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Found 5 results

  1. i bought a ship on the website in the premium store and paid, but where can i find my ship? i am playing on my console. thnx
  2. KaytushaChan

    High school fleet?

    Hi guys an girls, little strange question but hopeing someone might know an answer or hint or rumor but thanks if not. Im some what new to the game and recently faced off against a ship names hsf graff spee, at the time i didnt realize it was an anime ship let alone the anime i was watching, so went to store to get it and it wasnt there yet its still on NA server so my question is does anyone know if they will ever sell or bring back HSF ships on EU as really want it >< arigato an happy hunting
  3. ufjedeN

    Account purchase log NEEDED

    Hi Community, we need a purchase log in our accounts for everything we buy. Reason for this is an actual problem I am having with Wargaming regarding the IJN DD Camouflages. I bought them before the IJN patches and Wargaming is not willing to give me those Camos back, but I have no proof of buying them. So this makes me starting this Thread to open eyes of the Community for this problem. I think a purchase log in our accounts will help sorting out many problems for players who pay much money for the game. (in my case it is more than 1500€ all over ...) What is your meaning about this? Greetings ufjedeN
  4. Wileyfox

    IV Imperator Nikola l

    hi i have just bought the IV Imperator Nikola I is it worth buying oh YES the main guns killed a Omaha and St louis with 3-5 hits of AP yeas its a wee bit slow but worth it if you have the chance snap it up as the ships excellent
  5. I personally have 18,000 gold (approx £50) in my game screen refunded for beta removal of ships I have previously bought through the premium store. However I cannot use these funds to buy replacement ships or deals through the store. These funds will also not be refunded as a credit note against future store purchases. I have no interest in the current limited selection of premium ships available through the in-game tech trees, but I would be interested in purchasing some ships or items through the premium shop - But I cannot.... I must suck up that I have £50 of credit on my account and pay additional cash for other purchases while my in game gold gathers dust and laughs at me. Am I the only player in this situation and does it sound fair that my cash has been blocked. I am looking for player/community support on this subject, requesting that account 'gold' duly purchased be a currency that you can freely use in the Premium Store as payment. I am hoping with sufficient support WARGAMING.NET will see the benefit of this change.