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Found 23 results

  1. i keep getting disconnected from the server when trying to log into my account trough the game client. they give the reason ''technical issue'' and i cant find anything on the player support. can anyone tell me what happened or what i should do? yours truly, Dodo
  2. Hey there! So I recently decided to come back to the game after a very long break, that being that I mostly played in the alpha/beta and have only casually played the odd game since then. Since I moved to the UK recently I decided to totally remake my account on EU and start fresh - I've been having a lot of fun! ... But I have some questions and concerns I'd quite like to get some answers to that have been causing me some issues. Firstly, unless my memory fails me, it seems like there are oh-so-many more Battleships in every match than there was back when I used to play, like i'm talking at least 5-7 players per team will be battleships with maybe 1 or 2 cruisers max (like really where have all the cruisers gone? O.o) and a few destroyers. The thing is I like to play Cruisers but the whole "everyone's a battleship" is causing me a lot of headaches. As far as i'm aware Cruisers are countered by Battleships, so how is one wanting to play a cruiser supposed to be competitive when almost all the enemies are your counter? Am I playing wrong, is this an issue with me or are cruisers just in a naturally bad place with matchmaking like this? Are Cruisers struggling right now because of this or are they as good as ever? If this is the case, is there any reason for this Battleship spam and is it likely to subside? (I'm currently playing tier III-VI ships right now so i'm not sure if it's the same at tier IX to X). My second concern is that I'm currently on the Furutaka and i've read peoples suggestions and advice on how to play it but I just don't seem to be able to make it work. I hear this ship is actually a really good so It leaves me a bit disheartened for continuing the rest of the IJN cruiser line. Is this more-or-less the play-style of the rest of the ship line or does it get better? Is the Furutaka an oddball IJN cruiser that doesn't really play much like the others or is she a good indicator of the rest of the line of those ships? I have issues with the whole "you gotta keep your front towards the enemy at all times and never expose broadside thing." like how does one actually maneuver around the battlefield if you have to be head-on all the time? People say "you gotta play it like a Battleship" but I can't stand Battleship gameplay, it's far too slow and non-adaptive for me, so is the rest of the line like this ethos? Or could my issues be due to my aforementioned Battleship spam? Another thing is that I've been thinking of giving the Frenchie cruisers a go; However I recall when I was watching Jingles' review video of them on Youtube when they were in the test server that the tier 10 was rather underwhelming and not very competitive, did this change before release? Or is it still rather mediocre? I got the tier VI De Grasse premium cruiser and I really like how it plays, is the rest of the line similar? Also, i've been thinking of trying the German Destroyers. I love the guns on the Russian DD's and the amazing, long range, Torps' of IJN ones - and I hear the Germans are somewhat of a middleground? How is that line, is the tier 10 good? Sorry for the question spam - i'm just really getting into the game but feel a little bit lost on some fronts and would like to find a line of ships to really focus on as well as get some clarification on some concerns of mine. As I last played the game seriously in alpha/beta I think I had a Fubuki and Mogami (when those were tier 7) and remember liking the Myoko but not the Fubuki so much but I think that was mainly because I needed to learn how to play it xD. I remember wishing it had way better guns so I had something to do between torps' though. Thanks to anyone who can answer me i'll make sure to monitor the thread and I look forward to some responses :)
  3. AmazingVenom

    Help ! Aim crosshair (No Aim crosshair)

    Hello People, Im looking for this crosshair (no Km's etc.) Like in the video i use now the standard one. can you please tell me how to fix this ?
  4. Kandly


    ...To be or not to be? But most importantly, does the new Q&A section tickle your fancy? Let us know what you think. A quick guide to important buttons and functions lies in the spoiler:
  5. Tuccy

    Q&A Section Status

    Captains, This thread will serve as a reminder of the status of the Q&A section and will be updated whenever we open or close the section. Action Stations!
  6. Captains, The first session of our new Q&A section is over - how did you like it? Tell us in the poll! And for future sessions make sure to follow the Calendar - or the section status thread. What comes next? Well, we will definitely try to answer the questions still waiting for an answer. In the near future some of the gamescom Q&A thread questions (those that would be out of scope of the gamescom session) may be moved here as well. We may open section again for a short time before gamescom, but definitely we will do another session after the event. Please let us know your overall feelings in the poll and your comments on features you liked / disliked / that need clarification in the comments - and see you around! Action Stations!
  7. Tuccy

