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Found 15 results

  1. Hey everyone! My friend and I are searching for an experienced, good, competitve clan. We are both great players (if I do say so myself :P). Jmp2303 is a really, REALLY good Battleship player and TheRedboss is very good in Cruisers and Destroyers. We are searching for a more competitve clan, because our current one isn't all that good in competitve :/ Both our statistics: jmp2303 - https://wows-numbers.com/player/544680415,jmp2303/ TheRedboss - https://wows-numbers.com/player/540813098,TheRedboss/ This is what we would like from the future clan: They must be active in the competitive scene, they must particepate in clan battles, they must have a kind playerbase, if you'll understand what I mean. (We don't want to be in a clan with a bunch of [edited] :P), they must have someway of communicating (e.g. Discord, Teamspeak) We are both Dutch, but we both speak English good enough to understand what we mean :P Hope to get many replies!
  2. jerkchicken

    [ENG] Competitive player.

    I'm jerk (quincy), 18y old from the Netherlands. Looking for a potential clan where i could play alot CW, Randoms and Ranked sprint. Currently I'm still in Team Wolfpack I came from RAGE CREW, but I'm considering to leave soon as I'll get invitation's. What can you expect from me? - Very active (everyday if possible). - CA/CL player (also plays BB or DD and often CV). - Communication, i talk fluent english as I live in the Netherlands. - Teamplay: I''ll support, coordinate and listen to others. - Experienced play: I play over 3y now, learned alot and played alot of CW. Knowing of tactics and experienced play and having always a plan B in my pocket. (played 3-Seasons in TyphoonLeague) What i expect from you/clan. - Ofcourse active clanmembers BUT not alot! (10-20) - Interactions like play, train and talk which each other. - Playing CW. I want to play always in CW, (100% teamplace for CB if there is.) - Prepaired for CW. Know what to do. Make tactics and train them alot with the members. My stats: https://wows-numbers.com/player/537200902,jerkchicken/ Improving them ^^ For more information comment below! Greetings,
  3. TacticalBlitz

    Seamen looking for decent clan!

    Hello, since it is a bit hard to find a decent clan i am posting my details here. I am an experinced World of Warphips player, i am there since beta. I love to play in a team, and i am looking for a clan with TS, english speaking (please no american clans). I am open minded and focused player. My winrate is 54% and i am looking for a clan with at least a winrate of 50% since i want to learn new tactics and stuff. I was already in many clans in different games. If you want me in your crew just add me on steam philx2009 (Luxembourg, Summer Wars guy logo) or add me in game PhilippusMaximus. See you on the battlefield, Philippe
  4. Hey there! So I recently decided to come back to the game after a very long break, that being that I mostly played in the alpha/beta and have only casually played the odd game since then. Since I moved to the UK recently I decided to totally remake my account on EU and start fresh - I've been having a lot of fun! ... But I have some questions and concerns I'd quite like to get some answers to that have been causing me some issues. Firstly, unless my memory fails me, it seems like there are oh-so-many more Battleships in every match than there was back when I used to play, like i'm talking at least 5-7 players per team will be battleships with maybe 1 or 2 cruisers max (like really where have all the cruisers gone? O.o) and a few destroyers. The thing is I like to play Cruisers but the whole "everyone's a battleship" is causing me a lot of headaches. As far as i'm aware Cruisers are countered by Battleships, so how is one wanting to play a cruiser supposed to be competitive when almost all the enemies are your counter? Am I playing wrong, is this an issue with me or are cruisers just in a naturally bad place with matchmaking like this? Are Cruisers struggling right now because of this or are they as good as ever? If this is the case, is there any reason for this Battleship spam and is it likely to subside? (I'm currently playing tier III-VI ships right now so i'm not sure if it's the same at tier IX to X). My second concern is that I'm currently on the Furutaka and i've read peoples suggestions and advice on how to play it but I just don't seem to be able to make it work. I hear this ship is actually a really good so It leaves me a bit disheartened for continuing the rest of the IJN cruiser line. Is this more-or-less the play-style of the rest of the ship line or does it get better? Is the Furutaka an oddball IJN cruiser that doesn't really play much like the others or is she a good indicator of the rest of the line of those ships? I have issues with the whole "you gotta keep your front towards the enemy at all times and never expose broadside thing." like how does one actually maneuver around the battlefield if you have to be head-on all the time? People say "you gotta play it like a Battleship" but I can't stand Battleship gameplay, it's far too slow and non-adaptive for me, so is the rest of the line like this ethos? Or could my issues be due to my aforementioned Battleship spam? Another thing is that I've been thinking of giving the Frenchie cruisers a go; However I recall when I was watching Jingles' review video of them on Youtube when they were in the test server that the tier 10 was rather underwhelming and not very competitive, did this change before release? Or is it still rather mediocre? I got the tier VI De Grasse premium cruiser and I really like how it plays, is the rest of the line similar? Also, i've been thinking of trying the German Destroyers. I love the guns on the Russian DD's and the amazing, long range, Torps' of IJN ones - and I hear the Germans are somewhat of a middleground? How is that line, is the tier 10 good? Sorry for the question spam - i'm just really getting into the game but feel a little bit lost on some fronts and would like to find a line of ships to really focus on as well as get some clarification on some concerns of mine. As I last played the game seriously in alpha/beta I think I had a Fubuki and Mogami (when those were tier 7) and remember liking the Myoko but not the Fubuki so much but I think that was mainly because I needed to learn how to play it xD. I remember wishing it had way better guns so I had something to do between torps' though. Thanks to anyone who can answer me i'll make sure to monitor the thread and I look forward to some responses :)
  5. Hey fellow warriors, Our newly formed Clan is looking for additional players that help us and claim spoils and riches (especially Oil :D ) You are looking for the opportunity to gain Oil (also for your own account) ? You can behave like a normal adult? You like playing Warships, but dont want all the stress that comes with a large, competitive Clan, like mandatory TS and stuff? Then wait no longer and join us. We not only offer the opportunity to gain Oil, but also - stress-free clan athmosphere to gather Oil for mutual benefit (it rows better when not alone in the ship) - a relaxed athmosphere where you can play without any pressure or make new friends to play together, just as you like. If i catched your attention, then wander no longer alone, but come onboard. ;) Best Regards
  6. Lord_Solidus

