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Found 54 results

  1. Mirrored MM for radar ships

    @MrConway, @Tuccy Are we gonna ever get mirrored mm for radar ships? if yes, when? Because having even one radar ship more than the enemy gives such a huge advantage. getting 3 moskvas in one team and 3 hindenburgs in the other one is just r*tarded. Imo wg should focus on fixing bugs we still have and balancing the game/mm/ships, instead of pumping out new premium ships and introducing completely unnecessary features into the game.
  2. I mean we all know, game is rigged ; ( i drove now over 5000 matches ) It caps winrate boosts looserate, by giving away citahits or not, regulating incoming damage, so it makes sure one team dies, giving us the illusion of "gaming" Which is some ways a pretty darn disgrace to the real ships and sailors exited on those ships. But can you plz do it waaaay better, not that clumsy, obviosly see and noticeable. Have a new t9 dd, Fletcher, have old Kagero t9..but the difference is heavy. When i played back then Kagero t9..there wasnt much radar out there. Now its..radar madness, i cant go anywhere, cause every 2nd, 3rd ship has radar. Fog is useless. The range of Russian radar is silly bullocks, not that in generell russian ships are still too overpowered..cause..russians?! Then the fog issue ; im not sure if there are currently some aimhelps out there, but there are some people, precise killing you in fog, when others have this random spray/chance/guessing where you maybe are, those others do triple cita on your cruiser..in fog..while slightly moving and turning. Happens too often latley! Thats not random, has nothing to do with luck. Or how else do we win 999:0 / 11 ships alive vs 1 / best in enemy team has not even as much as the worst one on other team. It feels like Balance is worse than 0.42 .. Do something, this is game is often shitty enough, dont make it worse, cause i cant play it soon anymore, cause its so rigged, terrible, making you hate it so much your keyboard close to be crushed = .... NO!!!!!! no thx no, [edited]you, im out ?! ...i have much patience, had my breaks from game, found new motivation, but its crushed again and again ..and soon im reaching breaking point, where even i cant or wont ever touch, nor give this game to anyone Do something..int he name of the real ships serving the war, carrying people and sinking to the depths of the ocean floor. Nothing to be messed with a cheap, terrible "game" ..which is less a game..lootboxes, rigged/manipulated matchmaking (i know its needed, else it doesnt work, i know its complex to do..but then do it!!! right, not shitty)..rather more than something a bot could play, you watch it and rest is lottary anyway, you can rather bet, which makes it a "Gambling Game", which should be checked be EU gamgbling comussion.
  3. Remove Missouri radar

    Polling to see what people think. I don't have the Missouri. I don't plan to get Missouri. I'm all for removing the radar. No good reason to implement it in the first place. I don't mind being uptiered in cruisers, but playing Indianapolis or New Orleans and facing Missouris... At least let these squishy cruisers have one special quirk.
  4. How to play around radar?

    Hi all Noob question (should it be in this forum?)... I am (mostly) having fun in my T-22 (KM T5 DD) having finally got a 'technique' that seems to work for me. It's my only T5 ship, and I'm wondering if any of you experienced capt's have some good advice on how best to deal with radar? My style tends to be very much skipping along the edge of visual range whilst capping (obviously ) and spotting. I tend to focus on using torps so I can stay undetected as much as possible, and then switch to guns when I am detected, or in smoke/behind cover. I've had a few matches with radar ships, and have not performed very well in them! It may not be the radar (i.e. I'm probably not skilled enough to up-tier very well yet anyway) but should I adapt my style? Would also be interested in hearing how the CA's etc use their radar to 'best effect' if they are willing to share their secrets! I am planning on grinding to one myself in the future :) Sorry if it's a bit of a generalised question! also, is there any way of knowing when you are spotted by radar when you also are spotted visually? i.e. I get spotted by a DD, exchange a few shots/torps etc, then i smoke up to break-off and reposition and then find I'm still spotted by his friendly CA's radar!?
  5. radar and hidro change

