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Found 36 results

  1. Hi all, If you haven't checked the "Premium Shop": You can get 6.250 Doubloons for the price of 4.750 via PayPal! BTW, it says 5000 Doubloons price but actual price for me was 4.750 as verified via: https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/gold/2968/ So... actual bonus is 1.500 which is nice (and more than advertised 1,250 = 25%)... Leo "Apollo11"
  2. Gascogne

    Hello, community! Has Wargaming given any indication as to when Gascogne will be available for sale again? I want one, but had a break from WoWs when it was available in the premium shop. Cheers.
  3. 1. Premium Shop Bundle Packages: have the ship but want the extras..!? What if i got the Dunkerque in a Xmas box (never bought it), and would now like the package withe the extras and flag? Is is possible to buy the package if you have the ship (by coincidence)??? 2. Will we ever have an opportunity 2 be able to earn i n missions or buy the special ship flags, especially if you already bought that ship in premium store before, for those that are collectors or into military history?
  4. So, this just got online on the portal: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/vive-la-france-pt-1/ With the "Viva la france" collection, among other things like camouflages and signal flags, players can get randomly awarded a special mission to unlock the tier V, VI, VII or tier VIII french BBs. The ships will be fully researched and come with a 3 point captain and a port slot. WHY ON EARTH IS THIS A THING!? What happened to just playing the bloody game, starting at the low tiers and progressing up until you finally reached the tier X? Why do people have to start their grind as high up as tier VIII? Oh and of course you can increase your chances to get those unlock missions by throwing money at WG, because naturally they will be selling special collection containers in the premium shop.
  5. Premium shop vagueness

    Hi all, As some of you, or most of us, have noticed - there are new offers in premium shop for WoWS. Namely, Santa gift, Big Santa Gift and Huge Santa gift packages (of varying amounts/prices). However, the rewards/prizes from there are only vaguely described, I will list below: Santa gift: " Get the Santa Gift for the chance to get doubloons, free XP, signals, camouflages, or even a Premium ship!" Big Santa gift: "Treat yourself to the Big Santa Gift, full to the brim with doubloons, free XP, special signals, camouflages, and Premium Account time. If you've been good this year you might even bag yourself a Premium ship! " Huge Santa gift: " Take advantage of this package for your chance to get doubloons, free XP, special signals, camouflages, and Premium Account time. If you've been good this year you might even bag yourself a Premium ship! Prices for them are 0.89eur, 2.69eur and 4.49eur respectively. As I can see, only differences between basic Santa and the other "bigger" ones is that basic Santa one doesn't give Premium time, at least according to the text provided. However, there is no indication of what is the real difference, as you can see the cost goes x3 from Santa to Big Santa, and x5 from Santa to Huge Santa. Question here is: Does this mean (as per price) that from Santa gift you get one item, from Big Santa you get 3 items, and from Huge Santa 5 items INCLUDING the chance for premium ships, or the chance of premium ship would be the 2nd, 4th or 6th item in these gift packages/bundles? I really hope WG representative would be so kind to answer this as early as possible, as I can see quite a few friends are coming up with different ideas and even suggestions: "buy/open packets during streamer sessions for better chance" or "reddit says medium packages give more ships" and so on... Do try and clear this up a bit guys. Best regards, Chicha. UPDATE: I bought one of each. Santa: 5 camos (fir something) Big santa: 15 camos (same as above) Huge santa: 30 Hydra flags. I guess that's the ratio...it cost me 10-ish euros to test it out. Anyone else?
  6. Why did they remove Harekaze??

    Soo, I was uncertain whether to buy the Harekaze or not when it was initially released. Decided to wait for a while and think about it, since they announced the collaboration would last until late 2018. Now, I figured just recently that I want to go for it and purchase, cause it's quite a unique ship and looks fun to play. Well, to my lucky surprise, it's apparently been removed from the premium shop... Anyone know what's the deal with this? I thought they said it would last until 2018 ffs Amusingly, it's still up on the NA store..
  7. Angebote Dezember

    Ahoi, Gab es nicht mal früher eine Liste über die monatlichen Angebote ? oder täusche ich mich da? Wollte nämlich gerne wissen ob die Alabama diesen Monat nochmal im Angebot ist.
  8. Ingame Rabatte für Premiumschiffe

