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Found 27 results

  1. As many of you noticed, WG is investigating ways to handle overperforming premium ships in the future. There are a couple of threads discussing that topic. Since the opinions differ in many ways, I thought I would make a poll about some of the options mentioned in these threads. If you want to inform yourself further on the matter, here are the current discussions:
  2. Bonjour capitaines Je me tourne vers le forum tel qu'il m'a été suggéré pour vous faire part d'une histoire personnel, mais également d'une idée qui pourrait intéresser pas mal d'entre-nous. Comme vous l'avez possiblement vécu, il peut arriver qu'après acquisition d'un navire fièrement sortis de la boutique premium ou de l'arsenal, on soit en fait déçu par ce navire. La politique de WG fait qu'un navire avec lequel on a déjà joué ne peut être remboursé en argent IRL afin d'éviter un quelconque abus/exploitation. Pour ça je peux comprendre qu'ils ne veuillent pas d'abus, mais cela mène à des situations où on joue peu de batailles avec ce navire (disons 5) et on se rends compte qu'on apprécie pas ce jouet. En général il vous sera proposé de le rembourser en doublons si venant de la boutique premium, ou de charbon/acier si venant de l'arsenal. Dans les 2 cas, il faudra passer par le support pour annuler la transaction et obtenir une des 3 ressources citées précédemment à la place du navire en compensation. Ainsi, je me disais que s'il y avait un système pour pouvoir essayer un navire premium par mois pour une dizaine de batailles (libre aux devs de changer la fréquence d'essais) qui ne rapporterait ni crédit ni xp, cela permettrait d'éviter à d'autres joueurs d'acheter des navires qui ne leurs conviennent pas et permettrait au passage de baisser la charge de travail du support à l'égard de ce genre de problème. Je sais que cette idée à potentiellement déjà été émise par le passé, mais il ne semble toujours pas exister un tel système d'essais dans le jeu actuellement. Merci pour votre attention et puisse la RNG être avec vous !
  3. These are some things I've experienced from buying these presents and what I've heard from other people who bought them. I think these might be valuable if you want to maximize the profit from the presents. I repeat, this is my experience with them. If you notice a mistake, please correct me. :edit#4: To everyone reading this topic: This post was based on my experience during the first days when the Santa Presents were made available. It could well be that the drop chance has been nerfed; so my 'tips' might no longer apply.
  4. Falathi

    Nowy okręt - HMAS Vampire!

    Okręt zwodowano jako HMS Wallace w 1917, ale jeszcze przed oddanniem przemianowano go na wampira. Po długiej służbie w Royal Navy, okręt został przekazany 11 listopada 1933 marynarce australijskiej, gdzie służył jako tender. Okręt został reaktywowany po wybuchu wojny i został skierowany na Morze Śródziemne, jako część tzn. Scrap Iron Flotilla - czyli flotylli utworzonej z pięciu niszczycieli australijskich. Okręt z uszkodzonymi silnikami został skierowany do remontu w Singapurze - gdy wybuchła wojna na Pacyfiku, HMAS Vampire należal do eskorty HMS Repulse oraz Prince of Wales w czasie ich nieudanego wypadku zakończonego Bitwą pod Kuantan. Po upadku Singapuru okręt trafił na Cejlon, by ostatecznie zatonąć 8 kwietnia 1942 wraz z HMS Hermes jako ofiary rajdu adm Nagumo na Oceanie Indyjskim.
  5. Realazio

    Premium Ships

    Hello, wanted to ask whats happening with premium ships? Most of them are removed from ingame trees and from the shop. Wanted to buy a couple of T5-T7 premium ships but seems like no. Whats the reason behind it and how i am supposed to get/buy now all those ships that got removed? Glad i got the Giulio Cesare, wanted to try a couple of premiums but seems like WG dont want money.
  6. vojtaruner

