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Found 80 results

  1. HentaiVeteran

    Borderless resolution issue

    Hi, today I booted up Warships and noticed that resolution reverted to full-screen resolution. I have tried back going to borderless but the windows taskbar showing up on the bottom of the screen I don't know what to do. https://imgur.com/a/w8pxnJb
  2. cnicoll123

    Random Commander Drop?

    Hello Shipmates, Been playing WoWs for the most part of the day prior to the latest update and I thought to check my commanders, skills and reserves etc, to discover a newly added commander in my reserve fleet- a "Brian Bragg" US Captain. I'm somewhat stumped about how I managed to get him with 10 unassigned skill points. Checking my campaigns I cant see him as a reward (Honorable Service Completed, progressing slowly with Isoroku Campaign atm). I have devoted myself to playing, unlocking and ranking-up commanders within the German ship tier-tree only- with only having two British Cruisers rewarded from the 'Brttish Cruisers' Directive and recently two European destroyers from the 'Euro Destroyers' Directive as of recent. (You'll probably note I still have 'Cap', 'Dunkirk' and 'Honore' unassigned- I've still to assign them when I see fit to ships of my liking!) Anyways. I digress. Anyone want to shed some light on how I've possibly been awarded him? (SIDE NOTE: I haven't played clan battles or own any US Ships. Mr 'Rewards' tab in the UI hasn't registered him either- even after a game restart!)
  3. The reasoning for this topic is going to be about battlecruisers and why they should be added. Mainly talking about HMS Hood aswell using it as a example. Since the new update of the British heavy cruisers i've been thinking why not add battlecruisers, but not yet wait until the main countries get their heavy cruisers then add battlecruisers. This would help against the main heavy cruisers and cruisers in general. The battlecruiser weakness is battleships since they have weak armor against battleships because battleships have better armor and guns. If battlecruisers get added that means any battlecruiser that is a premium will be no longer a premium ship, that's if there were order's for building another ship like it but sadly they were never built if not that means it will be removed from premium onto the main tech tree for everyone to unlock this includes HMS Hood for Example, since she was the only battlecruiser in her class made and the last. Unless they add one of the 7 ship's that were sister ships of HMS Hood but they were never build so this could be a copy of HMS Hood but with a different name, this battlecruiser would of got the same refit as HMS Hood's 1941 refit. if HMS Hood gets removed from premium to be put into the normal tech tree the HMS Hood will have to have its original armor layout the same on premium so a copy of it but that armor will be type A armor layout, i'll talk about it more in the bottom. HMS Hood will get its Torpedoes then it will finally get its 1941 refit ,she should of got this upgrade but she was sunk before she could of got it. http://www.hmshood.com/history/construct/repair42.htm (The link for the images) This is what HMS Hood looks like after upgrade they should give her 2 optional upgrades for the public to decide B and C upgrade one with float planes and one without this includes extra AA guns for defence against planes, it also might get a better survivability. i would put her in rank 6 or 7 right beside HMS King George V Battleship or right next to Battleship monarch. If the ship gets upgraded to B or C type armor layout it will lose it's rocket AA ability.
  4. I am not particularly fond of the feature itself, but in general I like to play with low-mid tier ships too, so why not do it through RB. Actually, I'm not planning to reset the IJN BB line for the very reason I am playing most of them from T2 to T10 (the exceptions of T3-4-9) on a regular basis. Plus, at the moment I'm sitting on 1.8mil fxp, and neither of the FXP ships appeal to me that much. Forgive my possible ignorance, but I haven't found anything on the questions/issues below: - I tend to keep my ships and captains along the line --> if I reset a line and the commanders will be sent to reserve, what happens if I don't have enough 'slots'? Will they be lost, or kept in an extended reserve? - Once I get the ships back, I guess the captains will need to be retrained for their ship - I guess all upgrades including legendary ones (I would be gutted to lose them) will be moved to the inventory, and can be mounted back for free - Also, by the same logic the permanent camos also remain in the inventory... Many thanks & o7
  5. I just saw the Dry Dock ship size comparison video, and Kurfurst is like 21 meters longer than Kremlin and also it seems a little wider. Kremlin may have bigger guns which weigh more, but they are fewer and from the armor weight perspective, maybe covering 21 more meters will incline the balance in favor of Kurfurst. Anyone knows why does Kurfurst not have the biggest health in the game ? I mean is WG incrementing the health based on the weight of the parts from which the ship is build ?
  6. Agrireasan