    Hallo, mir ist aufgefallen, dass es seit einigen Woche keine InGame Rabatte mehr auf Premiumschiffe gibt. Früher gab es die Schiffe bei bestimmten Aktionen oder auch Wochenendevents sowohl im Premiumshop als auch ingame günstiger. Insbesodnere an WEs gab es oftmals auch ein Premiumschiff ingame rabattiert. Die Blyska und Pensa gibt es bspw. derzeit auch nur im Shop zu kaufen aber nicht vergünstigt im Techtree. @dies_ari, @Sehales @Crysantos Kurzes Feedback dazu wäre super... Danke... Ypsi
  9. The "Giulio Cesare" is in "Premium" shop!

    Hi all, The "Giulio Cesare" is in "Premium" shop! https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/?utm_content=cm-top&utm_source=global-nav&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=wows-forum Leo "Apollo11"
  10. Embrace the storm's wind as you take to the high seas in this stunning camouflage! Offering you +75% XP, Crew Commander XP, and Free XP, as well as -3% to your detectability range, and +4% to the maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship, this camouflage will not only make you look good in battle but will help you out too! +75% XP +75% Crew Commander XP +75% Free XP -3% Detectability +4% Max. dispersion of shells fired by the enemy @ your ship Set 1 x50: €9.99 Set 2 x200: €30.30 (can be purchased 1x) This is how the camo looks when mounted on the Sims:
  11. Problem with EU premium shop purchase

    I am experiencing a problem with a purchase i wish to make at EU premium shop.Constantly getting a message saying something went wrong try later.I have been trying for the past 6 hours and nothing.Is there a known issue with the EU premium shop today ?
  12. Neue CV Rolle - Secondary Spec

    Im Premium Shop gibts n CV Bastelpaket. mit 60 mal Mike Yankee Soxisix (Close Quarters Expert) “Mike Yankee Soxisix” boosts the potency of your secondary batteries by improving accuracy and firing range by 5%. Über diese Flaggen schreibt WG selbst auf seiner Website: Battleship captains, this one is for you. Also im CV Paket bekomm ich BB Flaggen.... Schlamperei? (Victor Lima hätte Sinn gemacht) oder gestaltet WG gerade den CV zum Secondary Monster um? Bitte 12km Secs für die Kaga!
  13. They are finally here. Three different options for each: Gold, Silver and Bronze. The packs vary greatly with the gold Harekaze pack being a monster €100 deal, while the Graf Spee gold pack is a more modest €40. Between the packs you'll also get different amounts of skill points for your commander. 12/10/8 for the Harekaze and 10/8/6 for the Graf Spee. NOTE: Only the Harekaze gold pack gives you a unique HSF (Harekaze) flag. Despite there being a HSF Graf Spee flag in the bundle on the SEA server, it is not listed in the EU Graf Spee gold pack. Edit: Confirmed as being a typo. The Graf Spee flag is actually included in the Graf Spee gold pack despite not being listed in the shop.
  14. Akce v NA Premium Shopu

    V Americe je draze nebo blaze ? 10 míst v přístavu - 166 Kč Texas - 340 Kč https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/specials/ Ani to nebudu raději komentovat, protože mne to s...
  15. Hi all, Have you guys accepted PayPal special offer for WoWs Premium Shop? I got 5.500 Doubloons for around 25% discount... that is not shabby at all... Leo "Apolllo11"
  16. Okhotnik in the premium shop

    Didn't see a topic pointing out the fact that the Russian destroyer Okhotnik is now in the EU premium shop, so I thought I'd mention it. Three purchase options as per usual: Admiral's Edition - 30€ Okhotnik 5200 doubloons Custom flag (see bottom of post) 3 upgrades: Mag Mod 1, MBM 2 and PM 1 150 consumables: 50 x DCP II, 50 x SG II and 50 x EB II Captain's Edition - 20€ Okhotnik 2200 doubloons 100 signal flags: 50 x ESCL and 50 x ZH Standard Edition - 12€ Okhotnik For full disclosure, I got the Captain's Edition myself. I like to have some doubloons, ESCL and ZH signals, so it was a nice bundle for me. Played it two times so far and I love it. First was in a tier 7 battle and second was in a tier 5 battle and it worked great in both. The alpha of a full broadside would be impressive on a cruiser of that tier. The torpedoes are devastating if you can get within 4.5 km range of someone. Fast, lots of them and with good individual damage. Surprisingly stealthy for its size, but very visible from the air. This is the unique flag you get from the Admiral's Edition: Link to the article on the main portal: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/premshop/okhotnik/
  17. Premium Shop Equality

