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Found 2 results

  1. LinuxTrojan

    Player support

    Hi, so I bought from Armory with doublons Massachussets. After one battle I asked for a refund. This was the Wargaming answer: Hello LinuxTrojan‍, Thank you for contacting the Wargaming Player Support. I am sorry to hear that your purchase doesn't match our expectations. After investigation, I confirmed that this tank was used in a battle. By doing this, the refund of your purchase has been canceled. So, I invite you to be careful in your next purchases and I invite you to use the Public test to try tanks you want to own. I hope this clarified the situation, Captain. Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us again. I wish you happy holidays and good luck on the seas. Kinds Regards, So I played a TANK in WOWS... Are they even bother to read the ticket? The policy for refund is "Purchases through the Armory can be refunded, when no more than one (1) battle is played with the ship." I have no words....
  2. I am sorry to say that my experience with player support is that it's a dysfunctional service. I got a 3 day chat ban, but I am clueless why. To my best recollection I did not type anything abusive or otherwise inappropriate in the days prior to the ban. So I made a ticket and asked if they could tell me what I typed to get banned. I got an automated response which told me if my question wasn't answered I could open another ticket. So I made second ticket Again I got the exact same automated response. Made 3rd ticket, with my question, this time to "feedback". I got an automated response. Made a 4th ticket to feedback that these automated responses are annoying me and really like an answer. All in completely polite wordings but in CAPS. This time (at least I think, I am not sure) I got an actual human being responding. Again Not answering my questing but telling me if keep using "abusive language", "rude words" "verbal abuses", inappropriate wordings" towards them they would stop responding to my tickets and just close them instantly. Weird, since I used polite wording and only wrote in CAPS. But hey stay positive, at least I finally got an human to respond. So I made a 5th ticket in which I stated that I didn't use any abusive language towards them and if they please could answer my question. Again I got an automated response. At this point I think why even bother with player support, it's nothing short of talking to a wall. Maybe they gave me this cupboard to the wall treatment because they can show me nothing that justifies a ban, well I guess I will never know. What I do know now is player support is a superfluous service and the chat banning system is handing out unjustified bans arbitrarily which you just have to live with. My advice if you don't want to get unjustifiably banned is disable chat all together and don't contact player support because they obviously don't take you seriously, it seems you are nothing more than a nuisance to them.