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Found 9 results

  1. Greetings - or as we like to say, BAAAAA!!! Apply in-game or contact myself or Elmetian via direct message if you are interested in joining us. About us: We are WarSheeps (yes you heard that right!), a casual clan seeking competent, friendly, English-speaking players from across the EU server. We wanted a place where people can chill and have some fun - so that's what we made! We play a mix of Random Battles (solo or in divisions), Clan Battles and Naval Battles. Clan Battles "Sea of Fortune" Season, current league position: Storm League (as of 18/05/2020) Who we want: We will accept players with a 55% or higher Win Rate, although exceptions can be made for players who are clearly improving. If division play or clan battles aren't for you, that's totally fine. However, members will be expected to participate in Naval Battles to earn oil for the clan, which in turn helps to improve the clan bonuses which you receive! We would prefer that members join our Discord (either on PC or the phone app) so that we can get to know each other and communicate during battles, but this is not mandatory so don't worry if you're shy. We're OK with members not playing regularly (we understand that people have real lives!) but please let us know if you intend to take a break from the game for whatever reason. Members who have been inactive for over 30 days without providing a reason will be kicked from the clan to make room for others who want to join - which I'm sure you'll agree is fair! What we can offer you: + 5% XP per battle + 10% Commander XP per battle + 25% Free XP per battle on all ships + 10% Coal received + 5% Steel received − 12% Cost of post-battle servicing costs − 10% Cost of research on all ships How to join us: Simply request to join WarSheeps by searching for our clan in-game. Alternatively, feel free to direct message myself or Elmetian on the forums, or reply to this post if you have any questions. We also highly encourage you to come on our discord channel and get to know us when you do join - we won't bite, our teeth are designed to chew grass ;) Hope to hear from you! - ThisSheepGoesMoo
  2. Im always having pretty good results on ranked battles, most of the time in top 3 and generally always doing more damage/kills. But always when im playing random battles, especially when playing with a friend, im feeling like I cant really have much of an impact and my winrate and general stats are way worse in random battles. What would you say where is it easier to have an impact on the outcome of the game, in random or ranked battles? What displays a players skill better, ranked or random battles stats ?
  3. BirdMouth

    EBC is looking for peasants

    There aren't any requirements. We do generally stay in the tier 8-10 bracket, but if you're new we will help you grind up a bit in a division. Ask for discord info when you get approved.
  4. So I have been capping a bit lately and I noticed that it is very costly to take caps in the current meta. Carriers can easily reset the cap when you don't have a smoke screen available, and if you have one available it is pretty costly to use just a smoke screen for a silly cap, besides it is also kinda boring to sit in a cap for 60 seconds... My idea is to bring it down to 30 seconds, so that it becomes less likely that the carrier player can keep resetting the cap when you don't have a smoke screen available. I think this is a good thing, since the capping rewards are already pretty poor and will make the gameplay less stale. Let me know what you guys think about it by voting or replying :) Greetings Lemon
  5. Force H_Royal Navy (FH_RN) is back and looking for salty seadogs to join the crew, it has been quiet for a while, but now back fully active and looking for active players. Force H Naval Base has buildings that give our players bonuses for their Captains XP and Ships XP from their games, that will improve more as time goes on, and will soon be fiving bonuses to coal for each clan member, as well as making buying your ships that you unlock in the tech tree cheaper to buy. You don't have to be superman, just need to have some or most of the following traits:- 1. Be active and playing regularly. 2. Be English speaking, as i have set up a discord chat server, to help in battles, and to generally have fun together. 3. Looking to team up with other clan mates, and when we have enough players, participate in clan battles, as well as other events as and when the are held. 4. Knowing which end of the ship is the front, is an advantage, but not a deal breaker lol. 5. Knowing what those things that go bang are for is also a plus, but again not a huge deal breaker. 6. Age is unimportant, just be ready to have fun and sink some enemy ships. If you would like to join a very small clan that is looking to expand, and help it to grow. You will get all of the benefits and rewards from being in a clan, and the more success we have, the more and bigger the rewards become. So if that appeals to you, then leave your details below and I will be happy to invite you to join Force H_Royal Navy (FH_RN) Give us a try, you know it makes sense. General_Montgomerie1966 (Base commander)
  6. GeneralSavage

    Possible bug?

