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Found 6 results

  1. MA_Vrubel

    Nave Roma and "Gufo" radar

    Why in compatibles upgrade of battleship Roma is not included the "Gufo" radar model EC3/ter dveloped by SAFAR in Milan? Since spring 1943 this modern equipement was available on Roma. Considering it was one of the last BB and it entered in service in June 1942, please verify the opportunity to include this upgrade on game. Thanks. Marco from WIKIpedia: La nave disponeva inoltre di un radar EC3/ter «Gufo»,[10] sviluppato dalla SAFAR di Milano. https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roma_(nave_da_battaglia_1940) https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/EC3/ter_%C2%ABGufo%C2%BB
  2. When are the WOW folks going to add radar to the Gearing? it is unbelievable that OTHER TEIR 10 SHIPS HAVE IT AND GEARING DOES NOT. you spend all this time talking about the accuracy of your models and then leave out important features in the interest of fairness? Since when was WAR EVER fair. Is it fair that the Yamato can pen any ship in the game? lets get consistent here
  3. Clef_Ender

    Imbalanced Ranked Radar

    I've noticed that MM has been throwing out some ridiculously imbalanced matches this season of Tier X battles, particularly radar. Often one team will have three while the other has only one or none at all. While non-radar cruisers have other strengths, in ranked battles, this much of a radar advantage with so few ships essentially puts one team's destroyers completely out of play, and it's not really much of a match anymore. It's incredibly frustrating to go into a match to try and gain ranks, only to look at the lineup and know that your chances of winning are next to none. Thoughts?
  4. G01ngToxicCommand0

    Radar consumable for CV squadrons

    First some facts: During WW2 surface searching radar were used on allied carrier borne aircrafts to locate submarines with. When DDs are using smoke it completely hides them from the CVs' squadrons and this makes it hard for CV players to support their team by chasing/locating enemy DDs. The French DDs, certain Japanese ones and the Khabarovsk either have no smoke or can be chosen not to have smoke and this places them in an unfair position compared to the DDs that always have access to smoke. In order to make all DDs equal and fairly balanced with respect to CVs I suggest to introduce a radar consumable for all of the CVs' squadrons having a TBD activation time.
  5. OdinDarkside

    Radar Rework Idea's

    Hi guys, So, recently, in a game with clan mates after a count in, we were on opposing teams, dd's & mino's, pitted against each other, and at a bit of a stand off with islands between us...... until I popped my radar and caught them off guard, thinking I had smokes. Anyways, after a bit of light hearted insulting and jovial name calling, I proposed an idea for radar, which was well received, so I'll bring it to the forum to discuss, and maybe a dev will see it and pay attention to it's potential for improved game play and to make the game less....... annoying.... So, I proposed that radar should 'pulse' the location of other ships, periodically revealing the location for a second or 2, then go dark for a few more. I also think ranges should be increased with this change. Also, it shouldn't reveal ships out of line of sight, behind islands, it cant do this irl, and shouldn't in game. The impact on game play would be beneficial I think. Involving more dynamic DD play (I play DD's a lot recently). I would appreciate other's thoughts on this. Also, if this has been discussed before in the forum's I apologize forthwith, I just wanted to see the communities reactions and if a dev would support this. Regards, Odes.
  6. anonym_2hneAFaIyP4T

    How to play around radar?

    Hi all Noob question (should it be in this forum?)... I am (mostly) having fun in my T-22 (KM T5 DD) having finally got a 'technique' that seems to work for me. It's my only T5 ship, and I'm wondering if any of you experienced capt's have some good advice on how best to deal with radar? My style tends to be very much skipping along the edge of visual range whilst capping (obviously ) and spotting. I tend to focus on using torps so I can stay undetected as much as possible, and then switch to guns when I am detected, or in smoke/behind cover. I've had a few matches with radar ships, and have not performed very well in them! It may not be the radar (i.e. I'm probably not skilled enough to up-tier very well yet anyway) but should I adapt my style? Would also be interested in hearing how the CA's etc use their radar to 'best effect' if they are willing to share their secrets! I am planning on grinding to one myself in the future :) Sorry if it's a bit of a generalised question! also, is there any way of knowing when you are spotted by radar when you also are spotted visually? i.e. I get spotted by a DD, exchange a few shots/torps etc, then i smoke up to break-off and reposition and then find I'm still spotted by his friendly CA's radar!?