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  1. The complicated Relationship of a Destroyer and her Captain Bad AA, okayish concealment, heavy focus on torps. The smoke is sub-par, like all the Germans. It doesn’t get 150mm like the Gaede. Hit points aren’t something to write home about. But heck, I love this thing. And I’ll tell you why. Let’s first of all give this ship a run down. She’s got a solid amount of hitpoints. 14700, which is a lot worse than the 16500 you find on the Gaede. She shares the same type of guns you can find on the Maass, 4 of them. These are outright better than the ones on the Gaede. They reload faster, and the penetration feels a lot more consistent. In addition to these good guns, she has 2x4 torpedo launchers, which mop the floor with the Gaede’s. The reload is 22 seconds faster, clocking in at 68 seconds base. That’s better than Shinonome. And Shinonome has triples. T-61’s tubes are quads. While we’re at the Shinonome, did I mention that the torpedo concealment is 1.3km, which is 300m better than the Japanese ship? Then again that’s just Gaede torps. Her AA is basically Gaede, with nothing particularly great going on in that department. The Manoeuvrability is again, better than the Gaede. Shorter rudder shift and better turn circle by 90 metres. Lastly, concealment is again, a lot better. She’s got 400m over the Gaede, just like the Shinonome. Not the best in her tier but very workable. So In short, Maass guns, good concealment and torpedoes, bad AA and low hit points. Take away the guns and you’ve got a Japanese destroyer. Except these torps actually work, because they’re fast and stealthy. It’s no secret that torpedo heavy gameplay has had it’s peak and has since then declined rapidly. Ships that only focus on torpedoes tend to be very on-off performers. It requires your enemies to make mistakes, or you to be very risky. In addition to that, it seems that with every new update, this gameplay becomes and less supported. We’ve got spotter/fighter planes that spot torpedoes once, which makes them visible eternally. Now we even have deep water torpedoes that can’t even hit destroyers any more (more on that in my Pan Asia analysis). And everyone and their mother are running hydro (hello you German buggers). I mean even this ship runs hydro! It doesn’t matter what concealment your torpedo has if it gets spotted for 4km away due to perma-hydro ships. When an entire ship line goes from destroying multiple battleships per game to barely scraping by within a couple of patches, you know it’s time to change tactics. So why on earth would they bring out a ship like this? And why does it work so well? I am guessing you can find an answer to the first question yourself, as for the second: The bracket this ship moves in sees a lot less consumable madness than let’s say a tier 7 or 8 premium. The amount of carrier players has been dwindling for quite some time now, so your bad AA is not such a game breaker. The tier position is still very mid tier. This means you’ll be running into a lot of newbies, which makes hitting torpedoes easier. So at this tier, the prospect of a torpedo boat is not that bad, it’s part of the reason why the Shinonome works, she’s got good HE alpha too, though. The guns, like I said, are good, but you’ll be relying on your torpedoes for bulk damage still. As for the gameplay, and why I love this ship. It just performs. That’s all there is to it. It’s not a HuangHe without smoke, that really tries to kill you at every corner you take. It’s not an Ashitaka, which is basically an A-hull Amagi (I apologize if I trivialize things but it kind of is). It’s not a fragile Abruzzi. It genuinely feels fun to play. Your guns aren’t trash, your torps have a noticable “oompf” to them, and by the time you hit something with them, you’ll have a new batch reloaded to fire again. You can simply get stuck in, not worry too much about weaknesses, because this ship barely has any. Time and time again she does consistent damage, rewards players for good play, and doesn’t punish too much when a player makes a mistake (unless it’s a big one, as it should be). But I kind of feel like that’s exactly what’s wrong with her, and new destroyers in general. She doesn’t really have any weaknesses. What the T-61 is, is a Gaede but better. The only downside you have here is no 150mm guns. Big whoop. You get gun range, awesome torpedoes, and concealment. Who wouldn’t want those things? It’s a shame really, because I do like the Gaede, but I cannot go back to her after playing the T-61. A ship I feel like I have a very complicated relationship with.
  2. The Kii in Preview

    The Kii in Preview So the newest addition to the premium fleet is, actually, a bit of a surprise. Today, up for the test, is the IJN Kii. To those not too much into prototypes, the Kii was a proposed and planned Battleship design for the 8-8 fleet plan of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Only 2 of these fast battleships were laid down of the four. None, however, were completed due to the limitations of the Washington Naval Treaty. So what’s it like in game? Let’s find out! 10.9.17 First Test Iteration The Kii itself is very closely related to the non-premium Amagi, the most striking differences are the thicker belt and superior AA, while losing out on the speed and reload department. It should be noted that Kii's armour layout is different to the Amagi's, and Amagi having superior torpedo protection. Pro: Con: Very good AA Strong Armour Torpedoes with strong angles. Loss on Speed vs Non-premium Reload time Less effective armour compared to Amagi Survivability, Maneuverability and Concealment: The Kii boasts strong armour and about average hitpoints. Her top speed is just shy of 30knots making her 3rd slowest on her tier. With CE and CSMod1 you can bring down Kii's detectability to 13.4km (Tirpitz: 12.3km) Guns, Torps and Anti-Aircraft: Slightly less Accurate than the Amagi, (about 10 metres more dispersion), otherwise almost identical with same turret setup (A-B bow C-D-E aft). The biggest downside to the Kii's guns, is frankly the reload. which is an appalling 35 seconds. This seriously bites into Kii's DPM potential, especially in the long run. Did I mention Kii gets torpedoes? 