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Found 3 results

  1. My fellow Americans As you know, the great CV rework is upon us. A few of us, the true 'MURICAN CV players, have now lost all hope. Truly, we are a far cry from the glory days of old. Where 'MURICAN planes ruled the skies. None could stand against us! Indeed, we flew circles around all comers, and our bombers gratuitously dispensed our valued FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY. Our vaunted fighters, the best in the world and the bane of those Haku plebs! None can claim to have a more glorious past than we. It is true, that since then, we have fallen. We have been beaten down, patch after patch, nerf after nerf, 'till those days became a distant memory. Robbed of this future, our younger CV brothers will not have any recollection of those days... And yet... The flame of liberty still burns. 8.0 has rolled around, and though the old ways are gone forever, we must acknowledge the positive developments that have put us in a unique position compared to the other, less free nations in the game. For example, in our typical 'MURICAN fashion, we, by the grace of god, have continued to remain at the forefront of all things explodey and loud. Let the lesser nations play with their ''Torpedoes''. Our bombs remain the best in the world, generating the biggest booms. And, though we lost them as fighters, our proud and savage Bearcats return as THE premier missile platforms. Woe to those in their sights! Yet, this is not enough. Because if there is one thing that we 'MURICANS love as much as big booms, it's that goes really, really fast. For to have both big booms and big speed is the essence of what it means to be truly free! To that end, we must rally! So that our shipfu *beloved ship* is restored to her star-spangled, supersonic glory! In the interests of DEMOCRACY, I urge you to make your voice heard at our polling booth. (Un-American attitudes will be ignored) Now, with the focus on CVs, is the time to make Midway great again! GOD bless AMERICA!
  2. Seinta

    Halloween salt

    Do not go behind the portal - Ships spawn in the fog not form the portal Carries use your damn skills - You don't have to wait for half of your team to die to remember that you have a party heal Reading ... not so hard.
  3. TrolmasterPL

    How to download via internet?

    Guys, game is downloading very slowly via torrent. I was trying to switch it to internet download but there's no such button. Plz help.