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Found 33 results

  1. TL;DR Could someone tell me how much "official" aircraft speeds are scaled up in game, please. SHIP SPEED SCALING As I am sure we all know by now, ships in-game travel far faster than their stated speed. For example in a recent game in my Anshan, I covered 31.62km at an average speed of 96.3 knots. The official unmodified speed of Anshan is 38 knots. I've checked the forums, Wiki and Reddit and most answers seem to think that the official speed is scaled up by a factor of 5 or 6. AA CALCULATIONS I'm trying to do some calculations of the theoretical damage done by flak in each aura (Short-, medium-, and long-range). I want to work out how much time an aircraft will spend in each aura. I'm aware that there are factors which modifiy this, but for now I simply want to apply the stated speed of an aircraft - which I can get from the WIKI or the game - to the actual speed in-game.
  2. Captain_Breeze

    Imagine planes with no weapons...

    Even if you took away the weapons from the planes, it's the perma spotting of double CV's in a game which is becoming very tiresome. The planes are too fast, too many, and they are perpetual. God forbid that the CV's had a moment in the game when they could do nothing. Very tiresome and frustrating play.........unless you are a CV of course. CV players seem to complain too, so everybody is unhappy. I'd be ok with the CV doing more damage if it made them happy, but only if plane speeds and the instant retake-of are reduced, one CV per match is enough. As things stand, it's not much fun for CV's or Surface ships from what I read here. I don't play CV as I'm here for ships. No CV's would be my ideal world though. Good Job WG.
  3. wilkatis_LV

    Shooting down planes & rewards for it

    S_O on a Q&A stream with a Russian CC: Shooting down planes currently doesn't give any rewards. No xp or credits. They likely will be re-introduced when the meta stabilizes and better balance is achieved. Sir_Nelson, MrConway and Crysantos on Balance Q&A #2: Shooting down planes gives rewards, it always has. Values probably are reduced compared to what they were previously. Uhh, which one is it then?! These are 2 completely contradicting answers about the same thing within a few days of each other. Another typical case of "The C in Wargaming stands for Competence"? @Sub_Octavian *pretty sure Sir_Nelson isn't on EU forums so can't tag him* @MrConway @Crysantos
  4. While I am of the opinion that the game atm is in an awkward state because of everyone wanting to try the new CVs, not giving us a realistic look at what CVs mean in normal day to day matches, I think the biggest issue isn't CVs camping in the back, nor the infinite amount of planes they got in the ship, nor the damage. It's the way they spot the whole field. I think that when CVs only can spot with their active squardon and in particular DDs get a lower air detection, things would be a lot better. So would life be better for all if returning planes would not ve able to spot and DDs' air detection concealment would make it easier to dodge planes? This way there is a better balance between the speed, range and versatility of CVs and being able to spot key targets. I also want to stress for fairness of the CV discussion, that firstly CVs had at least 4-5 squadrons in the air in the old days with more chances to spot DDs and there was less complaining than there is now and secondly both sides have an equal amount of CVs, so while comparision "CV vs every other type of ship" is one that everyone likes to discuss, this counts for both sides. Sure, your personal score is important and as a DD you want to be able to put a good score down, but in the end it's a team effort and both teams have to deal with the same issues. Thirdly, we had a long time where CVs only apeared in 3 games in a dozen, while now we will probably see many more games featuring CVs. And this logically will change the way we gotta play the game. The game we got to play up till now was only because CVs were unpopular. And I still think their meta is better than the Radar meta ;)
  5. I think matches should start with the guns and torpedoes fully loaded on all ships and planes fully serviced. On the lower tiers, it's not that much of an issue but on the higher tiers it means that you could arrive at the front lines with 40-60 seconds left on your torpedoes which you won't be able to use even if it could potentially buy an advantage for your team early on. I'm sure everyone here can think of a situation when you start the game with all weapons fully prepared could help the team. This would make sense on a gameplay level, as it offers more possibility. It would make sense on a internal logic level, because ships sailing towards a hostile force would most likely have all their weapons fully loaded and ready to fire at any moment. I think that this is something that should be added to the game.
  6. Naitsab243

