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Found 6 results

  1. Commanders! There was a technical issue with Clan Brawl on the 21 of December, which made it impossible to form divisions of 9 players during the first hours of Brawl in ASIA prime time. Those players, who have encountered this problem will receive the following compensation shortly: - 1 000 000 credits; - 40 000 Elite Commander XP; - 2 Santa’s gift containers. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Good luck and fair seas!
  2. Captains, With the release of 8.10, thanks to your reports, we have identified an issue with Gun Firing Ranges sometimes being reduced/increased mid battle spontaneously. The team are aware of the issue and will work to fix it ASAP. We will update you all with more information as it becomes available.
  3. Edit: Confirmed as "Not a bug, it's a new mechanic" by MrConway. I'll keep the rest of the thread the same, adding this just to reduce confusion / misinformation Apparently my all time favorite bug has made a re-appearance, however this time in a significantly "nerfed" version Spotters in cyclone now work like a... very localized radar is the best explanation I can give The plane needs to be within 8km of the target & able to spot them (either through their base air detection being high enough, or that being extended due to them firing), and as a result of that the "mothership" of the plane gets an extended view range against this target, including being able to fire without getting spotted in return. Effectively you get up to a couple accurate & safe salvos per usage of the spotter. Compared to the 0 without it - quite a big improvement Posting this in Gameplay as sort of a PSA - abuse it while you can Still going to tag @MrConway and @Crysantos so they can report this to whoever needs the reporting
  4. WG-style transparency and UI shenanigans at its finest again. Take a gander at this: Mission description: Get 3 "Defended", "Captured", or "Assisted in capture" ribbons (by the way, that's without an commata before the "or" if you're interested in that little correction). The "British Destroyers" prefix makes it obvious it's supposed to be done in RN DDs. Well, so far no problem right? Looks like the same as the previous such "British Destroyer" missions, hop into the Gallant and be done with it, aye? Well, you'd be wrong. Because as it turns out, unlike the previous missions, this one is limited to tier VII-VIII RN DDs only. And here I was wondering why I wasn't completing the mission with my Gallant games. I was in fact about to make this same topic but just assume the mission was somehow broken pr some such until someone in game chat made me aware that there's a neatly hidden tier limitation you only see when you actually click on the mission itself. So yeah ... if you're like me, playing tier VI or lower british DDs (because you didn't have the RNG luck to get an early unlock mission or bought the Cossack in the premium ship) and wondering why you can't get that mission done, that's why. That leaves me one question for WG (I summon thee @MrConway, @Crysantos, @Tuccy): Why can't you just put that kind of mission requirements up front along with the other mission requirements where it's immediately noticable rather than being counterintuitively hidden? Like, why is it so hard for WG to make an informative UI?
  5. Hi all, From Reddit: "PSA: Buying premium ships on sale for cheap doubloons... it might be over" BTW, we already found about this week+ ago one when I asked (i.e. possibly this was not tied to v0.7.5 per se): Leo "Apollo11"
  6. Could WG send some technician into the basement to check on those poor hamsters? I think some of them might be having problems considering how slow the forum seems to be running at the moment (and yeah, I just checked my Internet connection).