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Found 12 results

  1. So last weekend, in the mornings and noons, I had no problem playing warships whatsoever. Till prime time kicked in, then I had major lag, packet loss and it was just unplayable, so I quit. Next day same thing, and yesterday too. So today I log in and what do I see? I got pink for 3 battles because "I quit the battle too early"... well I would play out the battle if I was not disconnected every 2 minutes! (yesterday's last battle I played, after the first DC I never reconnected because of the multiple DC's I had the battle before) So why am I having connection issue's only in prime time? (for me that is 5pm-10pm GMT+1) And am I the only one having these issue's or are there more players? if so, can it be fixed? Because I'm thinking of shelving this game for a while (again) till this is fixed. because getting pink for unintentional DC's isn't fair! PS: I'm sorry if I put this thread in the wrong topic, I'm seldom on forums. edit: What I also tried to minimize the lag; change the graphic settings from medium to low, changed alternative battle view from always visible to off (the alt) but still I got lag, packetloss and dc's within prime time.
  2. … tauchen gefühlt in letzter Zeit Zeit vermehrt auf. Besondere Favoriten, Neptune (10km), Monitaur (10km), Edinburgh (10km), Ibuki (19km), Mogami (10km), usw. Besonders jene Kandidaten mit 10km Reichweite. gern auch mal Saint-Louis oder Charles-Martel. Das ganze, während vorne Zerstörer ihre Kreise drehen und sich um die Caps balgen. Besonders gut kommt dann, wenn dich so´n "Fresh-Pinky" auch noch anpampt: "why you drive into my Torps, you Noob" … Also ich habe in der Situation mit dem Zerstörer andere Sachen zu tun, als nach hinten zu sehen, welcher Kreuzer gerade Torpedos laufen lässt. Der hat Kanonen! Soll er sie nutzen! Am Anfang fand ich 3 Strafrunden in Pink ausreichend. Inzwischen dürfen die meinetwegen gerne 12 Zwangsrunden im Coop fahren. Wie sind da Eure Erfahrungen?
  3. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Pink stupidity

    So, I got in a MM, all nice and great first minutes, then a guy on red team start complaining about a team mate being AFK; Some suggest his game may crashed; Seconds later, my game to freeze, then I am booted out; Try to re - connect, but the launcher says "servers down"; I wait half hour - servers still down. I watch a movie, 1 hour later I check again - server up and running; So I enter game, only to be "rewarded" by a pink message, punishing me for 3 games because of... "inactivity..." WTF, seriously ?! Are we now responsible for your crap servers ?? I am booted out of game, because the servers crash for 2 hours, then I am punished because " I leave early" ??? Are no common sense here ???
  4. FaceFisted

    Pink players are ruining Ranked

    It is really... REALLY annoying that pink players are allowed to participate in ranked! Two matches in a row I was placed with them in team and you can guess what happened. First one started to reverse right from the starting point, called us all names, insulted us how we all suck at this game and went AFK. After that, 2 potato players wit 45% win rate joined him. I was fighting entire match with -3 players and as a result at least I didn't lose a star. Next match - pink player performed suicide (log off) after 2 minutes and we were left with -1 player to compete. Again, I suggested for out team play defensively while I capped, but no use. There was no friking way I could explain it to them how to play and why do we need to play like this. Epilogue - I got 6 kills and record damage in Benson. Match goal started to be for me to kill more enemies before they killed enough of mine. All futile. Frustrating. I need to stop playing ranked, it's bad for health Check it out yourself -[edited] [edited]
  5. MortenTardo

    Pinki for 10 games

    WG can you please explain how the teamkiller status works? I hit a Missouri with 4 AP shells for 12971 dmg and turned pink for 10 games. I have hit a friendly GKF with torps before (by accident ofc). He flooded out, i did about 60k dmg to him and i went pink for 4 or 5 games. Dont understand the math behind it.
  6. Akula971


    I just had a rather good game where I was scouting a cap in my RN Lightning, keeping the enemy Harugumo spotted, whilst our Harugumo wrecked him. After that there was either by accident or design a situation where one was spotting whilst the other was shooting. Near the end our Harugumo sent a volley of torps out to a charging Amagi, but had not noticed I was in the way. I only took one, that took away 75% of my HP, and he went Pink. A complete accident. The player apologised after game. I wasn't actually bothered, as the pair of us had wrecked so many charging potatoes. If I could have forgiven him, and taken his pinkness away I would have. I'd like to see a feature in game to forgive accidental team damage. To err is human; to forgive, divine
  7. JG4_sKylon

    Do suiciders get punished?

    Hello, had a match right now where our Tier8 Lex did not like the matchmaking and decided to sink himself. Afaik he did not get pink or any warning for teamdamage. I am wondering if he gets around punishment for being AFK/useless in this match? Made a screenshot and opened a ticket, but i don´t expect them to really look into it.
  8. Hi, For whatever reason, I get a lot of disconnects the last few days. (on 0.7.5), and of course I got reported, and now I am pink. First of all, the disconnects, no idea. It happened before, occasionally, but the last few days, and especially today, unplayable. Second, I am pink because of things beyond my control. It is not fair.
  9. Butterdoll

    Team killing

    Well, I've got Pinked. And in co-op. I was in my gneise, you now, gridding a captain and going for the hull upgrade until t7 operation arrives. I was focusing a bot and that stupid bot rammed a green duca, the shells were already in they way and instead of the bot I sunk the duca. That never happened to me with main guns before. I received a disciplinary action for 9 battles. It's not my first time, so I'm in risk to get banned from the game?
  10. mrStaatsfeind

