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Found 4 results

  1. cherry2blost

    Pink because Patch (polite version)

    Update 0.8.4 and THIS ..... Hit battle sit for 3 mins staring at load screen with ships moving on map... CTRL ALT DEL 3 times, give up go to repair in game centre... come back and THIS.... come on guys you are taking the michael... now am afraid to hit battle in case I get kicked to Co OP....... another nail in the coffin of my willingness to play your, increasingly failing game any more ! And having deleted the game, taken the time to do a complete re install, update of ALL drivers and softwares on my patently antique Ryzen System.... I come back to this........ Oh and now it happened a 3rd time AFTER re install, various updates and restarts..... me thinks that this is going to become an issue once the majority of players get on during prime time..... nice work Wargaming !
  2. Dear Community, Why we don't have a report of plays poorly for the team as well? My whole team in EU server went camping away! None of them responded for 'request support!' - 5 times, even SOS at least 5 times. They were camping 10 km in the corner behind me while I was playing with all the enemies. After 8 minutes were the first kill! I were with my New Mexico, which was not enought against Fuso, New Mexico, ARP Haruna and others as well. Plus a DD on me. My team was extremely crap! I won't report 1-by-1 each of them down plays poorly, but really all the others were just camping! Why can't we report that down? Other team wasn't really great as well, but a game going 8 minutes when all are 20 minutes and almost nothing happens! That's really poor! Thanks, Alamos80
  3. D0dger_1

    Ingame chat

    There needs to be some decorum within in-game chat. Granted not a lot of chat occurs in World of Warships Beta currently, but it's only a matter of time before the intolerant and antagonistic players ruin the online gaming experience for newcomers as in World of Tanks. I'm amazed at the lack of common courtesy and respect players extend to one another within the War-gaming franchise. Those players that insult others frankly need to grow-up, after all it is suppose to be an enjoyable gaming experience; not a platform for you to abuse others. For the record, everyone at some point began as a beginner and yet the cowardly minority hide behind their computers and make derisive comments without thinking about consequences. I fail to understand the acrimonious behaviour of insulting chat. What are they hoping to gain? Inspiration...more like a desperate plea to gravitate negative attention to themselves which is frankly pathetic and their actions utterly deplorable. And for all this, the War-gaming community has volumes of informative content available online to improve the playing abilities of new players. (So it isn't all bad..neh) I would like to see more condemnation from team players in retaliation to insulting players.
  4. Askold76

    Terrible laggs

    Greetings I v got a terrible laggs during the game. "Normal" lagg in the game is 100, top lagg is about 387 getting stronger approaching to islands.So playing the game seems like watching different pictures in slow motion.I am from ithuania, playing on European server.