    hi, I have an idea that might make the game a bit more interesting for DD's. What id suggest is that u change radar detection based on the ammount of reflective surface on a ship. so big ships = further detection ship moving bow in = more stealthy. it might make for some interesting gameplay and teamplay (using radar together to sniff out a DD). also new skills "radar and or sonar detection" that show u where the sonar or radar is coming from (same way as with radio location) so for example: A DD is saling broadside to a cruiser outside of detection range. 7.2 km The cruiser pops radar and the DD gets detected from 11km by the radar when at a 90% angle (broadside) The DD gets a warning the radar is coming from the cruiser and he nouw has to make a choise. Turn towards the cruser or turn away from the cruser. Both will reduce the effective range of the radar but one is alot more dangerous than the other. also if the DD is saling straigt to the cruiser he might not get detected at all and get the drop on whatever he is escorting. also on hydro. maybe variate the range by the speed the enemy/torpedo is going? hirdo ususally works on listening to the cavitation of the propeller or the sound of the engine noise.
  6. ...srsly. What the F*ck? This is "Fun and Engaging" on the next LvL...
  7. Radar / Hydrophone ?

    Hallo zusammen, ich kann mir das nicht erklären, ich werde vom Radar/ Hydrophon durch Landmassen entdeckt ? Selbst bei Rauch kann man mich zu 100% sehen. Ich meine wenn es jetzt Nacht wäre und da wäre ein Schiff irgendwo, ist doch alles was ich sagen kann: A) Dort ist etwas (Freund/ Feind / Neutral ?) Nach ein paar Beobachtungen kann ich sagen: B) Geschwindigkeit C) Fahrtrichtung Ist geplant das die Radar/Hydrophon Mechanik überarbeitet wird ?
  8. Buenas, hace un tiempo que juego y me han surgido distintas preguntas. En primer lugar, he desarrollado hasta el yugumo y veo que cada vez cuesta más conseguir créditos, hasta el punto que con las malas partidas salgo negativo y últimamente con los radares son muchas. ¿Como podria conseguir creditos de forma efectiva sin Premium?(llevo banderas zulú y las que disminuyen coste de servicio). Por otro lado, estoy jugando rankeds (por primera vez) con el kagero y he conseguido llegar hasta nivel 11. Pero con los radares estoy sufriendo mucho (hoy ha sido un día horrible de entrar en captura y morir en segundos por los radares en un 90% de las partidas, por lo que he bajado a nivel 12 y aborrecido los radares e incluso el juego xD). Me gustaría saber si hay alguna guía con los barcos que pueden usarlos (no los conozco y es un problema), así como consejos para un jugador de dd sobre cómo actuar en esas partidas en las que llueven radares o intentar evadirlos, ya que si me meto a capturar me fulminan y si no capturo medio equipo se me echa encima.y ¿es cosa mía o los torpedos en rankeds hacen menos daño?. Por otro lado, volviendo al yugumo, ¿es mejor la mejora que reduce el tiempo de recarga de torpedos o la de giro de torreta y reducción de carga?
  9. Hola, tengo una pregunta que la he buscado por todos lados y no la encuentro. Tengo una "Mejora de la Modificación 1 del radar de vigilancia" (premio contenedor épico, con una barrita azul al lado), que me dice que me amplia un 40% la duracion del consumible "Radar de vigilancia". He intentado ponerla, obviamente en los barcos que montan "radar de vigilancia", en el apartado de "mejoras", pero no encuentro ninguno, por ejemplo tengo el "Atlanta" tier 7, el "New Orleans", TIER 8 con el radar, pero no hay manera de meter la mejora. ¿Alguna pista? ¿No se puede montar en los americanos? Gracias y feliz año a todos.
  10. What about old hydro/radar's icons restoring?