    Community Q&A Section Open

    Commanders, The newly minted Q+A section will be open for your questions from August 8, 11:00 CEST until August 10, 23:59 CEST - you can use this time to pose questions you|d like to get answered! Why only for such a short time? Well, it is an experiment - we want to see how many questions we get in that time and we also would like to make these sessions more regular and reliable - this should improve our turnaround. To speed the turnaround a bit, here are some ground rules: Action Stations!
  8. until
    Captains, The new update is here and there are a lot of questions floating around - let's answer them! This Thursday we will try to do just that in a live stream on our Facebook page Main focus of this stream: Dunkirk campaign Other changes in update 0.6.8 We will of course also be glad to try to answer your questions on other topics - whether you ask them here or in the Facebook chat. Disclaimer: There is no point in asking us "When will ship/feature XYZ come" - we really cannot announce this in a QA stream unless we already announced it on the portal (and then where's the point in asking? ) Action Stations!
  9. alfred_factice

    Les Sous-marin

    A titre personnel, il manque l'existance de sous-marin et de moyens de le couler. Cela permetterait une certaine forme, supplémentaire, d'aborder ce jeu. Un sous-marin est un navire submersible capable de se déplacer en surface et sous l'eau ; il se distingue ainsi des autres bateaux et navires qui se déplacent uniquement à la surface, et des bathyscaphes qui ne se déplacent que selon l'axe vertical. L'immersion maximale d'un sous-marin militaire est de quelques centaines de mètres. D'une centaine de mètres pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, elle est passée à environ 300/400 mètres pour la plupart des sous-marins actuels. Les sous-marins militaires peuvent assurer une grande variété de missions, à l'opposé des premiers submersibles qui, jusqu'à la Seconde Guerre mondiale, n'étaient utilisés que pour couler les navires ennemis (et d'abord les navires de commerce), mouiller des mines sous-marines et éventuellement interdire l'accès ou la sortie d'un port. Les missions des sous-marins militaires modernes incluent la lutte anti-navires de surface, la lutte anti-sous-marine, l'infiltration de forces spéciales, l'attaque de cibles à terre, l'escorte des groupes de combat et notamment des groupes aéronavals, la collecte de renseignements, la dissuasion nucléaire et les opérations de recherche et de sauvetage. Des navires de surface spécialisé, les ravitailleurs de sous-marins, servent à leur maintenance et à leur ravitaillement hors de leur port d'attache. Les sous-marins militaires se répartissent actuellement dans les types suivants : Les sous-marins d'attaque, à propulsion nucléaire (SNA en français, SSN pour l'OTAN) ou classique (SSK pour l'OTAN - K pour kerosen). Leur mission est la destruction des forces de surface ou sous-marines ennemies par torpilles ou missiles anti-navires. Ils peuvent également être dotés de missiles de croisière pour la frappe d'objectifs terrestres. Ils sont les plus polyvalents et assurent la plupart des missions énoncées ci-dessus. Les sous-marins lanceurs d'engins balistiques (SNLE en français, SSBN pour l'OTAN), aujourd'hui tous à propulsion nucléaire. Leur mission est la dissuasion nucléaire et ils peuvent lancer, en plongée, des missiles balistiques à charge nucléaire ; ils sont les plus imposants sous-marins en activité, et souvent aussi les plus silencieux. Les sous-marins lanceurs de missiles de croisière (SSGN pour l'OTAN) ; équipés de missiles anti-navires et/ou de missiles de croisière, il peut s'agir de SNLE transformés (comme quelques-uns des classe Ohio américaine) ou de sous-marins conçus spécifiquement dans ce but (classe Oscar russe). Certaines marines ne les distinguent pas des SNA. Les sous-marins de sauvetage (DSRV pour l'OTAN) sont conçus pour recueillir l'équipage d'un sous-marin en perdition qui serait posé sur le fond. Les sous-marins militaires sont généralement répartis en classes, séries de sous-marins aux caractéristiques identiques ou très proches. De plus il y en a eu des sous marins: Plongeur (1863 - 1872) Gymnote (Q 1) (1888 - 1908) Gustave Zédé (Q 2) (1893 - 1909) Morse (Q 3) (1899 - 1909) Narval (Q 4) (1900 - 1909) Classe Sirène (1901 - 1919) Espadon (Q 13) (1901 - 1919) Silure (Q 14) (1901 - 1919) Sirène (Q 5) (1901 - 1919) Triton (Q 6) (1901 - 1919) Classe Farfadet (1901 - 1913) Farfadet (Q 7) (1901 - 1913) Gnome (Q 9) (1902 - 1906) Korrigan (Q 8) (1902 - 1906) Lutin (Q 10) (1903 - 1907) http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liste_des_classes_de_sous-marin_fran%C3%A7ais Et cela n'est rien que pour les plus anciens. De plus il faut rajouter toute la dicrétions de ces derniers qui peut être parfois décisif.
  10. Yamato942

    Few question?

