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Found 58 results

  1. Hi! I’m on the fence about buying Prinz Eitel Friedrich (I’m not sure I’ll have the time to grind the final part of the event, but I’m interested in tier 6 ships with premium camo from the “Mighty Prinz” campaign and the 2019 steel of the “Nerves of Steel” mission) and the Steel Monsters campaign (I know that the cost is quite high, but rewards seems pretty ok to me and I’ll use the 2019 doubloons of the bundle to buy the half price “one year premium time”, because I’m currently at ~10.5k doubloons), so I d’like to know how many of the forum members purchased these Christmas items.
  2. Maddog30

    Poll for the 5k battle Closed

    I took your ideas I decided to make a poll. You can vote then I will play and post.
  3. Procrastes

    Should Radio Location be removed?

    Hello, fellow forumites! After some procrastination, I have finally decided to address an issue that I have been chewing on for quite some time, namely whether I think that the much-debated captain skill 'Radio Location' is good or bad for the game. Should it be kept? Should it be removed? Or should it possibly be changed in some way? I will argue my point below, and I invite you all to vote and debate on the issue. Let me begin by stating that I try to maintain a positive attitude to those various changes that affect the game from time to time. World of Warships is an online game under constant development, with new ships, game modes and mechanics added on an ongoing basis. This is obviously a good thing. Change is vital to the game's continued survival, and I think we owe it to the development team to take our time and evaluate new features with an open mind. With that preamble out of the way, on to the point. How do I feel about the 'Radio Location' skill? In short, I don't like it. My reasons are as follows. World of Warships is an online arcade game of naval battles, where players compete against each other in a team-play oriented environment. Each battle is a test of wits, reflexes, personal skill and experience of those involved. While such factors as which ship one has and how upgraded it is certainly does matter, the level of individual player skill typically has far more bearing on the outcome. The same goes for acquired in-game Captain Skills, which can make a huge difference to the gameplay but whose usefulness ultimately depends on how well they are being handled by the individual player. (One example: The Captain Skill 'Priority Target' tells you how many enemies are currently aiming at your ship with their main guns. This is obviously very useful knowledge, but it takes a somewhat experienced player to know that a sudden shift in those numbers can signify that he has just been targeted with torpedoes - since aiming with torpedo tubes does not trigger 'Priority Target'.) Given that player versus player gameplay is the core of the game, the pre-eminence of personal skill as a deciding factor is not only a desirable thing; it is absolutely vital. Unless the game keeps rewarding players for learning and improving their gameplay, the game would quickly stagnate and die. At the same time, however, the game must also remain fun and entertaining for beginners and more casual players. In short, a game like this should ideally be easy to learn, but hard to master. To my mind, Wargaming has managed to balance these factors very successfully in World of Warships. In a PvP environment such as the one described above, a certain place is held by those kind of game mechanics that I tend to describe as falling into the "Clairvoyance" or "ESP" category. Simply put, they tell the player something he wouldn't otherwise know. A prime example is the aforementioned Captain Skill 'Priority Target', which tells the player how many enemies are at any given time aiming at his ship with their main guns. He might get a good idea of this simply by watching where their gun turrets are pointing, but the Captain Skill in question gives him immediate and accurate information. It should be said that these kinds of skills are not by their nature always a bad thing to have in a game; it is - as ever - a matter of balance. Another example of this kind of "ESP" game mechanic is, of course, the main subject of this poll: The Captain Skill 'Radio Location'. If your captain has it, it shows the direction to the nearest enemy ship, while simultaneously informing the enemy player that he or she has been thus located. 'Radio Location' is obviously a hugely useful skill. It will let you know where to find, and from whence to expect, your nearest enemy, making it easier to avoid or chase him down as you see fit. It will let you pre-aim your main guns, launch torpedoes with a fairly good chance of scoring a hit, and - with a little bit of team chat - keep your allies posted of his general movements. By working together with a team mate who has the same skill, you can even triangulate your enemy's position. 