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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all, WoWs EU reached 30K+ players OnLine again... https://stats.wotapi.ru/stats/wows/eu/EU Leo "Apollo11"
  2. Linkaex

    Good players and teams!

    Just wanted to say, today has been a good day! For the majority of matches I had players who communicated, gave feedback to other players and people admitting making mistakes. People did not rush off and die, stick to the map borders but all were willingly to work together. There was a lot of fun and jokes made in-game chat and the overall atmosphere was quite chill. Also towards the enemy team there was a lot of mutual respect and not so much banter. I did not win all the games of course, but out of the 24 games played today I got a 66,6% w/r. I played mainly T6 and 7 in case you are wondering
  3. Hey everyone! My friend and I are searching for an experienced, good, competitve clan. We are both great players (if I do say so myself :P). Jmp2303 is a really, REALLY good Battleship player and TheRedboss is very good in Cruisers and Destroyers. We are searching for a more competitve clan, because our current one isn't all that good in competitve :/ Both our statistics: jmp2303 - https://wows-numbers.com/player/544680415,jmp2303/ TheRedboss - https://wows-numbers.com/player/540813098,TheRedboss/ This is what we would like from the future clan: They must be active in the competitive scene, they must particepate in clan battles, they must have a kind playerbase, if you'll understand what I mean. (We don't want to be in a clan with a bunch of [edited] :P), they must have someway of communicating (e.g. Discord, Teamspeak) We are both Dutch, but we both speak English good enough to understand what we mean :P Hope to get many replies!
  4. I've just asked this question in a battle and received very conflicting answers ranging from 2 players to the whole team. I hope you will enlighten me. The answer could be 42. :)
  5. DataDemon

    'playerbase *Edited & balancing?