    Well, on last sub-update WG decided to restore the old warning icons for spotting by hydro and radar instead of the generic danger indicator (exclamation point into a triangle) they introduced on 0.6.15: >> Update - 100MB [UPDATE] Update will happen 28 December; preparation begins at 06:00 CET until 07:30 CET (UTC+1). The game will be unavailable during this time (1.5 hours). General Changes: Winners of the Clan Battles Season have been added to the loading screen of the "Hotspot" map Added "Hotspot" achievement to the game (Rank among the top 16 clans in the Clan Battles Season) Added New Year pictures for combat missions, challenges and events Added start and end dates for Campaigns Returned old indicators of Hydroacoustic Search and Surveillance Radar >> This could be a good news, because it's useful to know if you (mainly when playing a DD) are spotted by a long (radar) or a short range device (hydro) to choose the adequate reaction: either simply gain a little more distance or run away and dodge... and pray. Anyway it seems the "old" warning icons have instead become THE SAME icon (the old radar's one - see attachement) for both devices now. This means the restoring becomes quite useless: if the icon is one for both devices so the triangle or the circle it's the same thing... In fact the cruiser in the pic killed me (I killed her too... ;>) just because I was surprised Atago could have radar and I've reacted one second late. Maybe is there something I've missed? Or maybe could be a bug?
  11. Also doch Zerstörer mit Radar...

    Dachte den Schwachsinn lassen sie bleiben ... ... you'll get access to the Tier IX destroyer Chung Mu. This saucy ship carries torpedo launchers with a 10.5 km range and a speed of 66 knots. To counter destroyers, you get five turrets with 127 mm guns with a range of 11 km! Aside from the advantages mentioned above, the destroyer has a decent concealment of 5.7 km in full stealth build. If smoke-firing is not your playstyle of choice and you prefer tough talks, you have a Surveillance Radar at your disposal that you can mount in place of the Smoke Generator. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/loose-cannon/
  12. Apres plus de 12.000 batailles, y'en a marre : c'est clair, net, et définitif : les radars longue portée comme ceux du Missouri, du Dimitri Domskoy ou du Moskva sont en train de tuer le jeu car la chance de survie des DD baisse dragstiquement. Il ne faut pas retirer ces radars, mais en baisser significativement la portée : pas plus de 6,5 km. Et ça commence à se savoir dans les parties de hauts tiers : il y a de plus en plus de joueurs avec bateaux à radar, même en bataille de clan. Les radars de longue portée déséquilibrent le jeu : les dd sont des bateaux très faibles en vie qui n'ont que leur faible détectabilité et leur smoke pour se protéger. Si les radars les spottent systématiquement, tous les navires peuvent alors leur tirer dessus, et dès lors leur survie et jouabilité décroit fortement. D'où : les radars sont en train de tuer le jeu. Merci de remonter ces réflexions aux développeurs. PS : je n'ai pas posté ce message pour polémiquer avec d'autres joueurs (inutile donc de me répondre), mais seulement pour envoyer un message aux développeurs du jeu.
  13. My annoyances with Destroyer gameplay

