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Found 6 results

  1. Hello forum First off I believe this section is appropriate since teamkillers have big impact on the gameplay It's been like 3 weeks now since the first time I wanted to write this but every time I was like not today. After losing few battles in a row and having nothing else to do now I'm in a mood to start this If a teamkiller starts shooting at you and you do not do anything(that what most people think you should do with wg itself) you 1) lose the fun of that game. 2) You letting your team down because your team has now -1 ship and a teamkiller who starts shooting another player. 3) If you try to fight back a teamkiller you get pink colour too... Are you for real bro? Seriously if someone gets pink then it's he's own fault if he gets teamkilled next battle Nobody gets pink for one accidental torpedo teamkill or few shells. And if you kill 2 or more friendly ships in one battle by an accident then maybe it's time to play co-op duno, not my fault that you do more damage to your own team than to the enemy. It's different when teamkiller is not pink yet and I would not mind to get pink too for shooting him back. But when someone is pink already and is still shooting teammates shouldn't be autokick for too too many friendly ship hits? Instead you can be pink teamkill or team damage and still not be kicked and use chat... How is this even possible wg? The only good thing is that it doesn't happen too often. In more than 1k battles I encountered pink players from time to time but only like 4-5 times when they were shooting directly at me or someone near me. TL DR If a pink player(teamkiller) shoots at you, you should not get pink colour for shooting him back.
  2. _Bajkal

    Tylko dla Weebów

    Jako że niedawno powstał discord o tematyce girls und panzer(głównie) zostałem wysłany na forum wows by szerzyć kulture info. Discord ma też inne tematy, krzyżowców, kancolle, boty i nsfw. https://discord.gg/ZjbC8Z5 Jeśli naprawde ci się nudzi i nie masz już pomysłów jak marnować czas to śmiało - zapraszamy.
  3. anonym_jRNsHFlzpHCL

    Funny WoWs player names

    Lets share all the funny player names you have seen in your battles. I did couple days ago see player named Luttsex_Bover
  4. Hi Guys, I'm looking for a UK clan with team mates I can play alongside during the daytime and early evening hours. I possess lots of experience, not afraid of the microphone, good internet connection .. Currently Tier 1-9. Whilst I can quite happily do lots of damage, this doesn't win games and I can't reliably swing random battles on my own. Needing assistance and looking to provide help where needed !!!!!!!! My stats are suffering :( DD
  5. The anatomy of a high-tier loss. I shame the battleships in this match, all of whom are utter pussies who are a disgrace to battleship captains everywhere. Pushed up supporting my team's destroyers, briefly got a break in C cap and I could have exploited it further if it wasn't just me in the Montana and two DDs working together (smoke concealment, torpedo runs, the works), against the enemy Montana, one DD and two cruisers. Us three ships took B cap on our own, and moved in to force C cap afterwards. Extremely infuriating to see my team's Montana camp at max range, and I reserve a special fury for my team's Yamato who ran away from the enemy team for the better half of 10 minutes at FULL HEALTH. Kudos to my team's CV, he tried his best to carry but what's there to do when you're stuck on a team that is comprised of potatoes and bankrupt [edited]? If you don't have the money nor the guts, please don't get the Montana or worse still the Yamato. If you're going to camp at max range and just let the enemy CV torp you to hell (as happened with my team's Yamato) I hope your game crashes every time you start it up and you go back to playing tetris on your black-and-white gameboy. Wish I saved a copy of my chat log in this game, it was one of my most furious and profanity-laden rants against assholes who always complain that "battleship captains do not dare to push up and shoot". Because when you get one such captain on your team who plays a battleship the way it's supposed to be played, you just throw it all away by running away from the fight. I was second ship to die in this match. Look at the [edited]score. I still made TOP THREE. I curse the battleships on my team (other than the Tirpitz) for all eternity. If you are a member of this forum, I hope you see this rant. ...Because if I catch you on the enemy team you are going to be first to die. *angry rant over*
  6. Hentai__Senpai

    Fed up with DD players

    Look here people I'm tired of the forum calling BB players the most stupid and noob like class of the game. The amount of potatoes sailing in DDs is likewise if not more potato than the BB players. I've been having so many bad games because of this, i feel like i am loosing interest in this game loss after loss after loss (it keeps going). Look i am not going to name and shame anyone; 1 I'm better than that 2 Its prohibited The issue here is the amount of DD players that yolo a cap and the get obliterated in a matter of seconds, leaving my team with no DDs and getting raped by the enemy ones thereafter. I don't wanna compare with wot but it's the same as light tanks yolo rush, and then blame the team. I'm not going to argue that BBs are the pro players either, the amount of bbs camping is really big. But i can't feel such a burden as when all my DDs go extinct in a matter of seconds. I'm not saying all BB players and DD players do this, so don't get me wrong. It feels like a blessing when you ask for a smoke and you get one, or when you as for your BBs to push and they do. So people when you get these kind of matches, what do you do? Do you stop playing or do you do something else? Let me know in the comments (some pictures showing my problems) these games where right after each other