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Found 3 results

  1. 1)I have always like the concept of the game 2)There have always been very bad decisions by WG - bad, overpowered mechanics like radar, stupid and unnecessary power creep, when new ships are so ridiculously overpowered it makes no sense at all and shows, only that developers are incompetent. 3)WG has always been blind and deaf to any reasonable suggestions, even if vast majority of players support those suggestions, but i hope they will at least read this message and ponder over it. 4) But the ABSOLUTELY WORST aspect of this game, its catastrophic, infuriating flaw is its player base. *edited i am not talking about lower tiers, it is acceptable there, people are new and still learning, i am talking about upper tiers T8- 10. 5) Hence i have come up with this suggestion - report option does nothing and is meaningless and even, for some reason limited. We have to admit as community that every bad player has a name, some we even see more then once in a day and that is why i believe it is time to implement new option - Substitute meaningless " report" with an option to "exclude" meaning that after the game, if people have performed badly by points i.e. are in lower 1/2 by performance we, if we chose to, should have option to click on name and "exclude" player, meaning we never play in same team with this player. I think this is a very good suggestion, it will not impact MM much, because it does not forbid to play against this player. Also this option guards vs abuse by only allowing to "exclude" players who have objectively performed badly, hence only 1/2 lowest are possible to exclude. P.s. I write this after another HORRENDOUS game on Yamato, where i was tanking flank with 2 dds and 2 cruisers who all died in first 2 - 4 minutes. And from what? 1 of DDs - z-52 dies from first torp salvo. Second just suicides vs 2 reds cruisers. Both cruisers died from torps. I mean where do these people come from, it is maddening to play with people like these!!!After that i had no chance vs 2 shimas. Whole team killed 1 enemy ship and it was my last salvo that deleted cruiser. Literally nobody on that team did anything that was useful or a threat to enemy team. They had 3 caps from get go, killed half team in first 4 minutes. WHY do i have to play with these people AGAIN? WG you can improve this game SO MUCH if you implement this feature. Please consider this.
  2. Where do people get the Idea Warships is losing its player base I ask as its one of the most common comments in the whinging threads I had a quick look Amount of time players that hit BATTLE button for 2 months Ending 08/07/2017 15,922,439 Amount of time players that hit BATTLE button for 2 months Ending 09/07/2016 11,235,828 So there has been an increase of about 41% from 2016 to 2017 in the number of times players have clicked the battle button. http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/index.html Im interested is there any sights with information that support the claims that we are losing players?
  3. Hi all, With "Queue Jumper" we now have unique tool to actually see how many WoWs players are there (AFAIK it can be awarded to each player just once if he/she participated in "Birthday Event")! Situation (Wednesday morning 09:00 AM European Time): EU = 200960 NA = 117536 RU = 243086 AS = 91560 Interesting numbers aren't they... Leo "Apollo11"