    Hello all who takes the time to read this. I normally wouldn't post whine threads. But there have been some minor and major annoyances. And I bet other people might have these as well. The opening post will be quite a bit long. It is also written from the point of view of someone who plays destroyers for the majority of the game. I enjoy these little buggers and dislike the slow and lumbering game play of the battleships and cruisers feel more like victims more than anything else. Now, if you look at my stats (they are public) you'll see that I 'only' have +/- 900 matches in a DD and 'only' 1800 matches in total. This does leave me open to the 'git gud' and 'get more experience' argument. While this is not as much as an argument in and of itself, I do believe that I have taken a fair bit of time to learn the game mechanics in details. That said, even if I lack experience, my performance is consistently slightly above average. It is my intention and hope to play/get a game that is as balanced as possible. It is not my intention to promote making 1 class overpowered compared to the other classes. However, I cannot be entirely without bias. The post is split up in several 'subjects' as per below. Concealment and Stealth firing RADAR/hydro Torpedoes Damage from battleships Maps Closing 1. Concealment and Stealth firing The general mechanics to concealment are actually quite well thought out in my opinion. With the exception of a few ships (Shimakaze and Conqueror spring to mind). However, lately it seems like concealment is not nearly as valuable as it used to be. Concealment is being countered in a number of ways. Soon there will be another change in the form of the smoke changes. What these changes entail is not really set in stone right now (to the best of my knowledge). So I will skip over them. As for smoke counters it is not just the usual suspect of hydro/RADAR. But also simpler things like torpedoes, torpedo bomber planes, radio location and shoot 'blind' with a spotter plane. In the old days the concealment had another option. The ability to shoot ships in the open without being seen or shot at yourself. This used to be the base concealment +4km for destroyers. However, ships like the Fletcher could get a range of up to 15km. This means that it had a maximum detection of 5.8km+4km=9.8km. Meaning that everything after 9.8km it could shoot at without it being seen itself. Now the Fletcher was a bad ship to do that with, since it had incredibly slow shells. But there were other Destroyers that were quite good at doing that. While I understand and agree that you should be able to see what is shooting you from the open or it creates frustration. It did damage destroyer game play amongst each other. The way it worked before the nerf was 2 Destoyers entered a cap together. They eventually detect each other and a short but severe firefight started between them and their supporting cruisers. Effectively starting the engagement. Torpedoes would be spammed if there was time. The loser was the Destroyer that got destroyed or smoked up. By smoking he was basically forced out of the cap. Staying in it and wait out your smoke gave the other DD oppertunity again later to scout you, kill you and smoke up himself. Since he did not have to use his lifesaving cooldown. The victor on the other hand did not have to do anything but dodge torps. The reason for this was that at this point, the DDs allies were all out of range to spot or in/behind smoke. This left the winning DD with the cap and still a remaining consumable. The problem with the current mechanics is that there is almost always a ship within 11,8km (stock Fletcher gun range as a reference). This means that when 2 DDs spot each other early game BOTH need to smoke up and play passive or they will both be taken down. Below is an example scenario of what I meant. I have taken full-stealth Fletchers with stock range module. This means 5.8km concealment and 11.8km gun range. The green Fletcher has the old system applied to him, the red one the new detection system. The removal of stealth firing did more than just remove the ability to fire from stealth in the open. It also ruined DD combat between the DDs. There is not really a way to outplay each other anymore. You both need to smoke up and hope for lucky torp hits or a detonation. I suggest to change it to a hybrid of both mechanics. Meaning that the direction you shoot at, you are detected for your maximum gun range (if not blocked by LoS blockers). But for all other directions you get the flat increase as per previous mechanics (4km for DDs, 6km for CLs and 10km(?) for BBs). This means that you can't shoot ships from the open without being detected, but you can still fight the fun fights like you used to be able to do. 2. RADAR and hydro RADAR and hydro are implemented as counters to smoke wielding ships. Be that either destroyers or cruisers. This is an ability that I applaud. Every game should have ways to balance and counter each other. The existance of RADAR and hydro itself is not a problem to me. The problem for me is the way it is working at the moment. RADAR and hydro are both complete i-win buttons. If a ship is in smoke, you just pop RADAR and he will be detected for the duration of the RADAR as long as the RADAR lives. The problem with this is that there is hardly a counter play to this. If you look at ships like the Des Moines or Belfast, their RADAR range is incredibly close to their concealment (not even talking about the Black which has RADAR range higher than its concealment). Which means that these ships can creep up to a smoke, RADAR and kill them without being seen (if they play it right). The only counter for this currently is staying at least 10km away from both or hide behind an island and using that as armour. Another problem is that RADAR is absolute spotting. With that I mean that it can spot everything and everyone within the range. This is a bit counter intuitive. This isn't a problem when there is just 1 or maybe 2 RADAR ships on a team. But when you get 3 or 4 or even 5 this leads to being perma spotted. It is incredibly difficult for a high tier DD to play when perma spotted. Especially if the team isn't pushing either. You are basically forced into supporting role only where smoke is actually a detriment to your own team more than anything else. The third problem is the fact that matchmaking doesn't take RADAR into account. RADAR