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Found 9 results

  1. Agrireasan


    Salut tout le monde, après une discussion avec quelques membres du forum et d’ailleurs, la discutions concernait les distance de spot (ou de dissimulation) des navires. J'ai actuellement fait une partie d'un tableur avec tout les BB T7+. Avant de continuer sur croiseur et DD j'aimerais juste que l'on me confirme si les "calculs" sont bons (du genre CE s'applique avant ou après le module ou si c'est cumulatif). J’espère ne pas me tromper d'endroit pour poser ma question (le tableur est en téléchargement en dessous). Voici un passage du tableur: Merci du coup d’œil et bon jeux à vous. Dissimulation.xlsx
  2. Fast_Free_Shipping

    Kidd or Loyang?

    Hello everybody Im fairly new at the game and im looking to buy my first premium soon since we get the 25% off coupon tomorrow. I really like the USN DDs so these seem to be a good option, i just dont know wich one to buy. What would you guys advice? Thanks EDIT: Im holding off buying a tier 8 premium right now, would you guys recommend any tier 7 destroyer?
  3. Fast_Free_Shipping

    What premium should i buy?

    Hello everybody , My account will turn 1 year old tomorrow so i should get a 30% off coupon. Im planning to use this on doubloons so i can combine this with the 25% off coupon in the amory, and I wanted to ask some advice about what ship to buy: Loyang, kidd or sims. I just unlocked the fletcher, and i love the benson (also my highest tier ship). I heard that the loyang is more simulair to the benson than the kidd, but the kidd looks like good fun as well. The sims also looks like a very fun ship to me (and ideal for crew training), but i need (a lot of) credits for the fletcher so a tier 7 might be a little less optimal. The downside of the loyang would be that i dont have a very high skilled captain for it (one with 8 skillpoints), but i also recently started grinding the PA DD line so it should make a good crew trainer. Wich one would you guys recommend? thanks in advance ! Edit: i added a poll.
  4. VanD4rk

    Questions about Kremlin

    I am currently exping the Vlady and I took a look at Kremlin parameters more closely and I do not understand something. How can Kremlin have less surface detectability range than Moskva ? Kremlin 17 km vs Moskva 18km. Another question: how can Kremlin have less rudder shift time than some of most maneuverable BBs at its huge size ? Example: Missouri have 19.4s while Kremlin manages 16.3s. I try to get a reasonable explanation for this outside of the "balans" answer. Are those 2 parameters linked to the firing range(detectability) and the power output of the engines(rudder shift) ? Maybe some of you have some good explanation for it because I cannot find one.
  5. I don't post much on forums but yeah, why has the background flag changed on the Błyskawica to a more European Nation-NATO style flag? I haven't played for a while but I feel really disturbed by this change
  6. Hi, I have an extension that tries to collect damage done (and in the future damage taken) through the ModAPI. I don't know how to get "damage over time" like fire or flooding damage though. I know there is the onReceiveShellInfo event, but this is not called for damage over time. Is there anything I am missing in the documentation? This is my current code to collect damage: https://github.com/Rukenshia/st-hub/blob/master/mod/PnFMods/StHub/Main.py#L29 If there is a suggestion I can make, it would be very useful if the "onBattleEnd"/"onBattleQuit" would contain basic information or if there was another event with results of a battle (like you can see it in the UI). Kind regards, Ruken
  7. Question : Who actually owns this forum ?
  8. A few questions: From what tier do I buy equipment? From what tier do I use cammo? From what tier do I use prem consumables?
  9. I do not have my aircraft carrier. it was an American aircraft carrier VII tier.