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Found 50 results

  1. Gesunken

    Can't hide ARP - Ships in Port

    The filter on the right side is not working. Please fix. It was working in earlier times. All clan members have this issue. Thanks.
  2. Hateshinaku

    [] Hamburg port advanced lighting

    This is an experimental modification of the port "Hamburg" consisting of various lighting, colour and environment changes including a high resolution skybox. More examples: Installation: Side note: I consider doing such changes to every map in the game, however this is a shitload full of work. So if this should indeed happen, it wouldn't happen in the near future. Please consider leaving feedback and report any bugs you may encounter. And of course, Have Fun! not
  3. danmoore2

    My Clan Port Scaling Issue

    Hello everyone, are there anyone else out there having a problem where their clan port doesn't scale to fit the screen when accessed? I've attached an image to show what is happening with my own - I run the game in 1440p with scaling set to 100% but nothing makes a difference. If any WOWs admin staff read this is this something you have come across and are aware of or is it a one off in my case?
  4. Hades_warrior

    Twitch port bug is back

    I dont know if the problem is with Aslain mod that im using or the patch side but my game keep reversing my selected port back to Twitch Prime port every time I log in to game. And game crashes are still active...
  5. Grandorf

    Port music

    Hi Every port have their own music but after a battle that music becomes the standard boring music. If I change port again I get that ports music but after a battle it resets to "vanilla" music. A bug or some setting off?
  6. Hades_warrior

    Twitch port bug?

    Last month I activated this promotion from Twitch Prime to get Kappa commander with 5 special Twitch containers and Twitch port. But the problem is; whenever I change from Twitch port back to my old port (in this case Black Sea) it wont stay perma. Every time after this port change after I re-log back in game Twitch port is back by itself. I know it doesnt have anything to do with Prime membership but I did cancel my Twitch Prime Trial right after rewards last month. Anyone else have this problem with this port? I believe this is some side effect of latest patch.
  7. Wobly_1

    To MrConway

    It seems 3 days of Premium does not have a go. i tryed,14fps,now i have crashes over 5-7 games. port working only with big monitor,not with laptop. using win 10 no mods all started after 7,2
  8. If you own a ship and have grinded up to the next ship in the tree, and sell the ship for the port to buy the next ship, is the previous (sold) ship' research researched/owned status and xp supposed to vanish and revert to an 'un-researched' ship with xp and upgrades removed? This confusing for WoWT or WoWp players as if you sell a vehicle, it remains "researched" and previously "owned" , you can buy it back for credits at any time . and its xp remains on the vehicle (even shown in the tech tree..)
  9. Kradenko

    Port Chaos

    Hi, Not sure if this is the place to ask this but here goes. I have bought a lot of port slots for the range of ships that I have. Some I play more often than others. Would it be possible to maybe add a tab or selection to hide certain ships that I don't play as often. Maybe the opposite of "Set as primary". It's always chaos to find the right ship. Maybe call it "Dry dock" or something. I like the sorting and filters as they are now, just add one additional one to completely hide certain ships until you go to the "Dry dock"? Thanks! Kradenko
  10. Puisque les Anglais peuvent abriter leur flotte à Londres, WG doit nous proposer un port pour notre flotte. Aidez WG à choisir...
  11. Have any of you ever used the mouse wheel to scroll the ships line-up in your port, only for the ships line to suddenly stop and become non-responsive? When this happens, it's still possible to move the ships line with the triangle buttons at either edge of the screen, but the mouse wheel doesn't move the ships line. I just noticed that the mouse pointer has to always be on top of a ship picture for the scrolling to work. The pointer doesn't work if it should be in one of the gaps between the ship pictures. I'm sure many of you have noticed this before, but how come I wasn't notified? I kept assuming that it must be some glitch every time it happend and didn't pay more attention.
  12. Cptn_JackSparrov

