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Found 40 results

  1. Yahagi in Review - Destroyer in cruiser’s clothing Yahagi is the latest addition to the Japanese premium ship lineup in World of Warships, and is now one of many premium cruisers at tier 5 that players can choose from. In this review I'm looking at Yahagi, giving my feedback on how I feel the ship performs, what she's like to play, and whether she's worth the price tag. Yahagi is fully released, and it is highly unlikely at this stage that her stats will change. Bitesize Yahagi is a light cruiser that borrows heavily from her destroyer sisters Her main drawbacks are bad gun handling, light armour, and bad torpedo angles. Her strengths are strong torpedoes, great concealment, good manoeuvrability, and fast speed. Yahagi is a challenging ship to well in, but can be rewarding if played correctly. History Yahagi was one of four Agano-class vessels built during 4th Naval Armaments Supplement Programme. She was completed at the Sasebo Naval Arsenal in late 1942, but was not put into service until a year later. Like the obsolete, preceding light cruisers of the IJN, Aganos were to serve as destroyer flotilla leaders. As such, she was put in command of 3 DesDivs for the Japanese 1st Mobile Fleet. Yahagi participated as escort during the Battle of the Philippine Sea, as well as taking part in the Battle of Leyte Gulf, where she was assigned to Force “A”. Despite being subjected to numerous attacks by air, Yahagi managed to come out unharmed in both. During the follow-up Battle off Samar, Yahagi again pulled through without being damaged. Her luck would run out, however. Under the command of Tameichi Hara, Yahagi departed, together with Yamato, 6 Type-A and 2-Type-B destroyers, on April 6 at 16:00 from Tokuyama. Their suicidal mission: Stop the invasion of Okinawa. With no air cover and being spotted and shadowed by US submarines within hours of departing, the task was doomed to fail. The attack on the vessels of operation “Ten-Go” came the next day at noon. Over 380 US aircraft swarmed the task force. Yahagi was hit by a torpedo during the first attack wave and was dead in the water, Kagerou-class destroyer Isokaze attempted to assist, but to no avail, as she was also sunk briefly after. Yahagi took another 12 bombs and 6 torpedoes before she began to capsize around 14:05 toward starboard. Minutes later, the flagship Yamato, which had be subject to unrelenting air attacks in the last 2 hours, and was also capsized at this stage, detonated in an explosion that could reportedly heard and seen 200km away. The following mushroom cloud reaching 6km into the sky. At the foot of this cloud were the 280 survivors of the Yamato, less than 10% of the original complement, 800 men of the 3 sunk destroyers, as well as some 555 crewmen of Yahagi. 4137 men would die that day, including 100 Navy aircraft, many of them Kamikaze, in what can be described as a final, desperate and deliberate suicide attack of the Japanese Navy. Ingame In World of Warships, Yahagi is a tier 5 premium Japanese light cruiser. In her setup, she is very similar to the tier 4 premium, Yuubari. Her main selling point is speed, concealment, and strong torpedoes. She is also one of the few IJN “modern” CLs in the game. Stat Rundown Yahagi is 25700 hitpoints strong, with 13mm overall armour, with parts of the superstructure being 10mm; and a citadel belt of 60mm - a significant part of this is above the waterline. The Citadel deck and the portions below the waterline have 20mm plating, with a small area being as thin as 6mm. Yahagi isn’t the least healthy CL at her tier, in fact, she ends up being somewhere in the middle. Her armour allows her to absorb a lot of high calibre damage via over-penentrations, with only occasional full penetrations happening while being angled or at range (where avoiding shells becomes easier). With lower calibre guns at medium to close range, there is a good chance of citadeling a Yahagi. One should keep this in mind when going broadside. Her 13mm overall armour makes her very susceptible to every type of HE, even that of Destroyers, and it will be AP overmatched by anything above 186mm. Yahagi’s armament consists of 3x2 152mm Type 41 guns with a reload time of 9 seconds and a 180 degree turn rate of 30 seconds. If I were to liken these guns to anything, it’d be the IJN Type 3 destroyer guns found on virtually every IJN DD from tier 6 onwards (excluding the Akizuki and above). The range is 14.9km, and the initial shell velocity is 850m/s. A strong point is the high alpha of the HE: 2600 damage. AP is at 2900 damage. Captains will find the shells to have somewhat unwieldy flight characteristics - they arc, seem to take forever to reach their target, and disperse considerably. The latter is most noticeable due to the low volume of fire. Whereas Mogami makes this up with sheer shell count, Yahagi is stuck with a mere 6 shots per salvo. One interesting feature of Yahagi is her torpedoes. Two sets of 61cm torpedoes with 60kn speed and 12km range. The configuration is unlike that found on any other ship: 17233 damage, 120 seconds reload time, 6 seconds 180 degree turn time, 1.6km detection range. This is coupled with another notable feature: The quite bad torpedo angles, which force captains to be almost completely broadside to be able to fire their torpedoes. Initial tests with Yahagi used the 10km torpedoes found on Kagerou. More alpha, and faster, but with worse range. Thanks to the 2km improvement, they have become a bit less situational, albeit losing out on very good handling characteristics. With the significant focus on the torpedoes in the development, it is clear that they are more than just an afterthought. If you play carefully, you’ll be able to bolster your damage output with just a few hits from these. Yahagi’s AA suite consist of the all too well known 25mm autocannons found on virtually every Japanese ship. On Yahagi, they make up the 0.1-2.5km short range AA, with 186 dps and an 85% hit rate. The medium-short range AA is made up of 2x twin 76.2mm guns, with 49 dps at up to 3.5km range. Yahagi has no long range AA, and no flak bursts, but is armed with a fighter. Due to the limited range of her AA, Yahagi will have a hard time defending even herself. This is not necessarily uncommon at her tier. Her air defence is somewhat alleviated by the addition of a fighter, which can act as a deterrent for CVs - anything more would be an overstatement. In short: carriers are not Yahagi’s friends. Yahagi is a very fast ship, with a base speed of 35kn, a rudder shift of 5.1s and a turning circle of 690m. With “Sierra Mike” she can go 36.8kn before engine boost. This, in combination with the engine boost, makes Yahagi extremely slippery at range, similar to a French cruiser, or a DD. Finally, concealment. Yahagi has an 11km base detection (9.9km with CE). 