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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone I open this topic, because since I play WoWs, I never had a (real) possibility to have "Belfast" and I think, I'm not the only one (also right for other ships). There are many ship you can obtain through a super container, BUT you have only a probability of 1.5% to have one... Worse, even less probability to have a ship with this method... and last there are hundred ship you can obtain! only good point, you won't have a ship you already have... So 1%(Ship) of 1%(Ship Container, I suppose) of 1.5% (Super Container), 1 to 3 time each day and if you are unlucky like me... My Idea is, put in this topic the name of the ship you want to have. Maybe some Devs will see it and do something... but I'm not too optimist, but at least I tried!
  2. Jethro_Grey

    Premium Store new look:

    The new look of the prem store sucks. This is horribly atrocious design, pls don't do that and revert to the old one. No idea what the ideas behind this new design are, but convincing people to spend money there sure wasn't one of them. I get the whole "let's revamp our ingame UI to make it less cluttered and using - what is probably the console biggest weakness - and making it a PC feature , let's turn it into a console game nightmare" but there was no need to change the premium store. @Moderators: Until now, this topic seem to be non-constructive, but you're wrong! Read below, constructiveness a-plenty: If you need help with making designs for your premium store and are too cheap to hire people like me who actually worked in the industry...or others who have a basic understanding of these things, i will gladly take a break from your grindfest of the month and point you to FREE tutorials on how to make your designs/ layout more appealing. No need to thank me Wargaming, you're welcome!
  3. Jethro_Grey

    Unsinkable Sam Containers

    This might be a pointless question with WG selling containers for every occasion, i.e. Dunkirk, Bismarck, Motherland, US cruisers, a bag of rice fell over in China,..., but what are the chances we can buy USContainers in the premstore? Also, Ark Royal soon in the premium store? I know the official response to that question, but i'd like to know the answer to the first. Another Thing that bothers me...why the EFF is there no commemorative flag with unsinkable Sam that can be earned during the event? And i'm not Talking about that cartoon cat flag that looks like a oversized Garfield. @MrConway, @Crysantos
  4. So WG has listened to all the voices from the WOWS community Now the space camos are available separately for purchase in the premium shop, and I presume that means you can own the camos before you have the TX ship !! Interestingly the new premium ship offers of the week is Prinz Eugen, Alabama and Harekaze. Not much to complain here and grabbed myself a Prinz Eugen while browsing. But, but, but... I thought April is supposed to be about torpedoes... I mean WG even made a ... ermmm, let's say "interesting" video. Where is T-61, Z-39 and Assashio? Reminder : free exp conversion event is now online. But seeing now I can grab the space camos first, I suddenly see no point in spending the money for conversion and will just slowly grind my ship lines. How much are you guys considering to spend with these new changes of premium shop to support WOWS? And what items interests you the most?
  5. What does the victory camouflage provide in terms of performance and XP boost? Also, in the future, can the gift store start listing the characteristics of a ship in the store instead of forcing players to go hunting down the information for the XP boost, credits boost, gun performance, health pools, and all of the other important characteristics that comes with making an informed purchase?
  6. MS_Surface

    Premium store on NA and EU

    Someone on Notsers latest stream said i could buy 100x Papa Papa flags for less than 3 dollars. So i went to my premium store in EU because i figured we should have it too. I was surprised at how bad the EU Premium store is! So if you're going for the mighty MO, better open an account on NA because EU doesn't even sell Papa Papa flags while in NA you can buy it in packages or alone, very cheap. I was also surprised by the fact that while NA has 8 nice packs of signal flags from €2,77 to €13.89, WG EU has 3 crap packs from €9,99 to €29,99. If i had an account on NA, i could buy 100X Papa Papa (+300%freeXP) for €3,77 but i have a EU account, and EU premium store doens't even sell Papa Papa flags, anywhere.