4 tubes per side, located in the aft. Suprisingly good angles none-the-less. Comparable to the Mutsuki's pre-line-split-stock torps (6km with approximately 12,000 alpha, 63kn speed) The AA is where the Kii really shines in it's class. The Kii is armed with a 3 level suite of 100mm DP guns (which can be found on the Akizuki), the Japanese version "Chi" Bofors (an unusual setup for a Japanese Battleship) and the usual (rather lackluster in comparison) Nipponized Hotchkiss 25mm MG. Recommended Mods.: Recommended Captain Skills: Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Gameplay "She's got more armour but in the wrong places. Citadel armour (turtleback) is significantly cut. Then again the Kii is not an Amagi. She trades speed, firepower and effective armour for AA and torps if you compare the two. Comparing her to a Tirpitz, Kii trades effective brawl armour, speed and firepower for AA" I'd liken Kii to an Amagi, with an Akizuki strapped to each side. She has solid armour, is able to tank and bounce effectively, while also having strong AA. Make no mistake, Kii is not an Amagi. Her Armour layout is different, the torpedo protection lackluster. Kii works best at medium range, but she doesn't mind too much going in close. Complimentary to her 10 main guns, she can also surprise her enemies with a dab of the 3 key. She reminds me a lot of the Tirpitz. The Tirpitz, however, has a fast reload and fast rotating turrets, making her an excellent Brawler. The Kii tries to compensate these faults with her strong armour. The lack of DPM puts her in more of a support role. She's able to tank while allies cause the bulk damage, or rain down supporting fire and AA from medium range. I didn't get to test the Kii while divisioning, but I suspect that she would excel with a little support of Division ships. If the 35 second reload issue is fixed, I could very much recommend this ship to anyone looking for a tier 8 battleship with a bit of a challenge. following now is a replay (result screen in spoiler bracket). 18.9.17 Second Test Iteration (likely final) In this buff, Kii gained:
  3. Ladies and gentlemen, I am Yuzral and this thread is a one-stop for all of my (decent) World of Warships videos. Here you will find previews, the occasional review and gameplay commentary delivered with observations and the occasional round of gentle mocking when I do something stupid. Enjoy! ​Opening this compilation we have a Hiryu facing off against 4 enemy ships in Ranked. Someone's losing a star...
  4. Ship Preview: Mouse in the Shiratsuyu

    Please be aware that all of the statistics and performance discussed in this post reflect the version of the ship as she appeared during the testing period. These are subject to change before release. Like, poi. Whatever. Quick Summary: A very slow IJN destroyer with guns that contrast good handling, shell flight time and range with poor DPM. For an IJN destroyer, her torpedo armament remains as powerful as ever but with the added bonus of having a consumable which can prompt a lightning quick reload. Patch and Date Written: November 23rd, 2016. Gameplay Example: http://wowreplays.com/Replay/22775 Premium Ship Shortcut Closest Premium Ship: The tier 5, IJN Kamikaze-class Destroyers (Kamikaze, Fujin, & Kamikaze R) Degree of Similarity: Clone / Sister-Ship / Related Class / Similar Role / Unique While related, the Kamikaze-class really is something of a dinosaur when you compare her to the new IJN destroyers. So you'll find them to appear quite odd by comparison with very short ranges on their guns with individually hard hitting shells for their caliber. The Kamikaze is a pure torpedo ship with guns as a mere afterthought. What they do share with the Shiratsuyu is good torpedoes with decent concealment values on the ship itself. But really, they're kind of night and day different when it comes to the ins and outs of their play style. The Shiratsuyu, even with her low DPM, can fake performing some gunship duties, including the ability to stealth fire at range. Also, the Kamikaze-class isn't as slow as a one-legged wiener dog dragging a cinderblock. So there's that. PROs She has a decent gun range of 11.0km with high velocity shells and a flat gun arc. This can be improved with Advanced Fire Training to 13.2km. Her torpedo armament is very powerful, with eight Type 90 torpedoes with a 10km range, 17,233 alpha strike and 62 knot speed. Reasonable agility with a 590m turning circle and 3.1s rudder shift time. The Shiratsuyu has a 6.7km surface detection range which is one of the best at her tier. Combined with her gun range, this leads to many stealth-firing opportunities with the correct skill set up. Her Torpedo Reload Booster rearms her torpedoes in 5 seconds. Yes, really. Premium camouflage is available for purchase to increase experience gains. Poi. CONs Low hit point total for a tier 7 Destroyer. The Shiratsuyu has the lowest gun DPM for a destroyer of her tier. Her turret traverse is painfully slow at a mere 6' per second. Gun performance is trapped behind acquiring a well trained Captain to enjoy it fully. It takes 101s for her torpedoes to rearm normally -- which feels downright punitive at times. She is very slow. Like, painfully slow. Her maximum speed is 34.0 knots and she bleeds speed like no one's business in a turn, often dropping below 30 knots. Many ships, including some cruisers and Battleships can and will overtake you if you're not careful. As nice as her camouflage is, she will often face tier 8+ destroyers with similar or better camo ratings thanks to their 5th module slot. Poi? The Yudachi of Kancolle fame is a Shiratsuyu-class. Fans rejoice! The Shiratsuyu surprised me. For the IJN Destroyer relaunch, I had wanted to do a comparison between the Old Fubuki (at tier 8) and the new Fubuki (at tier 6) as this was one of my favourite destroyers in the IJN line. I figured the changes might be pretty dramatic and, if nothing else, would provide a good deal of conversation between those who loved and those who were frustrated with Japanese Destroyers. But it wasn't meant to be. I was instead given the four new Destroyers to play with initially. These included the Akatsuki, Yugumo, Akizuki and Shiratsuyu. So this put me at a bit of a loss. I decided instead to try and do a comparison between the old tier 7 Hatsuharu and the two new ships coming in to replace her. The Akatsuki was alright, but I quickly fell in love with the Shiratsuyu -- like to the point of finding myself