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Found 67 results

  1. WG, stop releasing broken ships

    lets get it straight out of the gate at the start of this post do I consider the Worcester Op? (what I can see from flamu’s videos, the latest one is https://youtu.be/OSTZ4XHJE34 ) NO terrible gun arcs+low hp/low armor/big citadel/normal heal will not make this ship a destroyer of worlds, especially if a bbs look at you in a bad way. However, I consider this ship broken and a ship that, in this state, should not be released in the live server. let me elaborate that: 1) AA power/AA range ( insert meme about “year of the carrier”) you are putting another aa monster that just wipes out enemy planes even without defaa, when you activate it the enemy squadrons just vanish. But is not the aa power creep or their range per se ( even though you create a huge bubble of no-fly zone, even worse than it is now with DM and minotaurs) but is their range correlate to his aa spotting range. It means that, as Flamu said, you can lure the enemy planes near to you, activate the aa and the carrier can’t do anything but look at his planes just vanishing, and that is even more retarded than it is now, that there are ships (batimore, DM) that can shoot enemy planes as soon as spotted. This is just frustrating for the carriers because it means losing planes without even knowing who shoot them ( better not get me started about the shooting-with- your-aa-in-smoke-stuff) 2) surface spotting/radar. It is already bad the fact that there are ships that have a concealment on par with their radar range (dm, old balty, Cleveland and so on). Because it means that a poor dd that has the misfortune of spotting one of this ship will get radared and probably nuked without having time to run away. Now you are turning that to eleven by getting a ship that has 400 meters MORE range on his radar than his concealment….are you going full [edited]? Especially considering that with the module we are looking at a 56 ( or 48 post nerf) radar against a ships that lobs 240 rounds/min. Again, is frustrating as a dd player especially on those absurd situations ( rare I know, but still) where the enemy dd will get spotted WITHOUT EVEN seeing who is radaring them. I hoped, looking at the buffalo, that you were headed in the right direction: 7.8 aa spotting range vs 7.2aa range and 10.5 concealments against 9.5 radar, so you give the dd a 1 km “oh crap zone” to retreat or at least turn to get away…. ….then you decided to go full retard and release a ship that will be very frustrating to play against in 2 out of 4 classes ( and even bbs with all this he spam might not be happy, but imho that is a minor thing, and a bit they deserve to burn down). How would I correct this stuff? 1)nerf the aa range or the air concealment to be at least on par, but imho even here there should be a 0.5 kms difference, like in the buffalo 2) nerf the radar to 9.5 kms range ( like a tier 9) or even at 9 kms, to give some brown pants range to a dd ( and trust me, a dd spotting this ship will need them). I wouldn’t nerf the base concealment because it will make it too weak agains CA and bbs any thought?
  2. I didn't come in with any expectations, and I was surprised to some point. Honesty with WG has always been a massive issue, but I am pleasantly surprised, but disappointed with certain issues. - Finally wargaming have understood that the UI they built 6-7 years ago and the game engin they built over a decade ago has put the game in a massive ditch. Major progress to the game cannot be achieved until a massive rework is achieved, from what has been told, this is being avoided and put off, or is still in the work. - Avoiding questions, bending questions : We all understand that people are under NDA and cannot answer questions, but simple things like saying we cant answer that would be nice. The main example being the complete dismissal of twannies question on random torp spread, all we got was a huff, and move on to the next question. - 'I got it' seems to be the safe word, when they said it, questions were ignored ect, ect. - All in all only a few things have been revealed, radar will not be reworked, wg are fine with easier to play ships and have no real plans to majorly balance ships that have been effected by global changes, an AA rework will come in with the CV rework, but most importantly, new lines and classes of BBCV, CACV will come into the game. P.B Everything above has been written during the break, before the questions have opened up to the floor.
