twitch.tv/plueckbaer Euer Plueckbaer
  2. Greetings commanders. I know theres a few out there already in regards to this ship, but they're all pretty old and I'm bored; so here we are. At the moment I have myself a 13 point Euro captain (approaching 14) and the setup is as follows: (1) PT - (2) LS - (3) BFT - (3) DE - (4) CE I do enjoy this build - I think she makes a good 1 v 1 DD hunter in ranked and random. As I approach my 14th point, I was thinking of ditching DE and taking PM and AR, they both seem to much more effective in terms of what I get out of the perks. But I do wonder if the 2% extra chance to start a fire is worth it vs the other yummy buffs. What are your thooughts on this chaps? (Extra credit to anyone who can pronouce this Michael Fassbender lookalikes name) Sincerely.
  3. cnicoll123

    Random Commander Drop?

    Hello Shipmates, Been playing WoWs for the most part of the day prior to the latest update and I thought to check my commanders, skills and reserves etc, to discover a newly added commander in my reserve fleet- a "Brian Bragg" US Captain. I'm somewhat stumped about how I managed to get him with 10 unassigned skill points. Checking my campaigns I cant see him as a reward (Honorable Service Completed, progressing slowly with Isoroku Campaign atm). I have devoted myself to playing, unlocking and ranking-up commanders within the German ship tier-tree only- with only having two British Cruisers rewarded from the 'Brttish Cruisers' Directive and recently two European destroyers from the 'Euro Destroyers' Directive as of recent. (You'll probably note I still have 'Cap', 'Dunkirk' and 'Honore' unassigned- I've still to assign them when I see fit to ships of my liking!) Anyways. I digress. Anyone want to shed some light on how I've possibly been awarded him? (SIDE NOTE: I haven't played clan battles or own any US Ships. Mr 'Rewards' tab in the UI hasn't registered him either- even after a game restart!)
  4. This is long post, but I think it’s worth the read. If you want to just check it fast, look only at bolded text First few words of me. What I’m not happy with is how WG have changed to aggressive and hostile marketing as their primary goal. Every event and action seems to be aimed at milking players instead of upkeeping a good game and considering the players their customers. This is combination of several factors: First, but perhaps least, massively overpriced things. RNG. RNG and then some more RNG. Recently almost everything has been RNG based. First of all, this is bad in general. Having different reward for the same work is just plainly bad. Unpredictability of what is needed to be done. When rewards are tied to RNG there is no way of planning how much time and effort you need to contribute for a given reward/event. Whole system have changed to gambling. Unclear and unnecessary complicated mechanism that are made to confuse and obfuscate customers to spend money. WG has been also forcing early spending on players. Being able to compensate with money afterwards to fulfill missions is one of least toxic things here. It allows players to pay some (often too much) to not waste their effort when they for some reason they can’t finish the directive/mission. Practically impossible to do missions belong also to this category of misleading. Time gating everything is bad. It changes lot of otherwise good and nice events to grind fest that no longer are fun. Double points for overlapping events that can’t be done same time. Media talk and explanations that degrade players and which show either WG is out of touch with many players or they don’t care. Or care only enough to come up with sorry excuses. We could also add commander reset mess milk up here. Combination of these is very toxic aggressive marketing scheme. Not good kind of marketing where customer feels appreciated and is happy to give away money, but bad kind of marketing where customer no longer feels like customer, but milking cow that is milked to it’s death. System is made to take advantage on peoples gambling habit, force to early uncertain expenditure to milk with sunken cost and confuse the real price tag. System where every ”free gift” comes with a hook. I might not have been ”whale” level customer, but I have given my fair share of money to WG. At least I was a happy porpoise. I was clad to give when I felt I was treated as a customer and WG was doing their best to make a good game. For few years they were doing well. Recently I have not felt like an appreciated customer. I have felt that marketing has taken the front seat. It feels like direction of the game, decisions, events and even balance choices are dictated by marketing department, not by game designers. I’m pretty sure somewhere there is a excel sheet saying current system is bringing in more money than older system, but I’m not sure it has column for player happiness. I will continue to play, because I like this game, but my expenditure have gone down fast. WG, you have good game here, try to keep it that way. Do not drive your customers away with aggressive hostile toxic marketing (and badly balanced ”improvements”, I’m looking at you subs). Give me a reason to give you money, and I will happily do it, but first you need to refind early company that loved their game and loved their customers, not the marketing excel sheet. If you treat your customers as a milking cows we are going to fight hoof and horn to protect our udders. Keep us happy and let us feel appreciated and we will give you money freely. ps. I would appreciate if some someone from WG could forward this feedback to higher ups. Better yet also comment here on your point of view of above things. @MrConway @Crysantos
  5. Wuerden euch 64 Spieler in den Zufallsgefechten gefallen ? Mehr Daka, mehr Bums, mehr Lacher ?
  6. Themistocles_


