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Found 4 results

  1. So uh I'm reaching the end of ships I want to have but I was wondering. What ships are absolutely a waste of money to get. I have already/still have Cruisers: Atago (+B), Azuma, Alaska (+B), Prinz Eugen, Duca delgi Abruzzi, Atlanta, Gorizia, Huanghe, Perth Battleships: Jean Bart, Vanguard, Roma, Alabama, Scharnhorst (+B), Prinz Eintel Friedrich, Dunkerque Destroyers: Friesland, Z-39, Sims B, Aigle, Anshan. Aircraft Carriers: Graf Zeppelin (+B), Ark Royal (Note other premium ships that I have not mentioned, but are on my player stats page have been sold for credits. Which I know is a sin)
  2. Sirius_IV

    Atago vs Prinz Eugen vs Wichita

    So Premium ships are a thing. Unless you're a collector you'll only want a ship that's over powered or strong. Or something that can generate cash like it's no ones business. I was looking around the premium store with my payment card a mile away from me. And then it dawned on me. How good is the Wichita vs its class rivals?! You rarely see it so that would mean it: A sucks, B isn't as loved, C the tech tree ship is better than this. The only heavy cruiser rivals it has on the shop for its tier are: IJN Heavy Cruiser Atago (Alternative color camouflage, unlocks by completing the Yamamoto Isoroku Collection) A Golden oldie, Though not seen as much as Smolenks nowadays when youre uptiered against t10 ships while using a t8. But its one of the premium t8 heavy cruisers you'll see the most. It performs well, has good concealment, allowing it to stealth torpedo a target as a cruiser. It's only the skill cap that really holds it back from being a boat any new player can use. In my and Snoops opinion Atago is worth it. KMS Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen (Adler Camouflage, unlocked by buying it in the exterior menu for Prinz Eugen with doubloons) Aha ahahahahha.. It's okay. In most videos of like 2017-2018 this was a premium that was recommended for new players. It has more range than Atago for her main guns. But this ship pretty much can't use her torpedo's without risk. Unless you like fist fighting under 6 km of range. By the way, you'll already be detected if you so desperately want to use your torpedoes. Stick to the main guns and only torpedo if your enemy just happens to pop from behind an island that's right next to you. I approve, Snape approves. What else do I have to say? Oh yea the community mostly says avoid it like the plague. And then there's Wichita. I really have no justification to get the bloody ship. But I was curious if it's any good. Or if you should just get Indianapolis? Which has a better MM pool and thus less frustrations for thee who read this thread and were tempted to get Wichita. Unaware of the poisoness MM that lays in Tier 8 ships grasps.
  3. I always have feel that premium ships give too little for its price and that playing with it is almost waste of time if you don’t have in plan to convert ship XP into Free XP with doubloons. So I suggest that Premium ships together with standard benefits also give 10% of general XP earned per battle into research tree which you mark as favorite example: Now I try to get Iowa BB so I mark for XP bonus USA Battleship tree AND bonus XP will get North Carolina because it is current in R&D list which need to get XP to unlock higher tier ship.
  4. Accumulating various premium ships over the years, mostly from missions and containers, has made me wonder: What is the total value of my premium fleet in real money ? I couldn't find an appropriate tool and seeing the extensive WOWS 4th anniversary ship list, allowed me to create the attached excel. You can see 2 tabs (sorted by Type and sorted by Price). You can try sorting the data by yourself to draw your own conclusions on what ship is best for you. To check out the total value of your ships, simply click on the cells of column E ("Ships Owned") and select YES from the arrow pull down meny, for ALL the premium ships owned. The result is displayed in red while the amount of 2.018,59 Euros is the value of all ships in the table, My results are there as an example and because some ships are at a special price for me, your prices could vary (noted accordingly). Be so kind as to post your total floating WOWS value ! I hope it helps ! o7 Book my Ship.xlsx