'Radio Location' does cut a bit both ways, however. In addition to supplying you with all this information, it will also let your enemy know that you have this information at your disposal. Being thus 'Located', he will know that you are on to him, that he should be on his guard, and that torpedoes and enemy ships might very well be incoming. Your chances of surprising him with, say, an ambush and a torpedo strike when he comes around that nearby island, will be severely compromised. One important and hugely rewarding aspect of any World of Warships battle, is - to my mind, at least - trying to outguess and outplay your opponent. Where is he going now? What will he do next? How can I anticipate him and defeat him? When 'Radio Location' is in play, a lot of this game element is lost. There is no outguessing your opponent, since you do not have to guess anymore - you know (more or less) where he is, just as he knows that you know. And knowing, while admittedly useful, is not always as fun as guessing. In short, 'Radio Location' removes an element of individual player skill, and replaces it with a game mechanic. This takes the game one step away from being a test of individual player skill, and moves it a bit further towards the realm of click-and-play. This, in my opinion, is the wrong way to go. I should make it clear, here, that I am seeing this as a small step along a sliding and continually shifting scale. 'Radio Location' is not in any way a game-breaking mechanic, as some doomsday prophets would have it back when it was first introduced. It's not even all that much of a game-changer, although for me there is this recurring mental pain whenever I see that dreaded word, 'Located', appear on my screen. It's not the end of the world, or even of the battle - it's just not very fun. In conclusion, it is my considered opinion that 'Radio Location' should be removed. I have voted as such in my poll. Appendix 1: I can see how Wargaming might not want a hole to suddenly appear in their neat little skill tree, and that having four rogue skill points on the loose might also have other detrimental effects on game balance. Ideally, a skill that is removed should probably be replaced with some kind of substitute. I have no definitive thoughts on this, but I invite debate. I will toss in the thought that a new skill that affects the upcoming carrier gameplay, or even submarines, might perhaps be one way to go about it...?
  4. Hi all, Big Poll - economy status - Games/Premium/Doubloons/Credits/FreeXP/Coal/Steel With all recent talk about more generous WoWs economy I wanted to check things out... BTW, I do believe that some "old hands" have many thing in abundance but also I thin that many many players are still in deficit for lost of things (I know it from 1st hand because even in big Clan we have playerse with lowish assets that have to think twice before buying anything)! My data: For how long are you playing WoWs? 3+ years (stared in Open BETA) How many "Random" battles have you played? 6.848 Do you currently have "Premium" (and if "Yes" how many day left)? Yes (181 days left) How much Doubloons you have? more than 30.000 (got them all with 30% and 50% OFF - saving for another "Premium" year) How much Credits you have? more than 200.000.000 How much FreeXP you have? 1.300.000 How much Coal you have? 80.000 (I regularly spend them on certain signal flags I use during combat) How much Steel you have? 1.600 Leo "Apollo11" P.S. On suggestion from fellow "Forumite" I now used option to "hide" who voted for which option... so the vote is anonymous... sorry for overlooking that at the start...
  5. This is the final poll for the UK DD missions. Since you cannot change your vote, I had to make a new poll. The poll from two weeks ago does not reflect the final results. Edit: Old Poll for reference
  6. I might have missed some points, can anyone give suggestions? Can add to poll if early feedback. Just a quick poll-based response to the youtube video. More in-depth writing on the actual rework will be a separate topic.
  7. Mr Fingers poll was started a bit early, therefore I started a new poll. Looks like you cannot change your answer at a later date. Therefore the poll cannot be final.
  8. who_dares_wins

    PSA: Create polls that are unbiased

    While I have been browsing this forum, I keep seeing people who are making gameplay suggestions and try to show that support for their changes exists, usually by creating a poll. However, most of these polls are designed to result in the OP's suggestion coming out on top. This is done by limiting the number of options and/or wording the responses in such a way that it drives people to vote slightly differently than they would otherwise. Such polls should be avoided because they A) Tell us nothing and B) Are ignored by WG (if they actually read this forum). Included are an example of a good and bad poll, on the topic of BB overpopulation.
  9. Just out of curiosity I made this poll to see that would the majority of the player base see next implemented in the game. Also remind me if you have a good idea to add it to the list. Let the brainstorming begin! Maybe if some from WG staff finds this constructive, could pin it for a couple of days. @Crysantos, @MrConway Thanks and Cheers
  10. Verdius