wasting a lot of potential writing time because I was playing her over and over for funsies instead. Ironically, I would be given the tier 6 Fubuki so I could have gone back and done my original idea but the Shiratsuyu had her claws in me at this point and I couldn't put her down. If that's not a ringing endorsement, I dunno what is. In an effort to not look like a total slacker, I put together this full review at the eleventh hour to at least explain why you're not getting that Fubuki draft. NoZoupForYou puts together a nice summary of the differences between the three tier 7 ships. You can see it here. Options Unlike the Hatsuharu, the Shiratsuyu gets access to the Torpedo Reload Booster without having to swap out her Smoke Generator. This consumable is different from versions we've seen previously. On the Hatsuharu, this accelerates your reload to 30s from whatever state it was currently. On the Shiratsuyu, this is accomplished in a mere five seconds. Yes, really. Five seconds. This allows the Shiratsuyu to temporarily go Super Sayian and transform into a Shimakaze for a brief moment and dump as many as sixteen torpedoes at surprised enemies. Enjoy! Consumables: Four slots Damage Control Party Smoke Generator Engine Boost Torpedo Reload Booster Module Upgrades: Four slots, IJN destroyer standard options.Camouflage: The Shiratsuyu, like the Hatsuharu, has access to premium camouflage. You can purchase it for 2,000 doubloons. This provides the standard 3% camouflage bonus, 4% disruption bonus, a 5% reduction in repair costs and a 50% increase to experience earning for the ship. Firepower Primary Battery: Five 127mm guns in three turrets. One bow mount, one stern mount. The second is a forward facing stern mount, back to back with the #3 gun with a single rifle.Torpedo Launchers: Eight Type 90 torpedoes in 2x4 launchers. I think the Shiratsuyu is supposed to be a gunship, but don't quote me on that. You can understand my confusion when you begin plugging the numbers and taking a look at how the IJN guns have changed. Their 127mm gun mounts were previously known for having individually hard hitting HE shells with a good chance to start fires but crippled by a low rate of fire, slow traverse and very short range. Now they're ... well, they're different. Are they better? Umm, well maybe-sorta? The changes work out to the following: Shell damage reduced from 2,100 to 1,800 Fire chance reduced from 9% per shell to 7% Turret Rotation: Reduced from 7' per second to 6' per second. Rate of Fire: Increased from 6.67rpm to 8rpm. Stock Range: 11.0km When you compare the Shiratsuyu to the old Hatsuharu-class, this is a definite improvement. But let's keep things in perspective. The Hatsuharu has suffered considerably at the hands of power creep and measuring the Shiratsuyu up against her isn't really fair. The old IJN Destroyer is a four-gun warship with a 9.3km range and nine second reload. She's more of a victim than a gunship. So let's look at the Shiratsuyu when drawing her up alongside her contemporaries at tier 7. Thankfully, there's a lot of ships to look at now so we can get a pretty good idea of her standing. Ship Name Armament Range (Stock / AFT) Reload Damage (AP/HE) DPM (AP/HE) Fire Chance FPM* Stealth Window** Mahan (B-Hull) 5x 127mm 11.7km to 14.0km 4.0s 2,100 / 1,800 157,500 / 135,000 5% 3.75 3.3km Sims 4x 127mm 12.9km to 15.5km 3.3s 2,100 / 1,800 152,727 / 130,909 5% 3.63 5.1km Kiev 6x 130mm 12.3km to 14.8km 5.0s 2,500 / 1,600 180,000 / 115,200 8% 5.76 1.2km Leningrad 5x 130mm 11.6km to 13.9km 5.0s 2,500 / 1,600 150,000 / 96,000 8% 4.80 1.6km Blyskawica 7x 120mm 12.0km to 14.4km 6.5s 2,200 / 1,700 142,154 / 109,846 8% 5.17 4.1km Old Hatsuharu 4x 127mm 9.3km to 11.2km 9.0s 2,200 / 2,100 58,667 / 56,000 9% 2.40 1.5km Akatsuki 6x 127mm 10.1km to 12.1km 7.5s 2,200 / 1,800 105,600 / 86,400 7% 3.36 1.8km Shiratsuyu 5x 127mm 11.0km to 13.2km 7.5s 2,200 / 1,800 88,000 / 72,000 7% 2.80 3.5km *FPM = Fires Per Minute with 100% shell accuracy. Note based on fire calculations in game, the actual value is dependent upon the target selected. This number reflects only the upper maximum. ** This is the concealment window from which these ships can fire from open water without being detected. The distance listed here is the difference between the ship's maximum range and their surface detection range when firing their guns. This assumes the ship is equipped with concealment camouflage and the captain is using Advanced Fire Training and Concealment Expert skills. Two things immediately stand out when you look at the Shiratsuyu in this manner. First, her DPM is appalling and she has a very low chance of setting fires with her guns. These are not guns that are going to stand out and rake up huge amounts of damage. But there's another factor which becomes apparent -- she can potentially have one of the largest stealth-firing windows of all the tier 7 destroyers. So while her guns might not hit hard individually, you can use them quite safely at range without worrying overmuch about being detected. When you combine this with the 915m/s shell velocity and flat firing arcs, even at range, the Shiratsuyu's gunnery is very comfortable. This can make them the ideal tool for finishing off low health targets that may have survived a mauling at the hands of your torpedoes. Please note that this only really comes into play if you elect to specialize the ship in this manner. Right out of the box, her guns aren't going to be anything spectacular. But lemme stress the comfort level these guns inspire. Those ballistic arcs make it possible to engage targets at range in a manner you couldn't dream of doing with a USN destroyer with any real effectiveness. At a range of 12km, the lead time on your HE shells is a mere 8.7s while USN ships are tacking at near (or over) 1s per km at those ranges. This can allow you to outgun a comparable USN destroyer provided you can keep them at arm's reach (which is easier said than done). In addition, the fire arcs of her turrets are nice -- especially her #2 turret with its single gun. Though mounted on the stern, it faces forward allowing it to more quickly address targets from one side of your ship to the other. This helps compensate for the slow turret traverse speeds. So while her guns aren't good, they're not bad either. She's no gunship, that's for sure. But enemy ships had better respect