    I start this post thinking about the past years when this game used to be more skill less chance.Now it seems that if you are lucky you will get maybe another descent player in ranked and perhaps 2-3 in random.Think about it.Containers,MM,Ranked,Clan battles(yes even that,bit less but still)
  7. FukushuNL

    Coop vs Random

    I'm not judging or forming any kind of opinion, but as a Random player only, I was curious why people play coop as I see quite a lot of people talking in different kinds of topics about having a blast with [insert ship] in coop. So just for me to understand, why do people enjoy coop? As I said, I'm just curious, not wanting to discuss your opinion in the slightest. It's just to enlighten me :) Thanks in advance for letting me know and helping me understand.
  8. natswright

    Win Rate - Improving it!

    I've been playing 3 months now, and am still mostly below average to average, with a few ship exceptions. As far as I can see from stats, win rate seems to very much affect your score. I can have some influence over that stat, but as an average player, I cannot carry a game, so consequently my win rate is low, 42% I had 10 straight defeats yesterday, and then 6 wins! I score some defeats had me as the best player on the team, but the win rate still takes a hit! Any hints and tips to improve win rate?
  9. Hiya, The limit of 3 ships a division makes it tricky to pay the game with my friends when there are more than 3, is there a way for us to get 2 divisions into the same game on the same side?
  10. RoundToIt

    Winning Battles in Random.

    Has anyone else noticed a trend regarding players prioritising sinking or scoring points rather than trying to win the Battle for the team in Random Battles. Call me sus' but I'm seeing this more and more which doesn't lend itself to encouraging team players if there is no reward for winning, when scoring by hitting other ships gives a player what they need to progress. I think what I'm suggesting is a separate reward for Winning. Am I nutz and got it all wrong?
  11. szczekan

    Ankieta - bitwy losowe

    Krótka ankieta dotycząca bitew losowych
  12. SD-7 (S.H.A.D.O.W. 7th Pacific Fleet "The Espada") is searching for you! Do you like to play World of Warships? Do you like to play World of Warships with others? Do you like to play World of Warships with a fun but mature group? Then SD-7 is looking for you! SD-7 is all about fun in the game; we do not enforce any join requirements, however we do have the policy that if one goes offline for more than 30 days he/she has to inform the flagstaff beforehand so we won't exclude you after we're full and making space for more active folks. Our primary focusses: * PvE Operations with tactics. * Divisions in Co-Op, Random & Ranked Sprint Battles. * Helping new, starting players get around the game much easier. * Providing a fun-only clan with active mates and no stat-walls to meet. * Last but definitly not least: FUN! Our secondary focus: * As soon as we have enough mates that are willing to participate in Clan Battles within SD-7, we will set up an "internal team" comprised of the players that want to play Clan Battles. Participating does not require any stats, but does require you to join our Discord server, understand basic English common sense, and certain activity will be expected from you. The players that are not interested in participating in our team won't have to do anything, and can simply ignore this and play on within SD-7. If you're interested, contact founder RADM "Sirion_" (me), or commanding officer RDML "GaCommanderGice" for more intel if you require so. Otherwise, simply apply for membership in-game. We'll accept anyone as long as we've got free space! Cheers! "Remain sane, follow the vane." ~ Sirion
  13. The Grey Wolves are now recruiting. We are a small, english speaking clan looking for more active players who enjoy the game. We only play for fun at the moment, but might take part in Clan Battles in the future to gain resources such as steel. Anyone who wishes to join are welcome. Right now we mostly play random and scenario battles, and our primary goal is the ensure that all members are having fun and feel welcome to the clan. If you wish to join, just send a request or type a reply with your ingame name and we will invite you. Hope you will join us in fighting out on the high seas.
  14. TheKostek