5.1km air detection (4.6km) and assured smoke acquisition of 5.3km. This is one of Yahagi’s strong suits, though she’s only marginally better than other T5 premiums like Genova (11.5km) and worse than Exeter (10.7km). Her main problem will be dealing with destroyers, as these will outspot you by a significant margin. Consumable Choice Besides the usual cruiser DCP (Damage control party), and the aforementioned fighter, Yahagi also gets access to a Japanese engine boost (+8%), lasting 120 seconds; and a hydro-acoustic search (4km range for ship acquisition, 3km for torpedoes) that lasts for 100 seconds. Other than the engine boost, this is pretty standard for a Japanese cruiser. Captain Skills and Upgrades While I always like to hold the position of "build your captain whichever way you want to", I'd like to show my captain build for Yahagi. I have picked CE, Survivability Expert and IFHE as my "must haves", due to their clear advantages over other skills. Furthermore, Expert Marksman is a strong pick, as it allows her guns to turn faster at closer range. Torpedo Armament Expertise is something that can come in handy, but is not a must. If you have the points to spend, you could choose between that, or Superintendent, the latter being limited in use, as matches don't last as long, and I've rarely found myself running out of any of my consumables. I personally don't feel that Upgrades are as important at this tier, but I do recommend picking Aiming Systems Mod. 1 to improve your accuracy at range. Yahagi in practice I’ve spent about 4 weeks on and off testing the released version of Yahagi. Something that almost immediately struck me was how comfortable the ship felt. The reason for this was the similarities between IJN destroyers and Yahagi. While the gun layout on Yahagi is switched - two guns in the front and one gun in the back - the overall performance feels very similar to that of say, a Kagerou. The gun handling characteristics and shell travel reminded me of an upscaled Japanese destroyer. The greater ranges make the dispersion difference all the more noticeable, however. The awful torpedo angles, which are similar to the ones found on the Yuubari, also immediately stuck out. Ideally, I’d overlook this, and just make seldom use of the torpedoes. However, because of the damage potential, and because it was one of the main selling points, I subdued the urge to ignore them, and tried to use them as often as possible. Due to low success rate (about 7.33% hit rate), which was mainly due to unwilling (running/kiting/staying at distance) enemies, I was stuck using mostly my guns. The Destroyer Problem Yahagi is on the better side when it comes to her detection range. If she contends in her own matchmaking and class, there are only a handful of ships that outdo her in this regard. Sadly for Yahagi, this game features multiple ship classes, namely, destroyers. If we look at an equal tier Minekaze for instance, we will find that there is a multiple kilometre concealment difference between the two (9.9km on Yahagi versus 5.4km on Minekaze - a 4.5km difference). And even if it isn’t a Minekaze, virtually all DDs in Yahagi’s bracket have a decent stealth window over her. While this doesn’t mean you can never make use of her good concealment, it does mean you will have to be more aware of the flow of battle, and may have to deal with the odd “being spotted in the worst position” scenario. Just like a real destroyer after all! Too bad you’re still a cruiser with all cruiser caveats. The Cruiser Problem As Yahagi’s effective combat performance is more resemblant of a DD than a cruiser, others of her class can become a hassle. Her 6 barrels don’t exactly make a massively strong broadside. And while the HE with it’s strong alpha is respectable, it’s rate of fire isn’t. Königsbergs, for instance, dish out shells 1.5s faster per turret and have an extra barrel in each mount. At a distance, this is not as much of a problem as it is at close range - which is something you should absolutely avoid in a Yahagi. Bad reload and bad turn rate, coupled with sub-par torpedo angles AND super soft armour make a bad match for close quarter fights against enemy cruisers. The Battleship Problem This isn’t Yahagi specific, but rather a curse of all low tier cruisers. Battleships will find the most random moments to wallop you for half your health. There’s not much you can do except play with your speed, attempt evasive maneuvers, and stay at a distance. Ironically, this is where you’re most likely to arm high calibre shells for the most damage! If you are lucky, and you make yourself as unappetizing as possible, enemy BBs will maybe try to look for something else to shoot at. But never take this for granted, for they will be waiting opportunistically for you to make a mistake. A strong point for Yahagi here is that she does have an engine boost, allowing her to escape sticky situations more easily due to the improved manoeuvrability. In Conclusion To summarize, Yahagi ends up being a cruiser that trades firepower for concealment, manoeuvrability, and speed. She shares many aspects of her lightly armoured peers, but has the offensive armament of a mid-tiered destroyer. A destroyer with a citadel and bad concealment, then. She is very fragile, and doesn’t like to get in close quarter engagements. While her survivability is the highest at range, her bad gun handling characteristics at distance force her into a more medium range role. While I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Yahagi (most of this owed to the fact that she is very much like an IJN 12,7cm gunboat), I personally don't think she’s a good premium cruiser. Nothing about her is particularly strong, her playstyle probably isn’t most people’s cup of tea, and her strong points - of which many are just national traits - come with significant drawbacks. Yahagi can be fun if you enjoy being the underdog. Play her right, and you will be rewarded for your hard work. Play her wrong… and you will be punished accordingly. She isn’t much different to equal tiered CLs. High risk, decent reward. If that kind of playstyle is up your alley, or you are looking for a cruiser that makes you work for your kills and damage, then a Yahagi might be for you. If not, even with the comparitvely (to other premiums) low price tag, I'd recommend against her. She is absolutely gorgeous to look at, though. P. S. If you're looking for a premium to grind Free XP or Credits on, then I would also skip the Yahagi, due to the aforementioned. This week's CCT containers Due to a longer absence from the game, I am giving away 3 CCT containers this week (if the system allows me to). I'll draw 5 winners from the poll, the first 3 will receive a CCT container, the other 2 camouflage subscriber codes. To enter, all you have to do is fill out the poll. Note: the poll is public so I can view the entries. This poll will help me decide how to distribute the containers in the future (I have done giveaways in both ways in the past, but I'd like to hear you forumites' opinion on this), so pick what you feel is the best! Looking forward to hearing your opinions, and good luck in the draw! Winners will receive their codes next week on monday (27/01/2020).
  2. Shiryu_72

