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Found 23 results

  1. mcdinaras


    How can we complete a collection if the timeline has ended? Can we get a cost to buy the required containers or WG can place them in our accounts? I am missing 2 containers from the puerto rico event, a previous ticket response was that it may be available in the future, but 6 months now nothing happpened.
  2. mcdinaras


    How can we complete a collection if the timeline has ended? Can we get a cost to buy the required containers or WG can place them in our accounts? I am missing 2 containers from the puerto rico event, a previous ticket response was that it may be available in the future, but 6 months now nothing happpened.
  3. Forgive me if I missed it but I just opened a game after the patch finished installing and I see the Dockyard still there. Why? I thought with 0.9.0 update the Puerto Rico will finally go away and everyone will try to forget the PR fiasco and the worst Christmas event, ever. But WG still wants to remind you that you didn't manage to finish the Puerto Rico in time and it's giving you the "opportunity" to finish it with 15k/25k/35k doubloons? Are they really so desperate for profit? Can WG fall any lower than this? I might have missed the information about it but I really didn't expect this. Is this gonna remain for the complete duration of the current 0.9.0 patch? WG, the more you push [edited] like this, the more you're repelling players like me and the more you disgust us.
  4. Pridavam link na clanek kde autor stranky na trekovani vlocek uvadi statistiky vyjeteho Uhli/Ocel/Kontiky za vlocky a Pocty Puerto Rico na EU.
  5. Hello all, Happy new year, I'll not complain about how it was painful. but really want to talk about the hidden characteristics of the shipyard and shipbuilding process. So why it wasn't obviously announced that the boosts that you can activate with gold were for limited time?!, why that time wasn't with the end of the event ?!, why it was before the end of the shipbuilding by 7 days ?! is it fair that players who played the directives and finished it with all normal boosts active just stuck before obtaining the ship by 2, 3 or 5 hours ?! Is it normal that you pay for 15K doubloons while you have the 51 300 000 Points minus 251K which equals about (2:45 mins) or just give the game money for the 6K gold boost?! It is not fair when completed all directives then manage to use gold and find that the boosters for gold exist but deactivated from 7.1.2020 without obvious announcement! Some of us had the chance to play for Duke of York and the game extended the time of the event for us! ... as it was about gaming! But in this one I see nothing to help the players get the ship ... it is all about money consuming "Even when being ready to complete the ship with gold and ready to pay the money for 6K doubloons boost you found it was time-limited". I made questions and solutions feel free to answer and show your problems with that event and we may find a solution! Hope wargaming understands how hard you can feel when stuck before obtaining the ship by 2 hours or maybe minutes!!
  6. WG staff and devs; look at this literally everybody is complaining
  7. Hi all, How far "Average Joe" player can go with the "Puerto Rico" building stages without using Doubloon accelerators at all? What does the spreadsheet calculations say? How far can they go without any directives finished? How far can they go with one / some directives finished? "Dockyard: the Rules Made Simple" https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/dockyard/ Leo "Apollo11"
  8. Hello, fellow commanders! I did not spend doubloons on any boosters and neither I purchased Gorizia, so I was not expecting to get any far with the dockyard build. But with my normal play I was able to finish directive 4 and daily chains to get enough tokens to boost the build progress so it is to finish at phase 30. This will open the possibility to finish the build by spending 15,000 doubloons, giving me total 15 rare camos, 11k coal and 2.2k steel (including the clan base bonuses) and also that t10 supercruiser. Is it in your opinion fair price or should I save my doubloons for something more reasonable? (I know how it can sound given we are talking about the virtual game.) I somewhat like playing Alaska and I can use my Montana/Missouri/Alaska Fleet Admiral Steven Seagal (now renamed to John Doe) on Puerto Rico. But some players and CCs I know say that Puerto Rico is quite meh ship, compared to the other t10 cruisers. And I have a strong suspiction that WG will not allow me to refund the purchase after playing no more than one battle with the ship, as they are providing it as a bundle with the stages rewards, so I cannot test the ship handling and general combat behaviour...
  9. An alle nicht rund um die Uhr Spieler! Wenn ihr die Puerto Rico heute zu Ende bringen wollt seit ihr bei 120€!!!! Kein Witz, nur die pure Abzocke!!! Ein von Herzen kommendes Dankeschön wows Team
  10. Skitzo_Sam

    How to play Puerto Rico?

