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Found 10 results

  1. Test coverage Hardware versions from late 2015 to 2018 OsX version from Macbook pro, Imac, Mac mini Retina / Non retina Safe mode / non safe mode Yes/No on Flamuu's tip of increasing the memory from config file Three different networks of varying methods and speed One game - This. Results The machines run almost 24/7 perfectly without problems There is a plethora of different software on them (servers, photoshop, steam games etc). Absolutely no issues. Machines experience crash less than once a year. ---> EXCEPT WHEN U RUN World of Warships! 15-40% Crash rate on randoms. 100% Crash rate on certain missions HOW UNFAIR DO YOU THINK IT MAKES ME FEEL THAT I GET DISCIPLINARY PENALTY EVERY TIME BECAUSE OF THIS This issue has persisted for over a year, sure I have posted several support tickets to WOWs but I am not getting through the tier 0 robots of just sending me some idiotic automated hand holding messages. Why bother with mac? Join the PC master race! Yeah I'm considering to buy my first gaming PC in this millennia. But as I was watching the KOTS games on sunday I came across the fact that almost every game on Flamuu's stream got restarted because of game crashes. So I'am definitely not investing into anything that crashes every third game. Solve this abhorrent problem - And Gold shall rain on you! If this thing gets solved. My promise - Scouts honor - is to swap to premium for 3 months or equal even though I am a dirty casual. And if the solution comes from the community it will be the first to solve this issue that I will accommodate the same premium or similar gift one way or the other. Please help Obi-Wan, You're my only hope. EDITED: Post Scriptum: I really really really like this game and would like to continue playing it. First time in my gaming history since VIC20 have I endured malfunction on this level on any game.
  2. Hello folks, because of my ongoing problem with random disconnects (game goes back to login screen while playing a match) i open this thread to search for other players who experience the same problem. I know several others were affected by this by reading their comments in different threads. I hope they will find this one and make a comment and if they opened a ticket with WG support provide their ticket number. You can read my ticket in the spoiler. If anyone has a suggestion how to fix this you´re absolutely welcome to put it in this thread. Thank you.
  3. Last night I did a quick login, to see what my daily missions were, and I was mildly shocked, but not completely surprised to see that the amount of active players was a hair below 12K (NA server). So I went to the vbAddict site to look up some statistics on the weekly averages. I chose the weekly increments, giving me a fairly fine scale to work with, while cancelling out weekly fluctuations like a busy weekend versus a calm Tuesday afternoon. What I saw there was very disturbing. The playernumbers across all four servers are gliding at a fairly constant speed towards zero. Sure, there are small increases as well (especially when new content is added), but they do not outweigh the steady decline. Since vbAddict doesn't allow me to combine all the four servers into one graph, I did it myself in Excel, with the values they gave me. And this is the result: As you can see, the game is clearly ill, which may have various reasons, but I think it can be safely boiled down to these things: Known flaws, errors and broken stuff that did not get fixed in a timely fashion. If something is broken, it ain't no use to continue playing with it, so people will pack up their stuff and leave. You can clearly see that even in CBT, the playerbase was declining, with occasional rises when new waves of players were invited. Players did, and do, leave when they notice that no real progress has been made. The aimbot-gate, and the lack of thorough, direct and prioritized attention from Wargaming sure didn't help with it. Players read the internet, if they see that there are issues in-game (via forums, gamesites,...), they will draw their conclusions, and leave. Don't forget: "reputation comes by foot, and goes by horse". While the absolute number of players is steadily increasing, the number of active players is decreasing. That means that many players see this game, make an account, play a few games, and then move of. Since they made an account, that means that they have an interest in the game, but they are being turned away by other reasons. My guess: the flaws, the lack of WG-interaction, specials,... The "public release", which was not marketed and announced as it should, completely failed to make a noticable impact, and failed in doing what it's sole purpose was: launching the game, and attracting new players, to further increase the playerbase. There was a small increase, but not enough the counter the decrease that happened in OBT. Where the addition of new content makes for a small increment in active players, it does not outweigh the steady decline (caused mainly by the flaws that there are in-game). The good does not outweigh the bad. The total lack of incentive of binding players to the game has a profound impact. The selling of premium time and doubloons bundled with premium ships has failed into luring the players enough into spending a continuous time in-game. While it may be profitable for Wargaming in terms of monetary value, it also has succeeded into poisoning the playerbase. TL: DR: the bundles are too expensive for attracting new players, the main buyers of the bundles are players who are already in the game. New players aren't particularly interested in a ship AND doubloons AND premium AND flags AND... From a player perspective, it's safe to say the bundles have totally failed. From a monetary perspective probably not, but there is no way that WG will be able to continue with those bundles. While the NA-server gets hammered with freebees, giveaways, contests, big prizepools,... this does not correspond in an increase in players. Even more staggering: they are one of the smallest servers in the WOWS-universe, even the SEA has caught up with them. Yet they consume virtually all the promotional budget from Wargaming. There is no way that the American players, with their numbers, are spending more money than the EU players. Solutions MAKE SPECIALS NOTEWORTHY AND INTERESTING! There is no way you're going to keep players happy and interested in your game, when the only thing you can come up with is an "X2" for experience for the first battle. There is already an abundance in experience. This clearly reflects in the graphs, that weeks in which specials are held have a significant higher number of players than weeks in which no specials were held. What would make a special noteworthy, and attract players? Discounts on port-slots, discounts on ships (premium & techtree), personal missions & in-game rewards. FIX YOUR GAME BEFORE ADDING NEW CONTENT! First make the basis healthy and working properly, then add stuff to it. Without a healthy base, the game will tumble and collapse. WHEN NEW CONTENT IS ADDED: TEST IT BEFORE RELEASE! Many of the (gamebreaking) flaws could have been prevented by thoroughly testing the new patch, and a proper collection of the feedback and data. Many of the in-game flaws aren't new, and were already being discussed in an elaborate way. Yet somehow patch after patch gets spewed out without proper testing, after which much time is lost with fixing stuff that could and should have been fixed before, especially since it was known. A broken patch scares away players. It's better to delay a patch for a couple of weeks, and make sure it works, than to throw it in the public, and fix the problems as they address themselves. PROMOTE YOUR $H1T! When the basic fixing is done, promote your game by attracting new players, and you can attract them mainly via 1). MIGRATE RESOURCES FROM THE NA TO THE EU AND SEA: pretty obvious, it seems.
  4. Kluele_SophiNet