    T10 Puerto Rico

    Salut la communauté Je commence ce topic ici, car ne je vois pas où il existe une autre rubrique sur cet "événement" Warship. Pour ceux qui veulent commenter ici le comportement de ce croiseur lourd yankee faites vous plaisir, cependant je viens chercher d'autres explications. En effet, c'est complètement dépité que j'ai constaté l'arrêt total de la fabrication de ce croiseur depuis quelques jours dans mon chantier naval. Certes, l'arrêt de la construction automatique était annoncée, mais il est mentionné également que seuls les boosters permettront de terminer les navires...ce qui rend du coup le concept un peu abscons. Car des boosters j'en ai, même payés en doublons sonnants et trébuchants, mais la construction reste totalement arrêtée. Clairement c'était un piège à couillons ?? Dans quel cas je décroche la palme. Merci pour vos réponses, quitte à passer pour un fruit.
  3. XbodzioXplX


    Wrzucajmy tutaj wszystkie obniżki, promocje, oferty, kody z różnych gazet itp. itd. dotyczące WoWs Czyli zamiast tworzenia co tydzień nowego tematu na "weekendowe wyprzedaże" albo "Anshan jest w sklepie!!!!" wklepujmy to tutaj. Mam nadzieję, że temat się zakorzeni i łatwiej będzie nam nadążać za ofertami dla graczy.
  4. Deformator1977