    Salut tout le monde, après une discussion avec quelques membres du forum et d’ailleurs, la discutions concernait les distance de spot (ou de dissimulation) des navires. J'ai actuellement fait une partie d'un tableur avec tout les BB T7+. Avant de continuer sur croiseur et DD j'aimerais juste que l'on me confirme si les "calculs" sont bons (du genre CE s'applique avant ou après le module ou si c'est cumulatif). J’espère ne pas me tromper d'endroit pour poser ma question (le tableur est en téléchargement en dessous). Voici un passage du tableur: Merci du coup d’œil et bon jeux à vous. Dissimulation.xlsx
  7. Fast_Free_Shipping

    Kidd or Loyang?

    Hello everybody Im fairly new at the game and im looking to buy my first premium soon since we get the 25% off coupon tomorrow. I really like the USN DDs so these seem to be a good option, i just dont know wich one to buy. What would you guys advice? Thanks EDIT: Im holding off buying a tier 8 premium right now, would you guys recommend any tier 7 destroyer?
  8. Fast_Free_Shipping

    What premium should i buy?

    Hello everybody , My account will turn 1 year old tomorrow so i should get a 30% off coupon. Im planning to use this on doubloons so i can combine this with the 25% off coupon in the amory, and I wanted to ask some advice about what ship to buy: Loyang, kidd or sims. I just unlocked the fletcher, and i love the benson (also my highest tier ship). I heard that the loyang is more simulair to the benson than the kidd, but the kidd looks like good fun as well. The sims also looks like a very fun ship to me (and ideal for crew training), but i need (a lot of) credits for the fletcher so a tier 7 might be a little less optimal. The downside of the loyang would be that i dont have a very high skilled captain for it (one with 8 skillpoints), but i also recently started grinding the PA DD line so it should make a good crew trainer. Wich one would you guys recommend? thanks in advance ! Edit: i added a poll.
  9. VanD4rk

    Questions about Kremlin

    I am currently exping the Vlady and I took a look at Kremlin parameters more closely and I do not understand something. How can Kremlin have less surface detectability range than Moskva ? Kremlin 17 km vs Moskva 18km. Another question: how can Kremlin have less rudder shift time than some of most maneuverable BBs at its huge size ? Example: Missouri have 19.4s while Kremlin manages 16.3s. I try to get a reasonable explanation for this outside of the "balans" answer. Are those 2 parameters linked to the firing range(detectability) and the power output of the engines(rudder shift) ? Maybe some of you have some good explanation for it because I cannot find one.
  10. I don't post much on forums but yeah, why has the background flag changed on the Błyskawica to a more European Nation-NATO style flag? I haven't played for a while but I feel really disturbed by this change
  11. Hi, I have an extension that tries to collect damage done (and in the future damage taken) through the ModAPI. I don't know how to get "damage over time" like fire or flooding damage though. I know there is the onReceiveShellInfo event, but this is not called for damage over time. Is there anything I am missing in the documentation? This is my current code to collect damage: https://github.com/Rukenshia/st-hub/blob/master/mod/PnFMods/StHub/Main.py#L29 If there is a suggestion I can make, it would be very useful if the "onBattleEnd"/"onBattleQuit" would contain basic information or if there was another event with results of a battle (like you can see it in the UI). Kind regards, Ruken
  12. Capt_John_Black

    Question : Who actually owns this forum ?