    Hi, im not new player but i have some questions, so if anybody know answers?? - Is the flags which give +% fire chance only for main guns, or it also does +% fire chance for secundary? - Is AA work on both side of ship when fire on planes from left side or just left side of ship AA fire? I mean is it actually matter how you turn your ship to incoming planes? Does AA have some angle of fire or all AA fire full circle around ship? - Can somebody explain overmatch? - Can AP secundary guns do citadel pen on light crusiers? Sorry for bad english and if this is not right place for this topic, pls move it where belong. Tnx
  11. D'après ma compréhension actuelle du jeu, les cuirassés utilisent les obus perforants la plupart du temps et les croiseurs lorsqu'un bateau du même type présente son flanc (j'espère avoir juste jusqu'ici). Cependant, est-ce que l'emploi d'AP dans les situations suivantes se justifie: - Destroyer contre croiseur - Croiseur contre cuirassé Si tel est le cas, quelles sont les conditions (angle, distance, tier, etc.) requises pour obtenir une pénétration voire, on ne sait jamais, toucher la citadelle? Entre parenthèses, j'ai pu mettre la main sur le Nagato, et son fameux armement secondaire, dont on a promis monts et merveilles. Par contre, je me suis rendu compte que la grande majorité des canons tiraient des obus perforants, peu pratiques contre les DDs aventureux. Ont-ils toutefois une chance de pénétrer le blindage d'un croiseur?
  12. Hi. Recently i started playing "Paragon" and in the graphic options they have also the frame rate lock for 30, 60, 90 and Unlimited. I have an old graphics card (can't afford new one atm) so i had some issues with the quality, not with anything else. The game runs smoothly even on this early stage, guess it makes sense with UE4 and their engine but, the recommended quality was bad for me. In this game the main issue is backwards, the game never seems to run smoothly. Ok-ish yes, smooth no. So i have all my graphic settings to low, but i just realized i never tried anything beyond that. Is there a way to change the FPS to 30? Does anyone know? Thanks! The other thing i wonder is, since the resupply/repair cost is off limits for F2P accounts/players for ships above tier 7, have the Devs ever thought of giving a reduced cost for those that are brave enough to not use Premium consumables, any camo with benefits and signals? Considering they lose something in power or otherwise i personally consider it a fair trade off. Nothing changes, only the costs will go lower for the ones that will not use everything i mentioned. Thanks, cheers!
  13. General Questions: 1.01) Formula with fire chance + fire resistance - where can you set fire? belt? watch tower? deck only?1.02) How does angling effect your Broadside bubble? Does the RNG eplise rotate with the ship..?1.03) 3s delay on spotting, WG Staff says it was there since CAT, now claims it was added last patch to prevent flicking , no information on change log, official statement wanted!1.04) flickering on SA was supposed to be reduced by doing that, but planes icon are still flicking and Teleporting around the map, why?1.05) Date: Team Battle season 1 End (Rewards for Alpha league teams?)1.06) Date Team Battle season 2 start, and time between the season -- Ship rewards? or only flags + money?1.07) Ranked Season Start date? The reason for the big delay?1.08) Upcoming Game modes, Forts? (Test, Standard, Singlebase, Assult, Symm_convoy, our_convoy, enemy_convoy, awesome, tutorial, megabase, forts --> Source is ingame scripts (class GameMode))1.09) What happend to replay controls - fast forwards, stop ect... progress on the integration of replays?1.10) Why is it not possible to see Event progress like GNB ingame? Ingame browser?1.11) Detailed information of money calculation and xp: Base capture, Plane kill xp, xp per damage...1.12) Teamwork should be more supported, why are there no support ribbons or rewards, for using defensive AA near allied ships, kill assisting, spotting dds or cruiser, intercpeting enemy aircraft near allied ships...1.13) Documentation for mods, whats allowed, what isn't? Software, which classes changes will be accepted by the game...?1.14) Why is the catapult fighter not reacting on prioritizing a target when they are in range?1.15) Why can dds get module depletion and take hits and torpedoes hits on that section without taking damage, but cruisers and battleships can't? -- No damage with HE on those sections1.16) Would a realistic mode (for training room only or on Events) possible? (far future) I terms of no mini map, no spotting range -- you are always detected, no plane or torpedo warnings (no markers)...? Overall it should be no/minimum effort for the dev just to disable the named features for a new game mode. 1.17) When does a turret get destroyed, how is its HP counted? 1.18) Fire Resistance skills / modules are basically useless, why? For Port information, that would be nice to have:2.01) Penetration values for rounds, secondaries, bombs, torpedoes.2.02) Int ital firing angle on Max range / gun elevation at max range (to compare gun arcs by using angle + travel time)2.03) Smoke duration values and sizes / how long the smoke lasts2.04) Catapult plane stats (Plane tier and so on...)2.05) Splash radius HE rounds2.06) Ship length in in game length values (to compare size) 2.07) Armor view in port --> coming in next big patch (hopefully)2.08) AP damage: Pen, Overpen, Citadell. -- AP Bounce Angles2.09) Time for a full (360°) Turn on Full speed and Half speed And before you complain: "Search the forum for the answers": The information given on the forum was insufficient or incomplete, or outdated. Especially for smoke duration (3), I would love to have a complete table for all ships with the time in seconds. Also please try to answer point directly (of course you can use others arguments), otherwise this will quickly escalate in a full discussion of point X. I will update and link to useful answers once they are given.
  14. Bonjour, je suis "nouveau" sur WoWs et j'aimerais que quelqu'un me précise 2 ou 3 petits trucs sur le jeu.... Tout d'abord, fiche rapide : Je joue depuis novembre plus ou moins régulièrement. J'ai 350 batailles à mon actif environ, dont la moitié en coopération. Mes navires de "prédilection" sont les cuirassés de l'arbre japonais. Je voulais vous demander, est-il préférable de commencer avec des croiseurs, des cuirassés, des destroyers ou des porte-avions ? Est-ce que le farm sur des navires premium est une bonne pratique pour évoluer ? En combien de temps généralement atteint-on le tier 10 ? Est-ce que payer est une bonne solution ? Et pour finir, quels sont les navires les plus attractifs ? Merci d'avance
  15. Julien_Bronneau

