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Found 12 results

  1. RoundToIt

    Winning Battles in Random.

    Has anyone else noticed a trend regarding players prioritising sinking or scoring points rather than trying to win the Battle for the team in Random Battles. Call me sus' but I'm seeing this more and more which doesn't lend itself to encouraging team players if there is no reward for winning, when scoring by hitting other ships gives a player what they need to progress. I think what I'm suggesting is a separate reward for Winning. Am I nutz and got it all wrong?
  2. Freyr_90

    Future Clan Battles [idea]

    So.. a few days ago we were talking about clan battles on Discord when I thought I had come up with a decent idea for a future season. To put it simply, each team gets a a number of points and has to distribute these among different tiers, e.g. a T10 ship could be 10 points, a T6 would be 6 points, etc. I was promptly advised that there was already something similar in WoT, so the idea isn't mine, or new at all (sad) What do you think, can it be applied to WoWs as well? Would it bring more diversity and give us a chance to once again be torpedoing Yamatos in Umikazes? Or would it be dull with a few preferred compositions?
  3. Hi, I don't know if it's working as designed, but if you buy a new ship with a commander you can pay some extra to get 3 skill points. When you assign this commander to another ship before using the skill points then they are gone even if you do the "full" training option for 500 doubloons. I would expect to keep the skill points. EDIT: forget that report. I totally did not get it that I did not really select the option for the 3 extra skill points. *facepalm*
  4. NecroFlex

    Captain skills

    So i've been thinking...and that's usually a bad sign The captain skills are good and all, but the issue i ''have'' is that, u need to master a tree above the next tree so actually get to that tree, problem is, i don't want to get anything from the 3rd tree, nothing is THAT good, it's just a waste of points, i like almost all the stuff in the 1st tree and most of the skills in the 2nd one, 3rd is meh, 4th is ok and 5th is ok too. Can we get that the other skills are open even if we don't get anything from the previous tree but we can't get anything from the next tree until the captain reaches a certain rank and/or you use up the points you'd otherwise use for the 3rd tree.
  5. TomBombardil

    Wargaming Math. eh, coding.

    943 vs 600. WE losse a BB =-40. (Or something) Game: Instant VICTORY! Game, we LOST a BB. Not killed one so don't give us the +60 points even if it is for an instance. Fix it plz. (Mobile post no screenshot)
  6. Quetak

    Dominant one-sided battles

    Hi, I had many one-sided battles last days. It doesnt matter if its win or lose, its not good for either side. When one team is dominating there isnt enough time to make credits - even for winner. In standard battles its okay since you dont get points fast. Usualy your team needs to kill most of enemy ships to reach 1000 points. In domination battles is problem big. Lets do some math here: 3 cap areas In 3 cap area game you get 3 points every 5s for each area. When team is dominating and holds all three areas its 108 points per minute. Domination starts with 300 points so it means it takes only 6,5 minute to reach 1000 points. 4 cap areas With 4 cap areas you get 4 points every 9s. With all bases its nearly same income (as 3 cap game) 107 points per minute. Lets assume team is holding just 3 which is common - its 80 points per minute - its 8,75 minute to reach 1000 points (with 4 caps its 6,6mins). Exceptions maps North and Northen Lights are 4 cap area maps where you get 3 points every 6s for each cap (faster than others). When you add few killed enemy ships its usualy 7-8 minute game. In such short game you dont have time to do enough. When you are in T9/10 ship you nearly cant cover service costs since you didnt do enough dmg (no time to do it). You are simply punished that your team was too good. Solution: Add a bonus for winning side. For example 10% credits boost for every 2mins remaining to battle end. Reduce points from caps, add diminishing returns: For 3 cap areas (1.cap 3pts/5s, 2.cap 2pts/5s, 3.cap 1pts/5s -> 9,7 minutes to reach 1000points with 3 caps (+3,2mins from current state)) For 4 cap areas (1.cap 4pts/9s, 2.cap 3pts/9s, 3.cap 2pts/9s, 4.cap 1pts/9s -> 11,6 minutes to reach 1000 points with 3 caps (+2,85mins from current state)), when you hold all 4 caps -> 10,5 mins (+3,9mins from current sate) I much more like solution two with diminishing returs which adds more time to players to earn rewards. Do you have any other idea how to solve this? What do you think about it? Or do you like fast wins? edit: removed XP from mentioning since xp/time is okay (1500xp in 10mins is same as 3000xp in 20mins)
  7. TomBombardil

    Wargaming Math. eh, coding.