  3. Regarding the subject of Flambass video. I didnt see any thread that talked about this exact topic so i created this one because i wanted to get your opinion on this matter. I feel like Flambass hit the nail on the head in this video. I feel pretty much the same as he does. Im not a DD-main by any stretch, i play BBs and cruisers just as much. But like Flambass says they have everything to their disposal (HP, armour, range, heals, radars, hydros etc etc.) and thay can stay at range doing massive amounts of damage and kills without ever risking their ships and health. Then we have destroyers, smallest most fragile ships in the game that up to this point also could take massive damage from a BB AP shell, lazy BB drivers didnt even have to change ammo type to wreck a DD. With all the new US cruisers and with all the old cruisers you can run into a stealthy high tier US cruiser and suddenly be in their 30-40-50 second radar where all enemy team uses you as a pinata! This is starting to become a issue, specially since every lazy and scared BB and cruiser driver in the game demand you as a destroyer should push into the caps all match long while 5-6 US cruisers are lurking behind the islands. I dont want to write a wall of text here, i just want to get the ball rolling, but i want to know what you feel about this? Because i had to seriously change up my gameplay in a DD since the first split (Cleveland) happened, and its just gonna get worse. What are you gonna do as a DD in a 3 cap domination game with 3 Worshesters and 3-4 Des moines, Buffalos, Clevelands etc etc on the enemy team? Not to talk about the CVs, hydros, spotterplanes, DD hydros and radars etc etc...... No DD captain in their right mind will go for any caps!! So DDs will start playing the flanks, well out of US/Russian radar range trying to atleast do some damage. I see a lot of Asashio, Shima, Gearing in my future. Its gonna be fun to catch all the rage and reports from the team just because you dont want to suicide in to the caps?! So i actually would love to see WG take away all the domination games and just have standard battles if they are gonna continue down this line (this is almost a joke but sadly isnt), we all now what a huge misstake for gameplay that would have been. But seriously? Or maybe have 3 caps dom game only on Ocean map? So those 4-5-6 US cruisers actually had to take the same risk as the DDs to push in and radar them! But ..... naaah..... we dont want the poor cruisers with their defensive AA, hydros, radars, armour, heals etc. to take any risks do we?
  4. Moin, ganz wertungsfrei kann man wohl feststellen, dass aktuell deutlich mehr Radar im Spiel ist als noch vor 6 Monaten. Meiner Meinung nach ist es zu viel. Nun ist mit der Entwicklung der Radartechnik historisch auch die Entwicklung von Gegenmaßnahmen betrieben worden und im vom Spiel angedeckten Zeitraum zumindest mit Chaff auch aktiv eingesetzt worden. Wie wäre es, wenn man Chaff als alternatives Verbrauchsgut einführen würde, z. B. auszurüsten anstelle von Nebel? Nebel würde dann die optische Zielerfassung verhindern wie bekannt, Chaff hingegen die elektronische. Das im oder hinter Chaff stehende Ziel wäre optisch nach wie vor im Rahmen der normalen Sichtbarkeitsmechanik erkennbar bei entsprechender Annäherung bzw. bei Feuereröffnung. Für aktiviertes Radar wäre das Schiff nicht sichtbar bzw. nur ein blinder Fleck erkennbar, auf den wie bei Schiffen im Nebel Nebel keine Zielaufschaltung möglich wäre. Nur mal so als Gedanke. Gruß Karl
  5. Radar mehr Radar