    Can someone tell me how your supposed to play this ship its like a Frankenstein or a Ginger Step-child. I want to like it but theres just nothing i like about it.
  11. 072alkmaar


    My puerto is gonna end at stage 32 what now do I lose it or will it still be build after the event
  12. ABED1984

    My Puerto Rico Grind

    Hi, Will I be able to get the Puerto Rico instantaneously if I paid for the three doubloon boosters? Note that I completed 28 stages out of 36. Thanks.
  13. In the last few days a lot was written about the Dockyard and how to grind for Puerto Rico and how terrible all this is. How awful and how bad it is from WoWS to cash in so much money for the ship. Is the ship worth so much? NO, but the Game is. You have a game you can play for free. Be happy. What do you think are the costs for all these? Salary for the developers, all the IT which is necessary that thousand of players can be online together? How shall Wargaming pay for that? Wargaming is targeting some players who can afford to pay for the ship this price. Be happy, these people pay your gameplay. I will gladly pay money, because I think World of Warship is worth this. They create absolute fabulous looking ships; the game is exhilarating, and it is great to play with people all over the world the same game. Be happy that some people are willing to pay to support this. Enjoy the game, have fun with it. You can still play it for free even if you don’t get the Puerto Rico. I agree that the communications were not done in a good way. I understand that all the CC are angry. It was wrong that they had not the right information in advance to inform the community, but in the end that’s only a small part of the hole event. I personally buy containers, ships and other things because I want to support the game. I hope it will be here for a long time. I also hope, they use the money to continue to develop the game. So that we have perhaps Night-Battles (Think how it looks with darkness, moon, star, searchlight, explosions….) or more additional realistic weather with real waves and the ships moving in it. Don’t damn the game, only because one part doesn’t fulfil your expectations. I’m also a little irritated how people, who are playing a free game, can claim that they have a “right” to get certain things for free or cheap. Be realistic – nothing in our world is for free – be happy that other people pay so you can play for free or for low costs. I wish everyone a happy Christmas and a happy New Year.
  14. Greetings. We all know to finish the Puerto Rico Day 1 you need 35k doubloons. However, Wargaming always points at the Cossack event and how PR was designed to be the same. In the Cossack event you also had a high initial cost to aquire the ship day 1, but you could reduce this amount significantly by doing directives and collecting a special event currency. I could not find a single statement by Wargaming about the reduction in doubloon cost, so the question is: Is there any reduction in doubloon cost or will there always be a finishing cost of 35k, no matter if you are missing all points starting from stage 18 or a single one? And if so, how does the reduction work? Big thanks in advance!
  15. TheOneAndOnlyGoldstein

    Wargaming, you suck at making money smart...