    Missions sœurs des brumes

    Bonsoir, Voilà je suis rendu au palier 3 de la mission sœurs des brumes et toujours impossible d'avoir les bateaux promis, donc j'ai une question : Faut il refaire l'arbre cuirassé japonais (sachant que je suis sur les cuirassé américains avec lesquels j'ai passé les paliers) ou bien je vais tout simplement gagné ces navires une fois la mission entièrement finie avec tout les paliers de complets ? Dans l'attente d'une âme charitable pour m'aider, bon jeu
  16. Things that i believe a gamer would of thought to implement to improve the game play experience, but also the team play experience as well and would have as a priority: ■Suggestions: -The option to play matches with no Flags, no camo. The option to play matches with no CV's. -Some kind of Overtime, do you think it could make matches more exciting? Stats i would like to see on people's Profile: -Premium Consumable use -Matches played without cammo -Matches played with stock ships -Flags bought with real money -Flags use per match ■Improvements: -Blacklisting/Whitelisting of Mods (Aim Assist Mod is ridiculous if you are not LoL or DOTA, but that;s just me perhaps.) -Implementation of Supporting actions (Some may probably ask for suggestions. Easy, we are in the 21st century, from MOBA's to FPS's most games try to improve the teamplay experience by implementing supporting actions. Copy/Paste will suffice.) -Sell flags you don't use in exchange for credits. -Insufficiency in credits gain in top tier ships. Personally i feel the game gives me no reason to play tier 9-10 ships if things are as said. There is a consistency at the start as you level up were the ship modules cost just a few credits, gradually as you go up in tier they are raised. Reasonable, since the earnings/rewards do to. Yet i have been told this changes dramatically at the endgame (tiers 9-10), were the modules are at the highest cost but yet the earnings in credits are minimal to the point you mostly lose credits. I can't understand it. My personal assessment is that this is an error in the system, the forgot to change it or something. They are mad, insane or i am living in Alice's Wonderland... No incentive. Literally it makes no logical meaning to me and i do not care to play these tiers as i haven't yet. The other issue i have heard is that in these top tier battles all that is happening is sniping and in the middle DD's. I mean, i am having fun mid-tier. As i understand it, the endgame is actually around tiers 6-7. That the sweet spot of fun in every aspect imo. ■Questions: -Mogami and Chapayev have the description of "Light Cruiser" and Admiral Hipper has the description of "Heavy Cruiser". Yet, the armor feels backwards to me. Why is that?
  17. SirAlex3


