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Found 7 results

  1. Proxy_Destroyer1

    [Ps4] Is this a credit bug?

    Hello everyone, last night I was playing wows and noticed that, after a victory where I received 420k credits, the credit counter had gone up from 8.640 mln to only 8,968 mln. I tried again to verify if it was only a bug for that specific game, and after gaining 372k, the counter was at 9.229 mln (INSTEAD of 9.341). Is this normal? I'm losing lots of credits because of this. I'm playing on ps4 btw. If anyone could help I would be very grateful. Thanks for your time.
  2. Hallo an alle,c ich habe eine Frage: Warum ist es fast nur im rechten Winkel möglich alle 3 Türme zu benutzen. Eigentlich sollten alle 3 Türme in einem Winkel von 30 Grad Feuerberceit sein. 2. Bild rechter Winkel, alle anderen Bild ca 75 bis 70 Grad, nur ein Turm feuerbereit. Gruß Ger
  3. Gibt es kein Forum für die Konsolenversion ? Ich finde nicht mal hier ein Unterforum. Will man nicht das darüber diskutiert wird, weil es in einem schlechten Zustand ist ? Sollte es doch ein Forum geben, bitte den Link posten. Ansonsten bitte mal ein Statement von Wargaming dazu, und kommt mir nicht mit Facebook & Co.
  4. robert2806

    Wows ps4

    Hello, Ik completed the registration on wows legends, bit i cannot vind it in the playstore. How do i instal the game??
  5. Cirax_D

    WOWS : Legends per PS4 ed Xbox One

    Io l'ho scoperto oggi:
  6. SkullBreaker007

    Are there plans for consoles(PS4)

    Hey I recently discovered that World of tanks is on console(I know It has been there a long time). But Im not a Fan of WOT. What I really live is world of warships. But my laptop cant run it, and its like one of the best games ever to me. So I was wondering that it has been some time since WOT was on consoles. Are there any plans for world of warships. A ton of people would love that now that I think warships has a much faster growing users and fans. Are there any plans?
  7. Currently there's a big "5 hours" next to the store tab on PS4 beta. What is this countdown for?