    Spotting Mechanics

    Hello Guys, i wanted to talk about a topic that stresses me while playing. In my opinion is the spotting mechanic that is right now in the game a littlebit illogical. I want to show that to you in a sketch. In this sketch you can the earth with its earths curvature. On the earth you can see a "ship" and above that a "plane". From both figures you can see straight lines to the earths curvature and that these lines slightly cut the earth. These lines act as the maximum of how far they can look. So you can see that the ships line doesnt go as far as the line of the plane. So the plane can look further away. And because of this i asked myself, why is this upside down in the game. It would be more logic if for example a dd is about 7km far away from a bb and the bb can launch its scout plane to have a better chance of spotting the dd for a short period of time. If i have any mistakes or you have more ideas let me know. Greets P.S.: Sry for bad english but im from germany and my english isnt that good. And for a much closer look you can click on the sketch or download it.
  7. Matti_pl

    BB reconnaissance planes

    If my memory serves right BB's used to have recon planes onboard, so advancing up the US BB line i was thinking that i should have one with my New York with hull upgrade at least. What turned out to be that no BB currently have planes listed onboard!? Why was such a change made? especially that high tier BB's would carry several planes IRL (USS iowa 4 planes, Yamato 7 planes). Regards Matti_pl
  8. ...that when you see a carrier roflstomp, you're all "OMG WHY?!" No, I don't play CVs. I just like them really a lot. One could say that I have a carrier fetish, if one was a bit kinky. I've noticed that in these parts a lot of people don't like carriers, giving these beautiful behemoths such lovely epithets as "sky cancer" and demanding that CVs get "nerfed" or "removed from game..." I have a name for these people, nothing offensive, I just call them NOT Alpha testers. You see, the NOT Alpha testers, unlike us YES Alpha testers, have not witnessed WoWS gameplay that is completely void of aircraft carriers. While most of the people who oppose CVs would probably imagine such game play as some serene nirvana in which battleships and cruisers could calmly exchange gunfire and not worry about the sudden onset of torpedoes delivered from whatever nameless bomber squadron, I, having seen it firsthand, simply know better. WoWS game play with carriers out of the equation was, quite simply put, kind of meh. Just try to imagine the following: Firstly, at the start of every battle all the ships scatter all over the map, turning the battle at hand into a series of isolated duels which entail a great deal of unnecessarily prolonged maneuvers. Once those isolated duels come to their inevitable conclusion, the winning parties from one team begin to scan the map to find the winning parties of the other team. Now, at this point we enter a period known as "the long voyage". It's basically one big chunk of the battle during which absolutely nothing is happening. You just glare at a bunch of friendly ships as they travel to the last known location of the enemy ships. Of course, there are always a few of those strong-willed individuals who don't think much of the minimap and would much rather "go toward some meaningless island over there" because the voices in their feeble minded heads tell them so. So even if the bulk of the two teams would meet before the battle timer ran out in order to resolve their differences over a cup of coffee and a few high explosive shells, the game would still end in a draw because of some BB beached on a remote island somewhere. Of course, there were also situations in which battles ended in a definitive way practically at the start. Some overzealous DD would usually sneak into your cap whilst you were casually steering toward the enemy formations. Most players would turn around toward the cap immediately only to realize half way there that they had no chance of reaching the cap in time. And so the battle ended, giving out a rich bounty of two-digit XP rewards to all the parties involved, including that base capturing DD. But the most special battles by far were those were entire teams set course toward opposing sides of the map so that by the time they finally found each other, the battle's timer was practically all timed out. Here, have another draw. I had 15% draws in Alpha, and the worst part was the fact that even those battles in which I won or lost could be just as frustrating. And then we finally got carriers. A lot of people remember only the bad things that a carrier did to them. Like that one time when they get beached on an island, and a two full squadrons of torpedo bombers appeared to give them a nudge with their remote controlled super water thrusters, you know, the ones that were oddly projectile shaped and instead of giving your BB a nudge made it go boom boom... Or that one time that some CV decided to bomb your cruiser and set it on fire