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Found 40 results

  1. Ahoi zusammen! Wie kann man eigentlich andere Spieler im Chat erwähnen, bzw einen Kurzbefehl an einen bestimmten Spieler richten?
  2. micjoku


    Habe starke lags im Play. Manchmal steigt man auch aus aus der Anmeldung. Man muss sich dann wieder Anmelden.
  3. Hello everyone, i dont know how many fellow captains are affected by this, but since yesterday i encounter massive latency-issues. Usually my ping is quiet stable at 36ms but since yesterday evening it is not stable at all. it just jumps from 36 to 100 and sometime way past 200 ms. This is leading to huge problems as sometimes the game lags, consumables are delayed for more than a second and the same goes for torps or main battery shots. I talked to some clanmates, they have the same issues so i would like to ask you if you have the same issues and what country and provider you are on. The guys I talked to are all from Germany and are with Telekom. (this is quiet common, so i dont know if that is a coincidence) Thank you
  4. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Ping issues

    As the title suggests. I have been experiencing an unusual activity of lag spikes throughout the games. This started about an hour ago. I have done my due diligence and try to figure out whether it was on my end. After all the trouble shooting on my end (client side), it made me realise that the server is actually the culprit. During the games, I have also asked other players. They too agreed that they have been experiencing the same issues as I have been. For the record, the ping would fluctuate from 30ms~140ms. Making it nearly impossible to play. Ships showing as stopped when they are moving, the input lag that comes with it as well. i.e. mouse clicks, taking a full second or two to register. If anyone else is having such issues. Please reply below. So that the WG staff can take notice of it. Hope you all have a good battle.
  5. Hi there, Anyone else been getting lags/ping spikes over the last few days? Specifically every couple of minute I get 3 or 4 seconds of lag, the game returns to normal and then after a minute or so I get the same again. Wondering if it could be the server as I know they were having network issues. Cheers
  6. spezie41


    Ist es möglich, im Hafen den Ping anzeigen zu lassen? Da Ich mich schon öffters geärgert habe, wenn ich ein Match starte, und erst im Gefecht den Ping sehen kann. Viel zu hoch "Kinder auch im Internet ". Wenn nicht, wäre das nicht mal eine Anregung an Wargaming?
  7. ilsammino

    Problemi di connessione

    Ma state anche voi sperimentando ping impazzito con oscillazioni pazzesche tra 300 e 1500 con continui freeze dell'interfaccia?
  8. Cirax_D

    Ping orribile

    Ciao, stamattina mi sono collegato per fare una partita e mi sono trovato davanti il problema di un ping altissimo (da 200 a 400 con punte a 1000...), risultato: difficilissimo/impossibile giocare. Prima di rifare una casuale ho provato una coop per capire se il problema era mio, giocato benissimo.... riprovo una casuale... ancora ping alto.... sono andato sul forum inglese ed ho notato di non essere l'unico con questo inconveniente, ora vi chiedo: sono l'unico o anche voi notate questa anomalia? Bye bye...
  9. Hello to whoever is taking time to read this! All day long i am having one very annoying issue: whenever i start a ranked battle - my game starts lagging like crazy - from 500 to 2000+ ping i never had such an issue before and tried playing random battles - suffered no lag issues, ping was good and no problems at all then i tried ranked again - same issue. i decided that something might be wrong with the server, so i waited from morning until now, tried 1 game - same problem remains. tried to load the support page to submit a ticket, but i cant even do that - while everything else is running smoothly, wg support side is painfully slow to load so i have decided to seek help here. i dont know if the problem is on my end or the server i am not using ANY mods if it was a problem with the server, obviously, i would have found some thread about it already... HELP! :<
  10. Kimi1969

    Ping im Hafen

    Generell spiele ich mit einem Ping von 30-40 und habe keine Probleme mit hohen Pings. Gelegentlich (ab und zu) passiert es jedoch, dass ich in Gefechten einen 450er Ping habe und nach dem Gefecht die Verbindung trennen muss und neu joinen. Gibt es die Möglichkeit sich den Ping im Hafen schon anzeigen zu lassen und wenn nicht wäre das vllt. etwas das man in künftigen Patches implementieren lassen kann, wie in anderne Games auch?
  11. Element_n


