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Found 4 results

  1. Sorry but I have to say this but the skill level of these players is profoundly poor and a real sad excuse for the level of players for a game. Maybe WoWs should make something along the lines of a mode that trains or teaches players on what to do and how to perform and do certain tasks in this game. Because honestly I look around at all the players I come across in or on this EU server and other servers and I think how can these people be so bad at this game cause its almost just common sense. I mean come on what does more then 3/4 of WoWs players not have this ? But if they sold it in the premium shop it prolly would get sold out. I play on more then one server and sorry to say but this one is really sad and you would figure that since there is such a big players base on EU that people would learn and or get better but that's doesn't seem like the case. I know a lot of people just come on to this game just to waste time and have fun and don't care if they are horrible or are good but there are a lot of people that do care if they get better or do good and would prefer to have some competent players on there team because winning gives ya more XP and credits and free xp and etc...etc.. so of course they would rather win. There are ways to learn by watching youtube videos and or watching streamers and there is a lot of people that do watch them but I guess watching doesn't help to many players get better. I know people are gonna say well its a free game and people don't care. But what about the people that sunk money into this game and care about the money spent on it? I know for myself I enjoy the game but don't enjoy people that have no direction or capability to understand what there point is in this game for what class is chosen and what there underline job is during battles in that class. But it real is so sad that you see so many players scared to take damage and sit way in the back and shoot from 21 to 24km away from the battle. That kind of playing doesn't win matches sorry to say and Lemming train to one side of the map is not a good choice for a whole team to do. Like where does that make sense in these peoples heads? There has to be people to stop a push from the flank that has no ships on it and or there has to be ships at a empty cap to protest the cap and not givem it for free. But I see this way to many times, time in and time out.... I just wanna know where in there heads does this make sense? Really? Also these modes like this Halloween one Saving Transylvania this mode is EZ Peezy but people make it to where its like quantum physics and its not and it is typed rite on the page for everyone to read and its all common sense really and WG makes these modes at its easiest as possible for everyone to play and get done but 75% of the players got no dang clue on how to or what to do and im sure that frustrates a lot of people out there on these teams. Anyways what I am saying is maybe WoWs/WG needs to make some kind of training class where the training is pretty close to what random battles are like(and not Co Op) so maybe these players might by some chance actually get better at this game. Make it so if your gonna pass up to the next tiers like say from tier 1 to 4 some training where you have to do battles against bots that are actually good and you need to get a certain amount of damage and or kills to move on to the next tier/ level of 4 to 6 and then do it all over again so that its understood what you job is in that particular class and how to do it and participate in the battle along with showing how to improve on using say torpedoes/hydro/radar and consumables so where you have one fire you don't just put it out instantly. Then when you get threw that level you move to tiers 7 to 8 and again get shown and learn how to play that tiers ships and classes. Untill you get to tier 9 and 10 and are shown that because there are tons of players that cant understand how to play a tier 10 ships. But it just gets tiering and frustrating watching and getting on teams that are stomped on where you see your team mate have no clue whats going on and what to do and they either just sit out in the middle of the map and get deleted and or they fight with there whole entire ship Broadside to the whole enemy team and get one shoted and then start typing in chat wow nice aim bots they had or some kind of nonsense like that. But that makes sense to you cause you know why that happened to that person but you don't wanna bother typing in chat because then it becomes an argument and reports start flying around. So then whats the point? "Rite" So maybe WoWs/WG some time soon hopefully better then later can make something that can get players better at this game of theirs. But I know there are others out there thinking something like this and I seen a video that Notser posted on YouTube saying the same thing about players in WoWs Even though this is a video showing NA its the same. But I hope something can be done to help the players of this game some way some how and im far from perfect at this game and can always use things to learn about certain classes. It would be nice to see players getting better so this game would be a lot more fun again cause being frustrated in a game that is suppose to be fun has gone for me. [TTF] _FarmCat_ Powered by: WoWS Stats & Numbers - wows-numbers.com Overall 21 d. Battles 53 21 Win rate
  2. Hiya folks, Just thought I'd mention that i'm a new WoW streamer, and i'd be grateful if you'd check my channel out! I'm a small streamer, looking to branch out from being a single game streamer. I'm new to the game and still learning, so happy to take advice from viewers. Who are you? I'm Natalie and my twitch channel is twitch.tv/natswright, I'm new to the game. I'm an established Elite Dangerous streamer, but have recently moved to playing World of Warships, so am relatively unknown in this game. When do you stream? I'm a part time streamer, but do try to stick to a regular schedule, which I work around my full time job! Tuesdays 7pm to midnight GMT (not always ships, sometimes Elite Dangerous) Wednesdays 7pm to midnight GMT Sundays 4pm to 7pm GMT (this occasionally varies between 10am and 4pm start times) I'm looking to stream more if I can, but it can be tricky to find the time, extra broadcasts are usually Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 8pm GMT. Where can you find me? @natsrambles (twitter) twitch.tv/natswright (twitch) youtube.com/natswright (youtube) discord.io/KuQ5KpQ (discord) Feel free to join the discord or discuss the streams here! Do you have a Clan Yes! We are called the "Night Witches", and welcome new members What other games do you play or stream? Among others, these... Elite Dangerous & other space games World of Tanks Rainbow Six Siege Supreme commander to name but a few... Thanks for reading this, your support means a lot! I'm hoping to become a CC, but need to grow my channel sufficiently, so please check it out!
  3. Hi all, The "Core" number of "World of Warships" players... With latest event "French Destroyers: Part 2" we had "Event Directives" and "Hall of Fame" leaderboard. On EU this meant that there were around 20.000+ players that finished all 4 directives and entered the leaderboard (i.e. "Hall of Fame"). Since finishing the directives usually means some sort of choosing the battles and some sort of commitment we can safely say that we in EU have "Core" number of serious determined and passionate players in range of: 20.000 - 25.000 Leo "Apollo11"
  4. I present the Confederación de Fuerzas Navales Hispanas: A community of clans and Spanish-speaking players from both the EU and NA servers. One project in which several clans have been working for a very short time in order to unite the maximum number of clans, players and as not good companions for this magnificent game that we like so much. We all know the unfortunate situation of the "community" in this game, almost everyone has talked about it many times and what do we do to change this? nothing.. Well here you have the solution, let's join together, all clans together. A united community and not under the mandate of a single person who overcomes the verse punishes anyone who gets in his way, not all with the same name because we are all proud of the name of our houses. Everyone in the confederation, each one of his house, but all under the same flag, all paddling in the same direction to make this community in which each and every one of you feels proud and identified, without selfishness, without grudges. .. only fellowship, brotherhood and fraternity. That is why I invite you to be part of this new NEUTRAL community in which no one will be forced to do anything, whoever wants to offer their welcome help will be but because one comes out of it, not because it is imposed! It's just about adding and following! That said we hope to have planted the first seed of change, the first seed of the revolution! Thank you very much everyone for your attention and we are waiting for you in the confederation! Greetings to all comrades! Get in touch with our by private message no matter if you have a clan or not we will help you in whatever it takes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Retro [Revolution] Flyer by Dr_DiDi