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Found 23 results

  1. I've been playing co-op more lately and find sometimes it can be a drag while sailing away to kill the enemy CV at the end, and simply by how easy it is to win in general. I started musing about how in scenarios we can fight like 30 enemies, and how it's rather odd that co-op battles are 8v8 instead of the 12v12 we see in randoms. It's also not too uncommon to head somewhere and only encounter one bot you kill quickly and then have nothing else to do because everyone else is too far away (which also leads to having to head to the middle of the map every time, meaning fighting in the same areas on maps if you want a decent number of opponents, which is also boring). Leaving the player side at 8 and buffing the bot side to the full 12 would help make co-ops more engaging and slightly closer to challenging. Maybe, for the sake of new players, the additional bots should be restricted to tier 5+ battles.
  2. Szeneriovorschlag: Operation Cerberus

    Hallo liebe Leute, ich hätte einen Szenariovorschlag für das WG-Team. Falls es ihn schon in dieser Art gibt oder ich einen Thread übersehen habe, bitte ich um Nachsicht. Ich hoffe auch, dass ich ihn dieser Abteilung richtig bin. Dieser Thread ist als Gedankenexperiment und Ideensammlung gedacht. Meine Idee wäre ein an das reale Unternehmen Cerberus angelehntes Szenario. Zur Erinnerung: Die Rückführung der schweren deutschen Schiffe Gneisenau, Scharnhorst und Prinz Eugen durch den Ärmelkanal wurde von der deutschen Propaganda als Sieg verklärt, obwohl es nur ein gut geplanter und mit viel Glück gelungener Rückzug von den Liegeplätzen an der Atlantikküste war. Dennoch bietet das Szenario m.E. genug Möglichkeiten für ein spannendes Szenario. Ich habe bei der Idee dazu großen Wert darauf gelegt, dass der Programmieraufwand möglichst gering zu halten ist. Zum Glück hat die Dunkirk-Mission uns schon viele Elemente beschert, die man für eine solche Mission nutzen könnte. AI-gesteuerte Torpedoboote Küstenartillerie Minenfelder und Minentreffer Anfliegende Feindflugzeuge Zudem sind die meisten Fahrzeuge für dieses Szenario bereits als fertige Modelle im Spiel, so dass auch hier viel wiederverwendet werden kann (wobei man darüber streiten kann, ob man aus historischen Gründen eine weitere Scharnhorst als Gneisenau mitführt). Wichtig: Diese Mission ist nicht für die schweren Schiffe gedacht. Es macht m.E. wenig Sinn, eine "Schlachtschiffmission" daraus zu machen - die Hauptartillerie kam kaum zum Einsatz. Vielmehr würde ich mein Augenmerk hier - wie bei Dunkirk - auf die Eskorten legen. Sprich: Eine Mission für die Zerstörer, mit der man mit etwas künstlerischer Freiheit auch eventuelle Premiums (z.B. T61) promoten könnte. Die Aufgaben wären Absicherung der schweren Schiffe gegen Flugzeuge und Torpedoboote wie in der Dunkirk-Mission. Interessante Eckpunkte aus Spielersicht (nicht unbedingt der des Historikers) für das Szenario wären z.B.: Sicherung bei zunehmend schlechter Sicht (Dämmerung) Sicherung während eines Stillstandes (Minentreffer auf Scharnhorst und Gneisenau) Verlangsamung der zu schützenden Schiffe bei Treffern Zeitlimit, bevor britische Verstärkung herangeführt wird Was für Belohnungen könnte das Szenario bringen? Neben einem Kapitän und den üblichen Gratifikationen dachte ich z.B. an eine einfache Sondertarnung für die "Schwestern". Was denkt Ihr? Ich freue mich über konstruktive Ideen, Vorschläge und weiteres Brainstorming. Ich bin mir sicher, dass hier viele Enthusiasten sind, die mit ihrem Wissen dazu beitragen können (Hinweis: Die Standardwerke von John Deane Potter und Bekker habe ich natürlich gelesen)
  3. Questions about operations

    Hello there everyone, Question one : As much as I love PvP (as frustrating as it is to be bested by other players or gratifying to best them in battle), I love also PvE operations (and for that I thank Wargaming "narrative" and level designers), even with their pros and cons and even if they are not randomized amidst the spectrum of them all (i.e. obligation of the week operation and not possible to do others without at least 4+ players in division). And I heard (and there is a button for it on the operation screen) there will/should/would be (?) hard-mode operations for those already in existence, i.e. tier VI operation would be tier VIII in hard mode (hoping the tier VII operations will have a Tier IX hard mode). Question : is it still in project to implement hard mode? Question two : Why is the Naraï operation out of service (hope not permanently)? Question three : Are there any plans to design bigger and longer operations for real semi-historical nuts like me, as they are making by example in Armored Warfare or Star Conflict - i.e. a three-part operation with prerequisites and different ships, etc...? Question four : Are there plans to re-implement Dunkerque operation? Question five : Are there plans to put the Halloween operations permanently in another kind of shape and form to profit of its beautiful creativity more often? If I have other questions, I'll ask them. Thanks for reading and hope to have some answers :) Starkadd, commander-in-chief of the ADML
  4. Is there any reason why the the Operation can't rotate more frequently than once per week? Would add a little more variety and it is a pain being stuck with a tier 7 operation when you only have 2 tier 7 ships. Or some way to join teams doing other operations.