right after you had used your magical scroll of super fast repair-iness . Most human mammals are like that, they just remember the bad. No one remembers that time that a carrier bombed and killed that BB which was just about to kill one's already half dead cruiser, or the time when a CV's squadron spotted an enemy DD just as he was about to torp your ship and then proceeded to chase him away, or that time when a squadron of fighters showed up to fend off a herd of torpedo bombers that were heading your way... So I'm gonna talk a bit about all the good stuff that carriers do for us every battle, about all the useful stuff that their presence brings. Firstly, carriers dish out a LOT of damage. Ha, you thought this was a bad thing, right? Am I right? I am right, aren't I? Please say something FFS! Stop feeding my deep seeded insecurities! What?! I am not a virgin! AM NOT! I HAZ GIRLFRIENDS! LOTS of them! What? Wait, what did I say?! Never mind. Let's just move on. *cough* Let's talk about why carriers doing lots of damage is a good thing. Firstly, let's take a look at what CVs mostly target with their squadrons: 1. Isolated and quite blatantly stupid BBs - juicy snacks for both CV and DD players alike, these lumbering and drooling imbeciles honestly deserve to get sunk as their further presence in the battle can only be a hindrance to the normal battle flow. 2. Other CVs - if you really hate carriers so much than you will appreciate the fact that your own carrier is the most efficient anti-CV tool. 3. People who like to beach themselves on islands - ups, I kind of messed up there. Oh well, at least I get to look at those pretty planes doing figure eights above my ship...mhmm explodyyyy... And yes, when the three groups listed above are not present, carriers will just go for anything. And they will still do lots of damage. And that's a good thing because everything in WoWS has shittones of HP and that's why carriers are there to push things along, to keep things dynamic and fast paced rather than slow and constipated. Here are other useful things that carriers do: - Carriers use their planes to scout and spot enemy ships, most notably cloaked DDs, thus making the game more dynamic and lively. With a more dependable input regarding the location of enemy ships, you can make tactical decisions just by glancing at the minimap, instead of playing cat and mouse games. They also limit the movement range of DDs and effectively reduce torp spam... - Carriers can reset cap whores. Those battles that you lost because of just one enemy cruiser/DD that had sneaked into your cap when you weren't paying attention? Your carrier can bomb him to oblivion and thus prevent an unsatisfying loss just when you started winning. - Carriers promote TEAMWORK by forcing people to think about AA cover and things of that sort. There is a reason why most animals travel in herds. It is easier to avoid predators that way. Carriers as the ultimate predators will inspire teamwork even in the most antisocial of WoWS players. This is important because it prevents draws due to over-scattering of ships. - Carriers add much needed tactical depth to the game... Without carriers WoWS is basically a game in which you just aimlessly drift around and exchange volley after volley with your chosen foe. Without carriers you don't have to think about tactical formations, or situation awareness, or anything but your next shot. You might think this is interesting but trust me when I tell you that sort of a thing gets tedious in no time at all. - Carriers also add to the skill curve by separating the good players from the target fixation stricken dweebs, they prevent draws and static game play, they murder those WoT clowns that think they can "hide behind big rock just like with my heavy tonk.", they prevent that "long voyage" thing from Alpha I've talked about earlier, because with planes in the air there's always something to think about and be mindful of. CARRIERS MAKE WOWS A BETTER GAME! And no, we can't nerf them (much). Why, you ask? Have you ever played a carrier? Carrier game play in WoWS can best be described as playing a crappy bird's eye view naval RTS made in the year of our lord 1998. The only joy that you get from playing the carrier is exactly the ability to dominate matches and make an inherently larger contribution to the battle than any other class ever could. We don't have enough carriers as is, because carrier game play is so generally unappealing, so if we nerf carriers (too much), we might expect exactly no one to want to play carriers anymore, and no, that's not a good thing. Without carriers, this game would suck. I know that because I've already played that particular game. Gracias.
  9. szerLucjan

    Screenshots (straight and artistic)

    I didn't find any topic like this and I think that it's time to make one. So... share your best screenshots here, you can photoshop them or leave straight. Make wallpapers and other stuff. For newbies -> ctrl+g = no hud I'll start with Aoba
  10. Mangrey

    why are all the planes the same ?

