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Found 5 results

  1. dreesh

    Public test registration

    Hi all, I have a problem, that when I registered for public test yesterday, I never got the activation email. I checked spam/trash folders, but there was nothing in there. I have no filters set up, so that should not be the problem (Maybe the provider? it is freemail.hu) My problem is, that there is no resend email option, so I am basically stuck at this point, can not register again, because it says: "The email address has already been used for registration. If this account is yours, you can log in or reset password". However neither 2 options work, because I need to activate it again... Do you have any ideas how to solve this?
  2. pott_1

    Public test server

    How can i get into public test servers? i have PT account and test server installed and when i launch game it says Waiting for authorization.
  3. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Earn European Tokens in the new PTS?!?

    So forgive me for being "old and crap" as Jingles would put it, but I heard somewhere that you could earn European tokens for the upcoming pre-release of the new Swedish (european) destroyerline next patch by playing on the new PTS. Just like some who played last PTS got British cruiser tokens for Cunningham captain. But for some reason I cant find in the article where this is mentioned or what im required to do to earn them on the PTS?! https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/public-test-092/ But as I said, im probably just old and crap. I really want some European tokens to start my grind for the ships/containers early
  4. Hi, fellas PT server opened but I still can not enter because of this interesting error info. I can reset my password. Re-installed game center and PTS, did not work. Customer support service dark! Do you have any ideas? For solution... Thanks.
  5. [MUMMY] We're MUMMY but you keep calling us daddy. Here at MUMMY, we're a rag-tag group of ego tripping almost unicums of all ages that mess around in divisions and clan battles. A lot of personalities and nationalities come together to get frustrated with RNG, teammates, and newly released belenced ships. We consist mainly of white flag wavers, potato farmers, tulip eaters, VW diesels, mountain bankers, pasta fiddlers, siesta takers, flat-packing Scandinavians, Zulus, and a very loud Italian cat. We don't shy away from some healthy banter, whether it be in our spam group on Whatsapp or our #banter channel on Discord. We get a bit more serious for competitive events such as clan battles, but in the end we're all here to have fun and have a laugh, Friday night drunk click-ins are a great example. What's the plan? MUMMY plays clan battles every season with enough success to earn some nice rewards to spend on over-powered premiums. With most players having played Clan Battles into Typhoon in previous seasons we are aiming for a similar or higher level again in upcoming seasons. Apart from CB we also sometimes dabble with competitions such as Shipstorm when enough members are interested. We organize semi-regular training sessions with other clans to practice team-play, crap-talk, and tactics outside of competitive events. Additionally, we have plenty of opportunities for those who would like to pursue a leading role in tactics or field commanding! Who's up for adoption? In general we do not care if you're a super unicum stet pedder or a green veteran. A couple of things are important to us however, namely that you: Have T10 ships with some experience and decent stats (Some ships count stronger than others). Are active on a weekly basis and want to play with other people. Speak English fluently. Do not mind banter and edgy jokes. Are somewhat mature. These requirements are not rock hard, unlike @van_fanel94 on a goat farm, so if you think you'll fit in feel free to contact us! Where to find us You can join our Discord server (https://discord.gg/vxvqKaS) free of charge! While you're there feel free to join a creatively named division channel or post in the text channels. Shoot a message to any @Commanders or @Recruiter if you're interested in becoming a full member. Alternatively, you can send any of our Commanders or Recruiters a message in-game, keep in mind the messages in game tend to disappear randomly. Lastly, you can leave a comment on this thread explaining why you think you fit and we'll be sure to respond. Hope to see you among our ranks soon! Greetings, @JJWhite