  5. Narai

    My first impressions on Narai are very positive. The enemy spawns are random but not frustratingly chaotic like in Ultimate Frontier, they don't catch you with your pants down because you are on the opposite side of the map. Most of my games yesterday ended with wins except one defeat where we had 2 Akatsukis in team and not enough firepower to stop DDs from torping Libertys. At the end only the lead ship was still alive and with not enough troops on the ground the operation ended in a defeat when time ran out. One enemy transport escaped so we couldn't get the "kill all ships" objective to win... PROS -fast paced, lots of targets to shoot at -random spawns but entertaining and not overwhelmingly difficult -lots of planes and thus rewarding for AA-specced ships -good cover for cruisers -repair ship somehow finally doesn't feel like a noobtrap CONS -as with all other operations so far, destroyers are a sub-par choice and substantially hurt your win chance
  6. Der Clan [DRT] DIE ROTEN TEUFEL suchen Verstärkung für gemeinsame Aktionen. Wir bieten: eigenen TS Unterstützung gemeinsame Aktionen Fun Homepage (beta) was du mitbringen solltest: Spaß am Spiel Humor Fairen Umgang; guten Umgangston Was du bekommst: Klicke hier und du wirst sehen Lust bekommen? dann melde dich bei uns PS: für alle die hier diesen Post lesen: Habt Spaß am Spiel und immer ein Handvoll Wasser unter eurem Kiel Ahoi Nexxi
  7. Operations...

    So, it's been a couple of months since the Operations release. There are a ton of tutorials online. A lot of forum posts. The difficulty has been toned down significantly. And today I get this... Ok, in the first game in QE I derped out too, repaired a double fire and then caught a flooding from a T-22 because I played too aggressively. But I am just one ship of seven. People still do things like torpedo boat divisions or hug the repair ships in the back so there is no one around to stop the destroyers in time from entering the base. /rant I seriously don't know what else can be done in this matter at this point, the operations have been dumbed down enough as it is and i am against skill-based MM. 7-man divisions also shouldn't be the balancing factor. On the other hand defeats should happen as they happen in randoms, the rewards have been tweaked slightly since release but the gap between victory and defeat is still too large. Maybe if the reward gap was smaller losses wouldn't be so goddamn frustrating and make me wish for 30mins of my life back :( EDIT: screenshot didn't show up EDIT II 4th game was a 0-star victory because I carried the hell out of this game being the last man standing
  8. [TOAST] THE OCEANS ASSASSINS TEAM ARE CURRENTLY RECRUITING "If you fought to the best of your ability, then you will always be a Winner, even in Defeat" (c) iJoby 2017 OPEN TO ANY PLAYER WITH A WIN RATE 45%+ (CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT HERE) ONLY 3 SPACES AVAILABLE - APPLY NOW TOAST, who are we? Toast, is a World of Warships PC clan that was created in September 2017 for the upcoming Clan Battles. We are looking to capitalise on our members gaming experiences in World of Warships. We love diversity and want to expand our clan while making sure that members have the best gaming experience possible playing World of Warships. Our clan strives for competitive game play while helping its members thrive in a friendly and social environment maintained to make sure that the blend of competitive game play and community is always the #1 goal for our membership. TOAST, what do we play? We play PVE, PVP, Scenarios, and soon Clan Battles. You have a choice in what kind of battle you wish to play in, we will never force a clan member into anything they do not feel comfortable in. TOAST, why we play? Toast, is a clan run by gamer's for gamer's. We offer the opportunity to work as a team, learning and building on skills that can be taken straight to and hopefully one day the top of our leagues, and then, who knows WOWS Champions. Traits like teamwork, dedication and commitment all skills that we focus on honing and believe are extremely important as a member can be utilised in your real life endeavours. TOAST, how do I join? Requirements For [TOAST] Membership: 1. Tier 5+ Ships (Premium and Tech Tree) 2. Recent Win rate of 45% or more.3. Have at least played 500+ Games.5. Contribution to OIL at least 70 Oil Per Calendar Week. 6. Use of a Headset/mic is Preferred but not essential. If you feel you have what it takes to become a TOAST Clan Member and you meet or exceed the above requirements, please feel free to submit an application at the link supplied below: Apply To Join [TOAST] By Clicking Here (Send a Message) or go to In-Game - Clans - Search Clans - Then type in TOAST and Apply to Join. Who do I contact for more information? For any further questions regarding recruitment, contact iJoby. SPONSORS & ADVERTISING A Sponsor and Advertising Partnerships with the Toast Clan can be very lucrative to your Brand/Label. Our goals on reaching a global audience using various social media formats and websites will brings us a fantastic fan base, to which your label or advert will always be a part of. All payments from sponsors/advertisers will be divided with and amongst the clan on an equal opportunity basis, Prizes, Raffles, Ship/Credit-Aid, every member will be rewarded at some point. To sponsor or advertise with the TOAST Clan, please contact iJoby. for details. Thank You. Thanks for reading and if you enjoy World of Warships and want to be a part of a community that is a stable, driven, competitive and doesn’t believe that you are just any other player or statistic, then please do consider TOAST as the next and last clan you will join.