    IJN Hyuga-hybrid carrier, battleship

    Hello everybody, I have put together history and possible implementation of battleship Hyuga in World of Warships. I've had 2 optional hulls. First hull is standart battleship hull and the second is the hybrid carrier hull. Please keep in mind that this is just fan made, not official news of upcoming new ship. Also I apologize for any grammar mistakes, english is not my native language. This article has 2 parts: 1) History of the ship 2) Possible implementation in the game- Hull A - Hull B IJN Hyuga Ships of the class: -Ise (1917) -Hyuga (1918) History Creation Hyuga, named after Hyuga Province, one of the traditional provinces of Japan was laid down at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries shipyard in Nagasaki on 6 May 1915 and launched on 27 January 1917. Hyuga was the second and last Ise-class battleship built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during the 1910s. The Ise class was designed as an improved version of the preceding Fuso class. The twelve 45-calibre 35.6-centimetre (14 in) Type 41 guns of the Ise class were mounted in three pairs of twin-gun. The hydraulically powered turrets had an elevation capability of −5/+20 degrees. In 1921 the elevation was increased to +30 degrees and then to +43 degrees during their mid-1930s modernization. The ships' secondary armament consisted of twenty 50-calibre 14-centimetre (5.5 in) Type 3 guns in single mounts. Anti-aircraft defence was provided by four 40-calibre 3rd Year Type 8-centimetre (3 in)anti-aircraft guns in single mounts. The ships were also fitted with six submerged 53.3-centimetre (21.0 in) torpedo tubes, three on each broadside. Modernization During the ship's modernization during the 1930s, their forward superstructure was enlarged with multiple platforms added to their tripod masts to create a pagoda mast. Both ships were also given torpedo bulges to improve their underwater protection and to compensate for the weight of the additional armour. The boilers on each ship were replaced by eight new Kampon oil-fired boilers. The turbines were replaced by four geared Kampon turbines with a designed output of 80,000 shp (60,000 kW) intended to increase their speed to 24.5 knots (45.4 km/h; 28.2 mph). The fuel storage of the ships was increased which gave them a range of 7,870 nautical miles (14,580 km) at a speed of 16 knots. In 1931–1933, the AA guns were replaced with eight 40-calibre 12.7-centimetre (5.0 in) Type 89 dual-purpose guns. Two twin-gun mounts for license-built Vickers two-pounder (4-centimetre (1.6 in)) light AA guns were also added while the pair of 14 cm guns on the upper deck were removed. the torpedo tubes were removed and the Vickers two-pounders were replaced by twenty license-built Hotchkiss 2.5-centimetre (1 in) Type 96 light AA guns in 10 twin-gun mounts. Their displacement increased over 55,100 tons. The crew now numbered 1,376 officers and enlisted men. Career Although completed in 1918, she played no role in World War I. Hyuga was then assigned to the 1st Battleship Division of the 1st Fleet. Captain Kinzaburo Mimura relieved Nakegawa on 10 November. An explosion in No. 3 gun turret killed 11 crewmen and wounded another 25 during an gunnery exercise on 24 October 1919. Hyuga accidentally collided with and sank the schooner Hiromiya Maru, killing two sailors aboard the sailing ship, on 21 July 1920. On 29 August, the ship began the first of numerous patrols off the Siberian coast and in northern waters in support of Japan's Siberian Intervention against the Bolshevik Red Army. The ship aided survivors of the 1923 Great Kanto earthquake in September 1923. From the early 1920s through the late 1930s, Hyuga often cruised off the coast of China. The ship was overhauled in 1927–1928, during which her forward superstructure was enlarged and her aviation facilities improved. Beginning on 27 March 1932, she patrolled off the coast of China after the First Shanghai Incident, together with her sister ship Ise and the battlecruisers Kongo and Kirishima. Beginning on 24 October 1934, Hyūga was drydocked at Kure Naval Arsenal and underwent an extensive reconstruction and modernization that lasted until 7 September 1936. During the Second Sino-Japanese War, the ship ferried two battalions of the 3rd Sasebo Special Naval Landing Force to Port Arthur, China, on 19 August 1937. On 30 June 1940 Hyuga served as the flagship for the Emperor of Manchuoko, Henry Pu-yi, during his state visit to Japan. Together with Ise, the ship was transferred to the 2nd Battleship Division of the 1st Fleet on 15 November. Start of the Pacific War When the war started for Japan on 8 December, the division, reinforced by the battleships Nagato and Mutsu and the light carrier Hosho, sortied from Hashirajima to the Bonin Islands as distant support for the 1st Air Fleet attacking Pearl Harbor, and returned six days later. Together with the rest of the 2nd Battleship Division, Hyūga pursued but did not catch the American carrier force that had launched the Doolittle Raid on 18 April. In May 1942 while conducting gunnery practice, the breech of Hyūga's left-hand gun in her No. 5 turret exploded, killing 51 crewmen. The turret was deemed not repairable and was removed. Plate of armour was welded over the barbette and three triple mounts for 2.5 cm AA guns were installed there. While under repair, the ship was fitted with one of the first experimental Type 22 surface-search radar sets in the IJN, but it was removed shortly afterwards. Hyūga and the rest of the 2nd Battleship Division set sail on 28 May with the Aleutian Support Group at the same time that most of the Imperial Fleet began an attack on Midway Island. The division was composed of Japan's four oldest battleships, including Hyūga, accompanied by two light cruisers, 12 destroyers, and two oilers. Conversion to hybrid carriers The loss of four Japanese aircraft carriers during the Battle of Midway in June severely limited the ability of the IJN to conduct operations and alternatives were sought. Plans for full conversions of battleships into aircraft carriers were rejected on the grounds of expense and, most critically, time. The IJN settled on removing the rear pair of turrets from the Ise-class ships and replacing them with a flight deck equipped with two rotating catapults. The ship's No. 6 turret and the barbettes for No. 5 and 6 turrets were replaced by a hangar surmounted by a flight deck. This was not long enough to permit the launch of aircraft or their recovery. Two catapults were installed and the existing crane was moved to the flight deck. This was fitted with an extensive system of rails to link each catapult, the storage positions on the deck and the "T"-shaped aircraft lift that moved aircraft between the flight deck and the hangar. It had a capacity of nine aircraft, with eleven more stowed on deck, and one on each catapult for a total of twenty-two. Aichi E16A and Yokosuka D4Y Suisei dive bombers were part of Hyugo's air group. During the conversion, all of the 14 cm guns were removed and the ship's anti-aircraft suite was heavily reinforced. The eight 12.7 cm Type 89 guns were supplemented with four additional twin mounts and the existing 2.5 cm Type 96 AA twin-gun mounts were replaced by 19 triple-gun mounts for a total of 57 weapons. These changes increased the ship's overall length and reduced her displacement to 40,444. The rebuild was officially completed on 18 November. Hyuga served as a training ship for most of the first half of 1944. On 25 February, Battleship Division 2 was assigned to the direct control of the Combined Fleet. On 24 May, the ship's light anti-aircraft armament was reinforced with 24 additional Type 96 AA guns in eight triple mounts. On 7 June, a pair of improved Type 22 surface-search radars were installed. On 23 June Hyugo conducted their first catapult training. Two days later, Hyuga became the flagship of the Fourth Carrier Division. In September, six racks of 30-tube 12.7 cm anti-aircraft rocket launchers were added. Battle of Cape Engaño and afterwards After the Americans began attacking Japanese installations in the Bonin Islands on 10 October 1944, the aircraft of the Fourth Carrier Division were ordered to prepare for combat. On 14 October they attacked the aircraft carriers of Task Force 