    Hey I really like the this detales (typo?) Wg is laying in the ships, cant you do that to the planes too ? ... you there is another game(WoWp) where you can get data from. so that IT make sens what planes what CV has ..... it really make no sense when a i German 109Ts (modified 109Es) are fighting late war figthers. same goes for essex F4FU-4 beating the crap out of my A7AM2s The two planes are balanced stats wise. I dont mind Paper planes ... Just dont treat my Late war IJN planes like Zeros curs they are not, many of them matched the USN planes Mang
  11. OldChieftain

    Once again WG over compensates

    Look, you have made destroyer's a pain in the [edited]to play, when they should be the most fun. First you cater to the whining of BB player's and now they can dodge torpedoes with ease. You made torpedoes easy to spot. Now of course every single ship except DDs has planes (seriously, in a 2 CV game plus the capital ships planes I just drive into the nearest BB and try to get some torps off before dying); thereby removing a DD's only remaining asset -stealth. I understand in the beginning no one knew how to deal with torpedoes and the 'seemed' OP, but the aren't. reverse this trend making DDs untenable. Remove planes from everything but the CV. Seriously this prejudice against Dds is getting silly. Captain's perk- Vigilance and improved spotting planes. Upgrade- improved spotting range, every ship above tier 5 has planes, torpedoes spotted at more then a kilometer. rudder shift times under 15 seconds for giga-ton BBs. The DD is supposed to be a knife fighter and if it gets close you screwed up and your dead, best case you might take the DD with you, but not now. No, now you spot the DD around 10 km out you begin maneuvering and then bring it under fire; torpedoes launched 3 km or more away are an almost automatic miss. and you take half his HP with your salvo and your 5, 6, 7 km secondary's finish it off. Simple solution make DDs surface detectable only ( they are easy enough to kill after all ). Not going to follow the thread so replies will be unread.
  12. CaptainNorse

    XP and credits for planes killed

    In my opinion shooting down enemy planes should have a small buff in rewards. Currently you can play a US carrier with fighter loadout, score 40 planes shot down during the match (saving your team mates from a huge lot of torps and bombs) as well as land some fine hits and fire with your DBs. Even though one could then argue that you've made a significant contribution to the team (crippling two IJN carriers if looking at the example above), the xp and credtis reward dows not reflect this. My suggestion is therefore to increase xp for planes shot down to make the fighter loadout build viable. This change would also encourage more tier6+ CAs to stay with key elements of the fleet as anti-air support.
  13. 1. It would be good if we could choose to opt out of a game once we see the list of forces involved. I would choose (a) games that are pertinent to my missions; (b) games that do not have aircraft carriers. 2. I find that planes spoil a good gunfight between warships. It is a pointless exercise to have CVs in the game, even as lower-powered as they are, as they spoil any combat between warships, just as they did historically. This is World of Warships not World of Warplanes. 3. I still am annoyed at ships that are invisible for some time and fire at me at length with impunity. I have read a lot of naval history and I cannot remember any naval action where warships were invisible and firing at an enemy. 4. Some ships cannot be hit because of their camouflage. I give up firing at some ships because my salvoes go drifting off into the ocean miles from the target. Thank-you for a great game, anyway.
  14. Nazdar vsetci takze nejako ma trapilo, akym matematickym zazrakom WG vypocitava AA hodnoty na lodiach, tak som sa nasr teda nabudil a urobil som si jednoduchy vzorec, ktory moze kazdy aplikovat a lahko si vypocitat "moju verziu" AA obrany , kedze nikto nevie, ake RNG sa tam v skutocnosti nachadza Takze moj vzorec na vypocet AA obrany je velmi jednoduchy, staci vam vediet damage a dostrel konkretnej AA vyzbroje , co si vieme zistit v klientovi (AA dps * range) * koeficinet X = AA body Najprv zacnem tym, ze som si udal nejaky strop, pre ktory to bude ratat a ten je, ak ma Lod AA 600dps na vzdialenost 5km, a teda 600 * 5 * X = 100 bodov AA obrany , z coho vypliva, ze nas koeficient je 1/30 Tento koeficine si samozrejme kazdy moze zmenit podla stropu ale pocitovo mi to vychadzalo ako rozumna hodnota. Ak niekto dosiahne 70 AA bodov, tak pomocou AFT a BFT to dokaze vytiahnut na 100 bodov (70*1.2*1.2) Takze nebudem vas zdrziavat, ideme rovno k hodnotam, ktore som vyratal: US Cruisers US BB US CV US DD IJN Cruisers IJN BB IJN CV IJN DD Germany Cruisers Germany BB Germany DD UK Cruisers UK BB USSR Cruisers USSR DD Poland DD Pan-Asia DD France BB ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- tak ked uz mame (moje) hodnoty pre AA obranu, podme si teoreticky vypocitat utocnu silu pre letkytu som ratal nasledovne: (damage*pocet lietadiel + rychlost lietadla * HP * koeficient Y)*koeficinet Z pricom Y = 1/5 a Z = 1/1200 z coho mi vysli nasledujuce hodnoty (pre jednu letku) IJN CV US CV --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Co nam z toho vypliva (teoreticky) ?ak je vasa AA obrana vyrazne mensia ako utocna sila jednej letky, tka to bude boliet ak su hodnoty vyrovnane, tak tak budu sice vsetky lietadla znicene, ale nejake to torpedo/bomba moze padnut Dufam, ze sa vam tento clanok pacil nezabudajte, ze sa jedna cisto o moj nazor p.s. Lode su v top konfiguracii. nie su zapocitane ziadne skilly, vlajky ani moduly ak je tam chyba, kludne ma opravte Vzorce su take, lebo som s povedal nebral som v uvahu HP AA modulov ani nic podobne, len cisla, ktore si vie kazdy najst v klientovi testoval som par veci na PTS v idealnych podmienkach (autodrop na nehybnu lod) ale realita je samozrejme ina ;)
  15. Wullailhuit