    ...and in the current context where you test the limits of how much can the community take, you're playing a dangerous game. I don't care in general about drama, both IRL and ingame, so take this post as an exercise in creativity what other things could you have done in order to make significant amounts of money, without causing sh!tstorms within the community. But hey, if you read and like my ideas, you can contact me for further negotiation. In the current context where all Community Contributors and a good part of the playerbase went on a frenzy due to the PR debacle, and the PR (as in Public Relations :) ) disaster that ensued, we can read the writing on the wall that you are desperate to make money, and for sure Sub_Octavian and Conway were stuck to juggle a bunch of hot potatoes with one hand tied behind them, because it's obvious someone at the Wargaming main HQ needed extra shekels, they had some targets set by the executives, probably SerB needs another paintjob for his yacht anchored in Limassol, or Victor wants to buy himself another Maybach...but regardless. Some of us already discovered the cheap way of getting the Puerto Rico (for further info, pm me and we'll negotiate), but the underlying tactic and the fact itself that PR costs more dubloons that you can buy in one go on the shop surely pissed some people off, and for a good reason. It's nothing bad per se, from a business point of view, to sell a ship, regardless of tier, regardless of class or performance, but there is such a thing as a bad price point, and that without a doubt was the major aspect that pissed off a lot of people, particularly collectors who are quite a few part of the playerbase. While I may not have insider data on sales figures, my business intuition says that ships are selling quite well outside of periods where there are loot crates in the shop (Black Friday, Christmas, Halloween etc). At the same time, WoWS has plenty of premium ships that are not sold via the shop, and quite a few that can be achieved only via loot crate drops. Well, this brings an opportunity, as an example, of something that also engages the community while also making money for the devs: paid campaigns. 1. Introduction Let's present an alternate campaign that would have left the Puerto Rico be the "end" of it and the grand prize. Participation is optional, but you can sell access to it for, say, €8, just access, and you also have a premium option that gives you a head start (giving you campaign-specific currency) to the grind towards the Puerto Rico, for something like, say, €30, or their dubloons equivalent. Duration? Let's put the duration at 30 days; not too short but at the same time not too long, to encourage some grinding but also not squeeze the participants in terms of time, particularly in a period like the winter holidays, to prevent situations like the current one where you need 48 hours in a single day to finish each directive in the allotted time recommended by the devs themselves. 2. How does it work? The current dockyard can be kept, but the baloney with the current stupidly hard directives have to get scrapped; the shipbuilding tokens can stay, because this campaign as it was envisioned needs its own currency. The premium boosters ideally would have to be scrapped, but in order to sympathise with Wargaming's need to make money, they can sell temporary boosters to earn more shipbuilding tokens, but the boosters would last something like 2-3 hours tops, and the income multiplier would be good enough to make it worth buying, but at the same time not something that can be bought over and over again to power-level through the entire grind. Let's say, an arbitrary cost of €5 dubloons equivalent I personally consider to be a sweet spot. As a progression metric through the campaign, let's implement a typical level system; considering the duration of the campaign, let's say level 20 should be suitable as the end. The dockyard reflects your progression towards constructing the Puerto Rico. Progression through the levels happens by just playing the game with the campaign bought, however there is a catch: to unlock the mission chains (which will be explained in the following paragraph), you'd need to progress to earn tickets, which are placed at certain points on the progression scale towards level 20. However, at level 1 you definitely get a ticket, another would be, say, at level 3, and the last one would be at level 7. In order to progress through the levels, you'd need to pay shipbuilding tokens. Levels 1-10 would start cheap and get successively moderately expensive, while the price for levels 11-20 would cost more than level 10 but stay like that until the end. Ok, how do we earn shipbuilding tokens? Campaign-specific mission chains. As mentioned before, the system of buying construction boosters of any sort is scrapped. I thought of several