38 near Formosa with little effect and heavy losses. The ships of the Fourth Carrier Division were assigned to the Main Body of the 1st Mobile Fleet. The Main Body's role was to act as decoys to attract attention away from the two other forces approaching from the south and west. All forces were to converge on Leyte Gulf on 25 October and the Main Body left Japan on 20 October. By the morning of 24 October, the Main Body was within range of the northernmost American carriers of Task Force 38 and Ozawa ordered an air strike to attract the attention of the Americans. The Americans were preoccupied dealing with the other Japanese naval forces and defending themselves from air attacks launched from Luzon and Leyte and could not spare any aircraft to search for the Japanese carriers until the afternoon. On the morning of 25 October radar picked up the first of five American airstrikes at a range of 125 nautical miles. Fragments from near misses by bombs damaged the ship's anti-torpedo blister and she developed a 5° list that was easily corrected. The American submarine USS Halibut spotted the Fourth Carrier Division at 17:42 and manoeuvered to attack, missing with six torpedoes at 18:43. Despite being spotted by American submarines en route, the division arrived safely on 27 October. After leaving the island the following day, they were unsuccessfully attacked by the submarine USS Sea Dog before their arrival at Kure on the 29th. Between 29 October and 8 November, the catapults were removed to improve the firing arcs of No. 3 and No. 4 turrets. Hyuga and Ise departed on 11 November, loaded with troops and munitions for Manila, capital of the Philippines but were diverted to the Spratly Islands. They arrived on 14 November and their cargo was unloaded. Reinforced by the battleship Haruna and three cruisers, the sisters proceeded on to Lingga Island, near Singapore, on 20 November. They remained there until 12 December. They departed for Cam Ranh Bay, French Indochina, where they were on standby for an attack on an American supply convoy. The attack was cancelled on the 30th and the ships sailed for Singapore where they arrived on 1 January 1945 before continuing on to Lingga. On 6 February, the division sailed for Singapore to participate in Operation Kita. The sisters and the light cruiser Ōyodo were loaded with critically needed strategic war supplies (oil, rubber, tin, zinc, and mercury) and 1,150 surplus oil workers to be ferried back to Japan. The division sailed from Singapore on 10 February and was spotted by the British submarine HMS Tantalus the following day. On 13 February the submarine USS Bergall unsuccessfully attacked the ships as did the submarine USS Blower. Later that afternoon, Oyodo launched one of her floatplanes which spotted the submarine USS Bashaw on the surface about 22,000 metres ahead of the convoy. Hyuga opened fire with her main guns and forced Bashaw to submerge. The convoy reached the Matsu Islands, off the Chinese coast, on the 15th and was unsuccessfully attacked by the submarine USS Rasher. The convoy reached Kure on 20 February, having evaded or escaped pursuit by twenty-three Allied submarines along the way. Final role The 4th Carrier Division was disbanded on 1 March and Hyuga was reduced to first-class reserve. From this time until the surrender of Japan, Hyuga was anchored in Hiroshima Bay without fuel or aircraft. More than 240 American carrier-based aircraft from Task Force 58 attacked Kure on 19 March and the ship was hit by three bombs, killing 37 and wounding 52 crewmen. Her anti-aircraft guns claimed to have shot down a single Curtiss SB2C Helldiver dive bomber during the attack. Re-designated as a fourth-class reserve ship on 20 April, Hyuga was towed to a new position within Hiroshima Bay and heavily camouflaged. She was later attacked during the bombing of Kure on 24 July and was struck by 10 bombs that blew off part of her stem, destroyed her bridge and started major fires. Over 200 sailors were killed and 600 wounded by the attack. Progressive flooding caused the ship to sink in shallow water over the next several days and her crew was ordered to remove all easily accessible weapons. Hyuga was unsuccessfully attacked by 24 B-24 Liberator heavy bombers on the 29th and abandoned three days later by her crew. She was removed from the Navy List on 20 November 1945. Her wreck was raised and broken up by the Kure Dockyard of the Harima Zosen Corporation from 2 July 1946 to 4 July 1947. IJN Hyuga in World of Warships: Class: battleship/hybrid battleship or hybrid carrier Tier: VI She would be a premium ship, purchased by dublons or free XP. Her Hull A is similiar to Fuso, but Hull B is like nothing else in WoWs. Hyugo-Hull A (after second reconstruction (1934-1936), but before Hyugo was rebuilt to hybrid aircraft carrier) General characteristics: Lenght: 215.8 m (708 ft 0 in) Beam: 31.75 m (104 ft 2 in) Draught: 9.45 m (31 ft 0 in) Displacement -loaded: 42,001 long tons (42,675 tons) Maneuverability: Engine power: 60,000 kW (80,000 horsepower) Maximum speed: 24.5 knots (45.4 km/h; 28.2 mph) Turning circle radius: 750 m Rudder shift time: 15,1 sec. Armor and hitpoints: Hitpoints: 57,500 HP Armor: -belt (maximum thickness): 299 mm (11.8 in) -strake: 100 mm (3.9 in) -upper armoured deck: 55 mm (2.2 in) -lower armoured deck: 30 mm (1.2 in) -turrets: -face: 254 mm (10 in) -roof: 76 mm -casamate armour: 149 mm (5.9 in) -barbettes: 299 mm -conning tower: 349,25 (13.75 in) Torpedo damage reduction: 36% Main armament: Main armament: 6x2 356 mm/45 41st Year Type Caliber: 356 mm (14 in) Rate of fire: 2,14 shots/min. Reload time: 28 sec. Rotation speed: 3,2 deg. per second Firing range: 21,81 km Maximum dispersion: 226m HE shell: 356 mm HE Type0 Maximum HE shell damage: 5,700 Chance of fire on Target caused by HE shell: 25% Initial HE shell velocity: 805m/s HE shell weight: 625kg AP shell: 356 mm AP Type91 Maximum AP shell damage: 10,200 Initial AP shell velocity: 775m/s AP shell weight: 673,5kg Secondary armament: 1) 4x2 127 mm/40 Type89 A1 -range: 4km -rate of fire: 12 shots/min. -reload time: 5sec. -HE shell: 127 mm HE Type0 -maximum HE shell damage: 2,100 -initial HE shell velocity: 725 m/s -chance of fire on target caused by HE Shell: 8% 2) 16x1 140 mm/50 3rd Year Type -range: 4km -rate of fire: 7,5 shots/min. -reload time: 8sec. -AP shell: 140 mm AP Type2 -maximum HE shell damage: 2,700 -initial HE shell velocity: 850 m/s Anti aircraft defence: (1943 configuration) Long range (5km): 4x2 127 mm/40 Type89 A1 Medium range (3km): 10x2 25 mm/60 Type96 Twin mod. 1 Short range (2km): none Concealment: Surface detectability range: 18.5 km Air detectability range: 11.92 km Consumables: -Damage control party: -90sec. cooldown -infinite charges -Repair party: -citadel repair: 10% -healing: 0.5% of maximum hit points per second -duration: 28 seconds -cooldown: 120 seconds -charges: 3 -Spotting aircraft: -duration: 100 seconds -cooldown: 360 seconds -charges: 3 Hyuga-Hull B As hybrid carrier (1945) General characteristics: Lenght: 219.62 m (720 ft 6 in) Beam: 31.71 m (104 ft 0 in) Draught: 9.03 m (29 ft 8 in) Displacement -loaded: 39,805 long tons (40,444 t) Maneuverability: Engine power: 60,000 kW (80,000 horsepower) Maximum speed: 25,5 knots Turning circle radius: 750 m Rudder shift time: 15,1 sec. Armor and hitpoints Hitpoints: 57,500 HP Armor: -belt (maximum thickness): 299 mm (11.8 in) -strake: 100 mm (3.9 in) -upper armoured deck: 55 mm (2.2 in) -lower armoured deck: 30 mm (1.2 in) -turrets: -face: 254 mm (10 in) -roof: 76 mm -casamate armour: 149 mm (5.9 in) -barbettes: 299 mm -conning tower: 349,25 (13.75in) Torpedo damage reduction: 36% Main armament: Main armament: 4x2 356 mm/45 41st Year Type Caliber: 356 mm (14 in) Rate of fire: 2,14 shots/min. Reload time: 28 sec. Rotation speed: 3,2 deg. per second Firing range: 21,81 km Maximum dispersion: 226m HE shell: 356 mm HE Type0 Maximum HE shell damage: 5,700 Chance of fire on Target caused by HE shell: 25% Initial HE shell velocity: 805m/s HE shell weight: 625kg AP shell: 356 mm AP Type91 Maximum AP shell damage: 10,200 Initial AP shell velocity: 775m/s AP shell weight: 673,5kg Secondary armament: 1) 8x2 127 mm/40 Type89 A1 -range: 4km -rate of fire: 12 shots/min. -reload time: 5sec. -HE shell: 127 mm HE Type0 -maximum HE shell damage: 2,100 -initial HE shell velocity: 725 m/s -chance of fire on target caused by HE Shell: 8% Anti aircraft defence: Long range (5km): 8x2 127 mm/40 Type89 A1 Medium range (3km): - 31x3 25 mm/60 Type96 Triple mod. 1 - 11x1 25 mm/60 Type96 mod. 1 Short range (2km): 6x1 30-round 12.7 cm AA rocket launchers Air group: Fighters: Mitsubishi A6M2 -speed: 162 knots -average damage per second: 44 -loadout: 60 -hitpoints: 1210 HP (Althought Hyuga didn't originally have A6M2, I think that only one type of planes is inadequate and giving her Aichi E16A reconnaissance floatplanes just for spotting (without any armament) isn't good enought. A6M2 can do spotting and can attack smaller groups of aircraft.) Dive bombers: Yokosuka D4Y2 -speed: 139 knots -maximum bomb damage: 4600 HP (HE bomb) -hit points: 1,400 HP (I nerfed Yokosuka D4Y2 stats. Shokaku has Yokosuka D4Y2 dive bombers at tier VIII. For balancing reasons i nerfed them to be comperable to tier VII planes because Hyuga can face tier VIII opponents and she has total hangar capacity of only 22 planes...) Hyuga can't have any torpedo bombers because she has short flight deck (and heavy aircraft need long) and torpedo bombers in combination with 356mm guns would be devastating combination. Flight control mod: 1st flight control mod: - 1 fighter group - 1 dive bomber groups This is more balanced control mod. 2nd flight control mod: - 0 fighter groups - 2 dive bomber groups This is for aggressive playstyle. Hyugo would have (just like any other IJN carrier) groups with 4 planes in each of them. I think that she can't have more than 2 goups of planes. The higher claim on micro-management would be only for the best players and loosing 2 turrets for 3 groups of planes is little bit too good. Hangar capacity: 22 planes Special feature: Every aircraft carrier in the game, when is set on fire, can't launch/receive planes (if you don't have Captain skill-Emergency Takeoff). This would be a problem for this ship. If you want to play this ship at 100%, you need to use your guns and planes. For this to happen, you have to stay idealy in second line. Here you can be exposed to fire. There you can be set on fire by HE shells. Because this is hybrid aircraft carrier, I think that I have a solution for this problem. The only way to disable launching planes by being on fire, is to be set on fire on the stern, where the hangar and catapult is located. This way you can still launch planes even though your bow or middle section of this ship is on fire. Controling the ship: Following text has some controls same as normal aircraft carrier in WoWs. The reason why I am writing this so detailed is simple- to fully understand the controlling of this ship. This ship would have 2 mods- battleship mod and aircraft carrier mod. 1st mod- battleship: Hyuga would be just like any other battleship. You control ship with WASD keys (turning, increasing/decreasing speed), aiming with your guns and firing with them. Your air group would be controlled by AI. It will target the nearest visible vessel with dive bombers and attacking the nearest planes with fighters. If you press CTRL+ right clicking on the enemy ship (left click is for secondary armament), you will specify a target you want to attack and AI will follow these orders. Same apllies for fighter and enemy planes. Other way to give orders to group is by selecting it, by pressing key 3 or 4 (key 1 is for loading guns with HE shells, key 2 is for AP shells) and clicking on the minimap. The selected group will fly to the area and stay there. If you want to go from controlling air group back to operating with your guns, then you simply press key 1 or 2 and it will switch back. With this method selected air group will stay in ordered location and it won't attack any ship (in case of fighters-enemy planes). For attacking a ship you must select the ship manualy (CTRL+right click on the enemy ship). If you want to return your air group for resupply, then you press F, this however will happen automatically after consumption of all amunition. This mod allows you to better control your ship and fire your main guns by your self. 2nd mod- aircraft carrier: After pressing key M, you will look at the large map and control your ship just like other carrier in the game. However, there are few differences. Main battery will be controlled by AI and will fire at the nearest visible enemy ship in range, that isn't in cover (behind island,...). You can, again, specify target for AI by pressing CTRL+right clicking on the enemy ship you want to attack (CTRL+left click is for secondary armament). By pressing key 1 or 2, you will change the amunition for AI. By pressing key Q (aircraft carriers have this under key 1, but this one is already used...) and clicking on the map, you will activate auto-pilot. This mod allows you to better control your planes and do the manual drop for dive bombers or fighters. For return to 1st mod, you press key M again. Special function: If you don't want to AI fire your guns (28 sec. reload time isn't short), you can press R key. After pressing the key again, the AI will resume firing at the nearest enemy ship. This function is for someone who likes to aim him self. AI control guns at long range aren't that accurate after all. Concealment: Surface detectability range: 18.5 km Air detectability range: 11.92 km. Consumables: -Damage control party: -90sec. cooldown -infinite charges -Repair party: -citadel repair: 10% -healing: 0.5% of maximum hit points per second -duration: 28 seconds -cooldown: 120 seconds -charges: 3 Summary: Hull A Hull A is for any player. It's not difficult to control it or know, how to play with it. The IJN Hyuga is really close to Fuso: -same amount of main guns of the same caliber in very similiar layout -speed, turning circle radious and rudder shift time are almost the same -concealment is practically the same -same amount of secondary guns However, there are few minor differences: -Hyuga has smaller caliber secondary guns with faster reload -Hyuga has slightly better armour and 400 HP more -Fuso has better AA medium range defence Hyuga, just like Fuso, has more smaller caliber main guns than other tier VI counterparts. She has large health pool and great torpedo protection. She can keep up with other friendly ships and has good agility. She also doesn't have great AA defence and has large pagoda mast which is easily set on fire. Hull B Hull B is for experienced players. If hull B would be implemented in game, she would be the most difficult ship to play while 100% using every benefit of this ship. The micro-management is key to success. Thanks to her battleship status, she could be in games, where no aircraft carriers are and take advantage of it. Hyuga can spot enemy ships for your allies and you, enemy torpedoes approaching to your ship or reset the cap while you are on the other side of the map. Her ability to launch planes will be stopped only by setting the stern on fire (unless you take Emergency take off for your captain). She is also the only "carrier" that has Repair party consumable. If we compare Hull B Hyuga to other battleships: -Hyuga has the best AA defence -Hyuga has less guns than Fuso, New Mexico, Normandie, Dunkerque and Arizona -Hyuga has low caliber guns -Hyuga has good health pool and torpedo reduction and agility From this compariso we can see, that if Hyuga wants to stay competitive, than she needs to use combination of her guns and aircraft. Playing the Hyuga will be difficult and will take time to get use to it. However, this battleship can offer unique and rewarding gameplay. IJN Hyuga could be implemented in WoWs but I think that she would be only in Hull A variant. Hull B variant probably won't be implemented in game, thanks to difficult gameplay and balancing reasons. (It is also the strangest looking battleship I have ever seen) I will be glad if you leave your comment below. I hope you enjoyed this article and have a nice day. Resourses: Informations: wikipedia- Japanese battleship Hyuga Book- Encyklopedie Válečných lodí od 2. světové války až po současnost, Robert Jackson, Naše Vojsko Book- The Encyclopedia of Sea Warfare, from the first ironclads to the present day, Oliver Warner, Spring books, a Salamander book Pictures: Wikipedia-Japanese battleship Hyuga Blueprints-ships-Battleship Hyuga
  7. Mayveen