the fire she can put out. Torpedoes Let's get to the meat of the matter. The Shiratsuyu has a pair of quadruple launchers mounted dorsally. Stock, she starts with the Type 8, Mk2 torpedo with a 59 knot top speed, 10km range and 16,267 alpha strike for fish with a reload timer of 94s. This is then upgraded to the Type 90 torpedo which provides a 3 knot boost to speed and a bump up in alpha strike to 17,233. This comes at the cost of a further 7s tacked onto your reload. The Type 90 is the same torpedo that's presently equipped on the Old Hatsuharu. So IJN players that have spent time in the current tier 7 ship will find this armament to be quite comfortable, if it were not for that awful reload timer. You can see why this matters when you measure her up against the other torpedo ships. Mahan (quadruple launchers): 87s reload Leningrad (quadruple launchers): 92s reload Blyskawica (triple launchers): 70s reload Old Hatsuharu (triple launchers): 82s reload Akatsuki (triple launchers): 76s reload Shiratsusyu (quadruple launchers): 101s reload So while her individual salvos are devastating, the Shiratsuyu really falls behind in the ability to continually spam fish. The Akatsuki, also at tier 7, is a much better boat when it comes to delivering a constant stream of torpedoes onto targets. But that's where the Shiratsuyu's Torpedo Reload Booster comes into play. This consumable is insane. When activated, it reloads the Shiratsuyu's torpedoes in five seconds which opens up all sorts of fun game play opportunities. In effect, enemy ships must always treat the Shiratsuyu like her tubes are already reloaded. To do otherwise is to invite disaster because they effectively can be at the touch of a button. Alternatively, the Shiratsuyu can use this consumable as a form of area denial, putting sixteen fish in the water in very short order across a wider spread. I scored a couple of double-kills this way early on in a match, tossing a torpedo wall into the Red team as they approached a cap circle. Summary: Very low DPM on her guns. Her gunnery has the potential to be fun and effective, but it requires a well trained Captain to unlock Torpedo reloads are very long and feel punitive at times Her Torpedo Reload Booster is insane and makes for some very fun moments (for you -- not for the enemy) Double Kill. With her Torpedo Reload Booster, the Shiratsuyu can temporarily transform into the equivalent of a Shimakaze. This allows her to saturate an area with torpedoes and net some easy damage. Out of sixteen torpedoes launched in this double salvo, five hit. This sunk a Sims and Nurnberg. A fifth struck an unidentified third ship. Torpedo soup, anyone? Maneuverability Top Speed: 34.0 knotsTurning Radius: 590mRudder Shift: 3.1s How can something that travels at over thirty knots ever be called 'slow'? The Shiratsuyu's top speed of 34.0 knots is downright painful. While adequate, if annoying, at tier 4 with the Isokaze, by tier 7 this is a severe handicap. This is probably the greatest flaw of the ship. It makes her dangerously vulnerable and potentially inflexible. It's a good thing she's a stealthy ship because otherwise this would likely have crippled her as a destroyer otherwise. Let's put this into perspective: All IJN Heavy Cruisers are faster than the Shiratsuyu. Most of the Soviet Cruisers are as well. When the Shiratsuyu goes evasive, her speed drops down as low as 28 knots in a turn. This creates the awful question when being pursued: Is it better to try and dodge incoming fire or risk being blown out of the water by trying to get out of detection range by driving flat out in a straight line? This introduces a whole new level of pants-soiling terror when you see a tier 8 Bismarck gaining on your Destroyer while you try and run away. This lack of speed makes it very difficult (if downright impossible) to dictate engagement ranges against an alert enemy. In play testing, it was only the Shiratsuyu's Torpedo Reload Booster that kept me alive when a determined opponent wanted to close with me. As this consumable becomes better known, the Shiratsuyu will lose this trump card. I lived in fear when facing ships like the Belfast and Bismarck inside of 10km ranges. Success with this ship, like with slow ships of other classes, will be largely determined by choosing your avenues of approach and lines of retreat well in advance. Durability Hit Points: 12,800Maximum Armour: 16mm side plating, 15mm of deck plating. While an improvement over the 12,100hp of the Hatsuharu, the Shiratsuyu's hit points are still very much on the low side for a tier 7 destroyer. With the changeover, she will be tied with the Kiev as having the lowest hit point totals at her tier. Otherwise, there's nothing out of the ordinary to report here. I'm not trying to sail in formation with this tier 6 Leander. My Shiratsuyu simply wasn't fast enough to outpace this friendly British cruiser to any appreciable degree. She doesn't make a very good scout as she often struggles to outpace the bigger ships following behind. Concealment & Camouflage Surface Detection Range: 6.7kmAir Detection Range: 3.5kmMinimum Surface Detection Range: 5.85kmConcealment Penalty while Firing: +3.81km (vs max potential range of 11.0km to 13.2km) Great news, everyone! The Shiratsuyu is the stealthiest destroyer at tier 7. This is on par with the Old Hatsuharu's concealment rating which should immediate raise a couple of caution flags. The first thing to note is that the Shiratsuyu needs every single meter of concealment she can get. Her low top speed is going to lead to a lot of close calls when it comes to being spotted on the surface by enemy ships. Your life will often be on the line as you scramble to try and escape from enemies trying to run you down. It pays to keep hydrophone and radar ranges in mind too and upon which ships they will be found. These detection tools are becoming increasingly common and on shorter reset timers. More than any other destroyer at tier 7, the Shiratsuyu is dangerously vulnerable to these consumables. The second cautionary note is that while the Shiratsuyu has the best concealment at tier 7, this doesn't make her the stealthiest ship out there by a long shot. A fully upgraded, tier 8 Benson will have just as good concealment as you do. Lower tiered IJN Destroyers can be even more sneaky and you can find yourself unfortunately lit up by a