    Yeni Klan Üssü ve Liman Arayüzü

    Selam dostlar bugün size yeni ve müthiş bir fikir ile karşınızdayım... Oyuna getirilirse çok sevilecek ve oyuncuyu şevke getirecek görsel açıdan geliştirilebilecek fikirlerim var. Klan üssü görüntüsü biraz basite kaçıyor bununla ilgili şöyle bir fikrim var. Klan üssü; Gerçek Naval Base gibi dizayn edilip klanın içindeki her oyuncu için bir liman verilebilir kıyıda. Diyelim ki klandan bir oyuncu online oldu. Bu oyuncunun klan savaşlarında en iyi şekilde oynayış sergilediği gemisi online olduğu süreçte klanın üssündeki limanında oyuncunun gemisi gözüksün. Aynı şekilde klanında ki diğer arkadaşları da online olduğu sürede onların gemilerini de aynı üs map' inde yan yana yada farklı farklı aralıklı limanlarda gözüksün. Ek olarak bu klan üssü tasarımı 3D olarak geliştirilebilir. Kısıtlıda olsa binalar arası yada bahsetdiğim klandaki oyuncu aktifse aktif oyuncuların limandaki gemileri arasında kamera geçişleri sağlanabilir. Ek öneri olarak da biriktirilen petrolün gerçekçi hal alabilmesi üzerine Naval Base' e Rafineri oluşturulsun ve biriken petrolü o rafineriden kontrolünü sağlayalım. Yeni Liman; Klanla bağlantılı bir liman yapılabilir. Klan üssü fikrimde vermiş olduğum unsur çevrimiçi üyelerin en iyi gemilerini görebilmemizi sağlayan ek bir liman yapılabilir. Naval base şeklinde tasarlanabilir limanımız. Ön planda oyuncunun kendi gemisi olur standart şekilde ve arka planda ise limanda bağlanmış olan çevrimiçi klan arkadaşlarının gemileri olur. İleride gelir diye de tahmin ediyorum ki klan logoları yüklebildiğimiz de limanın arkaplanın da ki üssünde görünen bir kısmına Bayrak şeklinde dikilebilir. Bu limana sadece klana mensup oyuncular erişebilir. Aşağıdaki görsel ile bu anlattıklarımızı gözünüzde canlandırabilirsiniz... Yetkililerden ricamızdır umarım bu fikrimizi görür ve gerekeni ya böyle yada kendi takdirinizce gerçekleştirirsiniz Siz değerli topluluğumuzun bu konuya dair düşünceleri varsa lütfen konu devamına yorumlarınızı aktarın....
  13. 2 things: not sure how exactly I triggered it no clue how to stop it (I guess playing a game would be a fix? maybe restarting the whole client?) Anyway, I'll just go from the start... Let this one to be a visually aided storytime. Played my last (for now) game in the Lion, did pretty well. Since it's off topic I'll just drop it under a spoiler, check it if you want to. So, enough exp gathered, might aswell research the Conqueror! Still lacking a bit in the financial department, but whatever. Lion -> Modules -> Conq -> Research -> Port Activated a few more campaign missions that I hadn't done yet, back to port Thought - hey, while there is the +100% might aswell play the Bogue so I get through it quicker (no manual drops makes it really annoying). But since we had a possibility to reset all our captains and demount all the upgrades, that's exactly what I had done. So, of course, I had to go into Modules tab to mount them. This confused me a bit. Where are my modules? Well, back to port, and open the modules tab again. Ok then. So guys (and grills), what is your opinion - should I mount the 457mm main battery on my Bogue or should I leave it at 420mm? Then again... maybe I should mount the 457mm on the Haruna? Nah, that would probably be called seal clubbing. Amagi maybe? But I like her 410s (420s?). Playing around just clicking on random ships in my port I eventually ran into the "invisible modules" once more And then a few tries later... once more. So yeah, had a good laugh about it and now I'm thinking what the hell happened?
  14. World of Warships is learning about the ships and their game play. There is a lot of research and experimentation necessary to learn how to best play, which skills to learn and so on. The problem is that sometimes I forget a peculiarity of a particular ship. It would be nice to have a little commander's notebook to jot notes down for each ship. Like, what is the next commander skill, or which play style is the ship presently set up for. It would aid in strategizing. The only difficulty of implementation would be where to store the notes so as to not loose them (update on a server, limit the size of notes to control abuse...). This kind of feature would be something very unique to the gaming world. It would also make the experience more personalized. Some pre-written notes may be useful too. Yes, I can make my own notes on my computer or notepad, but integrated into the game would be a nice touch.
  15. I just love this port! The gritty atmosphere, the planes dropping bombs and the following explosions, the gunfire sounds in the background.. It all feels so much more fitting when playing a war game, way more than the other ports which are too clean imho. Few minutes ago I even made lots of screenshots from different angles for remembrance later on, if the port is gone after the event is over. Though I really hope it will stay in the game and like it's now, not a cleaned up version. So, I've decided to create my first topic ever to set up a poll to see if you feel the same. Please note there are 2 YES answers (premium and freebie), so I can immediately give WG something to work with should this vote become a big YES :D Do you also love the new Dunkirk Port and would you like to have it still even after the event is over? Let the voting begin! NB: As this is my first topic ever, please forgive me for any obvious mistakes. I'm open to suggestions for improvements :)
  16. Pozostał mi kod zaproszeniowy po PC Gamerze - daje 3 dni premium i 1 miejsce w porcie. Ponoć ważny do 31 października 2015 tylko. Powodzenia
  17. principat121