    I briefly read some of the posts and found a reoccuring issue that ALL! threads about the gameplay have. Essentially there were some issues where we all tried to find solutions, but at the same time you could also fill in another argument aswell. It is debatable, 'That the majority of the playerbase is *Edited doesn't pose a balancing problem.' (cited from another forum as a sarcastic statement) What he meant was, e.g. Stalingrad OP. Well migth be true, but you cannot test its strength based on players, *Edited ones, don't know how to play against it. And we all can agree that to some degree we can mitigate an enemy Stalingrad, but you cannot balance a ship around the guys who cannot play against it. [Well I take it back- BBs with underwater citadels...]. And just the argument that he can punish you at max distances does not mean that it is unfair/unbalanced since it certainly is not skill dependent that you sailed broadside to him, even at 20km range... Aswell as we have BBs that can be sniped off by any CV if they play solo and complain about balance. Or as another example CVs. We all can agree that in randoms the more skilled CV player makes a huge deal. And you all may wonder, how do you 'fix' CVs? Another way of seeing this is, the only reason this is a deal, is because >75% of CV players have no clue how to play them. I see CVs in T10 that are doomed to lose all their planes to a single strafe. If, on the other hand, they would know what to do; let's say I as a unicum player complaining about CVs, who does not how to strike well, would be paried against a good CV player, well then he would have more impact on the game by dealing more damage than me, but other than this, because I know which targets to focus, to spot dds etc. it would be not game decisive. And we all would accept the better CV player just the same as 'they got OMNI BB' but that is it and nothing more, which is exactly how it is intended to be. And as for CVs, I won't blame WG for not rewarding 'correct' play, you play correct because that is how you win the game, not because that gives you fake money. So basicly the question is, when you (let's stay honest, WG, but we might have some influence on it if we all can agree on a note here) balance mechanics, do you go for the objective gameplay (like if 2 good players play against each other, it should be an equal fight), or do you prefer to go for the majority (CVs are OP because I cannot camp at the 10 line alone any more, Stalingrad is OP because I have to be more careful than I am right now). We know WGs reason to tend to the 2nd option, but for us, as a playerbase, and the playerbase that WG gets some money from aswell; how do WE deal with this issue? So the thread of the topic is- all of you know encountered retarded players, like BBs going 9-10 line on Northern lights, when they don't get that they are out of fight for 5+ mins, while the rest of the team has to play without 2 Top Tier BBs. DDs that go off not spotting, because it is 'too dangerous'. Or my favourite is 'B is a trap' and exactly therefore noone of our team going there, meaning they can cap this so called trap with no risk at all. Or the map Trap and all the guys lemming towards A... What I was trying to do, and pls leave the HAMI jokes aside, I was telling my teammates in randoms, always when playing solo, what to do. At least a suggestion, at the start of the game, same as I do in clanwars. If there are questions, I am fast enough in the first 2 minutes to explain why. My experience was quite often they do listen. Also, e.g. if you say 'ALL BC' on Ice of Islands (which is admittedly not the very best, but the best would depend on setups, ship composition, fine tuning, ... then just the easy ALL BC would do the deal most of the times), people having success with it often repeat the statement next time on the map. So giving them general instructions are benefitial. But then there are [edited]. Like guys who sail 9-10 line on Northern lights. Even if there is no D cap. And when I try to explain anything (in Hope we will never do that again, I get reported). I got chatbanned doing non-raging explanation *Edited, after which my solo game (which relied on communicating with teammates) sucked. Not just strategy, but just asking a dd if he can smoke ahead is a huge deal... This is what gets me most- correct a fool and he will hate you. So back to the topic, I think the biggest problem with WOWs is the playerbase. If you could correct it somehow many of the issues we discuss would be solved. And it is less the question of skill. I honestly, do not mind a player to be bad, as long as he is doing his best and thinks reasonably, reacts on arguments and suggestions, I am completely fine. What I am not fine is an ashashio as only dd not going to spot, because 'asashio is bad fighting dds, that is why he goes wide' against a kiev that capped! and radar cruisers using spotter planes (ty yuro) and staying on their opinion even after I explain them calmly the benefits for the team of having a radar. Anyone might have a point of doing something, and it is fine until you are proved otherwise. All I am asking the playerbase in randoms is just to use the brain a bit, listen to me if I have a point and admit it's mistakes to perform better next game. But so far, sadly, the majority of the playerbase is braindead after all. Regarding this, if you agree with me, do you just accept the fact or should we try to change that a bit. I mean if we can change 10% it would be enough already, like making some tutorial videos on youtube about why you don't go a on ice if islands, and (advanced) when it is a good option, but never for a lemmingtrain. If you just accept that statement and do nothing about it, then there is no reason to talk about stalingrad balance, or CVs etc, since the main point are the '[edited]' that cannot play against it and suffer, and we suffer having them on our side. You will never be able to balance a 'braindead' player on your side from the perspective of developers. And if you disagree with mine (or rather the author of the line), why do you think so? Why is the attitude *Edited, team ignorant actions not harmful to randoms? Since all you want to have is a game when you can show your skills. Which most of the times do not happen because your friendly team already threw it away in the first minutes, not by individual mistakes, but by collective force.
  6. I can't but wonder, now that we get an ARP grind before GNB is even done and with the effects of people just doing f-all in matches is it going to just get worse? With the ARP grind, you do not actually have to win any games you just need to hit and do damage. This alone does not win games. Though for those that do not care about winning at all this will just be one gigantic gankfest, searching for ships to damage even if the cap siren is blaring. Or even if the match timer times out. I honestly wonder who the next couple of months will be...
  7. HoboCadet

    EU players on NA server

    Hello all , just wondering how many players from the EU player on the NA server? , I'm from the UK and use the NA server predominantly
  8. OttoZander

    Player stats don't matter

    Did that get your attention? Fantastic! Now that you're here, let me tell you a story. Have it ever happened to you that a complete rotten tomato has kicked your butt so hard you couldn't sleep right? Yesterday some generic, non-outstanding member of the community with the stat-board all in yellow, win rate of 51% and PR of 1000, you know the type, has out-played me in his CV against my Hakuryu, and in such a spectacular way. I am not a great player in any way, I am barely beginning to learn the intricacies of carrier play, but I am definitely not a slouch and there is no way a player of such caliber (stat-wise) should've been able to bring me to shame in such a glorious way. He was pulling off fighter manoeuvres that I've only seen Feld, MV and Papedepupi perform I began wondering, could it possibly be that once in a 1000 battles, just once, the player statistics were giving me a completely wrong impression of player's actual skill? Or is it some old-timer that had bought that account. This is simply an acknowledgement of my own faults. Considering what a colossal thundercunt I can be to my team mates when I snap, judging their incompetency in random battles, it is possible that karma had finally caught up with me and I've got curb-stomped by one of their kind People, learn from my mistakes.
  9. blackdevil9