    Radar Wargaming wir brauchen mehr Radar im Spiel damit es noch mehr abfucked!Macht absolut null sinn DD zu Spielen ab Tier 7 weil jeder edited !Bei sovielen Radar Schiffen brauch man auch keine Erkennbarkeit mehr bei den DDs es sieht einen sowieso jeder Stricher Dieser Beitrag wurde von dem Moderatorenteam aufgrund des folgenden Verstoßes bearbeitet: Verstoß gegen Regel 1
  6. pjgdeath1

    the Radar should not be set from 10k it should be at max 8k as DD's do not stand a chance as soon as a ship is detected they get radar up before you can get in range to fire torps so it do's not matter how good your concealment is your dead.
  7. Etwas viel Radar im Spiel!

    An die Community und die Entwickler, da ich die Shima wirklich sehr liebe, aber momentan keinen Sinn mehr im weiterspielen sehe, hätte ich eine Idee für einen Kompromiss zum Radar. Kurz gesagt, ein Radar ist dazu da, um Objekte zu orten und nicht gleich aufzudecken. Wieso kann man das im Game nicht genauso handhaben? Also dass die DD's nicht gleich 'aufploppen', sondern erstmal nur AUF MINIMAP UND TAKTISCHER MAP erscheinen und erst bei erreichter Sichtbarkeitsreichweite 'aufgehen'. Meinetwegen könnten auch noch weitere Informationen angegeben werden, wie z.B. Entfernung zum Objekt (Zerstörer), Geschwindigkeit etc....Dies wäre für mich persönlich ein sehr guter Kompromiss! Eine weitere Möglichkeit wäre ein entsprechender Skill (oder Modul) gegen das Radar!? (Nebenbei, der bereits bestehende Käptn-Skill Funk-'ortung' (rdf/rpf) hat weder etwas mit dem Radar im Spiel, noch etwas mit tatsächlichem Radar zu tun, sondern mit rdf/rpf wird lediglich die UNGEFÄHRE Richtung des feindl. Schiffes angezeigt und nichts anderes!) Ich würde es sehr begrüßen sich ernsthaft mit meinem (hoffentlich) konstruktiven Beitrag zu beschäftigen. Noch mehr würde es mich freuen, wenn die Entwickler und möglichst viele (DD)-Spieler meine Idee für umsetzbar hielten. Einen schönen Muttertag
  8. List of radar ships?

    Hi, Is there a list of radar ships with Tier, Range, duration etc? Cheers
  9. A quand un MM miroir pour les ranked ?

    J'ai pas l'habitude de me plaindre du matchmaking en FFA, mais là, avec ces classés en T10 je suis obligé. Des disparités entre les DD, les radars, me posent pas de problèmes en FFA, car c'est du 12 contre 12 et donc autant de navires qui peuvent contrer ces disparités, et sur des grandes maps (même taille certes mais cap plus espacés). Sauf qu'en classés, on passe sur des cartes plus restreintes et en 7 v 7. Et là la disparité entre les équipes tend clairement à faire pencher la balance d'un coté. Indépendamment du niveau des joueurs. Il faut pas être unicum pour planquer son DM derrière une ile et assurer une zone de non droit sur un cap, qui ne pourra pas être contestée par l'autre équipe qui elle n'aura pas de radar. C'est pour moi faciliter le travail d'une équipe et planter une autre. Je sais que c'est jamais bien de poster à chaud mais la dernière partie clairement m'a fait sauter de mes gonds. Non content de ne pas avoir de radar, on se prend un khaba (donc un dd en moins) et 2 yueyang, donc deux dd qui ne peuvent pas torpiller leurs homologues. Comment prendre et garder un controle des caps avec une compo pareille ? Voilà après peut être que je suis le seul à trouver ça anormal. Mais vu les réactions à chaque partie dans le chat, j'en doute.
  10. Hi all, Dear WG: Please re-make battle UI with simple fix that "Detected" / "Priority Target" / "Incoming Fire" / "Radar" / "Hydro" icons can _ALL_ be shown at once and not altering like it is now! Right now they can't all be shown at once and that is _HUGE_ problem in many occasions because player needs all information he can get... Leo "Apollo11" P.S. Thread at Reddit:
  11. This week, played more than 100 high tier DD games, and all of those games had atleast 1 radar. In some games, I had 4 radars against me and in my team too sometimes. It felt so difficult to cap and deal damage to BBs because they camp. It's no fun not only to me, but to other DDs too, even of enemy. So how about a DD can get radared a total of only 5 times or for a total of 3 minutes a game irrespective of number of them. Just a suggestion. I always cared for objective and victory, never for damage. So it doesn't affect me as only issue I have is I can't cap with so many radars.
  12. Radar working through land

    I quit this game untill Radar are changed back so they wont work through islands. Tired of getting slaughtered by enemies that are parked behind an island and thus invisible, if i dont have radar myself. Then turns on radar and i have half a team hiding behind island, showering me with shells.
  13. Match Making should consider Radar.

