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Found 12 results

  1. Nechrom

    Battle results caching

    Okay, so I need to get an answer from WG on this. I've asked in two separate reddit Q&As and on the Q&A section on this forum, and not a sound from any WG people. So what I want to know is if WoWs will ever have battle results cached between login sessions? If not, why? @Kandly @MrConway @Tuccy I wouldn't care so much if the game wouldn't continually throw you out to the login screen after a battle just before showing you the results. A few times I could live with, but it's been like this for so long and happened so may times that it just grinds my patience down. You have a great battle and just as you're about to check your results... Login screen! It's gone so far that I feel like some guy at WG is taking my battle results, crumpling them up into a tiny ball, throwing them in the trash and setting them on fire. Can we please get our results cached between sessions like WoT has been doing from as far back as I can remember (late-CBT).
  2. Culhaut_AlexX

    I need some recommendations about DD's

    Hello players ! I'm quite a new player . I am looking here for a good DD nation , i'm the type of player who is only interested for the tiers 8-10 ! Keep this in mind please . i'm at the fubuki but a heard a lot of people telling me the ships after it are uselss , specially at tier 9-10 . So i decided to sell it . I'm looking for a good DD line with good tops and fun to play . What would you recommend me ? I really never played DD so i don't really know where to look at . But i like playing with torps , but i'm still ok to find new playstyles !
  3. AkosJaccik