Fujin or Minekaze if you're not careful. What is interesting about the Shiratsuyu is her stealth-gunship capabilities. While her guns are lackluster, she does present an excellent platform from which to shoot at enemies undetected -- provided her Captain has been specialized with the proper skills, such as Concealment Expert coupled with Advanced Fire Training. Outside of the premium Sims and Blyskawica, the Shiratsuyu will have the largest stealth firing window at tier 7 at a very comfortable 3.5km. This sort of makes up for her slow speed which can make this distance shrink faster than you might like. I enjoyed considerable success using and abusing this window of opportunity to take out low-health ships with a few volleys of her 127mm rifles without fear of reprisal. It's always fun to see several ships run away from a stealth-firing destroyer. Anti-Aircraft DefenseAA Battery Calibers: 25mmAA Umbrella Ranges: 3.1kmAA DPS per Aura: 59 The 127mm rifles of the Shiratsuyu are not dual purpose. Compared to the Old Hatsuharu, this is a step down in terms of AA defense, both in range and the damage output. The medium range of her AA batteries doesn't compare well to her aerial detection range of 3.5km. Acquiring either Advanced Fire Training or Concealment Expert will address this disparity but as with most destroyers, it's usually best to just keep your AA guns disabled. When under air attack, retreat to the protective umbrellas of your battleships and cruisers. You won't be shooting down anything quickly in the Shiratsuyu. I found this to be a particular pain when ships I had just sunk had a float-plane still circling their corpse, keeping me lit. I could never shoot them down fast enough. While the Shiratsuyu does have better AA power than the Akatsuki, it's still nowhere near sufficient to dissuade enemy air attack. Cuddle bigger ships when the planes start coming in. Overall Impressions Skill Floor: Simple/ Casual / Challenging / Difficult Skill Ceiling: Low / Moderate / High / Extreme On the surface, the Shiratsuyu is pretty forgiving. Let's face it, having the ability to derp sixteen torpedoes out while not being detected against mid tier opponents is going to yield some pretty spectacular results on occasion. This will be enough for many players to espouse the Shiratsuyu's charms and cry out Poi in pleasure. Getting her to perform beyond that will take a little bit extra, especially if her low top speed isn't properly respected. Still, with her good surface detection range, her low speed isn't crippling, it's simply not good -- taking a small measure of her carry potential away from her. Still, it's hard not to see that she'll be considered a very powerful and very annoying ship to play against. Her stealth fire abilities, her heavy torpedoes and her fans will all drive opponents up the wall and make neutralizing this ship a high priority goal for the enemy. Mouse's Summary: Effectiveness of this destroyer jumps tremendously with Concealment Expert. I cannot stress enough how disgustingly powerful Torpedo Reload Booster is. This may diminish as it becomes more well known, but man... the amount of abuse and the number of trick shots I could perform with this was absolutely revolting. Dump 8 fish at a Battleship, watch them turn to avoid and then put another 8 into them. As low as her gun DPM is, when properly upgraded, it's almost passable. By using range and the good shell ballistics, you can outfight some USN Destroyers. At the very least, her gunnery is comfortable to use, even with the slow turret traverse. God, is she slow. Poi. I seriously wonder for how long the Shiratsuyu will be a fun ship for me. I don't want to say that my enjoyment of the Shiratsuyu was entirely based around the use of her quick torpedo reload, but that certain was part of it. I suppose that really, she's just a very comfortable ride. Her guns are fun to use. Her torpedoes hit like trucks. She's stealthy enough. I can almost forgive her speed. Put that all together and she's a fun ride. I think a lot of my confidence with this ship comes from her decent concealment rating. I had a 15pt Captain I could use with her and this let me drop her surface detection range down beneath 6km. This made her rather forgiving though I quickly learned to give most ships a 10km berth. As a replacement for the Hatsuharu, while she may not be everything anyone could ever want, she's certainly my preferred ship when compared to the Akatsuki. This second tier 7 ship is as big as a house to pay for her heavier torpedo and gun armament. Generally speaking, the Akatsuki is much less forgiving, while the Shiratsuyu is an IJN destroyer with training wheels. The big question is if she'll be overpowered? At present, she definitely is. No one knows what she can do and being able to dump sixteen 10km fish out when no one is expecting it is the stuff of nightmares. As people become more experienced with facing her, this gimmick will lose some of its teeth. Some, but not all. I still think it will remain quite powerful. However, for as dangerous as this ability is, the liability of her 34.0 knot speed will also begin to show too. I don't think her low top speed will be a crippling flaw. In truth, it only becomes an exploitable weakness in specific situations -- normally when the Shiratsuyu has over extended. Just about any ship that over-extends is a dead ship, so that doesn't really say much though. The difference with the Shiratsuyu is that she won't be able to successfully disengage as readily as some other destroyers can. This is definitely a ship to keep an eye on when the line gets released. I, for one, will be racing towards reacquiring her on my personal account. I do love some fun IJN Destroyer game play and the Shiratsuyu presses all of the right buttons for me. Let the Poi spam commence. Smoke guns and fish -- the Shiratsuyu can do it all. For an IJN destroyers, she's rather well rounded. Outfitting the Shiratsuyu Kitting out the Shiratsuyu will be a little different form what you might be used to with IJN Destroyers. Time will tell if this becomes a more common build with the "gunship" destroyers in the future. Only time will tell, I suppose. Recommended Modules The Shiratsuyu has four module slots. I recommend the following: For your first slot, take Magazine Modification 1. I've happily divorced myself from taking any other upgrades