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Found 83 results

  1. Is the anemic presence of battleships in the submarine game mode indicative of the viability even future of the whole class?
  2. 1MajorKoenig

    SUBMARINES — Feedback Poll

    Hey, Reading the Subs Feedback thread I wondered how WG wants to use this feedback — tons of posts but really hard to digest. Therefore I would like to create a poll thread — I start with a couple of feedbacks — suggestions and add to a poll if additional Suggestions + Feedback arise in the discussion. Please leave a vote on the ones you support! Plus: I try to further suggestions out of the discussion —————————————————————————— Here — as a starting point my feedback from the general thread: 1) have three distinct depths with different mechanics attached to them:  - surfaced (recharge batteries, Concealment on par with DDs, full spotting, torping, manual deck gun, AA) - periscope depth (consume battery, better Concealment, reduced Spotting, torping, recharge battery only if boat has a snorkel-I.e. T8+10 boats?) - submerged (Consume battery, no own spotting, make use of spotting from friendlies, reduces speed, reduced damage) - Crash dive depth Consumable (no spotting from own boat or friendlies unless own hydro Consumable, reduced damage, consumes battery)  2) battery only rechargeable in the surface or - if you have it - via snorkel. Make the subs surface after a while 3) two types of Torpedos: a slower acoustic one as today just a little less powerful AND a straight runner for manual aiming with better stats (speed + range) 4) add manual deck gun for the lulz and give it the 1/4 pen rule 5) add AA (even if it’s not powerful) 6) add some indicator for CVs to see how deep a sub is currently
  3. Major1999

    [POLL] CVs OP?

    The poll is anonym.
  4. @quickr I totally stole this from you: Add perma camo's as RB rewards, please.
  5. The reasoning for this topic is going to be about battlecruisers and why they should be added. Mainly talking about HMS Hood aswell using it as a example. Since the new update of the British heavy cruisers i've been thinking why not add battlecruisers, but not yet wait until the main countries get their heavy cruisers then add battlecruisers. This would help against the main heavy cruisers and cruisers in general. The battlecruiser weakness is battleships since they have weak armor against battleships because battleships have better armor and guns. If battlecruisers get added that means any battlecruiser that is a premium will be no longer a premium ship, that's if there were order's for building another ship like it but sadly they were never built if not that means it will be removed from premium onto the main tech tree for everyone to unlock this includes HMS Hood for Example, since she was the only battlecruiser in her class made and the last. Unless they add one of the 7 ship's that were sister ships of HMS Hood but they were never build so this could be a copy of HMS Hood but with a different name, this battlecruiser would of got the same refit as HMS Hood's 1941 refit. if HMS Hood gets removed from premium to be put into the normal tech tree the HMS Hood will have to have its original armor layout the same on premium so a copy of it but that armor will be type A armor layout, i'll talk about it more in the bottom. HMS Hood will get its Torpedoes then it will finally get its 1941 refit ,she should of got this upgrade but she was sunk before she could of got it. http://www.hmshood.com/history/construct/repair42.htm (The link for the images) This is what HMS Hood looks like after upgrade they should give her 2 optional upgrades for the public to decide B and C upgrade one with float planes and one without this includes extra AA guns for defence against planes, it also might get a better survivability. i would put her in rank 6 or 7 right beside HMS King George V Battleship or right next to Battleship monarch. If the ship gets upgraded to B or C type armor layout it will lose it's rocket AA ability.
  6. siraiaw

    Shinano or Yashima

    Shinano was a historical ship, and it was a carrier conversion of a yamato class battliship, and unlike Yashima it was actually build. want more historical ships or more paper ships?
  7. Ahoy Captains! I finally just finished the drawing of the Duca d'Aosta for the previous round of the drawings-giveaway. Soon one lucky player will be able to win it through a lottery hosted on our official social media channels. Here you can see the final result: Again, you can vote which ship I should draw, and give away, during my next streaming on Twitch of the 19th February. If you have any suggestions regarding which ship I should include in the next poll you can leave them on the comments.
  8. Afghanicus