    The Gentlemen's Guide to Coop

    You probably had one of those days, when you felt productive enough to want to work on something without involving in, you know, actual work. As such, let me proudly present... Tthe Gentleman's Guide to Coop! So, you are new to the game? Fantastic! Welcome to World of Warships! WoWs is a game about the Bismarck and some additional content, more about that later, where you point, click and blame the RNG in a single gamemode: Coop. Later, you can also get yourself carried in ranked, but let's go step-by-step, shall we? COURSE 1 - The basics When you reroll your accou log in with your account, your port screen should look something like this. Note that you have ships, port slots, captains and no bar or brothel whatsoever. Now, you could do some introductory missions or some sh*t, I don't know, even if it's there, skip that, you don't check out IKEA assembly instructions either, and just how much harder it is to conn an aircraft-carrier than slapping together an armchair which is missing four screws and was designed by a moron, amiright? Besides, you make both of them work with an Allen key worth of 10 cents, so you are fully qualified. Before you jump into the main mode of WoWs, which is Coop, you need to choose a suitable ship. Here are your choices, listing the pros and cons: - Hashidate: She has guns and floats on the water - Erie: She has guns and floats on the water - Orlan: She has guns and floats on the water - Hermelin: She has guns and floats on the water - Black Swan: She has guns and floats on the water - Bougainville: She has guns and floats on the water, plus you can piss off a lot of people by making jokes about the amount of white textiles she carries and/or the reverse speed. Now, the protip. Do you believe in the almighty Russian Bias? If so: choose Orlan. Are you smurfing and want to sealclub while not looking like a d*ck with 800 consecutive battles in Tier 1? Make an alternative account and go with Black Swan. In any other cases, go with whatever the hell you want, which will be Hermelin. Slap a 19 point capta I mean, press „Battle”. Welcome to your first battle! Let's overview your screen quickly. On the top (or sides, depending on your setup), you can get information about the opposing teams and the objective itself, but only noobs have enough time to do so in the heat of the battle or think that it has any of importance. If you check it out anyway, maybe you notice that some of your teammates are pink: that is because the „don't ask, don't tell” policy is no longer in use. Bottom left you can inform yourself about the state of your railguns and also regulate your speed. In World of Warships, you can choose between six speed presets: five of which you will not select, and one for men. At the bottom, you could theoretically change your ammo type depending on the situation, but if you don't do so, you might get promoted for using resources cost-efficiently, so don't. There is also the panic-button 'R', press it violently and repeatedly at the first sign of any trouble. In the middle, you can see your ship. She is a beauty, isn't she? Take a good look at her, because that will be the last time you see her. Good! Now press „Shift”, you will spend the rest of your time in this view. Take attention, as your job will not be easy: click with your mouse on the red things. At this point, let's talk a bit more about tactics. Take into consideration that you are a very rare kind of animal, a bad mofo, who laughs in the face of adversity, plus your huge cohones and determination are carried by german engineering™, so you go in, shoot first, ask questions later and proceed to vaporize everything on sight. If you did everything according to this guide, your after action report screen should look something like this: Bask in the glory! It's only natural. Remember: False modesty is a sin! Currently, you have 100% WR, so don't forget to use this as an argument in any situation, for example, if you are getting a ticket for speeding or if you are undergoing a divorce trial. (Before all that, remember to report the AFK pr*ck for endangering your game at T1.) Repeat the above steps, if necessary, but it won't be: You are ready to research Dresden, and because you are leaving T1 with the protected matchmaking, as far as WG is concerned, your training is over – you are good to go! At this point, we might need to take a look at more advanced materials, but don't worry! I got you covered. COURSE 2 - The second step The next thing we should check out is the „Tech tree”. There are four branches represented in the game, battleships and the rest. Getting to know them could be a long and boring process, so we'll take a little shortcut, shall we! Slap out your credit card, we are heading to P2W aisle! Look for „Tirpitz”, because „Krupp-stahl” 'n' sh*t. Buy it – and welcome to T8! After the celebration, be on your guard, as life can become a bit hectic at these heights, but nothing we couldn't handle with a little bit of skill and liberal use of curses in chat. Let's get into game! Press „Battle”. Alternately you could apply premium consumables, upgrades, signal flags and paint jobs beforehand, if you want to feel particularly pretty today, but all of that stuff is highly flammable and not sure it's road legal, so let's not do so. Aaand here we are with our brand new Tirpitz, even sporting the classic „new battleship” fragrance everyone knows and loves. Some minor things are different compared to your Hermelin, for example, now you are weighting a bit more than you should, and also your Tirpitz is heavier. You also have some new toys at your disposal, let's take a look: As you can see, nothing complicated. You get an airplane, that you will send up immediately at the start of every battle, not because of CV-threat or anything, but because you don't pay the pilot to write stupid "guides" on the internet and look Top Gun-y. You also get a tool to replenish your stamina bar or what the hell that green stuff is, in later iterations of the game some ships from other classes got that too for no reason, but nevermind, some pampering of the plebs won't hurt you, more damage to farm! You also get to screw around with G7a T1 torpedoes, which are large metal objects that can swim and detonate, not unlike your ship. Theoretically, these things are verified up to 6 kilometers, but you know that american folk tradition of writing any bollocks onto the product like „don't put these torps in the microwave” just so you can't sue them when you do? These torps are probably disgustingly overengineered as well, so don't be shy to shoot them at the first target you (or more likely, considering your correct positioning, your allies) spot. About tactics. There are 69 canonical ways to play a Tirpitz according to the First Council of Nicaea, 67 of them involves hugging the map border like you are a koala bear and just found the last eucalyptus tree on Earth; one is torping from the back; and finally the last one, playing it wrong. Now, your ship is a very expensive and delicate craft that works on the principle of generally having more water outside than inside. This seems to be the preferred method of using ships, and we best not to question our forefathers, so let's go with that. In a rather rude manner however, the bots of the enemy team, and in some cases, the bots of your own team, tend to lob high-speed metal capsules containing a fair bit of explosives in your general direction, potentially damaging your buoyancy. You need to avoid this at all costs! ...so – you are staying behind. You intensively research the wildlife of the map border. You conceal, don't feel. Drop torps! Doesn't matter if a pleb is in the way, his job is to outmaneuver them with his nimble little thingy. If you really want to be well-mannered, you can even warn them in the chat.They might answer with something like „turning broadside”, „citadels”, „I had a quick affair with one of your relatives” and such, common signs of any lack of education, give no attention to it. Let me show you, what happens when you don't keep the distance: It's scary. It's damaging. And I'm not sure your social insurance pays for it. And who knows, what's lurking in the dark? There are many different ways to „break line of sight”, as some people like to call cheating – however, you can also profit from it. In some cases, you can see various vessels generating smoke as illustrated on the following picture. In smoke, you can tactically position yourself, while your team spots for you – this is advanced tactics. Also in some cases, the ship that put down the smoke screen might forget to sod off or the noob just got his engine wrecked, either way, he's taking up your place. With the aid of the weight and momentum of your ship however, you can easily push him out of the smoke to make him spot for you, while you get in firing position. This might be an irritating process for you, but sadly, you just can't avoid these things when you have to play with people. Physical contact is an especially necessary act if the guy is pink! You don't want to hurt his feelings. Incorrect positioning and playstyle may also force you to use torpedoes in a manner they are not designed for. In these situations, remain calm – remember, whatever happens, it's not your fault! You might have to rely on your armor a little bit, but it's fine. In case of dire situations, spam 'Requesting support! Never fear to learn! For example, here we have a friendly Tirpitz demonstrating the usage of HE shells on a perfectly broadside target. This is a clever way of overcoming rather complex and RNG-infested mechanics like the majority of „armor penetration” issues. Also worth noting the Nagato getting nuked, which is historically a thing for her. If all went well, your report screen, agan, should look something like this: Let me further give some aids to analyse the results: - In case you are on top, you did fantastic! - In case you are on bottom, your team screwed it up big time. Pathetic. Hopefully you did not forget to constructively criticize their worthlessnes as a human being in the chat! Last step: Post your results in the forum in a new topic and try to look like someone who did not do this by pure fortune. Congratulations! If you followed the steps above carefully, now you know how to ship. I did not include some of the lesser classes, but if the need is overwhelming, might take a look at those as well. It would be like fumbling around in a semi-rotten carcass of a roadkilled caribou, but anything for science. Hope you enjoyed, stay safe!
  4. jerkchicken