    Hejka, Kupiłem sobie ten ruski niszczyciel i po początkowej niemocy związanej z brakiem podstaw znajomości gry byłem lekko zawiedziony. Ale wraz z kolejnymi bitwami nabierałem do niego przekonania i myślę, że mogę wstępnie podsumować moje spostrzeżenia w formie plusów i minusów. Plusy: Prędkość 38 węzłów. Działa główne 4 x 130 mm z przeładowaniem 9.5x w ciągu minuty i zasięgiem 11 km. 2 wyrzutnie po 3 torpedy z zasięgiem 8.0 km. Niezła zwrotność i kamuflaż. Wady: Większy niż konkurencyjne niszczyciele na 5 poziomie. Baaaardzo wolny czas obrotu głównych baterii. Baaaardzo wolny czas przeładowania wyrzutni torpedowych 0.9x minutę. Prędkość torped 55 węzły czyli tak na granicy rozsądku. Taktyka: Taktyka tego okrętu przypomina mi zastosowanie niemieckiego czołgu VK 28.01. Jako scout był średni, natomiast nie było lepszego pojazdu do zwalczania maszyn lekkich niż ten niemiecki klocek (teraz po nerfie z czołgu zrobił się badziew) Tak samo gra się ruskiem, można co prawda odpalać torpedy w daleki cel, ale czekanie później 1 minutę na ponowną salwę lekko denerwuje, dlatego trzeba wykazać się cierpliwością i postawić sobie za cel zwalczanie innych niszczycieli. Tutaj gremiaszczy robi masakrę, 4 baterie w kilku salwach żegnają wrogi niszczyciel, a niejeden słabiej opancerzony krążownik też może porządnie oberwać. Zasięg działa pozwala na obijanie co większych klamotów na odległość 10 km i mimo kiepskich obrażeń zawsze coś im uszkodzimy, podpalimy a przede wszystkim wnerwimy Nie jestem jakimś wirtuozem WoWs ale tak średnio 1-3 zatopienia na bitwę tym niszczycielem to norma. Przy tym fajnie zarabia i niestety, prosi się o nerfa... Pozdro, Def
  5. Trigger_Happy_Dad


    Hier bitte alles rein was mit der "Mikasa" zu tun hat, Erfahrungsberichte, Tipps, Fragen, Videos, usw. ;) Datenblatt:
  6. Procrastes

    What do you think of the Gorizia?

    Any thoughts on the new Italian premium ship, the Gorizia? I thought there should be a dedicated thread on the ship as such, without any debate on the Christmas grind (there are several threads on that topic already). So let's just focus on the pros and cons of the ship itself, here? I have been hoping for a nice premium Italian cruiser for a while now, and one that has all those special characteristics of the Regia Marina cruiser line. The Genova ticks the boxes except for the special Italian smoke, but since that is a rather big part of the deal, I have been waiting for something like the Gorizia. Ideally, she should be on a par with her silver sister the Zara, with some nice little tweak to mark a difference but without making her straight off either better or worse. From what I've read about the Gorizia so far, she has a somewhat faster-reloading smoke screen than the Zara, but slower-reloading guns and no torpedoes. The presentation of the ship on the sales page in the shop also hints at the armour of the Gorizia being a bit stronger, but since we are talking about a cruiser, I'm not holding my breath on this one. I would have expected the lack of a torpedo armament to perhaps be compensated by stronger guns, and not the other way around. The reload on those Italian cruiser guns is slow enough as it is, and so it seems a bit unappealing for the Gorizia to have an even bigger weakness in that regard. But maybe I'm missing something? How about her manoeuvrability? If that is markedly better than that of her sister Zara, then that could potentially make a big difference for a ship that relies on avoiding getting hit between high-damage alpha strikes. Over to you, fellow forumites!
  7. wikipedi

    USS Wichita

    Wszelkie porady dotyczące amerykańskiego krążownika premium USS Wichita.
  8. BattleshipGunner

    Premium account for tier 8 ships?

    Hi, I've been playing my Chapayev for a few battles today and I keep losing battles. I mostly do average to good damage in these battles and I very rarely get a profit of 100k+ credits. Game I just had in my Chapayev: I have the Infernal permanent camo on my Chapayev. Do I need premium account to get a reasonable profit from tier 8? Thanks.
  9. Malsum