    Plane info sounds in Carriers, janky

    I've been messing around with CVs for a bit and I'm wondering if this happens to anyone else. MOST tmes the battle reports of 'target destroyed' , 'taking damage' etc from the squadrens is fine , but SOMETIMES they don't actually sound off , all I get is a tiny 'beep'. I then have to re-start the client to get the sounds back.
  16. Hello Everyone!!! I am just starting to play with aircraft carriers. I have Hosho and very soon i am going to get Zuicho ... And i am starting to think about planes group setups... What is better setup? with fighters or without it? ... How do you use (especially in IJN) fighters? To protect our bomb/torp planes or to attack enemy? Please share with me (and others who want to know ) your experience about your tactic and all that stuff Thank you and have good luck and great fun in game!!!
  17. At the moment I play the Taiho, and the Taiho uses for Torpbombers and Divebombers the same air plane type, the Aichi B7A2, but the bombers sounds different to the Torpbombers! Guess it's because all Divebombers share the same sounds sample and the Torpbombers as well. But I was wondering why? Different ships have different gun fire sounds, why doesn't have the planes different sounds? Shouldn't be much work, just copy paste sounds files from World of Warplanes? I'm often wondering, why wargaming is so slow with changes, some should be done in one work day
  18. HMCite

    Air Craft Carriers

    Air Craft Carriers are the seriously ignored class of Ships in the game. These are the reasons Why 1- In lower tiers its playable, but as one advances , the insane AA makes it impossible for CV players to maintain interest in the game. 2- Every now and then Buffs are coming for different ships except for CVs 3- New ships/lines being introduced are having such insane AA. Others have Defensive AA. 4- Every Player has the ability to increase his captain skills to Be able to increase his AA DPM by basic , advance and Manual skills, yet CV doesnt get any Captain skills for improvement of Squaderent health and endurance. 5- BBs and cruisers who are AA specked are already untouchable, add to that new DDs like KIDD and Grozovoi and US DDs Defensive AA, so CV can actually have no impact in the start of the game. 6- CV does spotting, Defends allies and also at times harldy manages to strike on enemy despite all defensive AA and enemy CV AA planes and at the end the Reward for CV is the worst in all the ship types. 7- New changes to DDs AA is further Humiliation to CVs. Either CVs need to be buffed or AA needs to be nerfed with good rewards at the end If wargaming keeps the same trend , one day people will say, remember when there used to be CVs in the game??
  19. Per3c