    Lose lose and again lose...

    Today: 14 battles played 3 wins / 11 loses I think I'am done with this game, i always play good (i do my best for myself + the team), i cap everytime I'am supporting dd's and i follow orders from the chat. But those weekends my WR(winrate) is just falling by my team. or i have an unlucky day. No I would be unlucky everythime I play. It feels like i depends on my team, So there saying my skills of the match doesnt count if I've bad matchmaking (unlucky). I'am just working on the Missouri (getting xp with premuim account + premuims ships / camo's + flags = that i can convert it to free ex) but if i dont win like 50% (I would be happy alot if the WR was 50%) So this grind is very hard for me if I would lose everytime. Have somebody some tips to improve or to make my grind easier? Thanks for reading and helping me out, Splireplays (I'am working on my English its not very good)
  5. elanubis


    Hello, I am pleased that discussions are based on the mod, but big players use cheat do not talk about anyone, perhaps because they are in large clan? or because the WG agrees well? Cordial greetings
  6. I was thinking about the introduction of the Bismarck. How it's 10km secondary range combined with smoke defying hydro makes a) my future first tier 8 BB (IJN Amagi) obsolete by power creep already (and also the absence of a high tier IJN BB to train a commander) and b) makes life even more miserable for DD players since Bismarck drivers can simply sail straight towards smoke, press a key on their keyboard and watch those pesky enemy DDs with their cheating smoke and torpedoes simply disappear into the sea. Let's forget about a) for now - I just cannot face it. Instead, I want to talk about b) here. Season 5 of ranked battles is coming where the meta, even for complete casuals, will surely be Bismarcks driving into caps, killing everything in their path (and with a smoke supplying DD escort they will be true monsters of the seas). The IJN tech tree split is coming (torps probably getting nerfed) and the great Shima nerf of 2016 has already happened. We all seem to know which way the game is going - nerf anything that the majority of BB players cannot deal with, e.g. smoke & torpedoes. There are even rumblings of possible changes to the HE spam "problem". Curse those pesky cruisers! I'm conflicted by this. I get that WG need to cater to the common denominator and, in WoWS, that seems to be a somewhat not-so-great BB driver - you know, the ones who don't know WASD hacks and sail broadside on to enemy BBs, the ones who immediately extinguish the first fire they take, then burn to death from the next 4 fires they take, the ones who use their heal ability to recover 1000 hp from a citadel hit whilst leaving 25,000 hp of fire damage, the ones who pop their fighter as soon as the battle starts so it's on cool down when the enemy TBs come knocking. Etc, etc.. But at the same time, they need to leave something for the rest of us. Therefore, I propose to split the function of radar and smoke so radar is left as is (spots ships and aircraft) but change hydro to only spot torpedoes. By all means tweak it, maybe improve the duration, or the range or the cool down or even a combination of these, to make it more effective and useful, but stop it from spotting DDs in smoke and make it purely a defensive system for BBs to defend themselves from torpedo attacks. Then revert whatever nerfs torpedoes have already suffered and give us a decent stealth torpedo line - something different from every other DD line in the game. With these changes DDs regain a potent weapon system, there's more variety in DD play and BBs have an improved defense against torps - the ability to see them from further, for longer and more often - and if they still sail into the damn things then there really is no saving them. (At the same time, just like smoke rings, please add colour coded rings for radar and hydro so allies can see who is using what and the area of its effectiveness.) What do you think?
  7. Please use premium consumables. I can understand if you do not use them at lower tiers. I can understand that, but if you're in a tier 9 or tier 10 ship then you should be using premium consumables. It's okay if you don't use a premium fighter or premium anti air ability - those are fine, but it is *NOT OKAY* to not have premium smoke, heal or damage control party. Yes, it costs credits, but at tier 9 and 10 they make sense from an economical point of view already - that one hit you will not take because of them or bit of fire damage or flooding damage will already save you more credits than you would be paying to repair that same damage. On top of that you are a stronger ship in the match because of it - you are more likely to win and get more credits as well! By the way, if you didn't know, you can get premium consumables for credits. If you don't know how then watch this video:
  8. KptStrzyga