    Question : Who actually owns this forum ?
  13. A few questions: From what tier do I buy equipment? From what tier do I use cammo? From what tier do I use prem consumables?
  14. Do you think that coaching is prohibited ? If yes where is it declared ? I am trying to find out.
  15. I do not have my aircraft carrier. it was an American aircraft carrier VII tier.
  16. mttreggiani


    Hello, I wanted to ask for help regarding a coupon that I received and that allows you to receive a "200% refund of the value in doubloons of any purchase in the premium shop" so it is clear to me that buying a ship worth 18,86 € then of 4,700 doubloons would then receive 9,400. My question is if this coupon can also be applied to the store purchase of a package of 5,500 in order to arrive then to have 11,000?
  17. Hi All, I would like to ask a serious question that is incomprehensible (not undersandable): My friend and clan mate DonTiti had a letter at the beginning of the last week (04.02.2019) from WoT Support Team regarding "unusual login" and for that and for his safety his account was/is closed. (he created his WG Account when World of Tanks was released. In 2015 when World of Warships was released he inmediately started to play with it and visited World of Tanks only 2 times during the period from 2015 to 2019. A little technical issue appeared on his laptop in November of 2018 and sent the laptop to service and he got it back in January of 2019 and during that time he played WoWs from another laptop) In the letter he got (the letter also got a ticket number of the issue) the WoT Support Team asked him for evidence of payment, and another e-mail address that cannot be bonded to WG. He sent back a confirmation of purchase that he got from the WG Premium Shop after his last purchase, but the WoT Support Team replied that is not good and they asked for a bank account transfer proof. He searched that detailed bank account transfer and sent it. The Support Team replied that they need an older one (they asked for a payment proof in July of 2018) He searched for it and sent it (both the confirmation of purchase from the WG Premium shop and the bank account transfer too) but they wrote that it is not enough, because they can't make it sure that the account is his and they closed the "ticket" and his account remains closed. He also asked the WoT Support Team that what will happen to his Premium Account Time while he is closed out, but hte Support team replied that his premium time ended 25 days earlier which seem strange because he finished the missions for Prinz Eithel with Premium Account on 10/11 January of 2019. Of course because his account is closed he can not log into his WG account tho search for the invoice section of that payment as well. Maybe some of you can explain to us why is the confirmation of purchase from WG Premium Shop not enough to prove that it is his account? (On the confirmation there is the users name, the amount of the payment, and the order number and transaction ID - both generated by WG - On the bank account transfer of that payment there is only the date, the amount of money and in the details section there is: Wargaming and the payment amount.) If I read it right it is in WG Legal Documentation and in the Terms of Service at section 8.2. d.) of Virtual Goods: " d) In case we accept your order, we will directly thereafter credit the purchased Virtual Goods to your Account and we will charge you via the selected payment method. You will also receive a confirmation of your purchase via e-mail, containing the contract details (the “Purchase Contract“) and these Terms of Service. Other than that, we will not store the Purchase Contract text and wording and it will not be accessible to you after conclusion of the Purchase Contract." After reading the WoT Support Team's letter the confirmation of purcahse can not be used to prove that it is the purchase of my account?? I think that the WG account name bonded to an e-mail address and in the case of purchase the Premium Shop sends the confirmation of purchase to that e-mail address. The order number which is generated by the Premium Shop could be tracked back and it should contain the informations that who (user name) purchased, what was purchased, when was it purchased, how was it payed (via bank transfer, PayPal, etc). And bescasue of this we do not understand what else proofs, evidences needs the WoT Support Team to give his account back - I do not think that someone will use his WG Account Name to open and uphold a bank account. If anyone can help us somehow, we would be very thankful. Thanks for your patience and time. Ghostsaker
  18. Bonjour, Je me présente, Leguppy. Je joue à World of Warships depuis plus de 2 ans maintenant. J'ai une question au sujet des "nouveaux" emblèmes de batailles classées. Il est écrit, en consigne, pour obtenir le premier emblème "Expert des batailles classées III" : << Remportez 30 étoiles ... pour une victoire .... ou pour avoir été promu à un rang supérieur ...." . J'ai constatez que j'avais beaucoup plus d'étoiles que de victoires en batailles classées et que de promotion de rang de batailles classées. De ce fait, je me pose la question de savoir, comment est calculé le nombre d'étoiles pouvant être gagné (pour l'emblème des batailles classées) après une victoire ou une promotion de grade ? Je vous remercie par avance de vos réponses. Cordialement, Leguppy
  19. Schmidt_Fritz

    [Q] API for Clan Battle leagues?

