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Found 4 results

  1. So last weekend, in the mornings and noons, I had no problem playing warships whatsoever. Till prime time kicked in, then I had major lag, packet loss and it was just unplayable, so I quit. Next day same thing, and yesterday too. So today I log in and what do I see? I got pink for 3 battles because "I quit the battle too early"... well I would play out the battle if I was not disconnected every 2 minutes! (yesterday's last battle I played, after the first DC I never reconnected because of the multiple DC's I had the battle before) So why am I having connection issue's only in prime time? (for me that is 5pm-10pm GMT+1) And am I the only one having these issue's or are there more players? if so, can it be fixed? Because I'm thinking of shelving this game for a while (again) till this is fixed. because getting pink for unintentional DC's isn't fair! PS: I'm sorry if I put this thread in the wrong topic, I'm seldom on forums. edit: What I also tried to minimize the lag; change the graphic settings from medium to low, changed alternative battle view from always visible to off (the alt) but still I got lag, packetloss and dc's within prime time.
  2. AndyHill

    Clan Wars and Missions

    First of all, it's good to have Clan Wars back and the longer prime time is nice as well as the French BB and Aigle missions not to forget all the other stuff that's going on. However much fun the Clan Wars are, they are a significant time and effort investment for the participants, probably most if not all of the time many can spare for gaming. Yet, precious few missions are doable in clan wars. Even the "play together" -themed Valentine's day mission can't be done in CW. Damage, fires, torp hits or any other combat related tasks are probably much harder to do in CW compared to randoms or especially operations and coop. XP and credit earnings are good if your clan wins a lot, but you get quite a lot of the goodies in randoms as well if you're playing with good division mates so I don't see a prohibitively massive advantage for CW there either. It would be nice if CW was taken more into account whenever a season is on, especially in time limited campaigns like the Aigle where the completion window for certain tasks is low. The same of course applies to ranked, but I think the situation with ranked is already much better at this point.
  3. MrConway

    Poll - Clan Battle Prime Time

    Captains, With the recent launch of clan battles and the subsequent switch to winter time, we are looking for your feedback on the prime time - please answer the poll questions before November 9, 16:00 CET (UTC+1)! Please let us know which 3-hour time slot works best for you - both on weekdays and on weekends. Please note that we might not change the prime time based on your feedback right away, but we will definitely take it into account (in combination with other feedback and our own server statistics). In order to keep queue waiting times short and not dilute the Clan Battle experience we are currently not planning to extend it past three hours. Please leave any additional feedback on the prime time in this thread. Note that all given times are in Central European Time (UTC+1).
  4. nambr9

    About the Clan Wars

    Probably has been on the forum, but: I was looking forward to clan battles until I saw this and realized that I am screwed once more. Prime Time occurs only on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at the following times - displayed in CEST (UTC+2): EU: 19:00 - 22:00 Is this a joke????? This has the "children friendly" written all over it. Guess I wont be able to play then ... and the "at least one of seven players has to be a commanding officer" is just a freaking another fail. So if a commander does not have time to play, nobody else in the clan can play? Just out of curiosity ... how many "commanding officers" can a clan have?