    Seriously, as if being being bottom tier 8 n a tier 10 match wasn't enough i'm constantly having to deal with cases where my team has no radar ships whatsoever while the enemy has 3 +, being mainly a DD captain this is really ruining the game to the point where it just isn't fun anymore, i can see why the current meta is just Battleships sniping from spawn. They should really adjust the MM so it takes into account the number of radar ships for each team.
  14. Mirrored MM for radar ships

    @MrConway, @Tuccy Are we gonna ever get mirrored mm for radar ships? if yes, when? Because having even one radar ship more than the enemy gives such a huge advantage. getting 3 moskvas in one team and 3 hindenburgs in the other one is just r*tarded. Imo wg should focus on fixing bugs we still have and balancing the game/mm/ships, instead of pumping out new premium ships and introducing completely unnecessary features into the game.
  15. I mean we all know, game is rigged ; ( i drove now over 5000 matches ) It caps winrate boosts looserate, by giving away citahits or not, regulating incoming damage, so it makes sure one team dies, giving us the illusion of "gaming" Which is some ways a pretty darn disgrace to the real ships and sailors exited on those ships. But can you plz do it waaaay better, not that clumsy, obviosly see and noticeable. Have a new t9 dd, Fletcher, have old Kagero t9..but the difference is heavy. When i played back then Kagero t9..there wasnt much radar out there. Now its..radar madness, i cant go anywhere, cause every 2nd, 3rd ship has radar. Fog is useless. The range of Russian radar is silly bullocks, not that in generell russian ships are still too overpowered..cause..russians?! Then the fog issue ; im not sure if there are currently some aimhelps out there, but there are some people, precise killing you in fog, when others have this random spray/chance/guessing where you maybe are, those others do triple cita on your cruiser..in fog..while slightly moving and turning. Happens too often latley! Thats not random, has nothing to do with luck. Or how else do we win 999:0 / 11 ships alive vs 1 / best in enemy team has not even as much as the worst one on other team. It feels like Balance is worse than 0.42 .. Do something, this is game is often shitty enough, dont make it worse, cause i cant play it soon anymore, cause its so rigged, terrible, making you hate it so much your keyboard close to be crushed = .... NO!!!!!! no thx no, [edited]you, im out ?! ...i have much patience, had my breaks from game, found new motivation, but its crushed again and again ..and soon im reaching breaking point, where even i cant or wont ever touch, nor give this game to anyone Do something..int he name of the real ships serving the war, carrying people and sinking to the depths of the ocean floor. Nothing to be messed with a cheap, terrible "game" ..which is less a game..lootboxes, rigged/manipulated matchmaking (i know its needed, else it doesnt work, i know its complex to do..but then do it!!! right, not shitty)..rather more than something a bot could play, you watch it and rest is lottary anyway, you can rather bet, which makes it a "Gambling Game", which should be checked be EU gamgbling comussion.
  16. Remove Missouri radar

    Polling to see what people think. I don't have the Missouri. I don't plan to get Missouri. I'm all for removing the radar. No good reason to implement it in the first place. I don't mind being uptiered in cruisers, but playing Indianapolis or New Orleans and facing Missouris... At least let these squishy cruisers have one special quirk.
  17. How to play around radar?