    Witam. W czwartek (1.03.2018.) od podstaw zainstalowałem WOWS'a i od tego momentu PING oscyluje w przedziale 95-110 ms. Zaznaczę, że wcześniej było normalne (30ms). Zna ktoś rozwiązanie na mój problem?
  12. Come da titolo, qualcuno oltre al sottoscritto che abbia telecom per provider manifesta spike lag nelle ore del tardo pomeriggio/sera? Solitamente il ping medio si aggira sui 35 ms (nel mio caso) con picchi di 60-100. Problema sorto da un paio di giorni. Zona Alta Toscana, magari qualche snodo intasato. Grazie dell'attenzione
  13. RNjisus

    minimap squares

    Do you think it would be beneficial for the gameplay if parallelograms were lit up on the main screen when we ping the minimap squares? That way we can ping that an area has torpedoes (moving towards our teammates) in it. Or if a noob goes to D in North/Northern lights we can ping him and he will see a parallelogram around his ship light up. Maybe it would make the game too arcade-y for those who enable this feature but it would facilitate communication.
  14. TL:DR Dug through notes from over a year ago and found the paragraph on flares. It'll convey more information than chat-based pings, and be more useful for WoWs than an F3 based draw-on-map. Read only the bolded text and guess implications for yourself. Note that it was meant for a game design different from WoWs, so lots of nonsensical cross-references scattered about. Most of it's from outdated versions of the design anyways.THE END. Now read it before I delete it all because I can't stand my madness-infused caffeine rant on 15min break. "Radio messaging commands are now regional based and have a relevant icon or similar notification appear from on top of the ship sending them. Can work in tandem with flares. Also other coloured. Low tierpoint cost consumables. For other uses, such as fun. (But can be tactical if organized). Also a "fireworks" flare. Costs extremely much progression, except to veteran players. Costs as much as all the flares combined if they cost progression to unlock. Even gives a tiny moral boost, worthy of its own description "fireworks". Works on both allies and enemies, spectacularly. Different styles and rare styles have to be earned or unlocked. Such as ranked commemoration, veteran player rewards. E.g. Red flare attack. Yellow flare covert ops. Orange flare search/scout for enemy. Green flare support/cover. Blue flare fire at range/keep distance. Purple flare defence. Can combine for more meanings, but up to players. Enemy cannot see flares in normal randoms, but maybe intel based check for clan. Must consider team chat as well. Maybe more chat raises enemy intel gather chance. Because "SOS" radio chatter does not help much to pinpoint location, nor work as well for high player-count games. 1 point or low tierpoint cost module "white flare" or other coloured flares. Surrender option for ships. Better than sunk, for both sides. No need to destroy all, rewards not calculated based on ship sinking alone. Rewards based on strategic points captured and completion of objectives, self-ships survival vs enemy ships survival, tierpoint vs efficiency of combat per tierpoint, etc. Flares can be directional, for even better communication. Flares will have option of low altitude or high altitude launch. Low altitude less visible to enemy, maybe." All below is rant, ignore it. Last I remember, WoWs uses a chat based radio command system to work as ingame quick-access communication between players. I didn't find it helpful and I rarely used it. Rarely did other players use it to any significant extent either. Most things were expressed via typing. And because of a minor flaw in its design, where it shows the playername but not the ship (or was it the ship but not the playername? ...too long ago can't remember), you'd have to tab open the player list and manually find which ship just sent the SOS, then go back on the map and find where it is and what situation it was in, and sometimes there were multiple players (ships) pinging all kinds of different statuses and god help you try to remember each and every name and the associated ping type and find them all manually on tab list, and get back in game quick enough to find them still alive (and yourself alive). - Basically, it was unusable except to spam "gl fair seas". The chat-based commands did not help to communicate any useful information quickly, and it did negatively in helping to identify even who sent what command. It was far more reliable to quickly judge the situation yourself and ignore everything in chat, as is most public games sadly. I tried Total War: Arena recently, and was impressed by a feature in that game. While the game had a normal ping system covering the F# keys for different commands, I did not use them and other players rarely used them too. The F keys were located far away and were not easily accessible, no one would bother to memorize an array of commands if they didn't have to, and the lack of a one-button quick-access wheel type selection for these commands sealed its fate. Alternatively, a feature which did see common usage was "press F3 to draw on map". You could use your mouse to draw, in the same manner as drawing in windows paint, right onto the map on the loading screen itself, where you could also select your spawn