  9. PVES pve only clan

    Good morning wanted to make a clan for anyone that are social and not hardcore and just enjoy doing the odd co-op or operation, I know this will get flack but i its what i enjoy and i hope others will too. Good luck and fair seas
  10. Both PvE and PvP environments contribute to Wargaming's success at Gamescom, but actually about the 30-50% of the events and rewards are reserved for PvP, this way PvE gaming is excluded. It is a weird company policy this one of Wargaming.. first it asserts at Gamescom the popularity of PvE, stating it is a great success: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/gamescom17/gamescom-munication/ but then WG makes the majority of the events and missions exclusive for PvP only.. In PvP the access to events and related rewards is two-way (a battle in PvP is worthy to complete both PvP and PvE missions, which are open for completion in PvP also), whilst PvE content access is one-way only (a battle in PvE can only complete PvE missions and rewards, not PvP ones). The most of the events which are available for PvE (Co-op battles) can also be completed through PvP (Random or Ranked battles) and rewards are granted by participating there also, whilst the most of the events available for PvP are PvP only and cannot be completed through PvE: no mission is PvE exclusive, there are mainly only PvP exclusive missions, events and rewards. For example St. Patrick's flag, Gamescom flag, special ships (from High School Fleet of Blue Steel to Smith destroyer) and many other contents, as well as most of the missions, are available through PvP only. Considering what was claimed for Gamescom, there should be more consideration for the PvE environment and gameplay, the game content should be open to PvE also, and it should be granted to anyone to obtain these kind of rewards in any kind of mission regardless of PvE or PvP, letting players free to decide which gameplay suits them most, and when.
  11. Plop à tous! Comme beaucoup le savent déjà, un futur mode PVE scénarisé va bientôt voir le jour dans le jeu. Alors pour commencer, expliquons un peu de quoi ça s'agit: PVE : Player Versus Environnement. En clair, les joueurs contre l'ordi. Jusqu'à maintenant, cette notion en jeu ne s'appliquait qu'au mode coopératif, mode que la plupart des joueurs ne vont plus voir une fois passé l'obligation tutoriellesque d'aller y faire vos premières batailles. On a cependant pu voir un autre mode PVE durant l'event d'Halloween dernier, et qui en plus de ne pas être facile, était vachement bien fait. Scénarisé : Contrairement au mode Coop actuel, il ne s'agira pas ici d'affronter vos doubles maléfiques contrôlés par l'ordi dans un simulacre de bataille PVP. Ici, les joueursauront un objectif à accomplir un poil plus compliqué. La encore, repensons à l'event d'halloween : Une mission à remplir qui n'est pas juste "Pokeboat,coulez-les tous!" ou "atteignez le score de 1000 points avant votre adversaire". Voyons trois ptites vidéos qui nous montrent de quoi ça s'agit en détail, à l'heure actuelle: Pour le moment, ce mode, encore en test, m'a l'air bien fun (et rémunérateur, ce qui n'est pas le cas du mode Coop, ou si peu.) Cependant, en regardant ces vidéos, il m'apparait un ou deux ptits trucs qui me chiffonnent. Premièrement, il semble que ce mode n'est accessible qu'en division. Entre 4 et 7 navires. Gné? Pas moyen d'y aller en random, du coup? On dirait que non. Pourvu que ça change, le temps de trouver suffisamment de volontaires, vous risquez d'y passer la nuit. Ceci dit, pour les membres d'un clan pas de problème. Notez aussi que quand je dis "entre 4 et 7 joueurs", il n'y a pas de différence dans la façon dont la partie va se dérouler si vous êtes plus ou moins nombreux. Plus vous serez, moins dur ce sera, donc. Et du coup, oui, il vaut mieux y aller à 7, ce qui va être dur à faire via le canal de recherche de groupe. Petit bémol, donc. Deuxièmement, mais là, ce n'est pas très clair, une fois un navire utilisé dans ce mode, ce même navire ne pourra pas y retourner avant 20 minutes, à moins de payer des doublons. En revanche, je ne suis pas bien sûr d'avoir compris si le mode est tout de même accessible pour un autre navire, ou même si le navire n'est pas "gelé" pour tout les modes de jeu. Précisions requises, donc. Troisième point, vu que le mode a l'air bien dur, même en mode normal, on peut s'attendre à rager contre les noobs recrutés de force dans une taverne du canal de recherche qui iront se suicider en mode "yolo" sous prétexte que c'est du PVE donc c'est pas grave. A mon avis, vu le temps consommé par les deux premières remarques, on risque de maudire le noob trois fois plus qu'en PVP, puisqu'en plus de vous pourrir la game, il va geler votre navire pour une longue période. Bon, au delà de tout ça, le mode a l'aire bien fun, et les récompenses semblent conséquentes. De plus, le mode a l'air assez dur pour que les bons joueurs y trouvent du challenge. Donc, les mauvais joueurs qui préfèrent aller en coop que d'aller en PVP, et qui vont donc se dire que ce mode est parfait pour eux, vont non seulement être frustrés, mais vont aussi pas mal faire rager les autres joueurs. Un mode Hard du scénario va arriver par la suite, mais je me demande si il faudrait pas commencer par un mode "easy" pour la masse laborieuse qui confond encore bâbord et tribord, et qui ne font pas la différence entre un bateau et un navire, ou entre le bien et le mal! J'avoue que perso, j'attends ça avec impatience. Le FFA c'est sympa, mais sans objectif concret, c'est un peu répétitif. Un vrai scénario me motiverai carrément, et j'attends ça depuis assez longtemps à vrai dire, mais j'aimerai pouvoir y aller en random sans voir mon vaisseau gelé au port après, quitte à voir moins de récompenses couronner les succès du scénario. Et vous, vous en pensez quoi, de tout ça?