    CV gameplay favors USN

    The idea would be great to have 4 squadrons with 6 planes (USN) and 6 squadrons with 4 planes (IJN) as ballancing. 6 planes are a formidable attacking wing but the 4 planes squadrons are in service in notime. The biggest issue for me with the implementation of WG's idea that american CVs have options in flight controlls (defensive/offensive) but japanese CVs really don't have an option just at tier VII with the Hiryu. IJN CVs on the defensive option will only have 4 fighters in the sky at max till tier VI. The Hiryu with 2 squardons of fighters already gives more of an opportunity to scout, defend allied ships and bring back proper CV play with both team's CVs fighting for air supremacy. Perfect example was a game I've played with my friends during the weekend I was in my tier VII USN CV Ranger and since my division had a BB and a DD I've chosen to take defensive flight controll to scout for them and bomb annoying DDs to burning wrecks. There was two enemy CVs an Independence and a Ryujo (both tier VI). Still with the enemy USN CV going defensive I've managed to get 56 planes shot down with minimal casualties (all my squadrons were still at their full fighting potentials when I've noticed that there were no enemy plane activities on the whole map). My suggestion is: Let the IJN CVs have a 2 fighter squadron option from tier V because every USN CV player will just erase any kind of japanese wings in the skies no matter if fighters or other. I have read on the forum that 1 vs 1 USN CVs will always win. That's not exactly true: In my Hosho against a Langley I've managed to close the distance to effective AA range and used my superb service time to launch torp salvos in such a fast rate that he hadn't had a chance. I've started my attack when his fighters ran out of ammo a half a map away (I had to sacrifice 4 torp bombers but since I had no losses till that moment - it was an acceptable exchange to lose 4 planes to get the enemy CV) and after my AAs killed off a few landing fighters I've sunk him while he tried to get his planes in the air fast enough.
  20. Hello, I just played a ranked game with independence carrier at rank 16. This enemy CV somehow bombed my carrier and caused my planes not to land ?! Was perhaps the carrier landing pad blocked by a crashed plane ?! Who knows.... ??? I haven't seen the replay yet... but I am going to examine it after this posting ?! The interesting/funny thing is... the starting screen of a "ranked battle" actually shows a carrier and a crashed plane blocking the landing pad ?! LOL. I was wondering if such a thing could actually occur in the game ?! Maybe this is what occured ?! Or maybe it's just a bug ?! During the game itself I thought it must have been a cheat ?! Cause I thought I recgonized him as the number 1 player: pape something... ;) But it wasn't... his name was different... Here some screenshots though... later I will add one more screenshot to show the start of ranked battle where you can see the crashed plane ! Here is link to replay: Direct link: http://www.skybuck.org/Games/WorldOfWarships/CantLandPlanes/20160612_031828_PASA006-Independence-1945_08_NE_passage.wowsreplay'>http://www.skybuck.org/Games/WorldOfWarships/CantLandPlanes/20160612_031828_PASA006-Independence-1945_08_NE_passage.wowsreplay Folder link: http://www.skybuck.org/Games/WorldOfWarships/CantLandPlanes/ Screenshots of battle result screen: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: A few games ago I learned a trick how to "queue up" a manual torpedo drop... but going to keep it secret for now, not sure if that has anything to do with it ! ;) hihi. Maybe a flight back path can even be set.. haven't tried yet... but in theory it should work. Interesting... elite pro stuff ! ;) =DDDD Ok now I go watch replay... to see if there was actually a crashed plane on my landing pad... and if not... see if I can figure out what caused this strange bug ?! ANOTHER X-Files for the books I guess ! ;) =D Gonna call this Skybuck's X-Files 002 *** Update 1 ***: Ok, I analyzed the replay. It seems his enemy bomber caused 2 holes in the carrier lift mechanics ?! Not sure if this will disable landing ? Or perhaps the two holes prevent landing ? Or it's just a bug... However... later on... near the end of the game... after he bombed me again... and my cv was on fire and I repaired it... then the planes could suddenly land again ?! Could be some out-of-sync error... perhaps server got confused when I pressed REPAIR in between the bombings of his two bomber squads ?! Very weird stuff. *** Update 2 ***: He does seem to hit the elevator twice... I can vaguely remember reading something about this a long time ago ?! Am I being delirious ? Am I imaging things ?! Weeeird... or what ?! Here some more screenshots to show the two holes in the lift/elevator (low res, maybe hi-res will show more ???): Part 5: Part 6: Part 7: Part 8: It's quite remarkable how the elevator was hit twice ? Kinda weird... coincidence ??? Somebody with a really big monitor ??? Luck ? Bot ? These screenshot might also show what's going on with the repair button/ability... hmmm... maybe the bomb fell right in between some kind of time vunerability/bug/exploit hmmm ? Bye, Skybuck.
  21. I'm a noob CV and I'm discovering that the green(yellow) area that shows the torpedoes dropper planes is not very "accurate". It does not represent the time of the torpedoes falling from the plane, and happened me several times that i dropped torpedoes UNDER their ships! Do you think the green area should be re-worked?
  22. Ishiro32