    Unified Account

    Hi! I am not sure why you didn`t share free XP with all three games, but I can guess the reason. Too fast advance in Warships... and if that is the problem then why not put limit on spending and sharing that "unified xp" in warships? And this "dublons"... frankly! It pushing me far away from the game! I want gold and unified free xp and I am not alone, there is many more players that don`t wanna` play anymore because of this kind of mistakes! If you declared "Unified accounts" you should give them to us! Only reason I am writing this is that I started to think about leaving wargaming for good and tryin` some other games. Deep down I don`t wanna do that but you keep pushing me away with false promises and no sincere explanation of why you did not deliver promised. I hope you realize that is important to us to give us valid reason for not giving us something you promised, because of that explanation WE (and me) WILL wait and keep playing wargaming games far in to the future! Thank you for your time!
  10. Since there is no ranked play any more, all the shitlers have returned to random battles and they are ruining the game for us normal players. So, when does the next ranked season start? Hopefully soon, so all the super bad players can return to their rightful place (ranked) and leave random battles to the professionals... I swear the quality & fun in random battles improves drastically while there is a ranked season.
  11. I was thinking about the introduction of the Bismarck. How it's 10km secondary range combined with smoke defying hydro makes a) my future first tier 8 BB (IJN Amagi) obsolete by power creep already (and also the absence of a high tier IJN BB to train a commander) and b) makes life even more miserable for DD players since Bismarck drivers can simply sail straight towards smoke, press a key on their keyboard and watch those pesky enemy DDs with their cheating smoke and torpedoes simply disappear into the sea. Let's forget about a) for now - I just cannot face it. Instead, I want to talk about b) here. Season 5 of ranked battles is coming where the meta, even for complete casuals, will surely be Bismarcks driving into caps, killing everything in their path (and with a smoke supplying DD escort they will be true monsters of the seas). The IJN tech tree split is coming (torps probably getting nerfed) and the great Shima nerf of 2016 has already happened. We all seem to know which way the game is going - nerf anything that the majority of BB players cannot deal with, e.g. smoke & torpedoes. There are even rumblings of possible changes to the HE spam "problem". Curse those pesky cruisers! I'm conflicted by this. I get that WG need to cater to the common denominator and, in WoWS, that seems to be a somewhat not-so-great BB driver - you know, the ones who don't know WASD hacks and sail broadside on to enemy BBs, the ones who immediately extinguish the first fire they take, then burn to death from the next 4 fires they take, the ones who use their heal ability to recover 1000 hp from a citadel hit whilst leaving 25,000 hp of fire damage, the ones who pop their fighter as soon as the battle starts so it's on cool down when the enemy TBs come knocking. Etc, etc.. But at the same time, they need to leave something for the rest of us. Therefore, I propose to split the function of radar and smoke so radar is left as is (spots ships and aircraft) but change hydro to only spot torpedoes. By all means tweak it, maybe improve the duration, or the range or the cool down or even a combination of these, to make it more effective and useful, but stop it from spotting DDs in smoke and make it purely a defensive system for BBs to defend themselves from torpedo attacks. Then revert whatever nerfs torpedoes have already suffered and give us a decent stealth torpedo line - something different from every other DD line in the game. With these changes DDs regain a potent weapon system, there's more variety in DD play and BBs have an improved defense against torps - the ability to see them from further, for longer and more often - and if they still sail into the damn things then there really is no saving them. (At the same time, just like smoke rings, please add colour coded rings for radar and hydro so allies can see who is using what and the area of its effectiveness.) What do you think?
  12. SFCGunny313

    Self-Policing the Forums

    I am appealing to the forum community. Recently, there seems to be an increase in abusive, abrasive, elitist, pretentious, and generally unhelpful comments. As addressed in some other threads, the game is suffering with overall numbers for the player base. If we want this game to thrive as a community, we need to be better representatives for the game, particularly when new players decide to post a question or seek assistance. Referring to players as "baddies" or "tomatoes" or other similar derogatory terms will not attract new players or help retain them. Posting snarky, sarcastic and generally unhelpful replies will not attract or retain players. If you feel compelled to do so, please, go visit reddit.com and you'll fit right in there. As a community, we need to do better. We cannot and should not rely on the community managers to undertake this task.
  13. brutus007

    One of these days...