ways of getting the tokens: Just playing the game (this will be expanded on later) Campaign-specific repeatable missions/challenges (similar to current combat missions/challenges) Completing mission chains Buying/winning them via events (here we let Wargaming their opening to make some money) 3. How do you earn coins, again? (Expanded explanation) First, by just playing the game, there will be a system in place that will favour everyone playing, while not making the grind particularly arduous. Both playing PvE and PvP would net you coins, but the best method I came up with was first earning coins based on time participated in battle, second being winning a game multiplies your coin income for that match, and third player performance (extra coins if top 2 in PvP or top 1 in PvE). Third way does not stack with the multiplier. Second, repeatable missions could be the same as the ones we have now, they are a nice but not particularly high income source of coins, something which can be done while playing without the player focusing specifically onto them. Third, and this is the major source along with the first, completing the mission chains unlocked with the tickets. These I thought of them as being somewhat similar to the directives we have ingame, but conditions can only be set for the entire mission chain, eg. play German ships, or play a certain class, or play a certain nation's class, or play with ships that are under or over a certain caliber. For this specific scenario with Puerto Rico I would have considered 2 such mission chains, where the total shipbuilding token would not exceed 50% the total number of shipbuilding tokens needed to progress to level 20 and get the grand prize. The missions themselves would not be easy, and there would be several per chain, examples being but not limited to: causing a set amount of damage, killing a number of ships, killing a number of ships per match, racking up a number of potential damage, causing fires, destroying modules, creating flooding...however hard but not impossible to achieve in a reasonable amount of time. In circumstances where you may not have the right ship, or one may be considered too hard for you, said sub-mission can be skipped by paying tokens, but I would personally advise against this. The mission chains themselves are still optional, but to reiterate, the main coin source is still just playing the game, but the mission chains are a significant bonus that should be taken into consideration. I'd say a ~1700s pr player with 52% W/R can get both mission chains done and earn enough tokens to unlock the Puerto Rico. 4. Did you just say let WG sell the shipbuilding tokens? I know I'm going to get hate for this, but I say yes, allow Wargaming to sell the tokens, but it is not mandatory. Now if Wargaming were to implement this, they have several smaller avenues of income within the campaign to not rely solely on the money received via campaign pack acquisition. The most sensible thing would be to sell them as part of the premium access and make some more money via the timed boosters mentioned in the first paragraph of chapter 2, but as I do not and may never have access to Wargaming's internal data, I don't have the info required to gauge their targets in terms of income and what income avenues may need to be explored. 5. Ok, so what's in it for us, players, in the end? At the beginning of the post I mentioned how Wargaming sits on a lot of premium ships that aren't sold via the shop or accessible only via loot crates; on the way through the progression towards level 20, what can be done is to but premium ships on the way (just like in the current event with Gorizia), or premium stuff like flags, or modules, or resources, or camo (both consumable and permanent) so that even if a person does not finish the campaign and does not get the grand prize, they still earned something considered worthy. What this achieves is customer satisfaction and retention, it makes the customer feel engaged, it makes him feel that he's progressing, and most importantly, he doesn't feel screwed over. Sure, I am well aware Wargaming is definitely not going to make that much per customer on a micro scale like ripping off some whales €200 to buy the Puerto Rico, but on a macro scale the engagement of the playerbase (CCs included) would make them much more money, as well as cultivating a good relationship with the playerbase (as long as campaigns are kept doable by moderately skilled people in reasonable time, not impossible and stupidly grindy like the current one) but also this enables promotion outside of the community for new people to come in, as the playerbase is buzzing, the CCs are buzzing, and word travels faster than anyone can tell. Such event can be redone later for another ship, in a similar manner, but as long as the base recipe is respected, it would be a win-win for absolutely everyone involved in WoWS, and the system can also be exported to WoT and WoWP with some tweaks, not to mention other platforms like the consoles.