    WOWs connectivity issues

    Alright, since this 0.8.11 patch is coming to an end... I'd like to look back at the players that had so many issues with high pings and disconnection throughout the update. I know most players didn't experience any issues and they could focus on the insane PR grind but I'll leave that for the other threads, this is a thread to the ones who were getting kicked out of the battle quite often. WG describes us as "handful of people" and our problem "a solitary issue" but we all know that's BS but even if it was about a few players, shouldn't WG still care? Or it's just a majority thing.. if most people have no issues, who gives a F about the rest who cannot play the game? Is that a WG philosophy? I won't quote all the threads which have been opened in regards to this issue as there are too many, I'll just quote my post in one of the threads where I tagged over 70 players having this issue and you don't need to be an expert to know that for every player that complains on the forum, there are many others who don't so if at least few hundreds of players are "a handful of people" I wonder how good at math WG guys are. Apparently, most affected players are from the Balkan region - Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia. Even though there were players from other countries like France, Netherlands etc. If that's a "solitary issue" for WG then we have more problems that we thought.
  9. Ahoy captains, I am TheWarJaC, the new Community Manager for Italy. As the brave commanders who saw my first stream may know, I started a drawing of a ship live on Twitch and I gave it away to a lucky follower. Here you can see the final result: The ship is the Vittorio Veneto (C 550), my grandfather’s favorite cruiser. Now I am asking you which ship you would like me to draw for the next time, so I can give it away again! (You’re doing me a favor as once I finish a drawing, I cannot stand to see them ) This time round you can vote from a selection of ships of my choosing. If you want to suggest a ship for the next drawing session instead, just write its name on the comments.
  10. https://www.strawpoll.me/19076093 Für mich bleiben das "nach dem Buff" immer noch Kartoffelkanonen. Gneisenau gibt ne Breitseite auf stehende Scharnhorst auf 9km. 1 Murmel trifft, der Rest macht schön brav Platsch. Selbes Trauerspiel wie vorher....
  11. HI all, [Poll]: How many Directives (0-7) will you be able to finish in WoWs v0.8.11 (Christmas / New Year) ? I didn't buy "Gorizia" beforehand and I managed to finish the 3rd Directive (it was huge task due to Christmas / New Year family obligations and very limited time to play)... that will be my maximum effort... Leo "Apollo11"
  12. DenmarkRadar

    Make World of Warships Great Again?

    Please vote in the poll to make WoWs Great Again :-)
  13. Just trying to get a handle on the drop rate here. This is not intended as a Rant thread. Guess will do for the number of containers. I have opened about 10 containers from missions, directives, daily drops etc and not received any ships.
  14. Hello, the question should be obvious. There is no casual team battle oriented mode in the game. For clan wars you need to be part of the clan, you can only play during special times and during clan wars seasons. For tournaments you need to put in an application for a team and can only play during special times during tournament season. There is a really big need for a normal game mode in which you can form a team of any player(without a clan or not) without any application and without time and season restriction. I have to bring this up since such a game mode(company battles) was in World of Tanks since the beginning and for a game advertizing themselves as a team game, there is not much to back that up. I just want to get home and be able to have a relaxed game with people i can trust with no pressure or KO rounds. My clan was very disappointed to find no such thing in WoWs. And if you are afraid of pupstomping, then take away the rewards( i don't care). You just need to introduce a queue of teams wanting to battle other teams. Please vote in the poll! Get your voice out there. MfG Boom
  15. SmokyButtons

    WG focus poll

    We are doing good on the poll, but we need more votes 🤔😎👍 Let us as a community help WG by telling what we value 😉 Open for suggestions for next month's poll 🤔😉
  16. Which tier do you play the most
  17. Hello! I've been trying to get a picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the four premium CV:s. There's a lot of information out there, and about as many opinions as there are players. So I thought, this question may well be an old one and already answered, but what the heck - I'll just put up a poll and see what happens. I am usually the first one out with a vote on my own polls. Not so this time, for the simple reason that I don't feel qualified to form an opinion, as of now. For one thing, I don't own all four premium cv:s (yet). I also haven't played enough games in those I do own, to have a definitive opinion on those. Simply voting on the poll will of course be very helpful. But it would be even more interesting to also know your reasons for how you vote. Cheers!
  18. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    CVs and gaming enjoyment in WoWs: 2nd Survey