    Some problems in CBT

    Nothing is changed so much from Alpha...and still a good game.Have lots of fun,and hope the USA Battleships and Japanese CVs will come out soon. However I still find some problems, or bugs? Whatever... 1st,sometimes when you are aiming an enemy far away from you during Snipe mode, you will find them "jumping"-That means,they moved just like your FPS is lower than 1,they just stayed in one place, and then suddenly jumped to another and stayed there for a short moment, and then continued jumping... 2nd,sometimes the game will crash and I don't know why...everything seems ok and then an error occur. Furthermore,one day before the game crashed, the audio in game didn't work well, I couldn't hear anything except for the voice of engine, and soon after this problem came, the game crashed. After restarted the game, everything became normal. 3rd,when you drive your ship near an island, the ship will not keep going straight, mostly they will turn to the island automatically, and if you don't pay attention, your ship piles up...I've no idea if this is actually the way they work, but if it is, don't you think the gravitation of the islands is too big? 4th,when your plane squad is under fire from enemy's Fighter squads, they slow down;and if they are returning to your carrier, they may never come back, especially for your fighter squad(in fact attacking squads is doing well when they returns).If your fighter squad is out of ammo, they just report "returning",but if they are under attack from other fighter squads, they will not return until the enemies is out of ammo or stop attacking(change target), they just stay where they fought before and waiting the enemies to stop fire...
  5. gariter

    Mouse cursor doesn't work

    So i get a mouse everywhere else on the game (menu, port) but when i'm in game i used to press CTRL and that would bring up the mouse cursor and allow me to ping the minimap and select planes for my AA guns but now that doesn't work anymore the only way i can ping minimap now is pressing M have the map come up, this is the only way i seem to get the mouse cursor up but even then i still can't select planes and ships for my AA and secondaries to focus on. Can anyone help i've already tried deleting my preferences like other threads have said
  6. This has happened to me at least 6 times. Where I am in a match and I have 40-70 ms then suddenly my ping drops below 0 and always to -35 in matter of seconds. Then I get disconnected from the server to the login screen. I know that I have crappy network speeds but when this fast change in ping happens there is no one else or nothing that uses tremendous amount of the network. Even if there was something that uses a large amount of the network the ping would only drop down to 0 and I know this. Another thing is that I have played video games for 5 years now especially WoT and I have never experienced something like this before. I didn't even know it was even possible. So my conclusion is that this is game/server related but who knows. So I really need help to solve this problem because it gets really frustrating to get disconnected while in battle.
  7. I just unlocked my Bogue and I'm trying get better. I've understood that you can manually target your torpedo bombers to get a narrower spread, but when I press the alt key nothing happens. I have not bound the key to something else, it just doesn't work. PLEASE HELP!
  8. DerPayday2Bro

    PLS Help [GER]

    Hallo ich brauche hilfe ich habe die Tirpitz gekauft und sie ist nicht erschienen was soll ich tun ???
  9. DenBeir16

    black screen on big race

    black screen with the recticles on big race can't even see ships or islands fix it wargaming.
  10. Hello fellow sailors, I am early beta tester of WoT, WoWarplanes and now WoW. I have an Lenovo Y510p and I am playing with single graphics card (OS is Windows 8.1), this is short spec: 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ (2.4GHz 1600MHz 6MB) NVIDIA® GeForce® GT755M 2GB 8GB PC3-12800 DDR3L SDRAM 1600 MHz 1TB (5400 RPM) + 8GB Hybrid Drive I am playing it on 1920x1080 resolution on external monitor. All drivers are updated, and when I play Co-Op, it is ok, on custom/medium settings I get about 40 fps, but problem is when I play random battle, I tried every setting (from medium to high, and some high, some medium) but I got a very bad drop under 30 fps (sometimes 25-28) and I see a lag, especially when I am exchanging fire with someone. What are your graphics settings, what would be the best? I don't won't to drop in graphics but I want to get optimal FPS, I know it is an old notebook, but my WoT works great, and World of Warplanes. Thanks for your help, it would be great to see an Lenovo Y510p owner here.