    I am new to the game and somewhat confused. My experience before this week was watching YouTube videos and my friend's stream during the closed beta. I have many questions, but I will stick to a few minimal ones to start. How do I join a desired gamemode? Domination doesn't really impress me except for Islands of Ice I've seen people play on. Of course, if there is insufficient people in the beta, giving them options is probably a bad idea as that would lead to lots of people in a queue that can't be filled... What's the difference between xp and extra xp? I want to buy the Wakatake without the Umikaze since I only have limmited ships slots, so I need to reasearch both. I supposedly have over 18K xp on my IJN ship and the Umikaze costs 2K xp, but I can't reasearch it, so I think there is a difference. If I buy a presium ship, does that make me a premium user? Also one thing isn't a question but more of a suggestion. In 7 seperate games I lost 75% of my hp to artillery in 4 seconds. I don't mind being ambushed and dying, but I want to know WHY I got sunk, especially since the closest enemy was 4 km away and only one of his turrrets pointed to me. I am really confused. I don't think the game said "Our hull was penatrated" so I don't think it was citadel hits, and anyways without enemy battleships (low tier game) I think I can survive three volleys from anyone. Maybe the server can save the gamestate and when you sink, you can have the option of either going to the normal watching of your allies, or watching yourself in the last three minutes of your life (and all ships not in smoke 100% visible ingoring distance) so you know what you did wrong. Then you go to the normal watching of allies. This won't spoil the game by "ghost captins" infomring their allies about ambushes since their info is three minutes out of date.
  18. Leonardus_NL