    T8 MM and arms race

    So, the new game mode is out and one of the things that WG hoped to achieve with the limited tier availability was to pull tier 9 and tier 10 ships out of the random battle matchmaker to make playing tier 8 ships a more pleasant experience instead of constantly getting bottom tiered and clubbed by tier 10s that we have become used to. Now I don't know about the rest but since the patch day my experience playing tier 8 ships has been as miserable as it was before. Considering that it is the new mode and I'd expect the first few days to be its most popular days as everyone tries it out, but the random MM queue still seems to be as full of T10s as ever. Not a single top tier or even tier 9 game for me so far. Just endless Harugumos, Worchesters, Conquerors, and Yamatos/Musashi. So I was wondering if it was just my terrible luck to miss out on a huge improvement, or if the rest of you have been having a equally bad experience as before.
  11. Operation Ultimate Frontier is back on line, and boy, is it a change of pace from how it was when it was first launched. I can't recall ever having been so thoroughly trounced, time and time again, in any previous operation. But I'm having fun - lots of fun! I thought about voting on the poll that is already up on the forum, but the choices were to salty to admit a straight vote on my part. So I opened a fresh one. The first part of the operation, where the allied battleships press on from the northwest to take out the AA cruisers and clear the way for the plane corridor, and the allied cruisers/destroyers battle the enemy destroyers and dreadnought battleships from the southeast, is mostly a matter of doing things in the proper order. As long as everyone is careful about it, there should be no losses of allied ships at this stage. If one allied ship goes down, well, it happens, but if two or more are lost, then it's bad news for those who are left. Because the second part of this operation is no cakewalk. Enemies start to appear on all sides. Three light cruisers come in from the southwest. They are Phoenix-class (I think?), and can be taken out pretty easy with a little bit of team work and concentrated fire, but unless this is done fairly swiftly, their accurate barrage of high explosive can be devastating to any lone ship caught in the crossfire. Three destroyers (more if you fail to take out both southern destroyers in the opening phase), a bunch of cruisers and at least one battleship come in from the south. They must be met with a coordinated effort, or their massed fire and torpedo strikes can be hard to handle. The carrier Raptor appears from the north as a pain in the a$$ and a secondary objective. She's not alone, either, as she's flanked by cruisers and usually at least one battleship. She should probably be handled with decisive, yet well-timed action, and to be honest I'm not really sure how this is best done. The general recipe for success seems to be team work. And I can hear you all saying "D'uh!" out there - but I would say that in no other operation has success or failure been so utterly dependent of well coordinated team work. I have so far, in this present iteration of this operation, had one (1) completed operation with five stars. That was a battle where everything clicked. Everyone took just enough damage for their team without sinking. No one hared off on a wild goose chase at the wrong time. And no one camped like a scared sheep in the reparation point. I have also had at least one battle where everything went wrong. One battleship took a wrong turn at the start of the game and was lost at sea during the first part of the operation. Two cruisers split up, engaged superior forces on separate parts of the map, and were each sunk in a blaze of glory. And two battleships huddled in the reparation point like scared sheep in the pen while the last remaining cruiser (me, in the Fiji) sat blind as a bat in her own smoke cloud and waited for death... no one played very well, but it would at least have made an entertaining documentary. The sum of all this is that success in the operation Ultimate Frontier now feels like a true victory. It takes skill and effort. And to succeed with five points is something to be justifiably proud of. This, to my mind, is basically a good thing. An operation should always present a challenge. And while it would obviously be a bad idea to make the difficulty level prohibitively hard, I feel that it is usually better to keep an operation a bit more challenging than to go to far in the other direction. If it becomes totally routine, then it quickly becomes boring. On this note, I am looking forward to see how Wargaming intends to implement the 'Hard Mode' in operations. This opening post got to be quite a bit longer than I had planned; sorry about that. Anyway, I am curious to hear what you all think. How do we best handle this operation as it is now? And if it is felt to be too hard in certain stages, how might it be changed for the better?
  12. CptBerry