  16. Now, i know that there might never be any changes, but this idea comes from this video, this guy "came up" with this idea and i''m only sharing it here. The idea is basically to go back to the PTS values of the event, watch the video to know more. I'm not saying this for me, i only wanted to share this "idea", which i think it's the only way to save this event. Please don't come up and say:"They said that there won't be any changes", because I already know that, and frankly i don't care about the event, as it is, any more; but I'll never give up, just as in the game, I don't go down without fighting. So please @Crysantos @MrConway @Sub_Octavian if your company really wants to show that it cares about its community and wants to get back some of its reputation (more precisely, what's left of it) it needs to do something ASAP, not just an "apology" that seems completely made up to try to contain this mess (I'm not angry, I'm just saying how the "apology" basically as been recived by the community) and a spreadsheet that already said thing we already knew (maybe a bit more organized, but we already knew the results). Again guys, I'm not angry any more and I don't really care about this event in its current form; however, the thing is also that all of this Dockyard thing, just seems a waste of time and resources from your art departement, and honestly i hate spending time and resources for nothing (i mean IRL, not in game). So, again, if your company wants to at least try to reedim itself, something as to be done ASAP. Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all... Hopefully 2020 will be better.
  17. Even if the grind was practically possible, (which it never was?), it may be a health hazard? For either healthy customers and those with "health issues" ( presumably eg customers who are persons with a disability , wounded military veterans) as mentioned by wows manager / oligarch it's supposed to benefit
  18. The Rewards in the Puerto Rico Directives are extremely low Dear @Sub_Octavian One thing that I miss in these discussions about the grind of Puerto Ricos directives is the low compensation for the effort if somehow a player manages to do it. I would say that they are downsized with 90% roughly vs other events. I will give you a few examples spread out: First stage: Trophy Year 12.000.000 Credits Reward 100.000 = Less than 1%. 200000/game =60 games =15 hours. Yes 100.000 credits fantastic! 2nd Stage: 5.600.000 Damage = 1 Special Flag Yes playing 56 fights w 100 K damage = 14 hours for 1 flag 7 th stage : EU 580.000 Commander points =250 steel. 2000 /game = 290 games=72,5 hours. One stage in rank generally is about this size of rewards, and it does not require even close to that amount of play. You do advertise that there are 2.250 steel but the hours is just is not enough even for a great player. And for me Free Ship is not that you must put in 1000s of flags at say 0,15 EUR/flag (Santa Mega Box) to have a chance. That is why above figures have not included flags, which btw does not help in Base XP directives. That you could do it to get it faster done is one thing but it is different to do it some amounts and that you must do it in hundreds if not 1000 at least to even move on the progress meter. To put in at least a few hundred to get some tens of value is not what I call a well constructed reward/effort required thing. So why has the reward vs effort in this event gone down so massively, not just the insane amounts of grinding necessary. It is easy to compare this event with past events and the difference is insane. Do not care in this instance of your statement that PR is for 1% possibly less of playerbase, here is the efforts /reward proportion in the various directives. Namely hours played vs the rewards, why such a huge slash? The values vs effort are hardly even symbolic, while earlier it felt like a reward. What is the point of constructing missions with 250 steel in reward if no player will reach that far or at least only the pros. This reasoning goes by the unlikely idea that you somehow have made the efforts required correct - naturally the efforts are 10x too high mostly to bring it down to levels that are managable even with my high level of play. I play 15-25 hours weekly at least, and have done so since I joined in october 2015 , and I do plan to play a lot during christmas but my joy have gone down surely 50% at least if not more after the PR announcement and the various discussions. One of the finest graphical ideas (The dockyard) used like this. If a player like me does not even have a realistic chance........Really wonder how many players if any at all non.bots or professional players even will reach Hall of Fame.
  19. Afghanicus