  12. Am I getting this right? Will the new PVE missions be only available if you pay real money? I mean, besides that I pay for premium time, premium ships, captain retraining, captain respecing ... now I will have to pay for PVE also? Make it free for the people having premium time, because If even with premium time you will demand gold from me, well then... you can have the damn PVE cause I wont touch it! (and for those that say ... well, but the rewards are cool ... yeah, ... but they are TEAM DEPENDENT, meaning ... bad team == no cool rewards !!). PS: Some are saying there is a limit of 30 mins for same ship. Can some1 confirm. Even this is pretty dumb.
  13. Salut à tous, Comme vous le savez, World of Warships est un jeu qui continue à être développé et du contenu est rajouté régulièrement. Les développeurs ont récemment annoncés que l'ajout d'un contenu PVE était pour eux une priorité suite au succès de l'event Halloween comme en témoigne cette annonce: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/79941-secrets-des-devs-devoiles/page__pid__1815642#entry1815642 Les développeurs étant humains, il et tout de même difficile d'agir sur tous les fronts en même temps. Cependant, êtes vous d'accord avec cette priorité? Donnez ici votre avis. Il faut savoir que l'on peut apprécier les deux modes ou les deux axes, mais je vous demande de juger en fonction de votre préférence personnelle. Lequel des deux axes devrait être priorisé pour vous plaire à vous? Par contre en ce moment je perd patience avec le bashing anti mouton/UFR/Unicum, alors SVP chacun donne son avis sans chercher des noises. Il s'agit vraiment que de dire ce que VOUS vous préférez...
  14. Shatter broken on high tier PvE

    Just experienced the same thing 3 times in a row: Tier X PvE/Co-Op game. Map shatter. All bots move forward until they run themselves aground on the nearest island (this happens all the time in PvE but wait for it) Normally they can -more or less- get free and it certainly doesn't happen with ALL bots from bots sides. Now it does. This effectively makes the mode unplayable cause you'll be expected to kill the entire red team since there's nothing else capable of assisting. These 3 incidents were all with a bot Minotaur involved in the battleline. Not sure if that's related. I have yet to play a game on the same map without one.
  15. PVE-Missionen = Lernen durch Erfolg Ich bin fast seit der ersten Stunde dabei, und vieles im Spiel hat sich verbessert - nur leider ein Grossteil der Spieler nicht. Daher hab ich mir Gedanken gemacht, wie man Spieler auch über das Tutorial hinaus mit den entsprechenden Schiffsklassen und ihren Aufgaben, sowie Taktik und Teamplay vertraut machen könnte. Von einfachen Aufgaben für Einsteiger bis zu schwierigsten Aufträgen für Marinelegenden in kurzen und kurzweiligen Missionen, am schönsten mit historischen(angelehnten) Szenario, durch Schiffs- und Kartenauswahl und spannender Missionsbeschreibung. Auf diesem Weg such ich nach Intressenten, die mit mir diese Idee weiterentwickeln wollen - die notorischen Nörgler finden sich von allein. Als Anregung : Freue mich über jedwede Idee, man sollte nur bedenken, das der Programmieraufwand gering sein sollte.
  16. Hi all, From time to time I play 1-2 PvE games (especially when I switch to ship which I didn't play for a while). Recently I noticed that with my ships that have Captain skill "Incoming Fire Alert" I get tremendous amount of false alarms (i.e. "Incoming Fire Alert" turns ON but there are no incoming shells at all - and this is happening constantly). I played my recent PvE battles with Pensacola - perhaps the bug is with that combination... Anyone else seeing this? Thanks for info in advance! Leo "Apollo11"
  17. The Last of the Mohicans

    Please, do not read this if you are narrow minded, funboy, troll or something not invented yet...I am thinking your well being here, it's for your health... This can been seen as an article, instead of accusing it for wall of text. The modern Internet era were we need to apply more labels and aphorisms to things we don't understand. Anyway.. I don't know the future, but this is a wake up call in some regard. I am researching things for games i like. So i'll give some facts and then make some speculations. I have been watching the development of this game for long now. I've never played WoT and i am saying this for another reason that is another topic by itself. I don't like p2w and Premium ammo/tanks/ships etc. The reason though i mention WoT though is to state that i didn't knew much about these Devs. Meaning, how they handle their games, supporters, costumers, how they respond to suggestions, feedback, player interactivity in general. If, you are someone that observes things in the world, in people, in marketing, in industry, you always see patterns, come to conclusions based on facts, not fiction or conspiracy theories. The truth, is what matters anyway in a world full of deception, isn't it? Now, for this game. The game started and i entered CBT. So the question to start with would be, "What has changed?". Well, minor improvements i would say, major too but for a game that is now out as "Full release", minor. If this is a full product, well, there's your number one reason for why it may be headed to failure. But, player interactivity. Is there any from players towards the Devs, making suggestions, giving feedback etc.? Definitely. Players like the game, so they want it to get better and sustain an amount of ppl capable of holding it's numbers high as possible. That would be around 50k i guess, i was never an optimist and in this case the Devs have proven they don't have much planned for the long run. and even worst they do not respond to suggestions/feedback. They don't even have a "Suggestions/Feedback" Subforum in EU. That tells a lot! While researching for plane games, i came across an article showing a graph of how World of Warplanes failed. For anyone that doesn't know it for some reason, the game officially is considered a failure. The article as reference, since we like facts, is here ( http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/04/11/why-is-world-of-warplanes-a-failure/ ). Quite old already, i wonder if Devs read things about their games and if they discuss them in-depth in their teammeatings. Then, how do you explain the success of WoT? Well, there's always stats, telemetry to be found but, the main reasons are that, there is