    Planes and Weather

    Hello I would just like to voice an opinion for what this game is lacking in terms of CV play. Dynamic weather and clouds. I would like to see squall moving through the map which would be obstacle mainly to the planes, and place to hide for heavy ships when they are targeted by CVs. I would like to see planes that use clouds to cover their approach. Those things still would be arcadey, but would add some tactical depth to the plane play and at the same time some counter play to them. Plane movement has to be influenced by the map and right now only interaction between planes and map are the island when TBs are looking for perfect drop, this is not enough. Especially since Carrier gameplay is RTS-like, it has to have more. People who play CVs are the type of people who will enjoy more tactical options and obstacles.
  23. Hey guys I recently went over US carrier plane configurations and found that many of them are unbalanced/unviable, have obvious choices and obvious bad choices. I think that it needs to be rebalanced to make ALL configs viable and the choice harder and based on gameplay style rather than be based on what is clearly the best choice for every sane person. I wrote a ticket to WG about this, and wanted to know what everyone thinks about it, as i think it can make the game more interesting and not have totally useless configs that no sane person will use. (when i was writing the ticket and mentioned fighter/torp/bomber, i ment fighter squad, torpedo bomber squad, dive bomber squad) this is what i wrote in the ticket: Please let me know what is your opinion, by answering the poll, and/or writing comments here.
  24. dCK_Ad_Hominem

    Suggestions for changes of plane dynamics

    Hello all, a few thoughts crossed my mind recently regarding the way air planes work in the game. Now in before anyone gets his panties in a twist, the following are just mere suggestions for changes which I think could benefit the game. Please point out aspects I have overlooked or consequences I have not foreseen. Also, let's keep this a civil discussion. Without further ado: 1. Ships should always counter spot the plane that is spotting them (possibly excluding carrier strike craft). I guess we have all been in a situation in which we were plane spotted without knowing where exactly the plane in question was. I believe it would be beneficial and allow for counter play if one could at least see the plane. 2. Ships engaging planes with aa (outside of smoke) should be spotted regardless of distance. Yes, Minotaur players, I'm looking at you. The idea that a ship should be able to shoot down planes without getting detected by those is possibly one of the worst game mechanics that wasn't addressed yet. Same as invisi firing this should be removed from the game and air spotting distance should at least the equal to aa range. This would make aft a double edged sword, but prevent severe frustration for high tier cv players. 3. I'm expecting a lot of you to have a gripe with this, since it would change competitive cv play. Torpedoes should only be air spotted if a plane is in spotting range. Once the plane moves out of spotting range torpedoes should become unspotted again (I would include torp spotting by ships into this as well). This would make the game more demanding and dynamic, while improving the value of destroyers in competitive play. As it stands, a great cv can pretty much deny any sort of torpedo hits on his team mates by simply patrolling the corridors they are likely to pass through. This would be fine, as long as a once spotted torp wouldn't remain spotted forever. It would put a bigger strain on ships in the direction the torps are headed and increase the overall skill level. What are your thoughts on this :)?