    Alaska VS Puerto Rico

    I guess many of you saw this video... What do you think after watching it? Is the Alaska really a better ship overall even tho it's A LOT easier to obtain. (I believe, in theory, you could obtain like 2-3 Alaskas for a grind needed for PR) Is this just a result of too much PR hate (expected) or a true, objective opinion? I mean nobody (well, almost) has the Puerto Rico to say from experience but knowing PR has Montana's dispersion and having access to the stats as well as some CC's video about it.. we can form an opinion I guess.
  20. Let's call this the Operation 'Big Haul'. The basic idea would be to intercept a mega huge doubloon convoy leaving Puerto Rico and bound for Cyprus. The players' team would be tasked with intercepting the convoy and transferring the doubloons from the convoy to their support ships. Please discuss and help with the details! Seasons greetings everyone!
  21. Ocsimano18

    Poll: Puerto Rico Grind

    This is the summary of the grind from Ensign Cthulhu of the NA forum. Here is the outline of the 0.8.11 Christmas event for 2019, as derived from the Public Test Server. There are some things which need to be said at the start. 1) The PTS has been reliable in the past with regard to what’s given out for missions and in some cases for directives as a whole. However, I can’t guarantee it. 2) Even if it’s accurate now, things might change when it goes live. 3) We’ve never had so many directives in one patch before, and I can’t say how long we’ll have to do each before the next is available. My WILD GUESS is that one will drop every 4 days, for 7 directives in 28 days. 4) This is a guide to completing the directives, not a navigation guide to the event as a whole. 5) The magnitude of all the tasks will only be known when things go live, but some forward planning is possible. ALL directives require at least Tier 5 ships (T6 carriers, as CV doesn’t have T5 any more), and unless I state otherwise, T5 is sufficient. Where I describe 2 modes, this means co-op and randoms only. 3 modes = Co-op, Random and Ranked. 4 modes includes scenarios (i.e. operations). This is almost always the case where credits or any form of XP (base, ship, commander, free) needs to be earned, so I will not repeat myself for every such task. SO here we go. Directive 1. Complete ANY SIX of the following missions, for 200 shipbuilding tokens. 3 modes in T5+ ships unless otherwise stated. 1. Get fire damage in CARRIERS or DESTROYERS only. 2. Score citadel hits, in BATTLESHIPS or CRUISERS only. 3. Get cap ribbons (captured, shared capture, defended). 4. Sink ships. 5. Tank damage. The number 2020 keeps coming up in the PTS directives, and my guess for this is 2.02… million damage tanked. 2 modes. 6. Earn credits in any ship. 7. to 10. Earn cash in BB, CV, Cruisers and Destroyers. For various reasons connected with the size of the prize in the PTS and previous experience, my guess for each of these grinds is 2.020 million. 11. In Italian premium T7 cruiser Gorizia, earn credits (probably a lot less than 2 million). More on this later. 12. In Gorizia, do a certain amount of damage to ships. 13. In Gorizia, earn base XP (gives a shipbuilding container). Tasks 1 to 5 and tasks 11 and 12 reward shipbuilding containers, with collection items. Remaining tasks not completed SHOULD be able to be finished while you work on subsequent directives. Therefore the important thing is to clear the minimum number of tasks ASAP to ensure progression. Don't panic about the cash grinds. If you can get the first six tasks done, you proceed on to the next directive and these cash grind tasks will continue to be worked on. The same goes for any of the other "big" items in other directives. The other thing to remember about them is that they do not count service costs; if you make 180,000 credits at T10 and lose all of it in service fees, the game still records you has having earned 180,000 credits toward that mission. DIRECTIVE 2. Complete any six of the following for 250 shipbuilding tokens. All missions not specifying the Gorizia give a shipbuilding container. 1. Sink ships. 2. Get citadel hit, fire, flood and torpedo hit ribbons. 3. Cause X amount of damage to ships. 4. Tank damage (2 modes). 5. Earn base XP in any T5+ ship. My wild guess is between 12,000 and 28,000 BXP. 6. Get a certain number of any sort of ribbon (co-op and random only). 7. Earn ship XP. 8. Earn ship XP in carriers. 9. Earn ship XP in battleships. 10. Earn ship XP in cruisers. 11. Earn ship XP in destroyers. 12. Get citadel hits in Gorizia. 13. Get main battery hits of any kind in Gorizia (this task awards a shipbuilding container). 14. Earn a (probably smaller than above) certain amount of ship Xp in Gorizia. 