    Saipan coming as a premium to NA

    http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/march-monthlong-bundles/ Well guys, NA has announced that they will be selling Saipan premium CV later this month.
  8. Battledragon

    Suggestion for Japanese Premium: B-65

    The B-65 was a Japanese design project for a "Super A type", a super heavy cruiser (sort of like the USN Alaska class,) although it's often refered to as a battlecruiser. Of course, like the German Pocket battleships this (and by extension the Alaska) would be shoehorned into the battleship line due to the cruiser gun size limit in warships. The design kind of looks like the Yamato in minature. Some Stats: Displacement 32000 tons standard, 34800 fully loaded. Machinery 4 geared turbines, 8 boilers, 160,000 shp Speed: 33 Knots Armour: Belt 190mm, deck 127mm Armament: 9x 310mm /50 main battery (3x3) 16x 100mm /65 heavy dp AA/secondaries (8x2) 12x 25mm AA 8x 13.2mm heavy machine guns AA Tropedoes 8x 610mm torpedo tubes (2x4) (this ship was designed as a super cruiser remember) 3 Catapult aircraft.
  9. When I mentioned a previous EU ship giveaway in response to people complaining that NA had one, I got the complaint that the giveaway wasn't announced anywhere official. So now when I heard of another giveaway in advance I thought that someone might be interested in that information. There will be a premium ship giveaway during Flamu's stream on Friday 1/9 (tomorrow, at the time of posting). He starts at around 18:00 CEST as usual and normally ends around midnight. He will be raffling ships around when there are normally the most viewers (~20:00, no exact time set). As far as I know there won't be anything else special about the stream, so no WG guests or anything like that. The ships being given away are: 1 x Lo Yang (EU, only need to be following Flamu) 1 x Tirpitz (EU, only need to be following Flamu) 1 x Alabama (EU, need to be subscribed to Flamu) 1 x ship of choice from store (NA, only need to be following Flamu) 1 x ship of choice from store (NA, need to be subscribed to Flamu) tl;dr - You can get a Lo Yang and Tirpritz for free if you play on EU. Disclaimer! I'm just a random guy who heard about this on today's stream and thought that a few people on the forum might be interested. The information provided is as I heard it and I'm not to be held responsible if any of it turns out not to be true.
  10. matol1

    Premiova lod

    Ahojte. Ked uz mam premiovu lod napr: Atago a kupim si balicek kde sa to atago zase nachadza, tak co dostanem namiesto prem lode: dublony, ci kredity??? Dikes
  11. Leningrad Supreme Pack - 49.99€ Leningrad - tier 7 RU DD 1 port slot Exclusive flag 7500 doubloons 5 mil credits 4 mods 50 x Damage Control II, Smoke Gen II and Engine Boost II Leningrad Ultimate Pack - 29.99€ Leningrad - tier 7 RU DD 1 port slot 3150 doubloons 50 x ESCL, Zulu and SM signals Leningrad Standard Pack - 20.80€ Leningrad - tier 7 RU DD 1 port slot
  12. MaxxyNL

    Will EU get the Kamikaze also?