is an extremely powerful tool that completely counters DDs. It is not rare to see a team consisting of Moskvas, Missouries and Des Moines's versus a team of regular BBs, Kutuzovs and RN CL's. This automatically means that 1 team completely counters the other team. One is smoke dependant, the other team counters smoke. The last problem is that RADAR is also able to look further than the view restrictions when encountering a cyclone. With this I point to stealth firing and why that is a problem. Furthermore, a cyclone is a complete counter to DDs as well. Since they can't see ships before they can RADAR and kill the destroyer. If a RADAR ship is spotted in a cyclone but can't spot himself, just activate the RADAR and kill the tresspasser. The DD in question is not able to counter it since it is possible he did not even know the cruiser/BB was there to begin with. For this I suggest that RADAR isn't able to look through solid rock. I also suggest that RADAR and smoke is taken into account in the matchmaking, RADAR function should be decreased in a cyclone as well (it is nearly useless irl in a cyclone as well). And since switching on a RADAR is like switching on a flash light, I suggest that a RADAR ship will also automatically reveal himself when switching it on. Effectively making it a double edged sword. But not for hydro, since hydro only means listening and not actively searching with a 'flashlight'. 3. Torpedoes In this instance I am not too fussed about torpedoes in general. My opinion that most torpedoes are all good and stuff. However, there is 1 glaring exception. In my opinion the IJN DD line has been nerfed too far. If you check the performance of the torpedoes, they are basically the worst of them all across the board. On top of that, they aren't the fastest, most armoured or best armed ships either. All they have is their superior concealment, with the exception of the Shimakaze. If you also take double spotter plane, radio location and/or hydro on nearly every ship into account it paints a picture of a line that has been surpassed in everything and by everything. Now I am not saying that we need to return to the 15x20km walls of skill. But even the 12km torpedoes on the Shima aren't great. And it seems to me it is near suicide to try to use the 8km torpedoes. I don't play the ships myself. Have never enjoyed them, not even before the nerf. But my prey has been affected too much and is on the verge of extinction. 4. Damage from battleships Now, if I am not mistaken. The game is build around some sort of a rock/scissors/paper system. The Battleships being the rock and the Destroyers being the paper. There are some nuances of course, since paper also counters and gets countered by paper depending on what paper you bring. However, there seems to be something off. Rock (battleships) seems to counter scissors (cruisers) a LOT harder than destroyers counter battleships. In some cases, rock even counters paper. A stray hit from a battleship AP can already cause thousands of hp of damage to a destroyer. Either completely wiping him from the map or crippling him in such a way that he is no longer combat worthy and delegated to either spotting or torpedo duty. WG has already stated that they are aware of the problem and are working to fix it. However, I still feel it is worth mentioning in order to keep it in the mind of everybody that this is still an issue. On top of that, WG has consistently released BBs that are increasingly more effective in countering DDs. The previous line (German BBs) do not only have incredibly strong secondaries of 11,8(?)km range that absolutely tear DDs to shreds, they also get a hydro consumable that they can use to charge DDs in smoke or counter their torpedoes. If you also take in account that some DDs only have a maximum gun range of 11.8km and a optimum gun range of 7-8km, there is nothing a DD can do to these ships but run away. They have had their hydro nerfed, so they don't get Hindenburg hydro anymore. However, their secondary range got buffed in the process. But the last line WG released is even worse, on multiple fronts. The RN BB line has received short fuse AP, meaning it will be even less likely to overpen a destroyer. They also get godmode napalm HE shells and great concealment and heal. It is increasingly more common to get hit from a RN BB. And to put some anecdotal evidence in the mix, I have been hit by a RN BB and this had taken out the following : 2x torp tubes, 2x guns, engine, rudder, multiple (all?) AA and double fire. This had to trigger a damage control. After which I received another hit, which took out my engine and rudder and put me on fire again. Ending my game in 2 salvoes. The worst of this is that these RN BBs have set a trend. RN BBs can just load HE and spam it on everything. But the other BB players have seen this. And while before they were flamed for not using AP, now they see that HE is more effective on this line. And they started using it on all other lines as well. As painful as BB AP overpens can be, HE completely wrecks. For this I suggest that RN BBs get nerfed back into line with the other BB lines. These ships counter their counters harder than anything can counter them. As for the KM BBs, I don't suggest anything, I don't know enough on the ships in order to make a good judgement. 5. Maps With the maps there are actually quite a bit of unfairness. I have picked a couple of high tier maps where it doesn't matter how well each player plays, they are disadvantaged through map design rather than anything else. I have put each map in a spoiler box to save on the space. I have already created quite a long wall of text. It might be considered nitpicky. But I still feel that it is worth mentioning. It might not matter that much for the average player, but the better will use the terrain to their advantage. And it is quite irritating if you or the opponent doesn't have that ability just through their spawn. Fault Line Islands of Ice New Dawn Sea of fortune Shards Shatter 6. Closing For the people that actually managed to read this far, thank you for reading my rant. I bet there is quite a bit in my post that you do or do not agree with. As for my expectation. It is basically nothing. I doubt that any changes will happen, especially on my behalf. I will do what I always have done and adapt. I will have to. But lately I have been extremely frustrated and needed to vent a bit.
  14. radar at t3