space in the Genre. It's not a MOBA! That genre for example is full. And, the F2P model with, the implementation of Cash Shop that offers benefits in game to whoever pays real money. It's not a Cash Shop for cosmetics. Here you can actually purchase things that will give you advantages over others. It is a business model used by some Gaming Companies and sometimes it creates for them the "Milking cow" effect. Hearthstone did it too ( http://www.polygon.com/2014/5/9/5699178/hearthstone-pay-to-win ) . So it's not uncommon theme and you can see in the Hearthstone article that this is the very definition of P2W. No need to make up excuses. The writer though finds in the end a silver lining, or, he thinks he does. First off, in the long run the game will have more content, meaning the gap (similar to wage gap??..) between paying players and F2P accounts will remain big. Even more, the paying costumers will keep paying, the f2p accounts will keep being f2p. So, he actually misses the fact that the gap will never really close. The game is, very much so P2W, despite the RNGesus argument. Here we have ships. Some may decide to buy them (btw, absurd pricing. 50-60 Euro for a virtual ship, that's an AAA title!), some not. The game is F2P, meaning you know people will play it for free. Isn't that the reason they decided a F2P model? Wider player base, not consumer base, player. And, if they like what they experience, they might help the game by paying. I have done it, but not for games that offer advantageous things over others. I guess it's where the ethical boundaries of each are placed. If one has, that is. A win is worth bragging about, if it's on equal terms. Like a game of chess. And in every case i hardly believe a cosmetic Cash Shop will bring the same profit for any quality game. Gamers want to show their appreciation for the game they are having fun with. But i actually digress. The reason this game is failing is, the lack...the lack of content, complexity as iChase mentions ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6l2PxcV7WI ) and the player interactivity. At least in the EU forums. This is a graveyard. The are, tons of suggestions by players, yet there almost always no response by the Devs. Not only that, they are focused and determined in the Marketing area almost 100%. Fixing minor bugs, balancing etc. it is what we usually see from any game. So i am not impressed when that happens here as some YouTubers and ppl are. I am too old to know better. I get that PvE is difficult to co-exist with this business model they after, perhaps it's the fixation of the modern times in E-Sports. PC Gaming started from PvE, ppl still love it, we play Fallout because of it, not despite of it. We play Tomb Raider for it. The depth a game Dev decides to give to their game, makes the game a success or a failure. When you become a Developer and earn that title, please, do not stop to be a gamer. Yes, unfortunately i do think Developers become obsessed with success, like other Bankers, it's their fix and drug, in some cases at least. I witnessed many collaborations in the last few months for this game. From Curse to Razer to the anime thing no one asked for. I'm not against it, it's just that everyone thinks it is not a priority. "Well, what is a priority Jinlges tell us.." All right. The answer is not 42. The answer is in the Forums, people give feedback from Alpha and to this day. Why they give feedback? They like the damn game. "How the Devs react Jingles?". Silence of the lamps, more premium ships and another mode that wasn't a priority but may bring them closer to E-Sports. I am certain, at this point, Nosgoth will be a similar failure and close by will be Armored Warfare. For the same reasons all of them. btw, i like the guy (Jingles), but you will benefit more from ppl that play devils advocate. What you consider "negative" feedback, is actually the most constructive feedback you'll have in your lives. People are giving feedback and suggestions because they like a game. There's a revelation for ya. Something they like and want to see it grow, develop into something better and better. They spend time and thought on it, they even keep notes, make calculations, all for free, for the freaking love of the game. Don't spit on it, think on them!! That's appreciation from your side Devs. Every "gift" has a trap. Go to his channel/stream and you'll get a ship for free. Really? He says i need to pay him! (Subscribe) Just to get a chance... Who do you think are the players that will be appealed by such offers? The ones that can afford to buy Premium ships and Doubloons to unlock the XP buy Credits etc. or the ones that actually have nothing and/or can't afford for much? I would call it exploitation of the consumer. The naive consumer though, in this age of information seems to becoming a species close to extinction. So, there's another reason i think these type of games will keep failing. The complete lack of content and the complete focus on marketing, rather real development of a game. Can you see a game staying in history because of that, really? Were is the quality if not in the depth. CS or Battlefield have it. Each in it's own special ways. And i mention these two because you see that they are as simplified as any game on this genre too. Personally, even if i know for a fact some Premium ships are better than the normal/free ships, in terms of stats that is, i do not consider this a P2W game. One reason is, i do not care about competition, or PvP, or stats and so on. Stats only to understand were i might be wrong and how to improve and were. The thing that disappoints me is the compete lack of content and that the Devs never mention anything about modes, appealing new modes with innovation in mind. Is it so hard really? And why? You make accurate historic ship models and you never think of historic scenarios, maps that can evolve, even Cooperative Campaigns and a million things. I mean, it's not MMO's ofc, i do not expect a great innovation or variety from these games but there can be some. There's actually a million other things one could discuss about, but i have not much faith in people to be able to discuss. Not in this age, not in my lifetime anyway. So, i just put my thoughts for the last time here and move on. I guess i'll be one of those that will be returning back whenever a "Major Update" comes out and i'll be hoping the peaks then will be the same, around 20k+.