    CV Rework Feelings Poll

    Now that we've had a few days to think about the CV footage, how i everyone feeling on the (REALLY EARLY) footage. Obviously we all need things are going to change but I still want to see how everyone feels about it so far from what we have seen. Please don't kill me
  13. A quick poll regarding the new Unique Upgrades for (most of) the tier10 ships ingame. Do you consider the upgrade worth the grind (yes) or not (no)? Or do you have no specific opinion towards a specific upgrade (unsure / don't know)?
  14. Hallo deutsche WoWs Spieler, wie ihr sicherlich schon wisst, wird seit einiger Zeit mit sogenannten Reload Boostern als neues Verbrauchsgut für die französischen Kreuzer und Schlachtschiffe experimentiert. Man durfte schon darüber im Dev Blog lesen und auch in diversen Videos wurde es, letztens in der Jean Bart, getestet. Die letzte mir bekannte Variante ist nun: - Für Schlachtschiffe 15sek Dauer 50% Nachladezeitverringerung (Premium JB und Bourgogne, Baum weiß ich nicht) - Für Kreuzer 15sek Dauer und 50% Nachladezeitverringerung (ab T6) (laut DevBlog) Wargaming begründet das Einführen der RB mit der notwendigen Steigerung der Attraktivität der französischen Kreuzer. Zeitgleich werden verschiedene franz. Kreuzer in ihren Werten verändert, damit das Verbrauchsgut sich besser eingliedern kann. Was sind die Auswirkungen auf die anderen Linien und speziell niedere Tierstufen die durch den MM gezwungen sind mit den "neuen" Schiffen zu konkurrieren? Meine Fragen an euch wären deshalb, ob ihr es gut oder schlecht findet eine Schiffslinie (oder zwei) um ein Verbrauchsgut herum zu konstruieren um sie interessanter zu machen und was ihr generell von solchen aktiv Schaden steigernden"Gadgets" haltet. Vielen Dank, LG Andre Edit: Aus dem DevBlog: https://www.facebook.com/pg/wowsdevblog/posts/ Reload time of 203-mm/55 Mle guns for French cruisers Charles Martel (Tier VIII) and Saint Louis (Tier IX) has been reduced to 11 seconds. According out testing results, the initial increase to 12 seconds was excessive. Please notice that in 0.7.8 update researched French cruisers from tier VI will receive «Main Battery Reload Booster» consumable. “Main Battery Reload Booster” characteristics: Reload time of MB: -50%; Duration of work: 15 seconds; Cooldown: 180 seconds for “Main Battery Reload Booster l” and 120 seconds for “Main Battery Reload Booster ll” for tier VI – VIII; 120 seconds for “Main Battery Reload Booster l” and 80 seconds for “Main Battery Reload Booster ll” for tier IX – X. Charges: 3 for “Main Battery Reload Booster l” and 4 for for “Main Battery Reload Booster ll”. Reload time of British Cruiser Black Swan (Tier I) has been increased from 3 to 4 seconds. Armor-piercing ammunition will be replaced with high-explosive. Initial velocity – 811 m/sec; maximum damage – 750; Chance of fire - 6%. With British ricochet angles and high volume of fire, it was the best ship at it's tier. These changes are intended to reduce its efficiency and equalize the performance of beginners and experienced players on this ship. Bedeutet eine Erhöhung des Reloads von 1sek für Charles Martell und St. Louis vom aktuell im Spiel befindlichen Wert von 10sek.
  15. A large number of players play more hours a day, and earn more than 37,000 (which is necessary to earn to open third container), so in my opinion the WG should allow a greater number of containers that can be earned daily. As the number of containers increases, the value of XP which must be earned bz playing, should also be increased. For example, for 4 containers, you need to earn 50,000 XP, for 5 containers you need to earn 75,000 XP and so on... By introducing this innovation, WG will reward players who play more and at the same time, stimulate players to gain more experience and become better. What do you think?
  16. Heho - Since so many people have different opinions - I decided to make a poll about which tier 10 ship class for each nation would be YOUR CHOICE if you could ONLY PICK 1 per class ? Example: ONLY 1 tier 10 Battleship ONLY 1 tier 10 Cruiser ONLY 1 tier 10 Destroyer ONLY 1 tier 10 Carrier Please take EVERY battle scenario into consideration.
  17. So WG has listened to all the voices from the WOWS community Now the space camos are available separately for purchase in the premium shop, and I presume that means you can own the camos before you have the TX ship !! Interestingly the new premium ship offers of the week is Prinz Eugen, Alabama and Harekaze. Not much to complain here and grabbed myself a Prinz Eugen while browsing. But, but, but... I thought April is supposed to be about torpedoes... I mean WG even made a ... ermmm, let's say "interesting" video. Where is T-61, Z-39 and Assashio? Reminder : free exp conversion event is now online. But seeing now I can grab the space camos first, I suddenly see no point in spending the money for conversion and will just slowly grind my ship lines. How much are you guys considering to spend with these new changes of premium shop to support WOWS? And what items interests you the most?
  18. Procrastes