    Imperator Nikola I

    Leider gibt es ja noch kein Forum "Schlachtschiffe" bei den Russen, daher vorerst mal hier im Kreuzer-Forum. Habe mir gerade das neue Schlachtschiff "Imperator Nikola I" zugelegt und bin begeistert. Preis ist mit knapp 30 Euro zwar etwas hoch (da Teil eines Pakets), aber dafür bekommt man ja auch noch 5250 Dublonen und 200 Flaggen. Die ersten drei (der vier) Türme drehen nach vorne und haben einen sehr guten Feuerwinkel. Durch diesen kann man die Panzerung schön anwinkeln und APs des Gegners prallen ab. Von mir eine Kaufempfehlung (gerade wenn man die Dublonen und Flaggen brauchen kann)!
  10. Hey, ich bins wieder. Hätte mal eine Frage bezüglich der drei Schiffchen die im Titel stehen. Könnt ihr mir mal so eine kleine Review über die geben? Überlege mir eine der drei zu kaufen, weil die ganz okay sein sollen. Außerdem wäre eine Empfehlung nett (wenn überhaupt). LG Indez
  11. whoopWhooop


    Hey Ho, kurzer Eindruck der USS Atlanta. Das Schiff ist extrem übel, die Feuergeschwindigkeit und Masse an Geschossen ist dramatisch. Bin gestern mit dem Schiff auf eine Fuso gestoßen und nach kurzem Feuergefecht knappe 70 Treffer gesetzt. Als die Runde vorbei war, waren es >160 Hits incl. Zitadellen usw. der Schaden der dabei rumkommt ist jedoch nicht so pralle. Also Fazit: Schönes Schiff das eine extreme Feuerrate hat. Mit diesem Schiff spammt man den Gegner einfach nur zu und sollte man HE nutzen brennt jeder lichterloh. EDIT: (Danke Troody) Die Torpedos vernachlässige ich. Gründe dafür sind die typisch Amerikanische Reichweite und der klare Vorteil der Batterien die einfach alles abräumen, sollte ein Gegner natürlich unter die 4 . 4,5 km Marke kommen, wird er natürlich mit den Torpedos begrüßt. DD Jäger da hast natürlich recht, die Geschwindigkeit und manövrierbarkeit ist ziemlich gut "meiner Meinung nach". Also keine Angst vor DD's sollte der Kapitän sich auskennen, ist der DD schnell Fischfutter. Was sind eure Eindrücke ? MFG Datt Weasel
  12. Davao

    Genova premium V tier

    Temat poświęcony krążownikowi V tieru premium Genova Main Battery 203 mm/50 Ansaldo 1924 4 х 2 pcs. Rate of Fire 3 shots/min. Reload Time 20 sec. Rotation Speed 7 deg./sec. 180 Degree Turn Time 25.71 sec. Firing Range 14.3 km. Maximum Dispersion 131 m. Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell 0 % AP Shell203 mm proiettili AP 1924 mod.1 Maximum AP Shell Damage 4,700 Initial AP Shell Velocity 840 m./s. AP Shell Weight 125.3 kg. Secondary Armament #1 102 mm/35 OTO 193312 х 1 pcs. Firing Range 4 km. Rate of Fire 15 shots/min. Reload Time 4 sec. HE Shell102 mm proiettili HE 1933 Maximum HE Shell Damage 1,450 Initial HE Shell Velocity 811 m./s. Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell 6 % Torpedo Tubes 533 mm tubo lanciasiluri DAAN-Whitehead 2 х 2 / 2 х 2 pcs. Rate of Fire 1.28 shots/min. Reload Time 47 sec. Rotation Speed 25 deg./sec. 180 Degree Turn Time 7.2 sec. Torpedo533 mm Si 270 G Maximum Damage 9,067 Torpedo Speed 51 knot Torpedo Range 8.01 km. AA Defense 76/40 Ansaldo 1917 4 х 1 pcs. . . . Average Damage per Second 8.4 . . . Firing Range 3 km. 102 mm/35 OTO 1933 12 х 1 pcs. . . . Average Damage per Second 33.6 . . . Firing Range 3.51 km. Maneuverability Maximum Speed 34.5 knot Turning Circle Radius 660 m. Rudder Shift Time 8.6 sec. Concealment Surface Detectability Range 11.82 km. Air Detectability Range 8.28 km.
  13. Witojcie, Jako, że Haida jest już dostępna w sprzedaży warto założyć wątek poświęcony temu, bądź co bądź, słynnemu kanadyjskiemu niszczycielowi klasy Tribal. Parametry są podane na Wikipedii, więc odsyłam do niej. Parametry Haidy. W skrócie: -bardzo dobre kamo, -"kroczący" dym, podobnie jak u Pertha, -hydro o krótkim zasięgu, ale wydłużonym działaniu; ponadto na osobnym slocie, -jeden aparat torpedowy z 4 rurami, możliwość odpalania torped pojedynczo, -6 dział o dobrych obrażeniach, ale fatalnych kątach ostrzału. Poniżej screen z alternatywnym kamuflażem. Zapraszam do dyskusji.
  14. Haatra