    Just had my last battle for today, I went back tier for the last time, to start grinding the german line. well, I don't like those WW I ships, so after that I will have all nations but one (if I'm not mistaken). I was in the t3 kolbert in my last battle when the sign LOCATED appeared. What tha... I started laughing hard at that (after I checked what I was sailing, yes it was the kolbert). So, the ship that had radar was a v-25, a dd. with these it's the fifth time and I never saw this before.
  15. Oh, how I hate surveilance radar

    I enjoy playing all ship classes and have generally enjoyed the game since I started on the NA server, later moving here to the EU server. However, I have to say that the fun factor are diminishing. One thing is the constant 5 vs 5 BB matches, which - for me - isn't even fun playing BB (and they keep comming up with more BBs to add to the game?). But the sheer nature of suicide cap for DD's is really bringing me down. Even if playing (very) carefully and not yolo'ing into capping or taking agressive runs at BBs - the radar is just breaking the DD game. Oh, I enjoy taking out a DD when playing cruiser, but I could do that before radar came into play... But DD's are extremely hard to play with radar abounding, too hard I think. Was just in a game, at the edge of possible radar range and sure enough once the cap started colloring - ding - someone pops radar. I am spotted and before I am out of range I am down to half hp with shells from four ships from across tha map raining down on me. Okay I sneak and pop in again after radar have had its run, but - ding - someone else pops radar. This time I am behind rock, so no problem. I wait, radar times out and slowly mopve forward when - ding - another one pops radar and I am gone in seconds taking shells from three ships... Either you die fast as a DD or you stay back until - presumably - all radars are exhausted and then you can contribute at the end of the game :( It's just not fun, the range a horrific on radar, never mind the usual risks you have of being spotted by planes, spotter planes and other DD's... Oh, well. That was todays cry... Just needed to vent a bit. Thanks :)
  16. Radar circle on minimap

    Hi all, I would be glad if WG can add some more circle options for minimap. Especialy for radar/hydro range if your ship has it. Since they changed detection radius circle when you sit in smoke to 2km (proximity spot range) I have now hard time to estimate my radar range. In past I used my detection radius since in most cases its quite similar to radar range.

    Sit back, enjoy, and LET THE AP SHELLS FLY WITH DANKNESS!!!
  18. Consumable-Circles on the minimap

    Hello WG Is there a plan to add more options for the minimap to display circles around your ship that show the range of your consumables like radar and sonar, maybe even smoke radius? If not, do you plan it now after you read this question? (This is very important to me, because after the last update, the detection range in smoke is shown as 2km circle on the minimap which means, I can't estimate the 8.5km radar range with the 8.7 spotting range on my Belfast anymore, making it absolutely unplayable)
  19. De la puissance du radar

    Suite aux remous causés par l'ajout du radar de surveillance aux destroyers panasiatiques de haut rang (actuellement en test), je me pose la question suivante: ce consommable constitue-t-il un outil trop puissant ou pouvant difficilement être contré? Chaque fois que cet élément est mentionné, il déclenche (plus que tout autre) des débats houleux au sein de la communauté. Je pense notamment aux souhaits que les consommables soient pris en compte dans la composition équilibrée des équipes (avec surtout ledit radar en ligne de mire). En outre il est régulièrement proposé que son efficacité soit atténuée, comme l'empêcher de traverser les îles ou de rendre le navire émetteur visible de tous. Qu'en pensez-vous de cette mécanique?
  20. MM really SHOULD consider RADAR

    Dear WG, Please implement some sort of team balance regarding radar ships distribution among the teams. This is just unfair to be honest (6:2), not to even mention the enemy had DD advantage.
  21. Is Radar Seriously this powerful?