  18. ♥ Introduction (The boring staff) I started playing this game since CBT with an NA account, since that was the key i was able to find. That being said i know of how much feedback ppl have given into it, and i hope many that read these Forums do to. The main purpose of Forums is to discuss, improve, evolve things in general, is it not? I yet was stupid enough as a new player to sell and buy ships. Because knew nothing about the game, the game offers still nothing to new players as far as smoothing the experience, is it? So by selling/buying ships i eventually got broke, could not move past Tier 6 then. the grind was too painful on a F2P account. Tried various things, accounts, nothing. Now, many offers (meaning promo codes for free) i gathered from Alienware, Razer Comms, Curse and it seemed it's easier to start over actually. Combining all of them, a week of Premium, free. I'll take it. ♣ The Feedback & Suggestions PART I: New Players So by starting over i noticed the introductory mission. I thought the purpose was to teach new players, isn't it? "New Player" ,means he knows nothing about the games mechanics. We should assume he knows nothing at least. So then, were are the Ship Roles? The Torpedo training. One of the constant things i see since CBT is teammate torpedo hits. People spam torps even out of range. Yet, Introductory mission notifies nothing about it. Ship roles. How you play a ship is vital. Not every ship can be played at the same way, isn't it? Yet Introductory mission teaches nothing. Loading Screen you say yes, but how many new players read the loading screen tips and is it the same, the theory vs practically seeing something? While being in chat many new players asked how the leveling process works. I am eager to explain to them in detail. Why the game isn't? Say you get a new job, weird looking machines etc. and no one tells you how to operate them. How do you get better at it? Add tooltips for first timers explaining everything. It's that easy. Add a channel in Chat called "New Players". Old ppl like me prefer hanging around there and help others, instead of discussing battles. PART II: PvE / Co-Op PvE & Co-OP is a vital part of PC Gaming historically. Same with modding. Ask Counterstrike, World of Warcraft etc. as to the benefits of this. Bethesda at a Developer Seminar had a whole speech about Mods and the benefits of it. PvE needs more depth. I would argue that more games, even simple Arena style shooting games should pursuit this. As there is a large community of PvP'ers out there, there's at the same amout a large community of PvE'ers out there too. Why exclude each one? No need imo. You can add achievements, missions and more to PvE. Even things you can't have on PvP. Missions that escalate, through "Radio transmitions" new orders for side objectives etc. and so on and so on. The only limit here is the lack of imagination imo. Add a "Hard Mode" for Co-Op. Quick Messages. The first time i started playing the game all i wanted, was to inform my teammates were i had decided to go to, so i typed that in chat....Remove the "$%*#@!" (F11) wich has no purpose whatsoever considering tactics and strategy, and add a function that will work as F3 does, only saying "I am going there Smurfs!". PART III: Supporting Actions Don't you like Supporting classes in games? Is it in MMO's or any type really. I think most ppl do. Skills that help others or compliment with other skills. A ship is on fire after he used his repair kit. Another teammate is near and sees this, goes close to him, say around 0,5 km and uses his repair kit to put out the fire. Cruisers can decide to send their fighter plane to escort someone. I'm sure you can find high risk, high reward things as easily as i did. ♠ In General and Personal Views You Won't like (Even More) I don't think we need a professional model to tell us the patch notes. A Developer is more appropriate here, doing the thing he is supposed to in the first place. Premium Ships since release = Around 30. A Nations Full Tech Tree = Around 30 . We have enough of them, yet ppl keep asking for more Nations Trees from the very start. You can make profit by adding camos, backgrounds for Port and so on. Aesthetics are important for us naive consumers as anything i guess. Add a "Suggestions" Subforum. A more intuitive, efficient and user friendly UI. It's ok atm, ofc. I like it. Yet that does not mean it can not be improved. Colorblind modes and yes, the Transparent mini-map does make a difference (to me at least :
  19. Missionen für PvE

    Hallo, seit gestern habe ich nun Armoured Warfare. Ich habe WOT ausprobiert, es hat mir nicht zugesagt, deswegen habe ich es deinstaliert. Zurück zu WOWs, AW und vor allem PvE Missionen. Ich bin noch der totale Noob was AW betrifft, was mir sofort sehr gut gefallen hat sind die PvE Missionen. Selbige gibt es sogar mit unterschiedlichen Schwiergkeitsstufen. Aus meiner Sicht wäre WG gut beraten sich diese für WOWs genauer anzusehen und selber was zu entwickeln. In AW interessiert mich PvP überhaupt nicht zum Beispiel, vielleicht ändert sich das in Zukunft, wahrscheinlich eher nicht. Wärend mich PvE in WOWs nicht interessiert, außer zum kennenlernen des Schiffes ist für mich der Reiz in WOWs das PvP. Damit seht AW diametral zu WOWs wenn es um mein Spielinteresse geht. Gerade im maritimen Bezug gibt es so viele Möglichkeiten für/mit PvE Missionen. Nicht nur historische Schlachten, hier gibt es sehr viele Möglichkeiten für die einzelnen Schiffsklassen unterschiedlichste Missionen mit unterschiedlichen Schwierigkeitsstufen zu haben. In diesen Rollenspezifischen Missionen können dann die Spieler immer besser werden mit den einzelnen Klassen bevor selbige sich ins PvP getümmel werfen. Ebenfalls können erfahrene Spieler ihren Spaß haben, wenn sie mal keine Lust auf PvP haben mit den PvE Missionen. WOWs wird nur durch besseren Inhalt wachsen. Clankriege sind nett und interessant, vor allem für mich, aber damit deckt man nicht den breiten Markt ab und mit diesen PvE Mission geht AW aus meiner Sicht den richtigen Weg. Für diese Erkenntnis braucht es mich nicht, ein kluger Kopf bei WG hat das sicherlich schon im Auge. Dennoch denke ich wenn sowas auch von der Spielerbasis in dieser Form angesprochen wird, das es ein gutes Feedback für WG ist und so eine Entwicklung beschleunigen kann. Es ist einfach entspannend mit anderen gegen den Computer eine Mission zu erfüllen. Ich bin sehr gespannt wie WOWs in einem Jahr aussehen wird. Have fun
