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Found 9 results

  1. Schönen Guten Tag Matrosen, Wir TASH suchen aktive Member für CW und Divi Fahrten. Wir haben eine Bravo und Alpha Divi für CW doch es fehlt manchmal an Personal. Deswegen suchen wir Leute für die A Divi, die Interesse am Progress haben und sich nach oben arbeiten wollen: Dort fehlen uns ein paar Stammspieler. Gern gesehn sind: FÜr A Divi Spieler Rank 8+ mit und B Divi jeder Rank. Meldet Euch und Ahoi! Kontakte für Ingame: Tappe1997 ttk_Claudio WazzTzTzel SonYuro
  2. Ahoy Sailors, I come here with a little bit of an dilemma, I cannot get my win rate to about 50% I have made steady progress from a really bad 43% over last two years (yepp it was really that messed up) but the 50% are so close but still so far. My stats are openly visible though they aren't going to paint the whole picture. Especially in the case that I very often do lose when I am on top of the scoreboard. with a 100k+ dmg. I mostly play tier 6 8 and 10. My favourite ships to play with are currently Graf Zeppelin, Tirpitz, Hindenburg, Musashi and Warspite.And a few of the British mid tier cruisers. Have you some examples of good positioning? I guess I am flawed in that regard. The hardest time for consistency I have with Große Currywurst Rot Weiß I have a lot of games in which I die with less than 10k done. And others where it climbs the the 180ties. I know the Meta has changed a lot and HE has even got worse ( getting hit for 24k of HE isn't fun at all Polk). Which I can do somehow easier with the Warspite. (I mean yesterday I had a GZ match did a 160 k dmg sunk three 21 torphits 5 citas and still lost didn't even get great caliber :k) What are some tipps you can give someone who has played the game so often that he doesn't notice his probably obvious mistakes anymore. Long Post short any advanced tipps for self anylsis?
  3. Hi, I'm already a Deputy member into a clan, I tried to make things clear and wanted some competitivity and activity from the others. I had the initiative to level up the Clan but alone it is hard to do it. I can handle the pressure but it is in vain so I don't want to waste my time anymore. I'm looking for a Spanish competitive clan(I'm not a Spanish native but I can handle it, I'll move soon to Spain so this is one main reason why I'm looking for it), If not possible, I'm okay with an English speaking competitive Clan. WoWs Nickname: Yo_MaPrey WoWs Stats: https://wows-numbers.com/player/539428720,Yo_MaPrey/ (Progressing day by day) Whatsapp(if needed): +40721094726 o7! Wish you all Merry Christmas! Yo_Ma Prey(Adrian)
  4. Hello, So I am not really new to world of warships I played the game for more than few years but during that time I did not play much. Right now my best ship is New Mexico and It seems like unlocking the next ship takes forever. Do you have any tips how to unlock ships faster? Should I buy a premium?
  5. Murro_the_One

    Struggling with the game

    I'm struggling with the game on multiple fronts. have something like 1200 battles and i thought i got the grip of the game mechanics. despite that, my winrate goes down continuously. I understand I'm far from best player but I'm not able to leverage all the knowledge and study (understand youtube) into becoming better player. really don't know what's behind and don't want to go for cheap excuses but.... i play mostly cruisers and destroyers as i find BB play dumb and hollow with incredibly low skillcap and blessed with rng providing entertainment (understand cruiser citadels and DD penetrations) to masses. Due to terrible CV-AA balance, its always one-sided and since the CV can always chose their terms, many players abuse this to get 80%+ winrates in CV accounts only *Edited So it gets to Cruisers and DDs. While in DD i can feel i can influence the game, it is very risky and sudden losing streak caused by game balancing features like radar or CV focus can bury my motivation for whole evening. In cruisers, it is much safer, but again, sudden scattered BB AP or CV focusing you because they can, doesn't add to the fun. I don't have all-time map awareness, which I'm completely positive about (like i can read the map but when soddenly things heat, i start to tunnel vision and get into shitt easily) but besides that i just cant see any bigger area (like objectives, place on map, aiming, angling etcetc) where to get better as i already reached that and wont get any better as I'm now. I'm contemplating to uninstall the game where choice of the class determines how successful you are in game and if you play riskier ones, you are not rewarded, rather demotivated. I used last offer+coupon to get Indianapolis very cheap and i had real fun but i just realized, no matter how good i perform, I'm always struggling with previous + i think the playerbase is very challenged in their abilities to play the game well as team oriented effort with everything which you must do to win (not just get big numbers and lose) really don't know what to do...
  6. After three rather terrible days, where the teams i was forced to play with, were actively trying - and succeeding - to snatch the defeat from the jaws of victory, i took a break and looked at the event page. Doesn't look to bad for my team ( Fire ) so far, but my personal progress made me feel sad. Sofar, i collected 150 coins, and the only progress bar that really makes me cringe is the victories one...25 victories sofar... I should be able to get the other requirements done, still, it's gonna be a tight one. So, how is your individual progress? Are you optimistic about achieving the 900 possible coins? Share your progress and your thoughts - pls no bashing of the event itself, we can do that in the "Clash of the Elements" thread. here's mine:
  7. Hello there, although I installed the game long time ago, i have not been playing. So like is know for these games you do have to learn some in order to be "good" So to you who have been playing more then me some questions; on WoWs why not like this so you can see team names etc. how come i see looking at my profile it seems i have only played 12 battles!? (as 03/08/16), i know i played more why can i only see my team before battle !? why not like WOT you can see the team, names,tanks and or ratings (will this be coming?) when not returning to port, but instead battle on, does this affect settings like ratings etc? thx in advance for the help
  8. Zdravím všechny mariňáky. Máte někdo informace, jak to bude ohledně open bety dále, co se postupu ve hře týče? Zůstanou mi lodě do ostré verze? Pokud ne, budou nějaké rewardy? Představa, že bych znova vyjel Yamato nebo Ibuki a pak o ně přišel, je dost děsivá...
  9. First thing first, I am so excited to take part in WoWs' CBT and I can't wait to see all the progress we will make togheter! I am MadC4T as few of you already know and I took part at all the Weekend Tests, I have some degree of experience with the game and generally I tend to be very social with anybody. Introductions apart, I have some questions before I jump in the high seas: The first and most important - Currently, what are the supported screen resolutions? I play on a 4K monitor and the GUI is too small. If it's not supported, can we do something to make the GUI bigger? How's the progress from the Weekend Tests on the CBT? I noticed that my Service Record level is maxed out, but I've lost all my previously researched ships... My group will be changed from "Weekend Tester" to "Beta Tester" or something like that? Sorry for the pretty useless Topic but I just wanted some clarifications about the three questions above. Sure will post more important things as I will progress through the CBT. Have a nice day folks, see ya aboard!