    Blind gaming

    Hi Guys, I played this game just now. Afer one or two games my vision is black when in a game. I can still see the mini-map and everything else but i can't see the actual ship and water. Does anyone else have this same problem? sinseerly, Bauke
  19. Nos Développeur seront à la Gamescom cette année ! Une occasion unique pour vous de leur poser toutes vos questions sur votre jeu favori de la collection Wargaming.net ! Nous avons ouvert ces sujets dédié à collecter vos questions, afin de les rassembler et transmettre à nos développeurs pendant l’évènement qu’est la Gamescom. Ne ratez pas cette occasion d’en apprendre un peu plus à propos de World of Warships et de découvrir ce que nos développeurs nous réservent pour le futur ! Merci !
  20. Aloha. I have just unlocked the Ryujo, (tier 6 IJN cruiser), and am starting to wonder what my best upgrade and captain skills selections are, as well as.. what some of them do? Captain skills tier 1: well, artillery is useless. Tier 2: artillery and "concealment and aqcuisition" are useless. Tier 3: Concealment useless, (most torps will be air-dropped, and your planes coming & going should spot destroyers. If not well.. ), special skills useless. Tier 4: all usefull. Tier 5 : last chance is useless. el retardo, questions: -I don't know how much "exper rear gunner" does, any ideas?. -I don't know how much "dogfighting expert" does (a lot!) -air supremacy: it is unclear to me if this skill increases the amount of torpedo bombers. From watching youtube videos, I get the impression it only increases the amount of fighters and dive bombers in a squad. If so, it is less interesting for an IJN ship. Also, misleading text. Torpedo BOMBER. -Jack of all trades (tier 5): I presume it works for the repair ability? -Demolition export: +3% fire chance: is very likely not worth it. however, what is the base fire % chance of bombs? Modules: Air groups modification 2 increases fighter survivability by 20%. I had this on Zuiho, and could still lose to Langley squads.. Basically, what are the options for selections on these, or does everyone take the same things? The way I see it: Upgrade slots: Module 1:-I take air groups modification 1, better fighters over more survivable AA. Perhaps this is wrong... see further. Module 2: I would really like to go for AA guns modification 2, get some better range on the AA. -10% servicing time might seem tempting, but between aircraft travelling, land/take-off congestion, it doesn't mean "10% more strikes" at all. +20% fighter health seems like a big buff if you go for a fighter loadout. But, you can only change these upgrades with doubloons.. Also.. IJN fighters.. Module 3: on a carrier? Less flooding & fires I think! Module 4: is the -15% flooding/fire duration the way to go? Whoopdie do! Instead of flooding for 90 seconds I only flood for 1 minute! Pity the flooding will kill me in 30 seconds anyway...(combined with the captain skill for time reduction)? Would -20% rudder shift time mean you can dodge more torpedoes instead? Captain skills: "Mr obvious": 1-we picked "less flooding/fire time" in the ship upgrades, hence also captain skill. 2-faster torpedo bomber servicing 3- dogfighting expert 4-aircraft servicing expert, obviously 5-air supremacy. This leaves 4 points at max level. ( a loooong time off). Options: +20% range for the AA. -10% reload to repair, +10% AA damage, or the detected warning. "Auzor, local village idiot": screw this, air supremacy gives no extra torp bomber. Who needs tier 5 skills anyway. Also, IJN fighters= "le suck", so we're not gonna spend a whole lot of points on buffing those. 1) Less flooding, and +10% AA. (2 skill points) 2) -10% torp bombers service time, -7% fire chance. (stacks with a module for total -12% chance) 4 skill points. 3) the faster repair reload skill. 3 skill points. 4) Again, -10% servicing time: servicing time for IJN is reasonably fast, it is flying to, attacking, coming back, landing, taking off that takes the most time. So, we pick +20% AA range. Combined with the +20% AA range module our 5km range pea-shooters now shoot out to 7 km, the 25mm nerf guns out to 4.2 km. Total sum: 2+4+3+4=13. 6 skill points remaining. Well.. pick air supremacy anyway, and use the final point on detection warning. I think the above is also an option for USA carriers: I picked AA skills because it seems to me I get hunted quite often in a carrier, and all carriers have decent AA. USA has very good AA, and with all AA buffs their 40mm's open up at nearly 5km. Unfortunately, the AA focus means: -no +20% HP fighters, or +10% servicing -captain skills tier 4: -10% servicing, -5% health -no dogfighting expert. Anyway, for both cases I'd need to start with a new captain, as I picked the tier 1 "expert rear gunner" as my first captain skill. (siiigh..) Auzor, local village idiot Mk2 contemplations: spot enemy carrier? Send in the dive bombers first. -yes, he will be able to land/take off planes by repairing -but floodings last longer, a single flooding> a single fire for damage, dive bombers are completely random aaaand dive bombers can take out some AA guns. dive bombers are faster anyway, and quicker to be serviced too. So, "dive bombers first" means less congestions for landing/taking off, doing torps first, then dive bombers, means it is more likely both will arrive back around the same time at your carrier. -Bonus reason: a nearby cruiser activates AA? Well,.. you lost some dive bombers, oh well. Downside: mr sleepy carrier driver can be awoken by the dive bombers hitting him, and intercept your TB with his fighters. Sleepy carrier drivers should be awoken only by the joyfull sound of 8-12 torpedo's gliding to their hull from a manual drop. What ship upgrades do you pick, and what captain skills? Do you pick different things between IJN and USA?
  21. Hey, I made a video about some of the common questions that I see being asked of others and me. The video has answers to the following questions: 1. How to highlight an enemy to your team?2. Why is my ship turning on its own?3. How to show enemy ship HP?4. How to follow shells when they have been fired?5. How to enable replays?6. Why is the game too easy?7. Where can I see my stats?8. What does poi mean? If you have any other questions then feel free to ask them here, in PM, on reddit, or even youtube.
  22. MS_Surface

    Purpose of survey?

    Hi, before i fill the Beta Survey i would like to know how my marital status, number of children, education and current occupation could help in the development of the game? Would you do something different in the game if i had 2 children instead of, lets say, 3? Will you make the game better by knowing if i'm married or single? How can my type of job influence in the making of this game? Please clarify this as right now i feel this survey will only contribute to fill my inbox with spam. Thanks!
  23. First thing first, I am so excited to take part in WoWs' CBT and I can't wait to see all the progress we will make togheter! I am MadC4T as few of you already know and I took part at all the Weekend Tests, I have some degree of experience with the game and generally I tend to be very social with anybody. Introductions apart, I have some questions before I jump in the high seas: The first and most important - Currently, what are the supported screen resolutions? I play on a 4K monitor and the GUI is too small. If it's not supported, can we do something to make the GUI bigger? How's the progress from the Weekend Tests on the CBT? I noticed that my Service Record level is maxed out, but I've lost all my previously researched ships... My group will be changed from "Weekend Tester" to "Beta Tester" or something like that? Sorry for the pretty useless Topic but I just wanted some clarifications about the three questions above. Sure will post more important things as I will progress through the CBT. Have a nice day folks, see ya aboard!