  20. This game is around for long now. The purpose of a game is similar to a persons character really. To get better, to evolve by learning, by knowledge, right? We are humans, we make mistakes, we learn from them. We learn from our mistakes, not from other peoples mistakes. I watched Jingles YouTube video for upcoming patch 0.5.1 and he was all praises. As per usual ofc. I like the guy, i really do, but even when he mentions something "negative" about any game, he does it for a sec. The praises? Can go for eternity. You may say i am exaggerating. I do not think so. I really think there's a reason TotalBisquit has more than million subs on his YouTube channel only. Consumers, or costumers, pick whichever fits your playstyle... start to wake and appreciate ppl who tell them the truth, who tell them things they themselves may not notice or think about. That's how you get better at thinking. More critically even. Sharpening the knife, in a way. So i get mad, because i get sad. There's a chance we may lose ppl like TotalBisquit (serious health issues) and we'll be stuck with ppl who are trying to just being polite. If honesty and truth demand us to be un-polite, then i'll be that guy a million times. Rorschach again and again. Haven't ppl really tired of all the hypocrisy? I was thinking if i should say that i am sorry for my strong language. I am but also i am not. All kinds of Industry are just trying to exploit the naive consumers. Passive ppl who think what others tell them. Famous YouTubers and Streamers. So, backing up ppl like Jim Sterling and TotalBisquit is vital to keep the balance imo. Sorry but, I am not sorry at all really. As the guy in the movie "The Network" says, "You should get mad!".. Anyway, Feedback a Constructive Feedback, is ALL feedback. You trying to label with "positive" and "negative" feedback but it is not the case. Especially the "negative" feedback is more productive than anything. People here have made a million good suggestions for the game to be improved. There's no reason to explain anything more for ppl who watch the game, the forums and read opinions etc. In topic, in a sense, the patch brings things i really don't like. As i commented on Jingles vid, why missions forces you to use a specific tree/nation you may never want to go? Especially if yiu think (IF you THINK) that your game has F2P players that can't afford to open every single freaking tree line. Is this unreasonable? Especially if you think that many gamers prefer PvE. If you like PvE and you are F2P player...fack you pls, is the answer, really? In any case, i may still be wrong on some issues. Let me know if the Devs are actually trying to make the PvE side more compelling, reward wise and not only "money-wise". Show me the money to give you more XP, i know the trick. It's what we did 20-25 years ago and we called it "cheats", now it's normal and legal. Cheers.
  21. The Ocean Map is very intriguing. But don't fear, all you have to do is be aware of the icebergs and the wind cause they change position accordingly. If you pay attention to environment, you'll be just fine. #sarcasm Sarcasm, shouldn't explain itself. That's it's purpose...nvm. In seriousness, can i make an argument as to why PvE/Co-Op content can enrich a game and expand it's life expectancy? I think not if we bring examples like Counterstrike, arena games in general and MOBA's ofc. Further more, when i see great ideas, like BF3's Co-Op missions being thrown to trash can in the next "chapter", it is just disappointing. Similar to the great idea Brink had for Co-Op campaign. The idea was great, it's not the reason failed, but nmv again. This is not an article, so i won't go into dept. This is a plea, i would say, to Developers of all kinds to add PvE and Co-Op content. A game has 2 options. Then these options are choices. One is for PvP, the other for PvE/Co-Op. Ideally, in my mind as a gamer (not a fanboy of anything), is a game that chooses both. Why would such a choice be profitable? It is all about fame in the end. When you read an article, the reviewers or journalists go back to previous titles that left a mark on something. One a single aspect of a game, or a game as a whole. Similar to what i did while mentioning BF3 and Brink. People who read know this. What makes a game exceptional? Originality? Sure, but not only, we all share ideas but we also expand them. We take something to the next level. We play chess or backgammon even if it's the same game, again and again, because the opponent may change, hence the tactics. Is this a key word? Tactics. Some may dwell on it..not an article, right. We play them because we have fun, ofc. Pass time easy, sure. Simplicity is the key. Minimalism is overwhelmingly accepted in games. Weird it is not in our RL. My argument, i guess, in my Steam profile is that i prefer playing with others, not against them. It has a sense of solidarity, cooperation. Through cooperation we have evolved, believe it or not. Someone said the Earth was round, but we needed more ppl in the passing of time to confirm it, to work on that direction and change our false, till then, mindset. Alright, Arena games as much repetitive are, we just feel content with them. Similar as we feel for the repetitiveness of chess. But it is also the style of the game. In chess you don't need others. Ok, so it is the style of the game. So for this style of game, wouldn't more PvE/Co-Op content work? Seeing WoWS's low XP given for PvE, all i am thinking is this grind attitude they choose can be forgotten so easily of they just add content for it to balance out the boredom of grinding. I understand the factor of profits. Premium,=more XP etc. Yes, ppl buy games and support Developers who create games out of pure love and passion. the examples are out there. People know the difference between quality and quantity. Well, some of them at least. I often listen Mighty