    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o prémiové bitevní lodi Mutsu (Japonsko, tier VI). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině)
  15. Hey, gibt es von den vielen japanischen Premium Schiffen irgendein gutes? Alles Klassen ausser Zerstörer bitte
  16. O3EE

    Steam DLCs and VIP program

    Hello! I have two questions: 1. Are you guys planning on changing DLCs on steam? Because they haven't been changed in the past few months. (probably 3-4 months or more) 2. As you can probably see or check, i spend/spent/invested a lot of money into the game :) Like a lot... :D Many hundred/Few thousands of euros :/ (jeez) Are you guys planning on doing some program like CCs for the guys like me? Who spent a lot of money in the game, and helped the making/developing WoWs. I thought some VIP program or something. Just like twitch done in the last few months with VIP badges. Or what you've done to ship collectors badges. Are there any plan to do something like this? Like after some amount of money spent in the game you can get in-game goodies or flags, or discounts, or something, i don't know :) Just like you did with this recruit program. Just done the math from my e-mail account (i searched for all the purchases i made since 2018.01.) I've spent: 530.536 HUF thats about 1634 EUR in 1 year and 7 months. Now that's a lot... :D Thank you for your answer in advance guys!
  17. CptBarney

    Miss Perth - How to play.

    Hello, smoll forum dwellers. As my first topic on this forum, i would like to enquire as to how to play miss perth and what captain builds you recommend? Im also interested in how she compares to other cruisers of her tier and how well she fares both bottom and top tier. And how best to use her modules (just seen that she has creeping smoke). Here is the current build so far, im not sure what to put for the last 10 points seeing as she has HE. Thanks to those who do reply and with great detail. And keep sillies and funnies to a minimum please if possible. Wish you all well. 'w' EDIT: Replays! 'w' 20191015_082052_PUSC506-Perth-1942_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay 20191015_083225_PUSC506-Perth-1942_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay 20191015_080607_PUSC506-Perth-1942_52_Britain.wowsreplay
  18. Blaubeeren


    Aigle französischer Zerstörer Hier alles rein was ihr zum Tier VI Premium Zerstörer , welchen man sich (aktuell) erspielen kann, zu berichten habt. Hier schön im passendem Hafen: Daten gibts unter http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Aigle (hab schon Module eingebaut ) Blaubeeren Wenn der Bereich für französische Zerstörer vorhanden ist, bitte verschieben. edit: Dem Wunsch wurde entsprochen
  19. Haatra


    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o prémiové bitevní lodi Dunkerque (Francie, tier VI). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině) Starší vlákno Dunkerque
  20. Trigger_Happy_Dad


  21. LordGregor00

    Alaska Oneshotet mich (Neptune)

    Wie kann es sein das eine Alaska eine Neptune mit einer Salve komplett zerstört. wer bei WG hat sich den scheiß ausgedacht sie ist zwar nicht die best gepanzerte Schiff´, aber trotzdem ist das nicht der Grund dafür ein Schiff welches so schon anspruchsvoll zuspielen ist einfach von einem Premium der mal um eine Ecke schaut vernichtet zu werden. Bitte WG macht da was das kann einfach nicht sein. LG LordGregor
  22. Bon, je me suis remis a WoWship (javais fait le Beta). Je souhaitai faire un point sur certain Prémium que j'ai acheté et aimerai avoir des retours sur ces MM premium. l'Ashasio :T8 Un de mes premiers premium : Historiquement compliqué a jouer : Torpilles en eau profonde, Canons qui tournent au ralenti, bonne discrétion . Le pb il devient injouable : -Sa vitesse 36.8 (comme d'autre japonnais)fait qu'il est rattrapé systématiquement par les nouveaux. DD & CA qui vont beaucoup + vite que lui. -L’introduction de nombreux navires avec radar rendent sa faible détectabilité useless. Pour rendre cohérent en terme de DD et achetable, notamment avec les nouveaux DD ne serait il pas nécessaire de mettre sa vitesse au moins au mm niveau que les autres 40 n (sachant qu'il est souvent face a des DD T9/10 de 40 n voir +) ?? Le Terrible T8 : Achat récent ; La aussi compliqué a jouer : Très bonne vitesse, Pas de fumées (la c'est chaud), cadence de tir ok, , discrétion très moyenne 6.6 (amélioré), Portée de torpilles faible 8Km. Pour la cohérence avec les autres DD et le rendre utilisable, soit augmenter sa discrétion et/ou augmenter la porté des torpilles à 10 Km pour en refaire un vrai DD torpilleur ?? Le Friesland T9 : Achat récent ; Que dire si ce n'est, que j'ai failli demander le remboursement de ce bateau, de mon point de vue c'est abusé vu le prix. Peu intéressant à jouer pour un je sais pas un DD ?? ... : Pas de torpilles bon ok, Vitesse très moyenne (pas de bost), Cadence de tir ok mais dégâts asthmatiques pour un T9 sauf sur une très longue période, Discrétion très moyenne. Par cohérence : Le rendre plus rapide pour être associé aux canons a 360, sinon çà sert a rien, ajouter des bosts de vitesse et uper le DMG, la discrétion ?? par ce que la, j'ai du mal a voir l’interet en T9/T10 .... Le YUDACHI T7 : Achat récent ; La plutôt équilibré et sympa. Le GRAFZEEPLIN T8 : Achat récent ; La plutôt équilibré et sympa. Par contre passé minuit, revoir le MM on est avec que des T10, donc il devient useless face a tous les T10 ?? Le YOSHINO T10 : Achat récent ; La plutôt équilibré et sympa. Voila a vous lire.
  23. Ares_de_Borg

