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Found 8 results

  1. natswright

    Matchmaking for new players

    So far i'm doing ok in the game, but i'm not a skilled player yet. my PvP kill death ratio is about 0.75 if I remember correctly, I have a low hit accuracy too, 21%. With all these stats, you'd think you'd be matched with similarly skilled players, but often I find that i'm in a game with ships 2 tiers better and players with very accurate aim, like they are really good at predicting were i'll be! I have of course had games where the match making was better. One game last night that I streamed, had most of the enemy team chase my poor little T-61 (on low HP) all over, lobbing shells as I evaded most hits, even landing a few to boot! I thought i'd just keep evading as the rest of my team realized and whittled the enemy down to size as they all chased me. Eventually I took a fatal hit! Would I be right is guessing that sometimes i'll be matched against much better players as one of the players in my division is a good player themselves? I guess in that case, matchmaking can be a bit tricky.
  2. Schmidt_Fritz

    Ranked Season 11 meta

    Seems to be evolving:
  3. ReuGER

    Clan für CWs gesucht

    Ahoi, suche einen lebendigen Clan. In meinem Fokus liegen Clangefechte; regelmäßig und abendfüllend. Ich bringe dazu meine Des Moines mit. Verfügbar sind noch Shima, Gearing, Kurfürst und Conq. Nächstes Schiff wahrscheinlich Zao. Mein Ziel ist es beim PvP das nächste Level zu erreichen. Ich will hinein in positive Gefechte. Lernbereitschaft und Motivation sind vorhanden Ein ebenso motivierter Clan mit diesen Zielen wäre optimal. Ansonsten bin ich 36 J. und TS ist natürlich vorhanden. Über Interesse würde ich mich freuen.
  4. Der Clan [DRT] DIE ROTEN TEUFEL suchen Verstärkung für gemeinsame Aktionen. Wir bieten: eigenen TS Unterstützung gemeinsame Aktionen Fun Homepage (beta) was du mitbringen solltest: Spaß am Spiel Humor Fairen Umgang; guten Umgangston Was du bekommst: Klicke hier und du wirst sehen Lust bekommen? dann melde dich bei uns PS: für alle die hier diesen Post lesen: Habt Spaß am Spiel und immer ein Handvoll Wasser unter eurem Kiel Ahoi Nexxi
  5. [TOAST] THE OCEANS ASSASSINS TEAM ARE CURRENTLY RECRUITING "If you fought to the best of your ability, then you will always be a Winner, even in Defeat" (c) iJoby 2017 OPEN TO ANY PLAYER WITH A WIN RATE 45%+ (CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT HERE) ONLY 3 SPACES AVAILABLE - APPLY NOW TOAST, who are we? Toast, is a World of Warships PC clan that was created in September 2017 for the upcoming Clan Battles. We are looking to capitalise on our members gaming experiences in World of Warships. We love diversity and want to expand our clan while making sure that members have the best gaming experience possible playing World of Warships. Our clan strives for competitive game play while helping its members thrive in a friendly and social environment maintained to make sure that the blend of competitive game play and community is always the #1 goal for our membership. TOAST, what do we play? We play PVE, PVP, Scenarios, and soon Clan Battles. You have a choice in what kind of battle you wish to play in, we will never force a clan member into anything they do not feel comfortable in. TOAST, why we play? Toast, is a clan run by gamer's for gamer's. We offer the opportunity to work as a team, learning and building on skills that can be taken straight to and hopefully one day the top of our leagues, and then, who knows WOWS Champions. Traits like teamwork, dedication and commitment all skills that we focus on honing and believe are extremely important as a member can be utilised in your real life endeavours. TOAST, how do I join? Requirements For [TOAST] Membership: 1. Tier 5+ Ships (Premium and Tech Tree) 2. Recent Win rate of 45% or more.3. Have at least played 500+ Games.5. Contribution to OIL at least 70 Oil Per Calendar Week. 6. Use of a Headset/mic is Preferred but not essential. If you feel you have what it takes to become a TOAST Clan Member and you meet or exceed the above requirements, please feel free to submit an application at the link supplied below: Apply To Join [TOAST] By Clicking Here (Send a Message) or go to In-Game - Clans - Search Clans - Then type in TOAST and Apply to Join. Who do I contact for more information? For any further questions regarding recruitment, contact iJoby. SPONSORS & ADVERTISING A Sponsor and Advertising Partnerships with the Toast Clan can be very lucrative to your Brand/Label. Our goals on reaching a global audience using various social media formats and websites will brings us a fantastic fan base, to which your label or advert will always be a part of. All payments from sponsors/advertisers will be divided with and amongst the clan on an equal opportunity basis, Prizes, Raffles, Ship/Credit-Aid, every member will be rewarded at some point. To sponsor or advertise with the TOAST Clan, please contact iJoby. for details. Thank You. Thanks for reading and if you enjoy World of Warships and want to be a part of a community that is a stable, driven, competitive and doesn’t believe that you are just any other player or statistic, then please do consider TOAST as the next and last clan you will join.
  6. Both PvE and PvP environments contribute to Wargaming's success at Gamescom, but actually about the 30-50% of the events and rewards are reserved for PvP, this way PvE gaming is excluded. It is a weird company policy this one of Wargaming.. first it asserts at Gamescom the popularity of PvE, stating it is a great success: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/gamescom17/gamescom-munication/ but then WG makes the majority of the events and missions exclusive for PvP only.. In PvP the access to events and related rewards is two-way (a battle in PvP is worthy to complete both PvP and PvE missions, which are open for completion in PvP also), whilst PvE content access is one-way only (a battle in PvE can only complete PvE missions and rewards, not PvP ones). The most of the events which are available for PvE (Co-op battles) can also be completed through PvP (Random or Ranked battles) and rewards are granted by participating there also, whilst the most of the events available for PvP are PvP only and cannot be completed through PvE: no mission is PvE exclusive, there are mainly only PvP exclusive missions, events and rewards. For example St. Patrick's flag, Gamescom flag, special ships (from High School Fleet of Blue Steel to Smith destroyer) and many other contents, as well as most of the missions, are available through PvP only. Considering what was claimed for Gamescom, there should be more consideration for the PvE environment and gameplay, the game content should be open to PvE also, and it should be granted to anyone to obtain these kind of rewards in any kind of mission regardless of PvE or PvP, letting players free to decide which gameplay suits them most, and when.
  7. Jexx_Gaming