    One of the few ships i am still missing in my Premium Ship Collection is now on "sale" on the NA Portal. Is WG EU also going to give us the option to buy the "normal" Kamikaze?
  13. Butterdoll


    Well, killer whale it's here again. (my favourite operation) and a tough one, the time it's too short, to do it all. I've got Omaha, Emile, Furutaka, Cleveland, La Galio something and Aoba, Since I don't have any more lines eligibly for operations, which premium ship (t5 or t6) you recommend? No dds, cvs, or bbs. Thank you.
  14. PoeticGrub7532

    Deleted Premium ship by accident.

    Hi Wow, i deleted by accident a premium ship Kamikaze R. I was wondering if it is possible to un=delete it or recuperate it? Thank you for your response and keep up the good work. Thx.
  15. Dear reader, Back in 2015 I was part of the closed beta for wows, I played a bit but left, mainly because of the lack of german/british ships. As I found out two weeks back, the game has been improved greatly and many new ships/features have arrived. But yesterday was payday and I feel the urge to buy a Premium ship for grinding quicker to the top-tier ships. I do not know much about the current ships that are in the game, but I do know how to play most. So far I have watched a couple of videos but I dont really know which ones are the most bang for your buck. Please advise?
  16. Greyzhem

    Datos del Warspite.

    Buenas y buen año a todos. Me está pasando por la cabeza de comprarme el Warspite. Quiero un BB de look Dreadnought ( soy fan de ese tipo de barcos) con unas buenas secundarias. Quiero un Nagato pero premium de tier VI. La questión es que no encuentro información del alcance base ni mejorado con módulos de la batería secundaria, solo que de punto fuerte tiene unas buenas secundarias. Alguien que lo posea podría darme esa información que para mi es lo mas importante? Y de paso decirme su opinión sobre mi idea de usar este barco como un brawler y que tal recauda. Thx por adelantado. Edito: Se me olvidó comentar que he estado buscando en la web y esto no lo he encontrado en ningún sitio. Por eso pregunto aquí
  17. brutus007

    What would you wish for xmas? :)

    I am sure there will be some T2 "try and forget" ship as xmas gift - but that is not what I want to talk about. I would like to see some new premium ship in the shop (or even better as a mission) which would be "must have" for me. As it seems now there will be Missoury obtainable for some ridiculous amount of free xp - which is not really something I am that much excited about. What I would like to see: 1) Real premium ARP ship T7-8. Last chance to introduce this now! This is something I would kill for - easiest and most obvious would be Maya/Atago - really not special as we have Atago premium already - but at least it would be zero work for WG - Yukikaze - well Kagero is T9 so it is probably bit too much.... - Zuikaku - seems perfect as T8 ... but CV 2) Premium T8 RN BB (King George V ?) /on the other side we probably do not need more BB meta now..../ So what would be your xmas wish?
  18. Hi all, Just out of curiosity, does anyone of you guys have an idea when WG will sell or provide the Highschool fleet ships? I'm interested in getting the Graf Spee because I missed the sale of it when it was released. Also any ideas if so called "promo" ships will be sold again? For the arp missions, will they return? I haven't got all of them due to breaks in playing WoWs so I hope that in the future they make it possible to collect all of them. All responses are appreciated Have a nice day! Greetings
  19. i am seeking advice or recommendation on a good tier 6 premium ship. a bit of background: at the moment i have Murmansk and Gremyaschy for money making and i like them both and i (mostly) do good with them. i also have a friend which i play often with in platoon. he is a die-hard battleship player and always plays his Fuso when he needs credits gain. so which tier 6 premium ship is good credit maker and fun to play? (bonus points if it can make a nice duo with Fuso somehow XD ) note that im more of a cruiser-destroyer player type, slow speed and slow turret turning make me bored... but i can make a battleship work too... so far i have my eye on 3 main candidates: Dunkerque (i hear its really bad?) Molotov (it looks its just a bigger tier Kirov, which i didnt like a lot :/ and that worries me) Anshan (a bigger Gremyaschy, might be quite fun) help me spend my doubloons/cash in a wise way! and i will be forever grateful to you for the next month or so.
  20. vojtaruner