    Okay, so I was playing in my Akizuki tonight, trying to earn on of the anniversary achievements when I get into the following game: 20170915_010007_PJSD108-Akizuki_14_Atlantic.wowsreplay Half-way through the match the cyclone closes in to 8km, not long after that I get detected and locked on to by an enemy ship thanks to a DM Donskoi's radar. I then get chipped into oblivion from the last vestiges of my life bar, by the DM Donskoi. My question is simple: Does radar allow you to see other ships (i.e. actually SEE other ships, not just detect them on mini-map) in reduced view-range situations - such as in a cyclone? ...Because, quite simply, that is broken as f@ck. Far, far worse than just being able to see through islands, radar that can see through cyclone reduced visibility just gives an obscenely huge advantage. Now it's 1:38am and I'm going to bed...
  22. Hi, the first try of WG to fix smoke was horrible, the now proposed try is better but still pretty bad. why? mainly because it changes too much to fix verry little. (and even unfix some) that got me thinking how would you get the desired effect of nerfing big ships in smoke by not changing small ones? IMHO the solution is pretty simple and partly already in the game! Radar was designed as a smoke counter so let it be a smoke counter, just change it a little... make the range Radar spots enemies dependant on the ship class you want to spot: old radar spots everything at 10km new radar spots (numbers only for explanation,best numbers need to be found in testing) DD's at 8km (if droped enough you could rise duration of radar) CL at 9km CA at 11km BB's at 15km why would it make sense? well it would make sense because biger targets have a bigger radar signature for the realism aspect. - it would nerf BB's inside and outside of smoke which both is somewhat desireable, - it would use a mechanic already in the game. - it would screw less with current smoke mechanics - you could make radar last longer if you for example made the range on spotting DD's significantly shorter, which would alow for more difrent types of radar that the SN/USN types curently in the game which would boost diversity (maybe even a extreme radar that has 2km on dd's 5km on cls but 20km on BB's and give it to the RN DD line?)
  23. Dear WG. Please include radar ships in MM. The times one team gets 2 or ever 3 radar ships and the other team gets none is very frustrating. Just now the enemy team got 3 radar ships and we had none. Our DDs were dead within minutes. Game was decided before it even started. I know that the fix is easy ... I would like to know WHY you have not implemented this already. Regards.
  24. Missorui vs DDs

    Simple question - is it me or other players also get 2 shooted by Missuori (no detonation just casual front gun ap shells) ? Attached just single screenshoot but it happens like all the time . What is most disturbing aswell is fact that he didnt even bother in any of those salvos to show broadside to use more shells, just used front guns without risking broadside to anyone ap shells or possible torps. Idk maybe I got things wrong or being 2 shooted from 18650 hp in dd from just 6 guns loaded with ap (not he) without detonation shouldnt be case ... Hard to say ! Now if it was 1 time bad luck - i would pass it. As fact it's my 5th post on forums since even if something piss me off i just consider it bad luck or just bad play on my part. But that is different story as the only offender in this case is exactly missouri which by no means need any support from any other ships. I will also answer to those who try to give me good advice to avoid getting in range of radar - well that wasn't possible as he was never spotted before and he was behind island. So no player mistake on my part there. So let's back to main topic - is it often for you guys to get 1-2 shooted by exactly missouri/iowa from just front guns without using even HE ? Because for me it happens all the time. Edit : I will add - this is not the case with German/ IJN BBs , not at all even not from yammy. Just Missouri/Iowa.
  25. Buenas a todos, en ultima batalla de clasificacion entre a un humo y de pronto fui detectado por radar (el icono de deteccion marcaba eso), los oponentes eran FARRAGUT, FUBUKI, LEANDER, BAYERN x2, NEW MEXICO y DUNKERQUE. No entiendo, ninguno de esos barcos tiene radar, pero el Leander tiene hidro. Hce un tiempo que juego pero no recuerdo si el hidro aparece con el icono de radar al ser detectado. Me pueden sacar de mi duda? Desde ya muchas gracias.