    Hi all Noob question (should it be in this forum?)... I am (mostly) having fun in my T-22 (KM T5 DD) having finally got a 'technique' that seems to work for me. It's my only T5 ship, and I'm wondering if any of you experienced capt's have some good advice on how best to deal with radar? My style tends to be very much skipping along the edge of visual range whilst capping (obviously ) and spotting. I tend to focus on using torps so I can stay undetected as much as possible, and then switch to guns when I am detected, or in smoke/behind cover. I've had a few matches with radar ships, and have not performed very well in them! It may not be the radar (i.e. I'm probably not skilled enough to up-tier very well yet anyway) but should I adapt my style? Would also be interested in hearing how the CA's etc use their radar to 'best effect' if they are willing to share their secrets! I am planning on grinding to one myself in the future :) Sorry if it's a bit of a generalised question! also, is there any way of knowing when you are spotted by radar when you also are spotted visually? i.e. I get spotted by a DD, exchange a few shots/torps etc, then i smoke up to break-off and reposition and then find I'm still spotted by his friendly CA's radar!?
  18. radar and hidro change

    hi, I have an idea that might make the game a bit more interesting for DD's. What id suggest is that u change radar detection based on the ammount of reflective surface on a ship. so big ships = further detection ship moving bow in = more stealthy. it might make for some interesting gameplay and teamplay (using radar together to sniff out a DD). also new skills "radar and or sonar detection" that show u where the sonar or radar is coming from (same way as with radio location) so for example: A DD is saling broadside to a cruiser outside of detection range. 7.2 km The cruiser pops radar and the DD gets detected from 11km by the radar when at a 90% angle (broadside) The DD gets a warning the radar is coming from the cruiser and he nouw has to make a choise. Turn towards the cruser or turn away from the cruser. Both will reduce the effective range of the radar but one is alot more dangerous than the other. also if the DD is saling straigt to the cruiser he might not get detected at all and get the drop on whatever he is escorting. also on hydro. maybe variate the range by the speed the enemy/torpedo is going? hirdo ususally works on listening to the cavitation of the propeller or the sound of the engine noise.
  19. ...srsly. What the F*ck? This is "Fun and Engaging" on the next LvL...
  20. Radar / Hydrophone ?

    Hallo zusammen, ich kann mir das nicht erklären, ich werde vom Radar/ Hydrophon durch Landmassen entdeckt ? Selbst bei Rauch kann man mich zu 100% sehen. Ich meine wenn es jetzt Nacht wäre und da wäre ein Schiff irgendwo, ist doch alles was ich sagen kann: A) Dort ist etwas (Freund/ Feind / Neutral ?) Nach ein paar Beobachtungen kann ich sagen: B) Geschwindigkeit C) Fahrtrichtung Ist geplant das die Radar/Hydrophon Mechanik überarbeitet wird ?
  21. Buenas, hace un tiempo que juego y me han surgido distintas preguntas. En primer lugar, he desarrollado hasta el yugumo y veo que cada vez cuesta más conseguir créditos, hasta el punto que con las malas partidas salgo negativo y últimamente con los radares son muchas. ¿Como podria conseguir creditos de forma efectiva sin Premium?(llevo banderas zulú y las que disminuyen coste de servicio). Por otro lado, estoy jugando rankeds (por primera vez) con el kagero y he conseguido llegar hasta nivel 11. Pero con los radares estoy sufriendo mucho (hoy ha sido un día horrible de entrar en captura y morir en segundos por los radares en un 90% de las partidas, por lo que he bajado a nivel 12 y aborrecido los radares e incluso el juego xD). Me gustaría saber si hay alguna guía con los barcos que pueden usarlos (no los conozco y es un problema), así como consejos para un jugador de dd sobre cómo actuar en esas partidas en las que llueven radares o intentar evadirlos, ya que si me meto a capturar me fulminan y si no capturo medio equipo se me echa encima.y ¿es cosa mía o los torpedos en rankeds hacen menos daño?. Por otro lado, volviendo al yugumo, ¿es mejor la mejora que reduce el tiempo de recarga de torpedos o la de giro de torreta y reducción de carga?
  22. Hola, tengo una pregunta que la he buscado por todos lados y no la encuentro. Tengo una "Mejora de la Modificación 1 del radar de vigilancia" (premio contenedor épico, con una barrita azul al lado), que me dice que me amplia un 40% la duracion del consumible "Radar de vigilancia". He intentado ponerla, obviamente en los barcos que montan "radar de vigilancia", en el apartado de "mejoras", pero no encuentro ninguno, por ejemplo tengo el "Atlanta" tier 7, el "New Orleans", TIER 8 con el radar, pero no hay manera de meter la mejora. ¿Alguna pista? ¿No se puede montar en los americanos? Gracias y feliz año a todos.
  23. What about old hydro/radar's icons restoring?