    Dear WG I like a lot of Captains on the EU server am getting very very fed up on being treated very very differently from all the other servers . The NA and the RU servers can buy Signal Flags individually and the SEA server have 5 very good bundles . we in the EU can not buy Papa Papa flags or some of the other useful Flags at all. The other servers can . this is a really really bad for you finances and Player contentment . Please Please can you treat us on the EU the same as our Brother / Sister Captains on the NA , RU and SEA servers . we are feeling discriminated for being in the EU . Oh and you guys are missing out on a profit . https://ru.wargaming.net/shop/wows/signals/ https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/signals/ https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/wows/signals/ https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/signals/ Can you see the difference and why we are getting a little upset ....... Please give us Equality .
  18. Premium Shop Special

    Hi, I saw this at the premium shop but I don't really understand it. What does the 'Available for you: 1' mean? And what does it have to do with Steam?
  19. ARP Ships

    Hello WoWs Community, I Noticed that i missed alot of the ARP Ships, since i didn't play when some of the ARP Events have been announced or i didn't have the time to Unlock them. Just Curious for one Question Wargaming, is it possible, to add a Bundle to the Premium Shop with all ARP Ships together? So we could catch of, im a Huge fan of them. Cheers!
  20. Is it same on wows

    I read on wot forum that premium deals ect are cheaper for NA/RU players than they are for EU players ?. If this is true then is it the same with wows and why is this ?.
  21. Please Wargaming, Take my money!

    I am willing to spend money on the signal flags that are available on NA server. You sell flags such as Equal Speed Charlie London, Zulu Hotel and Papa Papa on that server but not on EU server. Please WG sell them and immediately take my money. I need to reach to 5 point captain skill with my Blyskawica and Lo Yang as soon as possible.
  22. Do you know if buying with Visacard in WoW's gameshop via Altapay is temporarily unavailable ? Who can i talk to about this issue ? ... As of today 2016-04-26, at 10:00 UTC, i am unable to buy goods (signals and doubloons, especially) from the World of Warships in-game shop, with Visacard via the Altapay payment form, though this morning i just bought some goods (signals and doubloons, especially), prior to 10:00 UTC and i checked my Visa Card. ...So, after waiting on this link:[https://wargamingeu.pensio.com/eCommerce/API/requestForm?pid=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] (i've put ,,x'' instead of the ,,financial-sensitive'' figures ), your site [https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/#fail] keeps saying:,,SORRY, SOMETHING WENT WRONG. Action temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. Confirm".Please observe this issue in the picture i've put in the attached thumbnails Am i the only one having this problem ? Thanks, Best regards, Sarmi
  23. Premium Shop down?

    Hi everybody, I am having problems using the premium shop for the last few days. When I get to the payment part it gives me some sort of error message. Any one had this problem before? Im trying to buy the Tirpitz [not the bundle] and I keep getting an Error 'Sorry this action is unvailible' I have tried to gift it and use different browsers but still no luck.
  24. Idea for premium shop

    Hello fellow sailors! I got idea for premium shop. It would be nice if wargaming would add to premium shop possibility of buying 1 flag type. Let's say i need Sierra Mike flag. I can only get it in 50€ bundle with flags i don't need. Wargaming could add so that you choose one flag with set amount ( 100 flags 5.5€, 200 flags 7€, 300 flags 10€ and so on). What do you think?
  25. Russian Server & Premium Shop

    Hi guys. I searched the forum for a relative thread but couldn't find anything that covered the RU server and shop in general, only occasionally. I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread dedicated on reporting anything interesting that goes on over there. So, for starters, here is an interesting offer on the RU server. Link here. From today (10/03/16) until Sunday (13/03/16), two very rare ships, the Tachibana and the Diana, will be on sale. This is very interesting, especially for collectors, because these two ships were always reserved for special events, giveaways and prizes but never for sale. I hope we will see them here someday as well. Cheers all!