    Monaghan (Tier VI Premium)

    Hier bitte alles rein was mit der "Monaghan" zu tun hat, Erfahrungsberichte, Tipps, Fragen, Videos, usw. ;) Die USS Monaghan (DD-354) war das letzte Schiff des Zerstörers der Farragut-Klasse. Sie wurde nach Fähnrich John R. Monaghan benannt. Die USS Monaghan wurde am 21. November 1933 am Boston Navy Yard gelegt und am 9. Januar 1935 gestartet. Sie wurde von Miss Mary F. Monaghan, Nichte von Fähnrich Monaghan, gesponsert und am 19. April 1935 unter der Leitung von Commander R. R. Thompson in Dienst gestellt. Während der nächsten Jahre operierte die USS Monaghan hauptsächlich im Nordatlantik und bildete US Navy Personal aus, das im Zweiten Weltkrieg diente. Die USS Monaghan war während des Angriffs auf Pearl Harbor am 7. Dezember 1941 anwesend. Sie nahm 1942 an der Schlacht am Korallenmeer und der Schlacht von Midway teil. Die USS Monaghan wurde 1944 bei einem Taifun östlich der Philippinen versenkt. Verfügbarkeit Die Monaghan war zuerst Ende Mai / Anfang Juni 2018 über den Umweg über die Liberty-Container für die Halsey-Sammlung verfügbar. Beim Öffnen eines solchen Containers hat man eine gewisse Chance, einen Auftrag für verschiedene amerikanische Schiffe zu erhalten, unter anderem die Monaghan.
  24. Trigger_Happy_Dad


    Hier bitte alles rein was mit der "Yubari" zu tun hat, Erfahrungsberichte, Tipps, Fragen, Videos, usw. ;) Datenblatt: siehe auch: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship_nations_japan http://worldofwarships.eu/de/news/common/premium-spotlight-yubari/ http://blog.livedoor.jp/irootoko_jr/search?q=yubari P.S. Bitte kein flaming / hating / whining! ;)
  25. Hayashio