    I was wondering if WG is planning for an API for clan battles leagues? I was imagining an API with leagues and current clan stadings in each league. Information would be updated in maybe 10 minutes intervals? This would enable some rudimentary live clan battle standings during season. Ofc it would be perfect if detailed statistics for each battle for every league ever played was available, but I fear there are not enough hamsters for this task. /Schmidt
  20. So looking over the WW2 destroyers modeled in WOWS I notice that they don't seem to have any obvious enclosed bridges, just the external navigation bridge. Looking at destroyers for other nations they have obvious enclosed bridges with lots windows, whereas the British destroyers seem to have just a couple of portals where windows would be. So I'm wondering did a lot of British destroyers in WW2 not have enclosed bridges or are they in there just limited to a few portals??
  21. Bonjour à tous, Je viens de faire une partie avec mon Normandie, et tout était normal jusqu'à ce que le Mogami que je visais disparaisse derrière une montagne (jusque là tout va bien) Sauf qu'il n'en est jamais ressorti, en effet il a été détruit, mais j'avoue ne pas comprendre comment: [ÉDIT] regardez bien l'icône de sa destruction au dessus de la minimap Je ne sais toujours pas si il est entré en collision avec un de ses alliés ou si il a trouvé un moyen de se suicider, donc j'en appelle à votre bonne connaissance du jeu pour éclairer ma lanterne
  22. Max_Caufield

    About Warships and Some Other Things

    I am kind of new in the forum but I am playing WoWs for a certain time. So, my questions are as follows: 1. How to get coupons? 2. I know it takes a lot of effort, time and creativity to make a warship, that's why they are expensive. But what about the containers? I think containers like anniversary container should be a little bit cheap in bundle. 3. I have made a ticket about my recent problem in game problem. I play in steam. The error message is attached. Do you know how to fix it? Thanks!
  23. i keep getting disconnected from the server when trying to log into my account trough the game client. they give the reason ''technical issue'' and i cant find anything on the player support. can anyone tell me what happened or what i should do? yours truly, Dodo
  24. (edited op with open and answered questions, see below) so, there it is, arsenal is in 0.7.6.... https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/introducing-arsenal/ the line which somehow stroke: "[...] Your Savings Players who earned certain merits in battle won't have to accumulate Steel and Coal from scratch, because we thought about some bonuses for them dedicated to the Arsenal's launch. Firstly, when the Update with the Arsenal releases, players will receive a nice bonus for the Oil they have in stock—5 Coal for 1 Oil. After the release of Update 0.7.6, Oil is used only to build Naval Base objects and gain access to constructions. [...]"... simple question: ALL oil ever collected, or just the one shown atm per player (f.e. after clan switch)? because, if only taken current ammount into account i surely smell some pitchforks... --> EDIT: ALL OIL EVER COLLECTED (while being in any clan!) WILL BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT<-- on a second note might discuss anything about the article, so far i'm not sure what to think about myself. edit: what i sure like is being able getting stuff like signals and camos on demand! in the long run ships like salem, black and such as well ofc. dont ask me about the exchange rates, in whole i think it's a pretty awesome thing! just the lack of clarification on that rather big concern softens it all down lol. editedit: i don't like the coal pricings (imo too high in some cases) and i'd liked to see steel given out for stepstones in competitive modes, not only for reaching the top (so r10, r5 and single steps of typhoon mission). but maybe thats just me. questions answered:
  25. Hello, I noticed that the forum doesn't really have a section to talk about historical events or just to post or read random unofficial historical articles made by the community and I wonder if I am just blind and can't find it?