    [Request] Port Mod - Changing Sky

    Hello fellow Modders, I would like to have my port modded. In short: I would like to have the sky from the port "The Black Sea" over the port "Ocean". I do not really like the growing dark light on the original Ocean port. Instead I would prever a more brighter sky like in the port Black Sea. As the sky should be just a box, I can imagine that this mod isn't that complex or big. Unfortunately I lack the knowledge to find (and modify) the correct files in the /res folder. So I seek help from your kind modders!
  18. Skyllon

    Gui freezes randomly

    Anyone else has noticed this issue? I've noticed that using chat / opening chanels in port, leads to GUI become unresponsive after some time. Main menu opens normaly but clicking on any option triggers no action. Same with clicking on ships or inport menus (Modules, Exterior, Profile, etc). You can minimise and bring back chat windows, but it is impossible to close them. Only solution is killing a process from task manager. It has happened for me before, but wasn't that frequent in previous patches.
  19. Turion1979

    Sound Bugs / Problems since new Patch

    Hi there, i just want to ask if its already reported with the Sound Issues since the New Patch. While it plays "Defeat" Music while you press Exit Battle Button (if you died do early) or it plays Random "Victory" Sound somehow even if you are defeated. And the same goes for the Port Music. I can switch to every possible Port but i still got the same Music (for me it sounds like CBT Port Music - while der was only one Track without a Prem Account) guess that will be fixed in the next Patch?
  20. "Foggy YOKOSUKA - Chroma Attenuator MOD for WoWS ARP mode port" This MOD reduces chroma of YOKOSUKA port of WoWS to envelope by fog.It will be relaxing you at that port. ●Download WoWS_Foggy-YOKOSUKA_MOD_05152.zip (25,184,082 bytes / for[]) ●Using Image Please watch this video for details. ●for MOD pack editors _
  21. Xinias

    ARP ship not showing in port

    hey i just finished the ARP kongo one it was given to me when in port but when i wanted to select it its switched to a other ship so i logged back out and back in and i can't see it at all is this a common problem or is it just me
  22. HrMs_Triumph

    ARP ships dissepear

    after some time i got 2 ARP ships. thow somhow i could not select them in port (ether way i did see it in the port). After logging back in, the ships just disepearr from the slots. How come? missions are done, but ships are gone? anyone else have this same problem? and know the anser?
  23. HMS_SideSwipe

    New suggestion since release of RN

    Maybe, just maybe a new way of thinking is required.... since the release of the RN cruisers with AP only shells, it got me thinking - What if; Before you go into battle ALL SHIPS had to choose either AP or HE as the ONLY ammo load out they could take - - NO MORE SWITCHING in battle just 1 type selected in port.
  24. Hi, Among the different filters for the port, you have the option to select "Show ships suitable for the scenario". When I apply this filter, all ships are greyed out. I wonder what is meant by 'the scenario' ?
  25. In the Port Filter, to highlight ships in the Carousel, instead of just ON or OFF, each check box should cycle through ON (+), NOT (x) or OFF (blank). This would enable faster and more sophisticated selections (it would also do away with the 'Show ships without a Commander' check box). Also, I would suggest a new "Other" Filter: 'Fully Upgraded' (i.e. all Upgrades slots have been filled). This would help players to display ships that they're grinding (or NOT).