    The Good Life Gaming Channel

    Hello everyone, I have been playing World of Warships since the Closed Beta Testing. It's about high time I started showing you guys what I get up to on the High Seas. Please enjoy your stay at my new YouTube channel, "The Good Life Gaming Channel". My Social Media is: Twitter - https://twitter.com/GoodLife_Gaming Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/goodlifegaming/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/GoodLifeGamingWorld/ My PC Specs are: Intel Core i7-4790k @ 4.00Ghz8GB DDR3 RAMNvidia GeForce GTX 960 2GB All videos are displayed within Spoilers to prevent lag when loading forum page.
  8. No, this is not another "gief submarinez, plz" topic. I entirely undestand why submarines will never be introduced in the normal WoWs battles. They were slow undewater, no armor etc. They rarely participated in fleet actions, and when they did, they were used as forwards scouts at best. Hell, probably they will never be introduced at all. But, for the sake of the argument, bare with me. So, I had this idea (if someone else had it, I'm sorry, this usually happens with ideas ): a special mode for submarines called Sink the convoy. In this mode, both Coop and PVP versions available, there are two opposing teams (7/9 players each? - maybe fewer DDs for balance? this will be determined by testing, I guess ): Subs VS DDs. The subs have to defeat an AI convoy with mechanics similar tot the Halloween event. The convoy starts in one part of the map. To make it move, DDs, which start from some distance from it, must get into the circle. The subs, spawn on random parts of the map in every match (to prevent the DDs rushing their known start position) but not all together. For example: three of them spawn in one part, two, in another and so on, you get the idea. The goal of the wolf pack is to, obviously, sink as many convoy ships they can in an allotted time and deplete the DD team's ticks (1000 or whatever). Similar to domination mechanics, convoy ships are of different type, each valuing different points (-65 points for tankers, for example, -100 for a DD sunk, which will be very hard to do etc). Now, all DDs can participate, but they will have special modules usable only in this mode like ASDIC, depth charges (similar in mechanic to the torps?) and so on. Subs will also have hydrophones. Would you play something like this? P.S. I know this is just fantasy, but every now and again someone comes and ask for subs, and the reply is always they would not work, and I agree they wouldn't in a normal WoWs battle. So here are my 2 cents on the issue of subs. Everyone would win. I also know WG would need to put big resources to do something like this. But, as I said, it's just an idea, so don't shoot.