    Jestem Kostek szukam klanu

    Witam serdecznie jako, że zostałem bez klanu czas znaleźć swój dom. Nick: TheKostek Ilość bitew: 5000+ Preferowany typ okrętów: CA/CV Preferowane tiery: X Ulubiony okręt: Des Moines / Minotaur / Worcester / Midway Link do strony ze statystykami: https://wows-numbers.com/pl/player/504512427,TheKostek/ TS/Discord/Mumble: tak/tak/nie
  15. Hey allerseits, warum muss der Unterschied von Coop Gefechten und Zufalls Gefechten so groß sein? Habe nun schon Premium Zeit und Premium Schiffe gekauft, dazu noch Flaggen Pakete und Premium Tarnungen. Bringt aber alles nix echt enttäuschend so macht das keinen Spaß mehr. Im Coop zu gewinnen ist echt easy, aber gegen die Bots langweilig auf Dauer. Im Random kriegt man aber nur auf die Schnauze ohne die geringste Chance was zu reißen. Im DD durch ein Flugzeug im Cap aufgedeckt und sofort versenkt weil alle sofort auf einen ballern, ganz tolles Kino. Einnebeln beim wegfahren nutzlos, treffen trotzdem alle. Wozu dann Nebel? Also kein Geld mehr für WG, schade ist sonst echt ein geiles Game, aber so echt nur noch nervig.
  16. Wir sind ein neuer und noch kleiner Clan mit Spaß am gemeinsamen Schiffe versenken. Wir suchen Spieler egal welchen Alters, die ebenfalls Lust haben, die virtuellen Weltmeere ins Chaos zu stürzen. Hauptsache ihr seid regelmässig on und habt auch Lust auf Divi Gefechte. Ziel ist es mit Stammmitgliedern die Basis voll auszubauen! Wir nutzen hauptsächlich den WOWs VoiceChat! Das ist auch notwendig und hilfreich, um sich im Gefecht und Hafen zu verständigen und abzusprechen! Im Vordergrund steht der Spass beim Quatschen und beim gemeinsamen Versenken der Jedi und anderen , die sich uns in den Weg stellen. Also, wenn Ihr Lust habt, meldet euch bei Grobi69 oder Cody1980.
  17. Has anyone else experienced a change in game play in Random Battles with the new update? Nearly every match (T8-T10) now is a walk over, mostly with scrubs charging forward in cruisers and being paddled in first few minutes of the match leaving the rest of the game a mop-up operation. Is it anything to do with the new American Cruiser challenge going on? Anyway - just my take on things in the new update. Game play seems to have changed and wondering if anyone else agrees? UpTheDonald
  18. Seeing as I unlocked the Budyonny only a few days back, I've been taking it into co-op battles and operations to grind XP for the upgraded modules (as one does). Twice today, however, I've been thrown into the deep end and suddenly found myself counting down for the start of... a random battle? I am dead certain I queued for an operation when I was sorted into a tier VII random. A couple games later I was 100% queueing for a co-op when I ended up facing a host of angry tier VIII BBs in another random. Do more people suffer from this glitch?
  19. Hallo, Da ja nun der Clan Battle Modus implementiert ist hätte ich einen Verbesserungsvorschlag. Im Prinzip geht es um die Möglichkeit bei Schiffen zwischen vom Spieler festgelegten Verbesserungssets zu wählen ohne jedesmal Credits oder Dublonen ausgeben zu müssen. Hintergrund: Da bei den Clan Battles zur Zeit zB keine CV zugelassen sind und bei einigen Schiffen AA Spezialisierungen bevorzugt werden, müssen derzeit und in Zukunft (bei jeder neuen Season) umständlich Module und Skills neu angepasst werden. Mit Hilfe des "Konfigurationsmanagers" könnte man sich hier zusätzliche Modulsets hinzukaufen (Credits, Dublonen). Dies würde das Wechseln der Module massiv vereinfachen (Random -> CB -> Random(während der season) usw) und würde die unterschiedlichen Modi vielleicht noch komfortabler gestalten. Beispiel Gearing: Die Gearing kann auf viele unterschiedliche Arten gespielt werden, je nach persönlichen Vorlieben. z.B auf AA, DD-Jäger, Torpedoboot, Support. Mit Hilfe des Managers könnte man sich x(2-4?) vorgefertigte Sets anlegen und vor dem Gefecht entsprechend per Dropdown/Tab usw auswählen. Kein umständlicher Modultausch um das Schiff vom CB auf das Random anzupassen und umgekehrt. Das erste Set ist Standard und im Kauf des Schiffes enthalten. "Set 2" wäre gegen Credits erhältlich, damit auch non premium Spieler von der Mechanik profitieren können. Ab "Set 3" könnte man einen Kauf per Dublonen in Erwägung ziehen. Erhältlich wären die Sets für jedes Schiff. Jedes Set kann vom Spieler individuell benannt werden um schnell die gewünschte Konfiguration zu finden. Was haltet ihr davon? Bzw hättet ihr hierfür noch Verbesserungsvorschläge?
