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Found 10 results

  1. ___eXe___

    Price separation by country

    Hi. I'm playing nearly 2 months. It takes a lot of time to improve in the game. So I want to have free experience by purchasing a premium ship for accelerate my development. But the prices are too expensive for Turkey market. I know you are adjusting for exchange rate differences, but it will be better for you to make country-specific pricing to earn from the version. Let me give an example. While I gives 245 lira for level 8 Tirpitz, a random player in europe gives 78 euro. We can buy 1 ship for the price of 3 ships, which forces us to make in-game purchases. Please provide a convenience for us. Have a nice day. -It was translated from Turkish to English with Google Translate. I apologize for mistakes.
  2. I watched almost all the videos about the new French tier 9 and 10 premium battleships on YouTube but heard only speculations about their price tags. One of the reviewers of these 2 ships (I believe it was Notser) said that even he tried but failed to obtained the info from WG. While we, the players, probably don't know it yet too, I'm interested in your opinion. Will the ships be available for free XP, steel or coal? My guess is that Jean Bart will be sold for free XP while Bourgogne's price will be in steel or even coal. I could be wrong though. What's your opinion on that?
  3. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Price of the T-61?

    Has anyone heard WG mention anything about the pricepoint of the T-61? Im talking just the ship, no bundles? When i look at all the other T6 DDs in the premium shop they priced around 18-19 Euros, so should I expect T-61 to be the same? And if not, why?! At the same time I also gotten the feeling that ships that stirres up the most and get hyped a lot get a bigger pricepoint. Im thinking of Asashio, Belfast and such. Anyone have an idea?
  4. Humorpalanta

    Official! Kitakami coming back!

    Hello there! :P *edit
  5. Hi all, What is the current price for "Warspite" in game for Doubloons? I am asking just to calculate one personal offer in "Premium Shop" (i.e. I already have the "Warspite")... Leo "Apollo11"
  6. Şaka bir yana Türkiye'nin bulunduğu durum göz önüne alınsın ve fiyatlarda kur farkı uygulansın.Şuan 1 euro 3,2 lira. Buna en iyi örnek Steamdir. Steam de fiyatlarında kur farkı gözetiyor. Ya şu resmi görüp ''gemi fiyatları normal diyenler'' de de azcık mantık ve vicdan vardır diye düşünüyorum. Bir oyunun içindeki bir geminin fiyatı nasıl yeni çıkan koskoca bir oyunla aynı olabilir ya. Biliyorum wargaming de bir yerden para kazanmak zorunda hatta bu fikrini destekliyorumda zaten yaptığı işleri seven biri olarak. Ama bu fiyatlarla bunu sadece belli bir kesimden kazanabilirler. Fiyatlar herkese hitap etmediği apaçık ortada. Koyduğum resimde örnek verdiğim oyunlar genellikle bu sene içerisinde çıkan taze ve çok olumlu eleştri alan oyunlardır. Hatta ''Total War: Warhammer'' daha dün çıktı(24.4.2016). Tripitz ile arasındaki fiyat farkı çok komik. Sonuçta alacağımız şey oyun değil oyunun içindeki bir araç .Zaten oda batınca yine zarara giriyoruz. Bu seferde premium hesap devreye giriyor. Kalan son böbreğide satıyoruz . Fazla söze gerek yok. Lütfen sizde fikrinizi ve desteklerinizi yorumda belirtinki geliştirici ekibin ilgisini çekebilsin.
  7. OopsIPennedYouAgain

    Possible price change for Atlanta?

    Hey as you can see in this picture: the price difference is ~5euros which is ~1000 dubloons. I cant see a reason why people should actually pay more for the atlanta. Is there a possibility for a price change?
  8. Hello. To begin with i'm no expert. I'm probably a somewhat casual player. I recently got my first tier X, the Shimakaze. But i lose money when using it. In one game i noticed i spent 68k in ammunition.. If someone sink me it's so insanely expensive. Even with the india bravo terrathree flag. So.. The way i see it the devs wan't me to sit at 16km range to try and not get hit or sunk, only shooting a few torps so i don't have to pay a huge amount for ammunition. And if i think that we are losing i should run away to some distant corner. Obviously i don't do these things because i feel a responsibility to cap. But this seems to be how tier X games are for the most part. And i have to wonder if these prices are part of the reason. Do the devs not wan't us to use tier X ships? Does it cost this much to play with every tier X ship there is?
  9. Tyrendian89

    Rounding is hard I guess...

    don't really know where to put this, so I'll just leave it here for now... just noticed this little gem of a bug with the discount we get on low-tier USN and IJN ships... take a look at the price we currently pay for the Phoenix
  10. Cybernoodle

    P2W u went there, and died

    Consumables make the "game" pw2. I want my money back.