    HMS Dido

    Hello everybody, I have put together history and possible implementation of light cruiser HMS Dido in World of Warships. Please keep in mind that this is just fan made, not official news of upcoming new ship. Also I apologize for any grammar mistakes, english is not my native language. HMS Dido History Creation Even before World War II, Royal Navy was aware of a threat posed by aircraft. The temporary solution was to rebuild old cruisers to floating air defence platforms. The other solution to this problem was to design a new light cruisers with appropriate air defence armament. This program produced 16 Dido-class cruisers. Dido-class cruisers had maximum speed just over 32 knots and could sail up to 4,880 miles with speed at 16 knots. She was armed with 5x2 5.25 inch dual purpuse guns, 3 turrets on the bow and 2 turrets on the stern. These turrets were originally designed for the King George-class battleships. However, thanks to heavy weight of the turrets, these dual purpuse guns weren't excellent for anti-aircraft fight and they weren't very effective against ground targets. She also carried 2x3 533mm torpedo tubes. Last five ships of the Dido-class didn't have 3 turrets on the bow, but only 2 turrets. They had reinforced mast and lower-profile smoke funnels. HMS Charybdis and Scylla were armed with 4,5 inch dual porpuse guns. They were cheaper and had better anti-aircraft capability. Ships of the class: -total number of ship produced: 16 -HMS Dido (1939) -HMS Euryalus (1939) -HMS Naiad (1939) -HMS Phoebe (1939) -HMS Sirius (1940) -HMS Bonaventure (1939) -HMS Hermione (1939) -HMS Charybdis (1940) -HMS Cleopatra (1940) -HMS Scylla (1940) -HMS Argonaut (1941) -HMS Bellona (1942) -HMS Black Prince (1942) -HMS Diadem (1942) -HMS Royalist (1942) -HMS Spartan (1942) Carrier HMS Dido (37) became the lead ship of this new class. Her keel was laid down on October 26th, 1937 by Cammell Laird of Birkenhead. She was launched on July 18th, 1939 and commissioned on September 30th, 1940. Dido's first mission, in November 1940, was to escort the aircraft carrier Furious to West Africa. Dido then spent four months on convoy duty in the Atlantic before running suppliesto Malta where she joined the Eastern Mediterranean Fleet in April 1941. In May 1941, she was sent to Crete and assisted in evacuation of the British forces. On 29 May 1941 Dido was badly damaged by bombs whilst taking troops from Crete to Alexandria. Then Dido was sent to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. There she was refitted and rejoined the Eastern Mediterranean Fleet in December 1941. The first three months of 1942 were spent on convoy escort duty between Alexandria and Malta. In March that year, Dido took part in a bombardment of Rhodes. A week later she participated in the Second battle of Sirte. On 18 August 1942 she returned to Massawa for repairs of the bomb-damaged stern. Dido then spent the rest of the year supporting the British campaign in North Africa before being transferred to the Western Mediterranean Fleet in December 1942. After that, Dido performed the duty of anti-aircraft guard at Bone and Algiers until March 1943. In April 1943, Dido returned to Liverpool for a 3-month refit before rejoining the Western Mediterranean squadron. In May 1943, Dido took part in diversionary bombardments against North Sicily during the landings. Dido was then used as an anti-aircraft guard for invasion bases at Palermo and Bizerte. On 12 September 1943, Dido escorted 600 troops to Taranto where the Italian Fleet surrendered. From Taranto, Dido went to Sorrento where she supported troops. October and November 1943, Dido returned to Alexandria for another refit. On return to service, Dido spent time in Malta and Taranto. After that, she participated in a diversionary action off Civitavecchia in support of the landing at Anzio. In August 1944, Dido supported the Allied landings in France and in September 1944 Dido returned to the UK. In October 1944, Dido escorted a convoy to Russia before supporting carrier strikes off Norway. In April 1945, Dido escorted Apollo, Orwell, and Obedient to the North Kola Inlet to lay mines. Dido's last mission in the war was to go to Copenhagen, firing the last naval shot in the war in Europe on the way, for the surrender of the German Kriegsmarine which was signed aboard Dido. After the signing, Dido escorted the German cruisers Prinz Eugen and Nürnberg to Wilhelmshaven. In July 1945, Dido took King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to the Isle of Man. In 1953 she took part in the Fleet Review to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. She was decommissioned and sold for scrap to Thos W Ward and scrapped at Barrow-in-Furness in 1957. Dido's blueprint HMS Dido in World of Warships: Class: light cruiser Tier: VI She would be a premium ship, purchased by dublons or free XP. She is a unique light cruiser and doesn't fit much in the light cruiser British tech tree. Dido-Hull A Based on HMS Dido (37) cruiser General characteristics: Lenght: 485 ft (147,83m) Beam: 50,5 ft (15,39m) Draught: 14 ft (4,27m) Displacement -standart: 5,600 tons (long) -loaded: 6,850 tons (long) Maneuverability: Engine power: 46,225 kW (62,000 horsepower) Maximum speed: 32,2 knots Turning circle radius: 600 m Rudder shift time: 8,6 sec. Armor and hitpoints: Hitpoints: 27 800 HP Armor: -belt: 76mm -deck: 25mm -magazines: 51mm -bulkheads: 25mm -turrets: 12,7mm Torpedo damage reduction: 4% Main armament: Main armament: 5x2 133 mm/50 QF Mk I Caliber: 5,25 inch (133mm) Rate of fire: 10 shots/min. Reload time: 6 sec. Rotation speed: 10 deg. per second Firing range: 11,97 km Maximum dispersion: 103m HE shell: 133 mm HE Mk IC Maximum HE shell damage: 1,900 Chance of fire on Target caused by HE shell: 8% Initial HE shell velocity: 792m/s HE shell weight: 80 lbs (36.3 kg) AP shell: 133 mm AP Mk IC Maximum AP shell damage: 2,200 Initial AP shell velocity: 792m/s AP shell weight: 80 lbs (36.3 kg) Torpedo tubes: Type: 533mm 2x3 21 inch (533mm) QR Mk IV Rate of fire: 0,83 shots/min. Reload time: 72 sec. Rotation speed: 25deg./sec. Torpedo: 533mm Mk IV Maximum damage: 15,433 Torpedo speed: 61 knots Torpedo range: 8km Secondary armament: none Anti aircraft defence: (1943 configuration) Long range (5km): 4x2 5,25 in (133mm) QF Mk I L/50 dual-purpose guns Medium range (3km): 3x4 40mm QF 2 pounder "Pom-pom" Short range (2km): 2x1 20mm Oerlikon 4x2 20mm Oerlikon Dido would have the best long AA defence in tier VI. Concealment: Surface detectability range: 9,62km Air detectability range: 6,28km Consumables: -Damage control party- 90sec.- infinite charges -Defensive AA fire- 2 charges This consumable will even more increase Dido AA defence. Defensive AA fire could be exchanged for hydroacoustic search. HMS Argonaut in wartime camouflage Dido-Hull B Based on HMS Charybdis (88) cruiser General characteristics: Lenght: 485 ft (147,83m) Beam: 50,5 ft (15,39m) -same as on the Hull A Draught: 14 ft (4,27m) Displacement -standart: 5,600 tons (long) -loaded: 6,850 tons (long) Maneuverability: Engine power: 46,225 kW (62,000 horsepower) Maximum speed: 32,2 knots -same as on the Hull A Turning circle radius: 600 m Rudder shift time: 8,6 sec. Armor and hitpoints: Hitpoints: 27 800 HP Armor: -belt: 76mm -deck: 25mm -magazines: 51mm -same as on the Hull A -bulkheads: 25mm -turrets: 12,7mm Torpedo damage reduction: 4% Main armament: Main armament: 4x2 4,5 inch (114,3mm) L/45 QF Mark IV Caliber: 4,5 inch (114,3mm) Rate of fire: 14 shots/min. Reload time: 4,2 sec. Rotation speed: 12 deg. per second Firing range: 11,51 km Maximum dispersion: 96m HE shell: 114,3 mm HE Mk I Maximum HE shell damage: 1,300 Chance of fire on Target caused by HE shell: 5% Initial HE shell velocity: 746 m/s HE shell weight: 55 pounds (24.9 kg) AP shell: 114,3 mm AP Mk I Maximum AP shell damage: 1,800 Initial AP shell velocity: 746 m/s AP shell weight: 55 pounds (24.9 kg) Torpedo tubes: Type: 533mm 2x3 21 inch (533mm) QR Mk IX Rate of fire: 0,83 shots/min. Reload time: 72 sec. Rotation speed: 25deg./sec. Torpedo: 533mm Mk IX Maximum damage: 15,867 Torpedo speed: 65 knots Torpedo range: 8km Secondary armament: none -same as on the Hull A Anti aircraft defence: (1943 configuration) Long range (5km): 4x2 4,5 in (114,3mm) L/45 QF Mark IV dual-purpose guns Medium range (3km): none Short range (2km): 10x1 20mm Oerlikon 3x2 20mm Oerlikon Hull B still has strong long range AA defence, but trades medium range defence for better short range defence and extra consumable. Concealment: Surface detectability range: 9,32km Air detectability range: 5,89km Consumables: -Damage control party- 90sec.- infinite charges -Defensive AA fire- 2 charges This consumable will even more increase Dido's AA defence. Defensive AA fire could be exchanged for hydroacoustic search. -Smoke generator- 2 charges -cooldown: 240 sec. -duration time: 99 sec. -emission time: 15 sec. HMS Charybdis Summary: Dido is light AA cruiser, similar to Atlanta, at tier VI and she plays very similar to Atlanta. Dido would have the "catapult launcher" guns with fast reload and weak armor. However, there are few differences: -Dido has better torpedoes -Atlanta has more guns -Dido has better concealment -Dido is one tier lower Because it is very similar to Atlanta I made 2 hull options: -Hull A- more guns with slower reload and better range and damage per shot - worse concealment than Hull B - only one consumable (I dont count Damage control party) - slightly worse torpedoes - slightly better long range and medium range AA defence -Hull B- less guns with lower caliber and damage per shot and slightly worse range - slightly better concealment - one consumable more -better short range AA defence Reason why I made two hulls for Dido is simples. I didn't want Dido to be Atlanta at tier VI. Also it is good to have options. Hull A has more damage per minute while Hull B is for more dangerous gameplay. I will be glad if you leave your comment below. I hope you enjoyed this article and have a nice day. Resourses: Informations: Militaryfactory-HMS Dido (37) cmchant-Dido class cruiser wikipedia- HMS Dido (37) wikipedia- HMS Chyribdis Book- Encyklopedie Válečných lodí od 2. světové války až po současnost, Robert Jackson, Naše Vojsko Pictures: Wikipedia-Dido-class cruisers ww2today-23rd October 1943
  21. Alex_Connor