    This is really depressing and makes me quickly remember why I stopped to play some time ago.
  14. Hey fellow warriors, Our newly formed Clan is looking for additional players that help us and claim spoils and riches (especially Oil :D ) You are looking for the opportunity to gain Oil (also for your own account) ? You can behave like a normal adult? You like playing Warships, but dont want all the stress that comes with a large, competitive Clan, like mandatory TS and stuff? Then wait no longer and join us. We not only offer the opportunity to gain Oil, but also - stress-free clan athmosphere to gather Oil for mutual benefit (it rows better when not alone in the ship) - a relaxed athmosphere where you can play without any pressure or make new friends to play together, just as you like. If i catched your attention, then wander no longer alone, but come onboard. ;) Best Regards
  15. TheWhiteJack

    Clan expansion

    When clans were created they also that 30 people were only the start of the clan system and that an expansion was going to come before the summer to 60 people, near June, does anyone know if the expansion is going to come any soon?
  16. Zamuchryshkin

    Awarding Program for WoWS Players

    Hello Captains! Hello Sailors! You may have noticed on the forums that some players have ribbons or medals on their signatures or avatars. This innovation was firstly introduced September 15, 2013. Most of you love the idea, so, now we are glad to present you Navygaming's Official Awarding Program together with WoWS Wiki! The following awards are given to World of Warships Players who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to contribute their skills, talents, and time to the World of Warships community. Awards are also given to those who participate in the publication of Navygaming, editing and providing content to the World of Warships Pre-Release Wiki, etc. Awardees are entitled to proudly display their accomplishments in their forum signatures, avators, and/or any other place they feel the urge. Awards are listed in order of precedence. The awards at the top of the list are the most prestigious! Read below to see the various awards and who has been granted awards! Congratulations to all of the awardees! Medals that have been received more than once by a player will receive Bronze and Silver Stars or Oak Leaves. Four Bronze devices = One Silver Device. E.g, if a player has been granted an award six times, they will have one Silver Star, and one Bronze Star on their medal (The Medal itself, plus 5 additional awards). On medals associated with service on a particular project, such as the Pre-Release Wiki, a Gold Star or Oak Leaf denotes the project leader/creator. An extra star may also be granted for extraordinary service on a project. All the awardees can ask me to create a sig for them including their medals and/or achievements. You can also ask me to bestow you with the medal you qualify. New medals are added to this topic as soon as they appear. Community Commendations and AwardsThese awards are bestowed upon users who have made contributions to the World of Warships forum community. Commendation Medal ...................​The Commendation Medal is awarded to players that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help the Community, by creating important posts or web sites used by other players as a game resource, or other actions that have greatly added immense value to the World of Warships community. * Bronze and Silver Stars are granted for repeated grants of this award. View Awardees Navygaming Victory Medal - 1st Class ...................​This medal is awarded to players who have achieved first place in a Navygaming Magazine contest. * Bronze and Silver Stars are granted for repeat wins. View Awardees Navygaming Victory Medal - 2nd Class​ ...................​This medal is awarded to players who have achieved second place in a Navygaming Magazine contest. * Bronze and Silver Stars are granted for repeat wins. View Awardees Navygaming Victory Medal - 3rd Class ...................​This medal is awarded to players who have achieved third place in a Navygaming Magazine contest. * Bronze and Silver Stars are granted for repeat wins. View Awardees Courageous Medal ...................​The Courageous Medal was awarded to players who wrote articles for the First Edition of Navygaming Magazine. View Awardees Outreach Medal ...................​Players who are consistently friendly and helpful to new users are recognized with the Outreach Medal. * Bronze and Silver Stars are granted for repeat wins. View Awardees Navygaming Contribution Medal ...................​This medal is awarded to players who have written articles for Navygaming Magazine. * Bronze and Silver Stars are granted based on the amount of contributions a user has made to the Navygaming project. View Awardees Wiki Contribution Medal ...................​This medal is awarded to players who have helped Triptyx with the World of Warships Pre-Release Wiki. * Bronze and Silver Stars are granted based on the amount of contributions a user has made to the Wiki project. View Awardees
