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Found 8 results

  1. XbodzioXplX


    Wrzucajmy tutaj wszystkie obniżki, promocje, oferty, kody z różnych gazet itp. itd. dotyczące WoWs Czyli zamiast tworzenia co tydzień nowego tematu na "weekendowe wyprzedaże" albo "Anshan jest w sklepie!!!!" wklepujmy to tutaj. Mam nadzieję, że temat się zakorzeni i łatwiej będzie nam nadążać za ofertami dla graczy.
  2. Zakładam nowy temat odnośnie nowego pancernika premium Ashitaka. Niewiele wiem na jego temat, w skrócie jest to typ Amagi przeniesiony poziom niżej. Bardzo dobra prędkość i 10 dział 410 mm w połączeniu z przyzwoitą ilością HP, za to podatny na ataki z powietrza.
  3. Adama_Pegasus

    Laso Tier VII Premium

    Weiss irgendjemand von euch Seebären was es mit diesem Tier VII Premiumkreuzer Laso auf sich hat, den man beim kommenden Victory-Event in der Waffenkammer bekommen kann? Im englischen WoWs-Wiki steht was von einem Promo Schiff, aber stimmen die Stats? http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Lazo
  4. Trigger_Happy_Dad


  5. O3EE

    Steam DLCs and VIP program

    Hello! I have two questions: 1. Are you guys planning on changing DLCs on steam? Because they haven't been changed in the past few months. (probably 3-4 months or more) 2. As you can probably see or check, i spend/spent/invested a lot of money into the game :) Like a lot... :D Many hundred/Few thousands of euros :/ (jeez) Are you guys planning on doing some program like CCs for the guys like me? Who spent a lot of money in the game, and helped the making/developing WoWs. I thought some VIP program or something. Just like twitch done in the last few months with VIP badges. Or what you've done to ship collectors badges. Are there any plan to do something like this? Like after some amount of money spent in the game you can get in-game goodies or flags, or discounts, or something, i don't know :) Just like you did with this recruit program. Just done the math from my e-mail account (i searched for all the purchases i made since 2018.01.) I've spent: 530.536 HUF thats about 1634 EUR in 1 year and 7 months. Now that's a lot... :D Thank you for your answer in advance guys!
  6. pudelosha


    Francuski niszczyciel premium na 5 tierze. Do zdobycia podczas wydarzenia "Francuskie niszczyciele" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wX9nfBH6rY
  7. Lord0

    Ultimate premium ships?

  8. AwesomeBoat

    T6 Aigle, good?

    Hi, I'm saving up my coal in the armory and was thinking about getting the Aigle, since its t6 and I don't want to get the OR. but before I spent 1-2 months of saving coal, I'd like to know the opinions of those that own it. Thanks