    How do you feel about the Aigle?

    Hello, fellow destroyer captains! I've played a few matches in the new premium French destroyer, the Aigle, and I'm curious about how you all feel about her. I am trying to determine what role she should really play in a typical battle. Early cap contender? A big no. She has too large a detection radius for that, and she's also too sluggish to hold her own in a close range knife fight. Destroyer hunter? Again, no, for much the same reasons given above. Her slow turret traverse and horrible firing angles make her even less appealing in this role. Torpedo boat? I don't think so; she's neither stealthy nor - unless speed boosted - fast enough to shine in that role. Long range HE kiter? No, not really. Her shell velocity is way too slow for her to be very good at this. I've had trouble landing shots on battleships at ranges above 10 km; the amount of lead you have to give is frankly ridiculous. And the horrible firing angles cripple you even here, since you have to sail more or less broadside on in order to bring more than two of your guns to bear on a target. Medium range capital ship harasser? Good luck with that, since with the size and sluggishness of the Aigle, she's a fairly easy target for return fire from any cruiser or battleship that happens to take an interest. Especially when sailing broadside on, on account of the horrible firing angles etc etc. Damage sponge? I'm actually tempted to suggest this, since her huge HP pool (for a DD) seems to be her main selling point. But seriously, if you want to play a punching bag, you wouldn't get into a destroyer in the first place. Now I know that I haven't played nearly enough battles in the Aigle to make a definitive judgement on her. This is just a first impression. But it's a rather strong and undiluted first impression, I must say. But enough about my opinions, here - how do you feel about the Aigle? Is there any way to make this very nice-looking mini-baguette earn her money's worth? Edited: I just voted myself, designating the Aigle as a 'bad ship'. Her least redeeming side? The broadside! Did I mention her horrible firing angles?
  19. loppantorkel

    Remove Missouri radar

    Polling to see what people think. I don't have the Missouri. I don't plan to get Missouri. I'm all for removing the radar. No good reason to implement it in the first place. I don't mind being uptiered in cruisers, but playing Indianapolis or New Orleans and facing Missouris... At least let these squishy cruisers have one special quirk.
  20. SkullBreaker007

    Should WOWS come to conse

    Hey I just wanted to start a poll and see if people want to see world of warships come to console. Maybe it gets the devs attention.
  21. Staubkappe