    Pls DON`T use premium consumables

    When I set someone on fire I want him to burn. I find it annoying when I repeatedly set someone on fire and he just keeps extinguishing flames, heals and all my shooting is for nothing. I also don`t like when enemy destroyers are running around with supersonic speed, they are hard to hit. Or when they pop up smoke and dissapear, it`s outraging. But worst of all are cruisers with their radars, it`s no longer possible to sit in smoke and farm damage. So PLEASE be so kind and leave some of this magic in port, use only standard consumables, ok? Anyway, premium stuff is too expensive. One good game in tier 5 with standard account can give you enough credits only for like 3 or 4 games with all premium stuff, so it`s not worth it. Thank you very much.
  9. Today I saw something that makes me stop playing till it is fixed. This was paper choking scissors. I was BLIND SHOT by DD. Yes. DD outside smoke could wreck my CA (tier8) while NOT being detected. That is just wrong. Being torped by DD while being stupid with course/speed: Logical. Being torped by DD in stealth: Annoying. Being shot to pieces by a DD and STILL not see him: WTF? This is not the first time I see game-breaking stuff like this. I have played this game since closed alpha, through beta and now I feel it has deteriorated beyond all recognition. CA wreck BB at long range, dodging all shells the BB flings at them, DD wreck the CA's, BB are just the juicy target all can take apart. CV can work, but with snipe or be sniped a bit boring. At lower tiers this is not visible, but later all too obvious. The rock scissors paper is kinda gone to be honest. This at least is my experience. The devs really need to take a good luck at balancing this back to how is was earlier, because it's ruining a game I love(d) and want to love again. So PLEASE PLEASE bring back the balance I don't want to tell you how to do your job, you have all the numbers.
  10. Hello. I have played this game since 1 month and i've got no problems, until today. Yesterday i thought i could give this game a chance, so i bought the 7days Premium offer with 4 extra slots. The problem is that i have 100-2000 Ping In-game and it's freeze lags. I have no idea what will cause the problem since i have a very good connection to other games and websites. My spec: Gtx 770 i5 4670k 12gb Ram I really need your help as 10$ is alot for me and i want to enjoy my Premium! Thanks in advance //
  11. mrlatchyy

    My game wont update.

    Hey, my client downloads the update fine, but when it comes to installing it, it gets stuck on 74%. I've tried many things to fix it such as deleting everything from the update folder, changing my port and unselecting using torrents all to no avail :'( if anyone has any idea on how to fix this as I really, really want to play this please share