    This April fool's event seems to be successful. Seriously though, space battles were pretty nice. So, from what I remember correctly, I had played my Paris before the one below. Would like to point out that this wasn't exactly after the match ended. I exited the battle and later viewed the detailed report to find this interesting 'feature'.
  7. If you want to deal with bad players/noobs efficiency there is easy way without any punishment!!! (which is unfair for me). So most noobs plays random battles not co-op due low amount of XP which it get in co-op. Because everyone want to have high level ships which is icons of naval history and this is reason why ALL players play random battles. Without icons it game game will be much less popular! I suggest this make TWO research trees for ships ONE for co-op mode vs PC boots and few difficult levels in it and SECOND tree for random battles mode. In every mode payers will get same amount of XP so you eliminate reason way bad players play random battles. On this way bad players will be happy with co-op because it also can get Iowas/Bismarcks/Yamatos but in co-op and good players will be happy with cleaner random battles. Everyone will be happy on this way! Expect will be premium ships which will become unlocked on both trees and Missouri. Also game devs should made better in game tutorials how to do better aims! Cheers PS I am bad player too!
  8. Hi all, Have you guys, possibly, noticed one rather interesting thing about MM in "Random" battles? Well... we don't have XVM for WoWs but we do have the in-game Ranked classes (I know... I know... many of you hate "Ranked"... but this is what we have) and they can be seen at the end of the battle! So... did you ever check the distribution of "Ranks" between teams in Random battles? I did and it is rather interesting... the "Ranks" are more-or-less rather similarly distributed (i.e. there are no big discrepancies between teams regarding "Ranks" distribution)... Coincidence? Law of large numbers? If you don't believe me just visit the following thread right here at the forums: "What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?" http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/9009-what-were-your-greatest-gaming-achievements-today/page__st__2800 and check for yourself... Leo "Apollo11"
  9. [edited] Wargaming stop focusing on trying to cure a symptom (Passive play) based on totally erroneous diagnoses (Economy of high tiers, BB bow tanking, Standard Battles promoting camping). Instead fix the 3 real problems that are plaguing Random Battles: 1) Map design. The design of the maps (mostly the new ones) cause a lot of passive play. Maps like Loop, Sea of Fortune, Fault Line, Estuary and Tears of the Desert all suffer from the same problem that the island placement creates a 2 line dead zone around the mid section of the map and promote static play or simply herd the sheep to the very sides. Then you have maps like Trap, Hotspot, North, Land of Fire and Shatter which although in general are designed to allow the enemy teams to come closer much better than the other maps mentioned still have glaring faults aka [edited]l and brave of the player base to locations that are totally useless in terms of team-play and objectives: D cap and lines 1 and 10 for North. The "come sit behind me and be useless" islands in the back of lines 3-4 of Land of Fire. Lines 9-10 for Shatter and the "WTF were you thinking" island in C. For Hot Spot it's lines A and J. Finally line 10 for Trap and the 2 needlessly big islands around B. Maps like Trident, Neighbors, Okinawa, Atlantic are examples of good maps with very few mistakes where the action starts soon and no matter how the teams deploy the players are always close enough to objectives. (Okinawa section north of A is a bit of a noob magnet although rarely used). PS Add to the list of maps that worked the OLD (standard battle) Ocean which despite the overwhelming amount of whining by people who just couldn't live without islands was working well. 2) Domination Mode Point Economy Domination mode greatly compounds the effect of Passive play effectively blowing it out of proportion. Points are generated too fast by the Caps and coupled with the fact that the Passive team will in general lose ships faster without killing ships in return end up with games lasting under 10 mins or games finishing with less than 50% of the total ships in game being destroyed. People play this game to shoot their huge naval cannons at enemy ships and sink them not get 3 of the 4 caps and then sail around for 4mins before the battle ends. Point gain needs to be adjusted as to not compound upon the Passive play so much. Also tweak the points loss for ships. 3) DD significance (especially in relation with points 1 & 2) The problem with map design and domination point economy as described make DDs ultra significant on the outcome and the way the battle will be played out. With the current map design problems higher numbers than 3 DDs per side simply force passive play, even for people that don't wish to play like that. Also with the current domination point economy the team that loses their DDs early on is almost incapable of retaliating because of the time pressure the Cap Points puts on them. In Conclusion: Even if you don't want to divert from your current Map Design or spend time correcting the faults of individual maps at least fix the Domination Cap and Ship Destruction Point gain and limit the number of DDs to a max of 3 per side. Don't make mistakes by nerfing DDs or BB bow armor (i know it's cancelled) or over-buffing the CAs (which at the hands of capable players are perhaps the strongest class. P.S. Stop making the situation worse with [edited] weekend missions that push people to overpopulating specific classes and stop trying to shoehorn classes into a specific style play with equally retarded missions such as DD must kill BB, BB must kill CA, CA must kill DD. Make them simply Kill any ship missions and always make a double focus if you want to stick to that so at least it's not only 1 class being played.