15. Earn a certain amount of credits in Gorizia. DIRECTIVE 3. Complete FIVE of the following missions for 300 shipbuilding tokens, and also receive the Gorizia (with which you can then do her related missions in Directives 1 and 2). All of the individual missions award a shipbuilding container. 1. Get ship kills. 2. Get torpedo or citadel hits (Co-op and randoms only). 3. Get secondary battery hits (co-op and randoms only). 4. Earn ship XP. 5. Earn base XP in any ship type. 6. Earn base XP in carriers. 7. Earn base XP in battleships. 8. Earn base XP in cruisers. 9. Earn base XP in destroyers. 10. Kill ships in Gorizia (probably a lesser number) 11. Earn credits in Gorizia (probably a lesser number) 12. Deal out damage in Gorizia (probably a lesser number) 13. Earn commander XP in Gorizia (probably a lesser number). In the PTS, the Tier 6 premium destroyer Shinonome is used to stand in for the Gorizia. DIRECTIVE 4. Complete any five of the following for 300 shipbuilding tokens. In the PTS, there are NO shipbuilding containers in this directive. 1. Deal damage. 2. Earn base XP in any T5+ ships. 3. Earn base XP in Japanese ships. 4. Earn base XP in US ships. 5. Earn base XP in USSR ships. 6. Earn base XP in German ships. 7. Earn base XP in British ships. 8. Earn base XP in French ships. 9. Earn Base XP in Pan-Asian ships. 10. Earn base XP in Italian ships (if you have got this far, you will at least have the Gorizia). 11. Earn base XP in any one or more of Commonwealth, Pan-European (Blyskawica, Friesland) or Pan-American (i.e. Nueve de Julio) ships. NOTES: You will need ships of at least two other nations plus the Italian cruiser you scored in Directive 3 in order to finish this directive. In the PTS, the BXP requirement for mission 11 was half that of the others, which makes me think this will be a lower-effort bypass task. DIRECTIVE 5. Complete any 5 of the following for 300 Shipbuilding Tokens. 1. Earn money. Probably 2.020… million credits, based on deductions above. 2. Earn base XP in any T5+ ship. 3. Receive potential damage in Japanese, Italian, or Pan-American (Nueve) CRUISERS. 2 modes. 4. Score main battery hits with Japanese or French BATTLESHIPS. 2 modes. 5. Get fire or flood ribbons in Japanese or Pan-Asian DESTROYERS. 2 modes. 6. Get ship XP in any Tier 6-plus CARRIER. 7. Receive potential damage in US, German or Pan-Asian CRUISERS (2 modes). 8. Deal out damage in US, British or Italian BATTLESHIPS. 9. Earn base XP in US, USSR (Soviet) or European (Blys, Friesland) DESTROYERS. 10. Earn base XP in Commonwealth ships (Haida, Perth). Let’s be blunt about this one; if you don’t have a large and/or properly diversified fleet, your adventure ends here. Fortunately, it’s not too late to grind and have some eligible ships. DIRECTIVE 6. Complete any 5 of the following for 300 shipbuilding tokens. 1. Earn credits (again, probably 2 million plus change). 2. Earn base XP. 3. Earn ship XP in USSR or British CRUISERS. 4. Get citadel hits in Soviet, Japanese or Italian BATTLESHIPS. 5. Get main gun hits in USSR, Pan-Asian or Pan-European DESTROYERS. 6. Get torpedo, bomb and rocket hits in any Tier 6+ CARRIER. 7. Get torpedo or citadel hits in German, Italian or Pan-Asian CRUISERS. 8. Get secondary armament hits in US or German BATTLESHIPS. 9. Earn base XP in German or French DESTROYERS. 10. Earn base XP in Pan-American ships (i.e. Nueve de Julio). DIRECTIVE SEVEN. Number not given, probably any of the following FIVE. 300 shipbuilding tokens. With one exception (mission 10), this directive requires Tier 10 ships. (To say that I’m rather angry is to understate the matter.) 1. Earn credits in any Tier 10 ships (in 3 modes). 2. Earn ship XP in any T10 ships. 3. Earn ship XP in British or Italian Tier 10 CRUISERS. 4. Earn ship XP in British or American Tier 10 BATTLESHIPS. 5. Earn ship XP in British or Pan-Asian Tier 10 DESTROYERS. 6. Earn free XP in any Tier 10 CARRIER. 7. Earn free XP in Japanese or French T10 CRUISERS. 8. Earn Free XP in French and German T10 BATTLESHIPS. 9. Earn Free XP in USSR or French T10 DESTROYERS. 10. Earn commander XP in any European ship, i.e. in Blyskawica or Friesland. Wargaming formally warned us that only the hardiest and best would be able to complete all seven directives, and oh boy, were they ever right!!! Anyone with time on their hands and at least one of every ship type at Tier 5 (T6 for carriers) should have no problem walking away from this with a Tier 7 premium ship, which has been the gold standard for the last three years. That part of it is likely to be easier than it’s ever been. The full event, though? That’s not possible unless you’ve been in the game long enough and played hard enough to get to the top in quite a few tech trees (or got some T10 ships for coal along the way). I can’t say to what extent it hampers the ability to get the Tier 10 Puerto Rico for free. Edited 16 hours ago by Ensign_Cthulhu 16