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Found 1 result

  1. OdinDarkside

    Radar Rework Idea's

    Hi guys, So, recently, in a game with clan mates after a count in, we were on opposing teams, dd's & mino's, pitted against each other, and at a bit of a stand off with islands between us...... until I popped my radar and caught them off guard, thinking I had smokes. Anyways, after a bit of light hearted insulting and jovial name calling, I proposed an idea for radar, which was well received, so I'll bring it to the forum to discuss, and maybe a dev will see it and pay attention to it's potential for improved game play and to make the game less....... annoying.... So, I proposed that radar should 'pulse' the location of other ships, periodically revealing the location for a second or 2, then go dark for a few more. I also think ranges should be increased with this change. Also, it shouldn't reveal ships out of line of sight, behind islands, it cant do this irl, and shouldn't in game. The impact on game play would be beneficial I think. Involving more dynamic DD play (I play DD's a lot recently). I would appreciate other's thoughts on this. Also, if this has been discussed before in the forum's I apologize forthwith, I just wanted to see the communities reactions and if a dev would support this. Regards, Odes.