    Well, on last sub-update WG decided to restore the old warning icons for spotting by hydro and radar instead of the generic danger indicator (exclamation point into a triangle) they introduced on 0.6.15: >> Update - 100MB [UPDATE] Update will happen 28 December; preparation begins at 06:00 CET until 07:30 CET (UTC+1). The game will be unavailable during this time (1.5 hours). General Changes: Winners of the Clan Battles Season have been added to the loading screen of the "Hotspot" map Added "Hotspot" achievement to the game (Rank among the top 16 clans in the Clan Battles Season) Added New Year pictures for combat missions, challenges and events Added start and end dates for Campaigns Returned old indicators of Hydroacoustic Search and Surveillance Radar >> This could be a good news, because it's useful to know if you (mainly when playing a DD) are spotted by a long (radar) or a short range device (hydro) to choose the adequate reaction: either simply gain a little more distance or run away and dodge... and pray. Anyway it seems the "old" warning icons have instead become THE SAME icon (the old radar's one - see attachement) for both devices now. This means the restoring becomes quite useless: if the icon is one for both devices so the triangle or the circle it's the same thing... In fact the cruiser in the pic killed me (I killed her too... ;>) just because I was surprised Atago could have radar and I've reacted one second late. Maybe is there something I've missed? Or maybe could be a bug?
  24. Also doch Zerstörer mit Radar...

    Dachte den Schwachsinn lassen sie bleiben ... ... you'll get access to the Tier IX destroyer Chung Mu. This saucy ship carries torpedo launchers with a 10.5 km range and a speed of 66 knots. To counter destroyers, you get five turrets with 127 mm guns with a range of 11 km! Aside from the advantages mentioned above, the destroyer has a decent concealment of 5.7 km in full stealth build. If smoke-firing is not your playstyle of choice and you prefer tough talks, you have a Surveillance Radar at your disposal that you can mount in place of the Smoke Generator. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/loose-cannon/
  25. Apres plus de 12.000 batailles, y'en a marre : c'est clair, net, et définitif : les radars longue portée comme ceux du Missouri, du Dimitri Domskoy ou du Moskva sont en train de tuer le jeu car la chance de survie des DD baisse dragstiquement. Il ne faut pas retirer ces radars, mais en baisser significativement la portée : pas plus de 6,5 km. Et ça commence à se savoir dans les parties de hauts tiers : il y a de plus en plus de joueurs avec bateaux à radar, même en bataille de clan. Les radars de longue portée déséquilibrent le jeu : les dd sont des bateaux très faibles en vie qui n'ont que leur faible détectabilité et leur smoke pour se protéger. Si les radars les spottent systématiquement, tous les navires peuvent alors leur tirer dessus, et dès lors leur survie et jouabilité décroit fortement. D'où : les radars sont en train de tuer le jeu. Merci de remonter ces réflexions aux développeurs. PS : je n'ai pas posté ce message pour polémiquer avec d'autres joueurs (inutile donc de me répondre), mais seulement pour envoyer un message aux développeurs du jeu.