  17. No, I'm not going to say "ther shudnt be stoopid anime ships in muh historical naval battle simulator!" I'm here to complain at the criteria, duration and the timing. Personally, I'd have loved to do this marathon and get the ships. I like the Ars Nova series a lot, I [used to] like WoWs too. First, the criteria. First stage of each: 30 kills on cruisers/destroyers. Each game lasts 15 mins. Usually with I think 10 people per team and 3 or 4 are cruisers. If I'm lucky I can get a kill on a cruiser once every 2 games. I'm not a bad player, I get a decent amount of kills on average and I can do an awful lot of damage to cruisers, but always some sneaky guy will nick the kill. With 10 minutes between games (in port/searching for a game), that's 40 minutes to progress. That equates to roughly 20 hours worth, just to do the first stage, on one missions. Another 20 hours for destroyers. 40 hours of gameplay (which honestly isn't too fun to begin with *cough* fires *cough*) just to do both stage 1 missions. I don't even know the second and third stages of the missions. I couldn't bare to see how tall the mountain is. Second, the duration. Gave us just 2 months to do this? For both ships? Do you expect us all to be unemployed, full-time chair potatoes? This ties in with my third issue; the timing. We've just gone passed the holiday season, where everyone is going back to school/work/university(me), and NOW you decide to do this marathon event? You couldn't do this during a period where holidays are common? Summer? Easter? You announced it before christmas and at the time I thought "ah perfect something to do in my time off", and you don't begin it until January. This could all be intentional - wanting to limit the number of people who will get the ships, to create exclusivity and entice demand, then release them as 50 euro bundles each. Wouldn't be a surprise for such a greedy corporation. Whether it is intentional or not, nothing annoys me more than having a carrot dangled in my face and knowing I can't get it because I don't have the time necessary to grab it. So, because of this, I've quit the game. I honestly wasn't finding it too fun anyway, but when I saw the Ars Nova ships announcement, I really got stuck into the game again and was checking the website nearly hourly waiting for them, then it all fell apart when I saw the missions... To make such an intensive set of missions at this time of year... Boggles my mind. Another decision by WG which has left me feeling very alienated. Surely you're aware that a good chunk of your playerbase are students? I can't chose a game over university exams I'm afraid. If it was about 6 months - I could bare with it, but I lost a lot of faith in WG/WoWs because of this. Too much faith lost to wish to play. Yeah, I'm bitter about it. Call me a whiner if you want. I don't really care about responses because I'm personally done with this. Just wanted to leave a complaint before I left, as some kind of feedback, as to why you lost a player with these missions. tl;dr I quit because I wanted the fancy ships, but you made it impossible for me.
  18. We all encountered CV players that don't care about defending their team mates or spotting for their team and just fly their planes from edges of maps then go hunt alone BBs/CVs. I don't have problem for killing enemy of course but as you all know in domination game mode DDs are probably the most important class, if you want to win you should get rid of them fast.And best way to do that is spotting them much before than they spot your DDs.So, CVs are best for this job.However there are a lot of players who doesn't do this, they send their fighters to escort their DBs and TBs(and i have no problem with that) then fly their planes for edges of the map so aircrafts are useless until it reaches to the target.At the same time enemy CV player spots your DDs, let their teammate kill enemy DDs and still be able to attack enemy ships. The second way of playing CVs is much better for team play.And if we want to CVs to be team players we should reward this kind of gameplay. I'm thinking about bonus xp or credits for spotting, counter attacking enemy DBs or TBs which are attacking their teammate(for people asking how: servers know enemy movements so server can know which ship TBs or DBs are aiming for, so a reward for attacking them can be implemented) What do you think about this possible solutions?Do you have any different opinions on this?
  19. GuderianDK

    Reporting other players

    In game you can report other players for poor play or commend them for playing great. How is this transformed into usefull information for players? And how does a player see if he or she has reports or has been commended? And does that tally in your overall stats somehow? I would really like to know how it is utillized and implemented.