    TK/TD compensation is broken

    Just had a game where is was teamtorped by an atago. Something most of us has tried a few times by now. I was playing my Udaloy, had full hp, and my smokescreen was torped with me in it at point blank range. I think it was incompetence and not intentional, but in this case it makes no difference. Full hp --> dead. Now here is the point: I used every single economical flag to get a good first win. The small amount of credits i gained in compensation, was nowhere near enough to cover my expenses in that game. Not only did i waste a high number of very valuable flags, there was premium smoke and camo. I was also deprived of any opportunity to gain either xp or credits by actually playing the game. Another loss, i was never compensated for. Its worth noting that i was the only top tier on my team. Which means that not only did it cost me alot more than i was compensated for, but the whole team suffered a loss, as the result of that TK. How is the penalty paid by the atago in any way sufficient? Suggestion: If you teamdamage a certain percentage of a friendly ship's hp, then you pay ALL expenses to that player. Including flags, premium consumeables and XP. The teamdamaged ship should get his average xp from such a game. Anything less than that, will be payed by the TK'er. The current system with turning pink is broken. I turned pink once because my secondary hit a friendly 3 times. After trying that, i can't trust that the pinks actually deserves their "punishment", all i can be sure of, is that if they deserve being pink, they have not paid for the damage they caused. In the example above, the Atago did not even turn pink. While I do recognize you (WG) have changed the system to be harsher on TD/TK, your solution have missed the mark. You get an "A" for effort, but i'm sad to say that your solution failed. cheers
  11. ItachiZero

    unfair pink?

    well I every now and then gets kicked out of the server this time as well but this time I get rewarded with being pink. is there something I can do to gett this rewoked? just kicked out before I even could see the loading screen.
  12. Hallo liebe Forengemeinde, Nachdem die aktuelle Mechanik zum Thema "Teamkilling" und pinker Status für die meisten Spieler relativ undurchsichtig ist, haben wir mal ein paar Infos für euch zum besseren Verständnis zusammengetragen: ein Spieler bekommt den disziplinarischen Teamkillerstatus unter den folgenden Bedingungen: 10,000 oder mehr Schaden an Alliierten in den letzten 1,000,000 Schadenspunkten der Hauptbatterie (1% des Schadens an Alliierten) 10,000 oder mehr Schaden an Alliierten in den letzten 1,000,000 Schadenspunkten durch Flugzeugbomben (1% des Schadens an Alliierten) 10,000 oder mehr Schaden an Alliierten in den letzten 1,000,000 Schadenspunkten durch Torpedos, die von Flugzeugen abgeworfen wurden (1% des Schadens an Alliierten) 40,000 oder mehr Schaden an Alliierten in den letzten 1,000,000 Schadenspunkten durch Torpedos, die von Schiffen abgefeuert wurden (4% des Schadens an Alliierten) Das Zerstören eines Verbündeten durch die Hauptbatterie, Torpedos jeglicher Art oder Bomben (es zählt das Versenken, nicht die Menge an angerichteten Schaden) Der Abschuss mindestens 30 verbündeter Flugzeuge in den letzten 100 Luftgefechten (Flak gilt nicht, nur Luftkampf zwischen Flugzeugen) Der Nickname des Spieler wird pink sobald er den disziplinarischen Teamkillerstatus erhält Nachdem ein Spieler den Teamkillerstatus erhalten hat, wird der von ihm angerichtete Schaden an verbündeten Schiffen auf ihn selbst prozentual zurück reflektiert. Wenn z.B. ein pinker Spieler 10.000 Schaden an einem alliierten Schiff anrichtet und dies 50% seiner Strukturpunkte waren, verliert der Verursacher nicht 10.000 Strukturpunkte sondern auch 50% seiner SP. Der Leidtragende des Teamkillers erhält nur 10% des eigentlichen Schadens, der verursacht werden würde (5% bei Torpedos). Der Leidtragende erhält allerdings den vollen Feuer- & Flutungsschaden, wir planen allerdings dies in der Zukunft zu verringern. Der reflektierte Schaden erhöht sich für den Teamkiller falls er weiterhin versucht verbündete Schiffe zu beschädigen - 150%, 200% etc.. bis hin zum sofortigen Versenken seines Schiffes Um den disziplinarischen Status loszuwerden muss der Betroffene 6 Gefechte ohne Schaden an Verbündeten absolvieren. Innerhalb dieses Zeitraums führt jeder weitere Schaden an Verbündeten (proportional zu dem angerichteten Schaden) zu einer Erhöhung der Anzahl der benötigten Gefechte. Ein kleiner Zusatz - auch das Rammen & Berühren freundlicher Schiffe zählt dazu. Im Normalfall ist das kein Problem, aber besonders wenn ihr versucht den pinken Status loszuwerden kann dies problematisch sein. Vermeidet also Kollisionen - ihr werdet zwar nicht "extra" Spiele dafür absolvieren müssen, aber das Gefecht zählt nicht als "sauberes Gefecht" wenn ihr einen Verbündeten berührt habt, trotz des minimalen Schadens. Dies ist auch so gewollt, daher achtet bitte auf eure Umgebung. Es ist euch nicht erlaubt einen pinken Teamkollegen zu beschiessen, es gelten was das angeht genau die gleichen Regeln wie oben beschrieben! Viel Erfolg weiterhin auf offener See