Jingles, complaining about WoT (i am not criticizing/judging here). And it does feel weird to me, that ppl in general play games that have major flaws in their design. Because i do believe thats what makes someone complain all the time. The Developer, which is the "God" of the game, being a stubborn "God". Of course he enjoyed the game experience, but it is always bumpy. The matches that give smooth happy experience can be counted on one hand during the course of a whole day. That is bad design in my book. Yet, seeing games like WoWS's is great. The coding and design of ships and the effort, you know we really don't think too much about these things these days. We take everything for granted. It is not. I understand the effort, i even understand the programming and coding aspect, since i am a gamer 30 years now and have done some. So, this is not a case, not an argument. A game Developer has an idea and puts it into theory/paper/design/action. Imagination is important as our friend Einstein said. Keep it simple, but add content. There is a serious lack of tutorials i have noticed too. People spam Torpedoes out of their range and the most common effect on WoWS's is friendly fire. This is bad design, the God of the game did not implemented any rules whatsoever. Why? Would you want a society with no rules really? Have you thought about it? You, the Developer, create the community of your game. Quality, or quantity...? Also, the lack of UI customization options. We don't all have the same sense of efficiency, considering everything really. The more customization options a UI can have, the more versatile it is for ppl to feel more comfortable with it. Anyway, i am going to stop here as i am bored too from myself writing all these and i could go on for long. I just regret i didn't became a game designer/developer, seeing so many companies failing on simple tasks and things. Perhaps because i don't understand the market and we know it's all about that in the end of the day. "Goodnight and goodluck". (PS: I know during WWI & WWII many battles took place in open ocean. You know there was a story behind it, orders given, ppl talking behind radio, the enigma machine even? There is a difference between a game...and reality). ;)
  22. Torpedo Bug

    Hi. There was an incident that happened in a game that i would like to report. So, taking it from the start... In CBT in NA Forums there was a "Bug" Section that i found really helpful, to post and to search in general. Here i don't see one, if there is and i missed it, please link me to it and/or move the topic there, if you think is valid. Facts: I was playing PvE/Co-Op, as per usual. My ship was the default Bogue Carrier. That means: So the AI always uses the default description of every ship, right? Correct me if i am wrong. Also upgraded Torpedo planes of Bogue don't get Damage upgrade, it stays at 8,500 at all times. The ship the AI sunk with just two torpedos was Kongo. As you know and see in pics below, Kongo sits at 49,500 HP. So, it is impossible to sunk a Kongo with only two torpedo hits. The guy later went to ask me how much dmg my torp planes do and i said no more than 15k. I was confused with DD's prolly. Anyway, in every case this should not happen and ofc one can be only pissed. He also mentioned he saw the torps at a distance of 0.5 km. I guess the "Torpedo Acquisition" might help here, but i really think they haven't gone the right approach as to Commander traits. They make something weak in-game so to give a reason for Commanders to have traits that are meaningful and/or have risk if you take or not one and which to choose, but that's just me. I asked from the guy to take a screenshot of his damage report, then post it on Forums. He told me he doesn't use Forums, but he may do it and the Screenshot to a friend to post it. So, here are the screenshots to prove he was hit by only two torps by the AI. This happened to me for the first time, i have never seen or heard of it, but there you go. Again, It's against AI,Co-Op, two Torps sinking a Kongo that was on full health points, 49,500, so the max damage it should take is no more than 17,000. I took the screenshots while watching the Replay. There is a Replay faction for the game, in case you don't know it. Please, think before posting anything about torps being OP etc. I would like Developers to have something like Google Analytics, showing what is mostly used and stats about anything really. I don't know why they don't do that, adding depth and quality to a game but anyway. After playing a lot, a really lot, i think the ships most commonly used is BB, then CA, and the CV with DD's battle for the last place. Especially after the DD's nerf it seems to me less and less ppl play them. And after spending time in the IJN DD line i have to say that besides Minekaze, everything else is close to nightmare to play and lvl up. You see YouTubers and the ships they mostly play with? You can judge... Why having ships that are so bad and you can't have fun with? Well, buy Premium ships i guess. Anyway, that's another topic too, but i do think they do a thousand things wrong for every good they do. Of course i don't expect every Developer to be like Hello Games ("No Mans Sky") or Josh Parnell ("Limit Theory") were you create things out of pure love and passion, ofc not. Just saying though. Anyway, i am just trying to plant some seeds to the average consumer there, as our friend Bill Hicks used to say. Peace.
  23. "Critical Engine Damage" Occurance

    This happens too often for me. There are times it has happened 3 times in a row. Now, the are two things i can mention for this. First one, this is for PvE. Second, i don't know if it happens to me more often because some times against the bots (AI) i play a bit more aggresively. Even so, it is very annoying because the occurrence is every other match, or in the best case scenario, 1 out of 3. I would like to know the stats on this, am i the only one noticing yet another thing here or does it happen to others too, that also want to provide any kind of feedback? (P.S.: May i also add that the engine sound when it breaks down, sometimes it is just horrible. It feels like a torture to my ears.)