    943 vs 600. WE losse a BB =-40. (Or something) Game: Instant VICTORY! Game, we LOST a BB. Not killed one so don't give us the +60 points even if it is for an instance. Fix it plz. (Mobile post no screenshot)
  8. Hi ! I have 48 ships and i need to redistribute a lot of points of my captains. But the price in gold is too expensive ! At least 275 gold for only one captain ! It is impossible ! Please, make us a much lower price ! Thank you !
  9. Kriegseber

    Points for picking up survivors!

    I was thinking the other day that it would add a new and interesting dimension to the game if players were able to get points for picking up survivors. I imagine it working like this: Whenever a ship sinks, a circle appears on the surface of the ocean where it sank. This is where the survivors of the sunk ship are floating on the water. If you have a small ship like a destroyer, cruiser or light cruiser, you can maneuver your ship into the circle and if you are going slowly, you pick up survivors. Maybe this requires you to press a button or something too, that is up to the game designers. The rescuing player gets points equal to the number of survivors retrieved. The player of the sunk ship also has his costs reduced if more of his crew survive. Perhaps ships that are sinking can also rescue their crews if they are close enough to land. In this case the survivor circle, which would have a certain diameter based on the size of the sunken ship, would have to be touching a land mass. It would take some calculation on the part of the game designers, but . . . 1.) You would have to calculate how many survivors made it into the water based on the damage to the ship. This would be 100% - some algorithm that calculates casualties based on the battle damage. I am not sure how you would do this, but I would suggest drastically reducing the % of survivors if there had been a magazine explosion on the ship and also for every time the ship was set on fire. 2.) The size of the survivor circle would be based on the size of the ship. 3.) The number of survivors picked up would depend on the time that the rescuing ship spent in the survivor circle. 4.) Ships picking up survivors would have to reduce their speed (maybe 5-8 knots?) to be able to pick survivors up. 5.) I do not think that battleships or carriers would pick up survivors (historically they didn't). 6.) Both the owner of the sunken ship and the rescuing ship would get a small bonus or have a penalty reduced somewhat, depending on the number of survivors retrieved. (i.e. exp-earned, battle damage cost reduction, credits, etc) 7.) Reducing the crew would also give sinking ships a reason to try to reach a land mass, before sinking. It might not be worth the trouble, but it could add an interesting dimension to the game and make the "captains" (the players) think about their crews in a new way. It is just an idea. Please let me know if you implement it.
  10. ArcheX

    Genral ergonomic suggestions

    Hello all, No direct whining here.... only indirect The team table, please guys, make it so all toptiers are on top and then all following tiers together with the same tiers. that is more clearer, WoT is doing this for years and not without a reason. result table, make it so it is in points scored, or that the games remembers the order you choose. My best guess it is still in the same order as the garbled team table from the start. Results, we see how many HP we score with AP HE or torps and what that is in XP, but XP for capping....???? do we even score XP for that? If not, why is it even in there. I would like to see (pretty please ) that it is spelled out what scored what.... And some more clarifications, like do we score XP for lighting enemies up and others scoring hits?? what do we score, if any, for capping or defending a cap? Explanations for captain skills... please just say what it does. famous example, which is even misinterpreted by Phly Daily, torpedo acquisition. just see seeing torps 20% sooner. remember KISS... lets see if someone agrees.... preferably someone who can change things... LOL
  11. For Level 1 I usally pick Ship Survivability which is imho useful for any class, but from Level 2 onward I am not sure anymore. Torpedo Expertise is a must for destroyers and Aircraft carriers, but also for cruisrs with Torpedo launchers? Is the +0,7 degree/second for big guns of Aiming Expert realy worth it taking? Will -7% chance of fire from fire prevention make a big Impact or rather take Incoming fire alert? What about about those skill in higher Levels? Only playing since last week so looking forward to your guys input and expertise.
  12. jerkchicken

    Grinding for USS Missouri

    Hey, I'am grinding hard for the missouri now, what I'am doing is just basicly: Get alot of exp and convert it with doubloons to free exp. ive got enough doubloons to get it to 850.000 f.exp. (I've got already 320.000 f.exp) So my question to you guys: How can i grind about 100.000 exp a day? (to convert it of course) I've had a day that i reached it so anybody some tips or tactics? (to make it basicly fast and easy) I already have to boost: -Premuim account -Premuim ships -first game win (200%+ exp) -some boost flags Thanks, Splire