    Saipan Vs Kaga angry loser

    Hello --> Sorry for bad English and Bad Grammar <-- Today I was in my Saipan (2-2-0 loadout) and face off vs a Kaga (2-2-1 loadout), I ended up killing 57 of Kagas planes and getting a "Clear Sky" (and yes we won the match), After the match I got reported 5 times and did get a angry message from the Kaga player, This is the message between him and me (edit out the bad words with a _) (him) U P2W F_cker, be a man and stop using 301 (me) lol what? (him) grow some f_cking ballz and use 220 ..I.. (me) hahaha, I was using 220 (him) LIAR, i saw you c_nt (me) OMG, how did i torp you if I was using 301?, I can't us tp if you have 301!!!! you only have 1 bp (him) Sure dude, grow some balls wallet player...........fc <--- ((I dont know what fc means?)) (me) Says the Kaga player ^^ (me) You need to grow up m8!, it is only a game (him) [edited] de nègre <-- ((dont know what that means)) My Commander skills
  7. DutchDelightsNL

    Maybe in the (not so) near future?

    Dear WG, is it maybe possible, that in the future whe can get an detailed after battle report, whit damage dealt. Like maybe for instance, as in the WOT game so we can see what we did and how teammates and or enemies have done! And maybe, if this is not asking to much some training videos on how to use your ship. So then people know how to use their ship and some indept, instead of you can use main battery and secondaries but also torpedoes. thank you
  8. Antikythera

    Naming and Shaming....

    it's been brought to my attention that calling people out on their Bad manners and Toxicity is against "forum rules"... Sorry for not trusting the very useful Automated ingame reporting system... which has about as much elaborate use as a chocolate teapot. what i have is Proof and elaboration... which is something the ingame system simply doesn't allow for. why not? surely you'd want proof or validation with your reports?
  9. Hello there, I am 43yrs old player from Serbia, experienced in playing WoW (playing from 10/27/2013, open Beta, Rank 9, Level 13 of service record). Playing more then 3 hours per day, open minded, team oriented, eager to learn, fluent in English, using Team Speak. Looking for serious Clan from EU or Balkan countries (former YU) which I will fully contribute playing as team member. My fleet: US: Ranger, New Orleans, Fletcher, North Carolina Soviet: Chapayev, Khabarovsk Japan: Amagi, Izumo, Ibuki, Hatsuharu, Shimakaze German: Hipper, Bismarck UK: Fiji My Commanders have at least 12 skill points (4th row). All destroyer Captains have 5th row skill: "Concealment Expert" Premium account. Detailed profile stats can be found here: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/514805092-Cpt_Dzangrizalo/!/pvp/overview/ If someone is interesting, don't hesitate to send me message or contact me in game. Thank you in advance.
  10. Sadstories