    Wargaming have kept trying to balance the reworked aicraft carriers, fix bugs and exploits etc. You have had a week to test the latest round of changes, so the time has come for the next carrier-related gaming enjoyment survey.
  19. I was curious about people's thoughts on this. There are a lot of guys on the clan recruitment pages, bumping threads and doing there best trying to recruit. (Yes I'm one of them) Clans do create great social environments but the reality is only so many people can ever play in clan battles. Clan officers only have so much time for individuals. It is a lot of structure and planning to be able to manage that many people. That being said people still join these massive clans and clan battles aren't the only motivation for joining a clan. But is is too much? Can massive clans create stagnant environments causing some people to lose interest? Inactivity? Does it restrict other clans from coming through with lack of player movement? Too big = less personal? For my own personal clan I hope to run 2 clan teams of 10/11 regular active guys and then a few extra spaces for social people. I dont see the need for competitive clans to be 50 spaces. Discuss :)
  20. As many of you noticed, WG is investigating ways to handle overperforming premium ships in the future. There are a couple of threads discussing that topic. Since the opinions differ in many ways, I thought I would make a poll about some of the options mentioned in these threads. If you want to inform yourself further on the matter, here are the current discussions:
  21. As promised, here is the GUI improvements poll. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Fne4Y2QD49clhZamxK4kpBbXlnsy0UyanivvBsBQzSE/edit It is made with Google Forms rather than the forum poll function so participants can differentiate the different GUI improvement suggestions by urgency. I don't have any experience with Google forms so I hope this works out and you can even see it, because at one point I got the impression the link needed to be mailed to participants via Gmail... hoping that is not the case.
  22. Poll up above: What are your reactions to the update? (Quick disclaimer: I am not happy with the update and this is my reaction to it. I hope the community shares their point of view on it) To start off: I decided to write down everything I think is wrong with the CV rework.... Again. WG devs turned a blind eye on the PTS feedback to an extent and even though the update was delayed, it clearly was not enough. As such, the game suffered. Here are my thoughts on what is driving the WoWs community into a more upset state than before: 1) IJN 25mm AA short range?!? Wargaming, why did you nerf a nation with already bad AA to begin with? The 25mm mid-range was a saving grace for many IJN ships, including almost all DDs and the Yamato (Compare it to any other BB of the same tier and you had only 75% or less of their AA. At the same time there was no introduction of the dual-purpose nature of their 155mm and 203mm guns (Dubious nature, but it would have helped). Overall, this means that IJN vessels are unable to stand up to the increased amounts of aircraft carriers effectively. All this while the Chicago Piano stays as mid-range 2) Skill changes Okay, this is a complex topic and I hate to break it: The older skills were far more useful than the new ones. AFT and BFT have their necessity increased, however, they are worse than before A 10% increase to the entire AA potency for 3 points was a skill worth taking even without secondary guns and AFT with the 20% range increase made team AA play a viable tactic. While this denied CVs access to a ship up until a point, now with infinite planes (even with those being limited by spawning times) will win as the game progresses and AA mounts are destroyed. All in all, less potent AA skills at a time where you will find far more aircraft in the air Concealment expert change made the game campier and along with the CV spotting remaining practically what it was. Now you are far less likely to engage in sneaking into capture points as cruisers and are absolutely unable to retreat and stealth up if you have pushed as a BB and are forced to retreat. Along with the change to the firing penalty (discussed later) being agressive is harder and in certain situations almost impossible. I get that it was weird when an Iowa out-spotted your Donskoi, but this should have been given more thought than it did. Possibly increasing concealment of the ships affected when the update dropped, or to bake the skill in, play around with the values and heavily discussing the change. It definitely should not have been baked into an already huge update for the game. Definitely an... unfortunately handled change. As for the CV skills and the additions to skills to help CVs, I can not speak on those due to their obviosly new nature. 3) AA vs CVs: Not ballanced As it stands with the current patch the AA is not ballanced. While WG said this would happen it is definitely important enough to warrant its own part of the discussion. With the changes to how different AA calibers are percieved and skill changes it may not come as a surprise that at points AA feels lackluster in certain situations. The sectors are a good idea, however there needs to be much refining and ballancing to get it right, particularly with the sectors themselves. A CV will still sink you no matter the ship, it is just a matter of time and how many squadrons he is willing to send at you. 4) Concealment penalty after firing change As was the consent of the majority of the community on a post made by Spithas on the EU server and by Ducky_Shot on the NA server , the old mechanic was far more popular with the playerbase. The new mechanic makes no sense since if you break LoS how can the enemy spotter know your exact position and direction after you clear the island? Here I am offering an option for WG to consider: Bake in the Concealment expert and do something with the lenght of being spotted (-5 sec on the bloom?) But listen to the community and give us the pre-8.0 mechanic! Anyways, Warships has always been a game I liked, but now I am seriously considering a long break before WG puts out all of the wildfires raging because of 8.0 The biggest question is: What do you think about 8.0 in general? Tell me down below and please participate in the poll posted with this thread. My hope is that wargaming will listen and do something in the very near future to help the game get back up.
  23. Hey Leute, hier mal eine Umfrage zur Graf Zeppelin, da sie mit 0.8.0 keine Stuka haben wird. Wenn viele daran teilnehmen und das Ergebnis entsprechend ausfällt, wird Wargaming evtl darauf aufmerksam #RettetdieStuka ps.: Einen Down-Vote: Ich habe nur eine Bitte: Voted für das, was ihr auch wirklich meint und sabotiert nicht die Umfrage, nur weil ihr anti-Rework seid. Zu mal die Umfrage an sich vom Rework entkoppelt ist. Es geht nur um das Load out mit Stuka oder ohne, ganz gleich welches Spielprinzp, ob RTS oder Action gameplay.
  24. So we all know that the new season will be the playground of the prems but which one do you think will the best this season?