    Helping me to make a decision

    I don't have any of them by now but I tend to buy the musashi because of personal liking at the moment. On the other hand I run into credit trouble from time to time.... I am sure you see the problem here :D
  22. The poll is pretty self explanitory. I can see why people would feel strongly about one option vs the other. I'm curious to see what others think about this. For me personally, I would prefer for my ships to be able to be requed as soon as I am sunk in a battle. I rarely remain in a battle once I am dead. The exceptions are when I am playing in a Division or when the battle is close and I want to see how it turns out. I feel like the inability to re-que until the battle is over hurts my ability to improve on my skill for a particular ship. When faced with the decision to wait for the battle to end, or que in another ship, I almost always pick queing in another ship. I would prefer to stay with the same ship so I can learn from my mistakes, keep the same aiming requirements, etc. To be clear, I think this option should only be available once you are sunk - you should not be able to leave a battle and reque if you are still alive.
  23. Griva

    Clan flags / emblems form

    As everyone know we need and want some kind of clan insignia. I seen somewhere in old Q&A that: @MrConway @Kandly First part - question to developers: Clans came and we still didn't get any clan insignia so.. when we can get it? but more importantly and this is my question: In what form we can expect to see it? What do you think about idea to create building in naval base for clan flag? Also maybe it would be nice option to add some small bonuses for this flag? Second part - poll for players: I want to show you some examples how I see it and I want to know what is the best in your option - simply how do you imagine clan insignia. All options decribed here are in poll above 1. Clan flag instead of nation flag This is the best option in my opinion - visually and technically. Clan can set the flag in clan options (where description and tag) and if set, all nation flags are changed to clan flag. Optionaly there can be option in game that you can disable clan flags in you client but still everyone else can see your clan flag. 2. Clan flag as normal commemorative flag This is interesting option and technicaly probably the easiest solution but it makes some problems. Some flags like "Ranked league" flag gives some bonuses so by using clan flag we have to give up any potential bonuses and all other flags we have. Interesting solution would be adding some bonuses to this flag, for example there can be building in naval base And building it gives us clan flag for all members but to make it more interesting this flag could give us some some small bonuses like additional +2% more credits / exp / free exp or any other combat bonus. 3. Ship emblem This solution probably need way more work and actually it's not as nice as flag In very short we get emblem on our ship - very the same like in world of tanks. 4. Clan flag as the third flag This solution need some work but it's simple. Instead of change current flags, just add 3th slot for clan flag. Still there is one problem - not all ships has place for 3th flag probably and to be honest 3 flags at the same place don't looks so cool imo (it's more messy) 5. Clan camo This is very problematic in many ways and I think I am going to create separated thread about this feature becuase it's nice option but very hard to implement as clan insignia for many reasons. We would pick how ship camo looks and that would be our "clan sign". Big problem for camo is economy. Camos gives us bonuses but we pay for it... this means we can't create perm free camo like this. If you have any other ideas - share it with us Also would be nice if you like/upvote this question for greater reach
  24. Ghostsaker

    Clan Flags/Signs

    Hi! I would like to ask that when will be it possible that we could raise our own Clan Flags on our ships? The flags of the nationality of the ships are there and a commemorative flag is already on the mast. So would be there lot of place to raise the clanflag also? Of course the clan flag could be also raised at the Clan Base too.
  25. ledgeri

    Possible clan update

    Could you implement a poll system into the clan part of the game? I just had a thought i would ask as a 2nd row member of the clan of mine, what should we focus getting after the 0.6.11 release, but because the serial messaging is blocked to prevent spam, and the clanchat is sadly unrelaible, i can not really do that in the game... BUT If a poll system would be in the game for the clan only, would be so much easyer to track the clan's need, or recive feedback. The poll options could be the basic Expire-date (yes-no, days, weeks), multy-choice or simple, "until first X answered", the best 10 by [tracked stat] answered, last 10 poll, to be able to trtack them etc The ui could be what the game uses, notifications could be pop-ups for important ones, like the one-time offers, or a WG-logo notification on the clan-tab's top, like now on the news... It would be so much easier knowing what the clan wants, without using an external forum!