    Increased exp 1st player loosing team

    Hello captains, I am sure most of you are already used to the mechanics of the Ranked battles. The first player in the loosing team looses no star at the end of the battle. But how about the regular matches? Lets say that you play a game and you do it well. You deal a lot of dmage, kill a lot of enemies, cap and decap bases, all in all you are amazed of your own gameplay, but in the end your team don't keep up with you and, althought you did most of the job, you lose the game. Everything was in vain. You get rewarded with some change. So why not reward the first player of the loosing team with a coefficient of lets say 0.3-0.5 more experience/ credits? Pros: Players will become more agresive (WG was looking for ways to make players more agresive lately) Players will be more satisfied of the outcome of the battle.(Specialy those in 1st place) Lemmings may reconsider and actually go in the closest directioan as a run around map ends in poor outcome. More fun for everybody Cons:Edit() Will promote DD playing.(I have to agree) Posible camping after the lost of ships in the beggining(not that it is happening already all the time) So what do you think? Do you agree with me? Edit: Admiral_noodle also propose the "First Looser" achievment. Maybe for players in 1st place which take more than 300 exp than the second player. Would be very nice
  11. So yeah I wanted to check out someones awesome game and the game doesn't load up. I just get thrown to the login screen and thats it. If I use my own replay ... it loads fine. But the second I use someone else's replay I get nothing. Yes I put the replays in the same folder as my own replays aswell. Yes it is the current version 5.12. Can anyone confirm this? EDIT: I will check with the sender again. But I told him to send me 5.12 replays.
  12. www.twitch.tv/starkim1999'' guys i just wanan say i wanted to start streaming world of warships and i would love you if u joined me
  13. Hi! I saw that I'm a rank 0 level 12 player. How do I gain higher rank?
  14. So there's something that's always bugged me about this game and that's the fact that you can have, for example, 2 Kongō-Class Fast Battleships or 2 St. Lewis-Class Heavy Cruisers, both called Kongō and St. Lewis respectively, when in reality only 1 of each existed under that name. These are "Name Ships" and irl only 1 of each class existed, all other ships of the same class were given new names. For example, for the Kongō Class Fast Battleship, you had Kongō (The Name Ship), Haruna and Kirishima. My suggestion is simple: Once a player logs into the update for the first time they'll be told to input a global Ship Name. This will act the default Ship Name in the event of a player not wanting to uniquely name all their ships. This "Ship Name" will have 2 segments that will be added depending on the Ship Sailed meaning that "Ship Name" will be made up of [ship Nation] [ship Type] and [unique Ship Name] (or [Global Ship Name]) If a player is sailing a FOG Ship their [ship Nation] will change to reflect that, for example "Japanese FOG" (currently only Japanese FOG ships exist in the game). Of course you can't call your ship anything, there will be automatic name filters which will stop you from naming your ship any of the following: Current and Upcoming Ships, all symbols, Profane or Offensive Language. If anything blocked by the filter is present a message will appear detailing what filter is was blocked by. This means that when your in battle a player's name tag will appear as [ship Name] and in the TAB window they'll appear as [ship Name] [(Player Name)]. Additionally underneath a player's name tag (and under each player's entry in the TAB window) will be the class of ship they are using. For example if I'm sailing my Kongō-Class Fast Battleship called Kirishima my name tag would appear as "Japanese Battleship Kirishima" and my TAB window entry as "Japanese Battleship Kirishima (DraynaRue)". Underneath both would be "Kongō-Class Battleship" in smaller letters. Finally only Admins and WarGaming staff will be able to sail the original "Name Ship". Of course, unlike reality, this will mean that more than 1 "Name Ship" will exist in the game but it does add a bit more realism into the game. Oh and players will be able to opt-out of this in the setting menu if they so wish. I hope I've explained this well enough for you to grasp the basics of my idea, I'm really bad at coherently putting my ideas across so I apologise if you don't understand.
  15. MS_Surface

    Player Stats Filter and Win Rate

    There should be a form with dropdown menu filters, in game or on web site, that would allow users to check stats in a faster way. Like: Show: (wr, xp, dmg...), Nation: (any, USN, IJN....), Tier (any, I,II...), Class (any, CV, CA...), Ship (any, Omaha, Furutaka...) and maybe even a after/before date filter. All fields but the first should have option "Any" and allow multiple choices. Some options, logically, would be dependent of previous option (Ex: selecting Tier V would prevent ships from other tiers showing on next filter.) This would allow players to see Win Rate in Tier 3 ships or the Damage made by IJN Battleships or really just about everything else. About Win Rate I hope i'm not wrong but saying 60% WR means basically that a player had a positive influence of 10% in a determined number of battles. Now having 10% influence on 20 battles is not the same has having 10% in 1000 battles therefore i think Win Rate should be calculated using win percentage and number of battles. and a question: I've seen several times Win Rate percentages by server. How is this calculated? How can a server have 54% WR? If someone wins, someones looses, if it's a draw, it's a draw for both, right? What other factors are taken into consideration to say a server has 54% WR? Thanks