in this first slot for my destroyers. Detonations become very few and far between without the need to attach a signal to the mast. And let's be honest -- if you're taking enough fire to knock out one of your weapons, you're pretty close to dead anyway. For the second slot, Aiming Systems Modification 1 is the best choice. For slot number three, take any of the upgrade you want. They're all terrible! I personally went with Propulsion Modification 1 to try and reduce the number of engine critical hits. Really, Damage Control System Modification 1 is probably the best but the gains are really, really marginal here. For the last slot, take Propulsion Modification 2. Your rudder shift time is already excellent. The gains from trying to improve it aren't significant enough to bother. The propulsion mod will give more pep to your engine when you're starting up from a dead stop which can save your life. Recommended Consumables Consumables can get pretty expensive on the Shiratsuyu if you're not careful. She has four consumable slots and each one that you gussy up to the premium version will take a 22,500 credit bite out of your earnings. If you have a poor game, this can push you over towards seeing a net loss in credits earned. As much as I love my premium Damage Control Parties, I am beginning to think it may not be necessary on my IJN Destroyers. The damage sources I take are very intermittent. That said, when things go bad, they go bad in a hurry and a shorter reset timer could mean the difference between an early trip back to the port or not. Your mileage will certainly vary. For your Smoke Generator, don't skimp out. Get the premium version to reduce the reset timer and to give you an extra charge. With your slow top speed, you're going to be reaching for this often. I don't normally go for a premium version of the Engine Boost consumable. Maybe it could be considered worthwhile here. This will jump your speed up over 36 knots for a short period of time, but that's not really worth 22,500 credits to me. Yeah, pass on spending coin on this one. As for your Torpedo Reload Booster, get the premium version. The standard version has a SIX MINUTE reset timer. The premium version has a four minute reset. For signals, taking Sierra Mike (+5% to ship speed) is very handy as this will nudge up your speed to 35.7 knots. While still not great, at least you can keep up with all of the cruisers on your team... unless they also take this signal. There's nothing so embarrassing as having a cruiser overtake you at the start of a match. Sigh! Recommended Captain Skills There's an overhaul of the Captain Skill tree coming, but until that time, here's the skills I recommend for the Shiratsuyu. As ever, Basic Fire Training should be the first (and only) skill you grab from the first tier. At tier 2, there are three great skills to pick up. First, take Last Stand. Destroyers lose their engines and steering gears if you look at them funny. Torpedo Armament Expertise is also very worthwhile. This will reduce your reload time from 101s down to 91s. Finally, Expert Marksman is nice to have but should be considered a tertiary skill and the last one you pick up for your ship after grabbing all of the other skills. Next, grab Superintendent at tier 3. You can and will go through all of your consumable charges in this ship regularly. At tier 4, Advanced Fire Training seems like the best choice. This increases your main battery range up to 13.2km. Alternatively, Demolition Expert is also a great selection. While this will shorten your maximum potential stealth firing window down to 1.3km, it does provide a healthy boost to your chances to start fires. Finally, Concealment Expert is essential for success in this ship. Grab it as soon as you can. This will help mitigate the flaw of her low top speed, improve her gunnery and make launching torpedoes that much easier.
  5. Any fears that the Akizuki would be overpowered was quickly put to rest when I realized just how weak the HE was, not to mention how easy it was to counter her damage by angling. However those weaknesses do not change that it's a strong ship, different but undoubtedly with a lot of damage potential. As usual you can find my recommended build at the end. Something I think I forgot to mention in the commentary is that this ship also loses a good chunk of speed compared to the torpedo line, meaning it can be outran by the torp boats without too much difficulty.
  6. Royal Navy T8: Edinburgh

    An interesting ship with good damage potential, but I still struggle to see a good role for this ship in ranked, as it only has 3 torpedoes per side and just like all RN ships, suffers when the enemy angles against them. Meant to say manual AA affects 85mm+ ofc, not just 100mm! Also interestingly the Fiji has the same guns with the same reload, so that's certainly going to be a strong T7!
  7. Prinz Eugen Commentary

    You know the ship is underwhelming when you pick the shortest gameplay you have on it and still struggle to fill that space with an informative commentary. TL;DW Admiral Hipper clone.
  8. Some interesting news about World of Warships for you... Faster Updates - shorter patch/update cycle Around every third week they want to deploy a new update Wargaming wants to be able to react and address feedback better/quicker this way Bigger Features will be integrated in steps and feedback used to improve those features Example: Weather System Matchmaking, New Game Modes such as Bastion Regular sessions on the test server New Game Mode Wargaming is working on new game modes for a more varied gameplay approach In Juli we'll see a new game mode (current name) EPICENTER Details about the new game mode will be released soon (Assumption: Probably for Public Test 0.5.9) Wargaming is also working on... Improvements to the integrated Voicechat Improvements for Minimap Improvements/changes for the game progress system Improvements/changes for the viewing distance German Battleships Supertesters now have access to the new tree of German Battleships on the Testserver It will take several weeks until "normal" players will get their hands on the ships The final release date will be announced soon (based on the test feedback) Aside from above: The Tier X Battleship will feature turrets with 3 guns, based on "secret" documents found in Russia, hull is based on H-41 most likely though Scharnhorst will be coming as a Tier VII Premium Battleship Sidenote: Sorry if the English is not perfect. I just quickly translated my own German text and wanted to give you the details in the EN forum as well ;) Source: Official Press Release