    Mutsu - Yes or No?

    Looking for a premium crew trainer and credit earner that would fit with Japanese BB line, so how competitive is the Mutsu? 8x 16in guns on tier 6 sound pretty good, and I'm getting on well enough with the Ishizuchi + Kongo so thin armor isn't a major problem if the ship is fast. Also considering the Kii, though that might be jumping too far up the tiers. Alternatively could wait and see if Ashitaka comes back on sale. So what's the 2018 verdict on the Mutsu, and how do the different premium Japanese BBs compare?
  22. slemp

    Credit earning on the Molotov

    Hi people, I've been away for a while and picked up the game last week again. I bought the Molotov for some extra credits and fun. But in the screenshot I made you can see the extra experience modifier (coming from the camo) but not a modifier for credits. I think the earnings for a 65k dmg battle are quite low. Both for a non-premium and premium account. At the modules screen in port the Premium ship benefits still state "more credits for each battle". Can you tell me if I'm missing something here?
  23. Zanov

    Happy 17th anniversary from WG

    Greetings. Wargaming wishes us to enjoy its 17th anniversary, and offers us a free premium ship with a deck slot. Just use the code "ALBANY" on you account managament, option "Activate Bonus Code" and you will receive shortly the tier II premium cruiser Albany from the U.S.A. nation. Best regards.
  24. Hello, I already wrote to customer service, 3 times for to repeat the obvious because they simply don't read what we write to them when open a ticket. I asked what for to say " Special offer only for your account and visible only for you " if: first: every my contact have the same "offer" second: if it is "special and only for me", why they offer me to buy Belfast that I already own and bought months ago? What for? Third: I couldn't buy it and gift to my friend.. it said: "only for you"... but If I already have it, what does it mean? is it a joke? Anyway, also this time, I can say that customer service is completely useless, near to irritate me till to the point to uninstall the game. They simply dont read and dont try to understand what you are asking for and this is not serious as respectful. the suggestions? - To read messages and try to understand them when a customer ask for info or help. - Dont reply with copy/paste messages, it irritates only as it doesn't solve nothing. - About the premium ship "personal offer", if you call it "personal offer", at least syncronize your system checking with ships owned from your customers and what you are offering to him.. it is without sense to offer a ship that the customer has already bought. " On the other hand, should you have feeback to share on this matter, please express your suggestions and feedback in the WoWs Game Forum. You may check this Forum thread for that matter. "
  25. I started a similar thread on the NA forum after a discussion I had there and I thought I share it here as well.