    The Smith in preview

    The Smith Hey everyone. Welcome to the second last instalment on the Grand Naval Battles ship previews. Today we are looking at probably my favourite gameplay-wise. You can go and check out the other ones I did, currently we have: "What is the Smith?" you may ask. Well, to put it simply, it’s a Sampson with one more gun and a lot less torpedo tubes. At least that was the first impression I had of it. Here I have listed a table with all key differences. Basically, on paper, the Sampson does everything better or on par with the Smith. Later, we will be having another look at these two again in detail. First of all however, I want to focus on the Smith itself. Like in my previous previews, we're gonna have a shakedown of the ship itself, then move on to a short conclusion of the given stats, finally follow up with a verdict and some gameplay. Pros: -Very good concealment. The concealment comes close to that of a Japanese destroyer. 5.6 Kilometres aren’t enough to drop your torpedoes concealed, but allow you to get quite close to your enemies before they can shoot at you. -Great Rudder shift time 2 seconds is a good rudder shift time, beating the Sampson’s by 0.7 seconds. -Large number of guns The Smith is able to fire 4 of her guns in each direction at a time. That’s 1 more than the Sampson and a lot better than the Umikaze. -Great torpedo reload At 11 seconds the Smith has arguably the fastest reload of all torpedo bearing ships -Good Turn circle The Smith comes very close to the Tachibana in terms of turn circle, putting it in second place out of the tier II destroyers. Cons: -Slow for a destroyer It’s 28 knots wouldn’t probably only look good on a cruiser. It’s however manageable with engine boost. -Low count of torpedo tubes The Initial payload the Smith can launch is a lot smaller than most of it’s DD counterparts, Therefore a player has to be quite precise with his torpedoes, as he can’t fan them like with other destroyers. More on that later. -Low amount of hitpoints Even the Storozhevoy beats the Smith in terms of hitpoints. You can’t be shot at for too long since you will die very quickly. -Short range on her armament This is probably in combination with the small calibre. 6.5 kilometres doesn’t leave a lot of engagement space. -Tiny calibre on it’s main armament (76.2mm Main guns) The guns which otherwise would be secondaries (like the Umikaze’s) are considered primary on the smith, the Sampson’s guns are 30mm larger than the Smith’s. With this, penetration and damage output drop as well. AP penetration and fire chance are very low as well. Conclusion: This ship can’t fire concealed, not even with AFT, which can push the gun range up to 7.9 kilometres by the way. The guns are nothing I’d go gunboating with, but can be quite useful when dealing with enemy destroyers and finishing enemies. Overall the first impression feels like the Smith is very much a Kamikaze boat. But so are most Destroyers in low tiers. The Smith and the Sampson Like before stated, the Smith seems to be like a slightly worse Sampson. However, I can tell you gameplay-wise, both ships are very different from one another. The Smith doesn't play like any destroyer I've had. The Models: The Smith's waterline profile sits a lot higher than the Sampsons. This means you are a bigger target for incoming fire. This handicap is only really significant for the bow of the ship, since unlike the Sampson, the Smith doesn't have a lot of mid-ship objects on it. Therefore, it is in fact harder to hit the Smith from the side over the Sampson. The smokestacks are more spread out, with only the 2 and 3 one being close to each other, meanwhile the Sampson carries 4 lifeboats and has cram tightly packed smokestacks, which make it susceptible for HE hits. The weaponry placement: The two ships only share the position of 3 of their guns, these being the front placed, and the front-mid-ship guns which can only fire into one direction. Therefore, the Smith can fire 4 guns each broadside, while the Sampson can only fire 3. The torpedo tubes on the smith have a similar layout to it's mid-ship guns. It has one single tube launcher that can fire in both directions towards the aft, while it has 2 single tube launchers which can fire in each direction respectively. The Sampson has 2 twin tubes for each side at mid-ship. Torpedo Armament of the Smith and Sampson The Sampson can fire 4 Torpedoes in one salvo in each direction at a time, while the smith can only fire 2, the Smith can, however fire her torpedoes twice as fast: Torpedo launches over time Final Conclusion: Is it better than the Sampson? No, it's not. There are clear problems with this ship, it's hitpoints, it's speed, it's armament. The Sampson beats the Smith in every respect. The Smith however, has the unique torpedoes. While firing a whole bunch of torpedoes with a single salvo has a huge damage output, once you fired, you have to reload. While other ships would have to wait a significant amount of time before you can launch torpedoes again. And what if your target dodges your spread completely? You see these kinds of problems don't affect the Smith, at 11 seconds reload time, you're basically firing your torpedoes as some ships would with their main guns. This allows for some very unique gameplay, here is a screenshot of my very first match in my Smith. For the Smith, it doesn't matter whether you miss with some torpedoes, because you can just fire again and again, at some point you will hit your target. You force enemy players to spend their whole time dodging your torps, or get hit. It's not unlike a gunboat at higher tiers, you're the annoying mosquito, that constantly harrasses other ships. Everyone wants you dead. Which is why the bad concealment-torp range is a big problem. You need to make islands work, get your positioning right, use your engine boost to position yourself close to an island and close to the enemy, pop your smoke if it gets dangerous, don't manfight. Surprise battleships that don't expect you coming around the corner. You can bait people with your guns to come into the little trap that you prepare with this nasty little strike package. Use. Your. Torps. I know this might sound like a nobrainer, but your guns are not worth the effort once your enemy is torp range, you can pop some shots at them, but you should really be focusing on your torpedo launching. This is how I feel the Smith plays like. Rapid torpedo launching is it's game, and islands and smoke screens are it's best friend.This is why, for me, this is the best out of the lot. Katori gets all the collector points, but gameplay-wise, the Smith takes the crown. So If you are wondering what you should do with your diamonds, prioritize the Katori if you're a collector, take the Smith if you want some unique and fun gameplay. Or take both, since why wouldn't you if you can! I have read very often people saying that previews and reviews don't really reflect the gameplay of a ship since the reviewers only show the ship at it's best. Therefore I have picked an average gameplay video to present what a match in the Smith might look like. How did you guys feel about the Smith?