  9. Ein paar interessante Neuigkeiten zu World of Warhips für euch... Kürzere Entwicklerzyklen - schnellere Updates Voraussichtlich alle drei Wochen wird es jetzt jeweils neue Updates/Patches geben Wargaming will damit schneller auf Feedback und Wünsche der Spieler reagieren können Größere Features können so Schrittweise und mit Feedback integriert und verbessert werden Beispiel: Wetter-System, Matchmaking, Neue Spielmodi wie Bastion Dafür auch regelmäßige Tests auf dem öffentlichen Testserver Neuer Spielmodus Wargaming arbeitet an neuen Spiemodi für ein variableres Spielerlebnis Im Juli kommt ein neuer Spiemodus mit dem Arbeitstitel EPICENTER Details zum Spielmodus sollen in Kürze bekannt gegeben werden (Vermutung: Public Test 0.5.9) Weitere Baustellen Überarbeitung des integrierten Voicechats Verbesserungen an der Minimap Änderungen/Verbesserungen beim Spielfortschritt Änderungen/Verbesserungen bei der Sichtweite Deutsche Schlachtschiffe Supertester haben ab sofort Zugriff auf die neuen Schlachtschiffe des Forschungsbaum auf dem Testserver Bis zum öffentlichen Test werden ein paar Wochen vergehen Endgültiger Releasetermin soll zeitnah bekannt gegeben werden (basierend auf den Tests) Unabhängig davon - Tier X Schlachtschiff erhält Türme mit 3 Rohren, basierend auf "geheimen" Dokumenten aus Russland, Hülle entspricht aber wohl größtenteils H-41 Scharnhorst kommt als Tier VII Premiumschlachtschiff Quelle: Pressemitteilung
  10. The Arizona in Preview

    Arizona the first time rumors of the arizona popped up, I didn't really know what to think. I am very reluctant of US battleships for their characteristics. The Arizona is a new US BB premium ship. She's a Pennsylvania-class Battleship, predecessor to the New Mexico class, which is already available in game. USS Arizona was comissioned in 1916 and was sunk by Japanese planes during the Attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941, where she currently resides as a memorial. So what's she like ingame? The Stats: Conclusion: The Arizona is a quite stealthy ship like the New Mexico (0.2km difference with camo, in favour of NM if you choose the type 1), with powerful guns which outclass it’s non-premium counterpart regarding range. The New Mex has a higher shell velocity than the Arizona, however (around 30m/s faster on both ammo types). Arizona is faster, less manoeuvrable, and has a greater hit-point pool. The torpedo damage reduction is 3% worse on the Arizona. Lastly, AA is also less prominent on the Arizona. Effectively, you trade shell velocity, some damage reduction, and some AA for gun range accuracy (68.23m to be exact) and speed. Pros: The concealment – with 14km of surface detection, just like the New Mexico, the Arizona can get quite close to it’s targets, effectively controlling the engagement. The guns- they really do speak for themselves, good range, good damage, tight spread thanks to the 3×356mm mounts (within battleship standards of course) Premium – good credit maker if you enjoy these kinds of ships (duh). Cons: Slow – I mean it’s a NM class, so despite being about 2 knots faster than her non-premium comparison, this ship is still slow. Slow turret turn rate – 60 seconds for 180 degrees turn time is quite frankly, painful. Not limited to her though (looking at you, New Mex). The side profile - side on this ship becomes a very nice target to shoot at, which is kind of a bad thing if you want to stay alive. Even from the front there are lots of flat places to penetrate her. Conclusion: It’s everything I fear about the American mid-tier battleships, lumbering, slow, big targets. The low concealment piqued my interest, however. After my round of her without any upgrades, I picked the obvious ones of choice: Main battery mod 2 Steering gears mod 2 DCS mod 1 Main armaments mod 1 And for skills: 1. SA 2. EM or LS 3. HA or V You can skip 4 and 5 if you intend to keep it as a t6 captain and spend some more in the lower department, or skill health and concealment for the lulz. (bold font for what I've used on my Arizona) The Games: I have played around 8 games in her so far, in which I have gotten into 2 tier 6 games, 1 tier 8 and 3 tier 7 games. I must say that this ship performs very well. In Tier 6 matches, you can be very tanky, a true battleship. You can still pull this off to some extent at tier 7, but you reach your limits with this ship at tier 8. Here, you have to be very careful, use your concealment to your advantage and pray for cover. I was lucky enough not to play on ocean with the Arizona yet, but I suspect that she will not perform as well as on maps with proper cover. World of warships is one of those games where I can safely say that I don’t mind not being on top tier (like world of tanks for instance), and the Arizona shows. While in my first match I was struggling to achieve anything (a straight tier 6 game), I found that my second match, at tier 8 was probably one of my more successful ones. I did have a bit of a trade with a North Carolina, in which the Arizona actually performed quite well. The speed wasn't such a big problem after all. Switching back to faster ships did however remind me that it is indeed a very slow BB. The use of triple mounted guns was a bit new to me, and I can't say I didn't enjoy it. The damage output was always quite solid and I had consistently good games in it. There are of course some things I didn't get to test yet, like the AA, although I am not too keen on that anyway. Side-note: She does make a pretty penny for a tier 6 ship. Final thoughts: The Arizona is a very nice, fresh taste of ship from the American tree. While one could argue that the trade offs make the Arizona a worse ship than the NM, I like the faster speed, better range and accuracy. It definitely got me interested in continuing with my American BBs. I am sure many of you will want this ship purely from a collectors perspective. Stay tuned for a great piece of naval history. So can I give a recommendation? Not necessarily, but hold on, it's not that easy. I do not yet know the price that this ship will have, therefore I can only say: use your own judgement.