  20. Well, I've been playing a lot of operations lately, just a bit tired of the random mess. I'm new here, just fresh from the boat (21st May) if I'm not mistaken, so I'm not from the time with no cap points or time limit. But they tell me that in that time, the battles were more camper friendly, etc, so the necessity of that crap called domination. And the domination syndrome in standard battles and co-op. Now, team play is still a thing to fix. I had noticed that team play it's present in operations, In some form, at least, more or less, but there. If the players are the same (good and bad), if the common goals are there, why the discrepancy between this two modes?
  21. Hey guys, since the past few weeks (2-3 i think) I have had a significant increase of matches where either my team or the enemy went full on "lemming train mode". The outcome was at least most questionable, but most of the time the team which went lemming train mode lost the match. In the past the teams at least would try to go for 2 caps, but now it seems they all just follow one ship and yolo into the battle? Have you guys similar experiences? How do you cope with your team going "lemming train mode"?
  22. hey guys having issues with the game, and am unable to solve this. i already contacted WG support and after several days we didnt reach any conclusions apart from "contact your ISP" and "talk to other players for a solution" after this, WG suggested it's my antivirus and/or firewall after this, WG support suggested using a VPN service WG asked for another pingplotter report, and then said "it's not a network issue" and i'ts extremely annoying to know that my clanmate is connecting to EU server from New Orleans (the city, not the ship ) and has a better connection than i do in central europe. i've really run out of ideas, so any suggestion is welcome thx
  23. This is a multiview edit of a 3 player domination map.
  24. DeletedUser

    Camera gets stuck.

    Not sure if anyone has had this issue but it's now made me lose 5 games in the space of only 24 hours because of what it causes and I'm not a happy sailor! My camera suddenly gets stuck and the HUD freezes (Cooldown numbers stop and everything), i can still control my ship and watch it move, but it must stay in view of the camera angle or i lose it completely. the only method of fixing this so far is to alt+f4, reload the game, get back into the battle.... by which time my ship is destroyed, the battle is lost and i suffer yet more frustration. It is yet to be fixed in any patch so hopefully people will recognise this. Thanks .
  25. sevenforce72

    Self destruction?

    Hi guys. I got a really big question. How can someone kill himself? I just had my second match with the Izumo (kinda hard to learn) and saw the enemy Mogami dying. First he lost 1/2 of his HP then he died. Kill feed said: Nothing | Shipwreck| his Name/Ship. Normally it is like Me | Shipwreck | Enemy. I asked what happened but he just said dunno. I asked: "Did you torp yourself"; he: Nope... [edited]Wg. I am really curious how he did that. In general... how can someone kill himself and stay inside the game. If you desert then you would leave the game completely. Not in this case. So no ragequit. Thanks for the future answers. PS: Sorry, English is not my main language.