  11. The Smith in preview

    The Smith Hey everyone. Welcome to the second last instalment on the Grand Naval Battles ship previews. Today we are looking at probably my favourite gameplay-wise. You can go and check out the other ones I did, currently we have: "What is the Smith?" you may ask. Well, to put it simply, it’s a Sampson with one more gun and a lot less torpedo tubes. At least that was the first impression I had of it. Here I have listed a table with all key differences. Basically, on paper, the Sampson does everything better or on par with the Smith. Later, we will be having another look at these two again in detail. First of all however, I want to focus on the Smith itself. Like in my previous previews, we're gonna have a shakedown of the ship itself, then move on to a short conclusion of the given stats, finally follow up with a verdict and some gameplay. Pros: -Very good concealment. The concealment comes close to that of a Japanese destroyer. 5.6 Kilometres aren’t enough to drop your torpedoes concealed, but allow you to get quite close to your enemies before they can shoot at you. -Great Rudder shift time 2 seconds is a good rudder shift time, beating the Sampson’s by 0.7 seconds. -Large number of guns The Smith is able to fire 4 of her guns in each direction at a time. That’s 1 more than the Sampson and a lot better than the Umikaze. -Great torpedo reload At 11 seconds the Smith has arguably the fastest reload of all torpedo bearing ships -Good Turn circle The Smith comes very close to the Tachibana in terms of turn circle, putting it in second place out of the tier II destroyers. Cons: -Slow for a destroyer It’s 28 knots wouldn’t probably only look good on a cruiser. It’s however manageable with engine boost. -Low count of torpedo tubes The Initial payload the Smith can launch is a lot smaller than most of it’s DD counterparts, Therefore a player has to be quite precise with his torpedoes, as he can’t fan them like with other destroyers. More on that later. -Low amount of hitpoints Even the Storozhevoy beats the Smith in terms of hitpoints. You can’t be shot at for too long since you will die very quickly. -Short range on her armament This is probably in combination with the small calibre. 6.5 kilometres doesn’t leave a lot of engagement space. -Tiny calibre on it’s main armament (76.2mm Main guns) The guns which otherwise would be secondaries (like the Umikaze’s) are considered primary on the smith, the Sampson’s guns are 30mm larger than the Smith’s. With this, penetration and damage output drop as well. AP penetration and fire chance are very low as well. Conclusion: This ship can’t fire concealed, not even with AFT, which can push the gun range up to 7.9 kilometres by the way. The guns are nothing I’d go gunboating with, but can be quite useful when dealing with enemy destroyers and finishing enemies. Overall the first impression feels like the Smith is very much a Kamikaze boat. But so are most Destroyers in low tiers. The Smith and the Sampson Like before stated, the Smith seems to be like a slightly worse Sampson. However, I can tell you gameplay-wise, both ships are very different from one another. The Smith doesn't play like any destroyer I've had. The Models: The Smith's waterline profile sits a lot higher than the Sampsons. This means you are a bigger target for incoming fire. This handicap is only really significant for the bow of the ship, since unlike the Sampson, the Smith doesn't have a lot of mid-ship objects on it. Therefore, it is in fact harder to hit the Smith from the side over the Sampson. The smokestacks are more spread out, with only the 2 and 3 one being close to each other, meanwhile the Sampson carries 4 lifeboats and has cram tightly packed smokestacks, which make it susceptible for HE hits. The weaponry placement: The two ships only share the position of 3 of their guns, these being the front placed, and the front-mid-ship guns which can only fire into one direction. Therefore, the Smith can fire 4 guns each broadside, while the Sampson can only fire 3. The torpedo tubes on the smith have a similar layout to it's mid-ship guns. It has one single tube launcher that can fire in both directions towards the aft, while it has 2 single tube launchers which can fire in each direction respectively. The Sampson has 2 twin tubes for each side at mid-ship. Torpedo Armament of the Smith and Sampson The Sampson can fire 4 Torpedoes in one salvo in each direction at a time, while the smith can only fire 2, the Smith can, however fire her torpedoes twice as fast: Torpedo launches over time Final Conclusion: Is it better than the Sampson? No, it's not. There are clear problems with this ship, it's hitpoints, it's speed, it's armament. The Sampson beats the Smith in every respect. The Smith however, has the unique torpedoes. While firing a whole bunch of torpedoes with a single salvo has a huge damage output, once you fired, you have to reload. While other ships would have to wait a significant amount of time before you can launch torpedoes again. And what if your target dodges your spread completely? You see these kinds of problems don't affect the Smith, at 11 seconds reload time, you're basically firing your torpedoes as some ships would with their main guns. This allows for some very unique gameplay, here is a screenshot of my very first match in my Smith. For the Smith, it doesn't matter whether you miss with some torpedoes, because you can just fire again and again, at some point you will hit your target. You force enemy players to spend their whole time dodging your torps, or get hit. It's not unlike a gunboat at higher tiers, you're the annoying mosquito, that constantly harrasses other ships. Everyone wants you dead. Which is why the bad concealment-torp range is a big problem. You need to make islands work, get your positioning right, use your engine boost to position yourself close to an island and close to the enemy, pop your smoke if it gets dangerous, don't manfight. Surprise battleships that don't expect you coming around the corner. You can bait people with your guns to come into the little trap that you prepare with this nasty little strike package. Use. Your. Torps. I know this might sound like a nobrainer, but your guns are not worth the effort once your enemy is torp range, you can pop some shots at them, but you should really be focusing on your torpedo launching. This is how I feel the Smith plays like. Rapid torpedo launching is it's game, and islands and smoke screens are it's best friend.This is why, for me, this is the best out of the lot. Katori gets all the collector points, but gameplay-wise, the Smith takes the crown. So If you are wondering what you should do with your diamonds, prioritize the Katori if you're a collector, take the Smith if you want some unique and fun gameplay. Or take both, since why wouldn't you if you can! I have read very often people saying that previews and reviews don't really reflect the gameplay of a ship since the reviewers only show the ship at it's best. Therefore I have picked an average gameplay video to present what a match in the Smith might look like. How did you guys feel about the Smith?
  12. Preview o Review? Saipan - Portaaviones U.S. Premium T7. -Saipan review en texto; Saipan review en video;
  13. Crucero KIROV tier 5 sovietico ( Preview )

    Crucero KIROV tier 5 sovietico ( Preview ) Algo de info ; Review - http://shipcomrade.com/news/82/tier-5-soviet-kirov-class-cruiser-preview.html Lo mismo, pero traducido por Mr.Google - Solo datos tecnicos - http://shipcomrade.com/ships/kirov Videos ;
  14. Bereits vor einigen Wochen wurde in Fragerunden mit den Entwicklern bekannt gegeben, dass es zukünftig mehr Tarnungen geben soll, angefangen bei besonderen Anstrichen für alle Premium-Schiffe. Dies scheint sich nun abzuzeichnen am Horizont. In den USA (und scheinbar bisher nur dort) wurde die Shopseite optisch überarbeitet. Das sieht zum einen deutlich übersichtlicher und moderner aus, aber offenbart eben auch die scheinbar kommenden neuen Anstriche für die meisten Premium-Schiffe. Die Bilder der Schiffe habe ich einfach mal diesem Beitrag angehängt. Im US-Client/Spiel selbst sind diese Tarnungen aber noch nicht aktiv. Von daher ist es nicht 100% sicher, ob diese auch genauso kommen werden und wenn doch wann dies der Fall sein wird. Es deutet aber zumindest einiges darauf hin ;)
  15. Russian Destroyers tier I - X

    update: now with info-text on the pictures. http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/fast-and-furious/