point manually. The manual spawn point was already a huge leap from WoWs, and being able to draw your intended push direction via a simple arrow or two, or do a big "X" cross on "avoid" regions, or quickly circle some key positions ... it was quite useful and impressive. More impressive was that even in-game, you could draw a highlighted tint right onto the terrain, similar to those "aoe ability area highlight" tint. You could draw the line you wish to hold, or positions intending to set up barricades and traps. You could also use it to quickly communicated intents via simple scribbles and symbols, as the handling of the mouse allows. However, it was still rarely used in-game, and only mildly useful in pre-game screen. Few if any plans and drawings scribbles on the loading screen map actually had anything to do with what happened in-game "on contact with the enemy", and after a few games, nobody even bothered much anymore, they just wished to get in-game faster (loading screen times were still an issue). In-game, it was mostly "see and cooperate" more than plan and such. Most random games were just push-push-kill fests, with little tactical significance after all. - Of course, effective communication and efficient usage of the feature could be improved by community guides, more playing (the game is still in beta), and increased need for tactical team-awareness in end-game play. Unfortunately, there are some things which could not be improved as simply as that. For one, despite all its consumables and gimmicks, the game is still in itself greatly lacking in end-game depth, even less so than WoWs. And secondly, most importantly, there are some highly critical inherent flaws of the "F3 draw" feature as well. For one, its actual usability. Drawing with a mouse is really tedious, and I doubt many people game with a pen-pad. This limits the fidelity of any drawn communication. Secondly, and this applies for both in-game and loading-screen drawing, nobody really has the mindset to sit down and draw on the grass, when stuff is happening all around. They'll be more busy desperately panning the camera around to look for trouble and being aware of the situation, than focusing on your barely noticeable highlights. And rightly so, because knowing whether they are getting surrounded or not is infinitely more important than anything anyone else will have to express. And thirdly, while these drawings could draw symbols and whatever else, its usage is still very vague and limited. This isn't about whether one is an artist or not, or a judgmental claim on their intelligence and mental capabilities of processing and creating symbols, it's that anything expressed is still too vague to be of significant meaning. - And this "significant meaning" is what is so important, yet hard to define (at least for me). What is "significant" in in-game communication? "gg" "Thank you" "Good luck" and flashy emotes? "Urgent danger" "Enemy has this tactical weakness brief window now" "Imminent approach of ... respond immediately" and other opportunity or urgency? "fall back briefly to buy ... to use at ..." "seal off entrances d, e, g, and camp path b" and strategic plans? "I wish to discreetly scout cover me" "going to try to harass from range" "going to push" and other things on intent? What about emotional? Expressive? Or a combined and complex message with many conditionals and super-positioned variables? In actual information encoding, they have to even prepare to have parts of the message lost, miscoded, or even intercepted, yet still reliably transmit precise intent and purpose. In short, typing still wins all. But wait, you say, there are some things typing cannot express as concisely and simply as drawing on the map could. Yes, that's true, and perfect, because now we understand what can and should be expressed by a feature like "F3 draw highlights", and what it can not. There are things no amount of pings, charts, and analysis can express even if players could encode all their interpretation of a tactical situation perfectly, and that's projection of the future base on conjecture of the past and present. Human intent. Not just reaction, or even preference and choice, but inherent character, emotion, expectations. Inherent character, more like personality, which will not change, or even be a choice ... it simply is. I once told my clan (they probably didn't need me to tell them but I certainly did) what they'd want to achieve through all their clan war trainings, is not just know which ship each one is comfortable playing, but how they prefer to play it, how they'd feel while playing in any given circumstance, thus would likely prefer to and actually react to that circumstance, so that in any given scenario, how each and every one would not just likely react, but also feel while reacting to it, will be known. And as close-knit as cooperation as can be. Or something like that. Exactly how close it was to real-life sports behavioural analysis I am unsure, but in the end it was all unnecessary, given what depth and skill emphasis the game was built for. A game for machines, not humans ... as I always say.
  15. CL_415

    Negative ping?!

    Hello everybody, don't know why but sometimes, both in battles and in harbor, my ping starts decreasing until, i'm not kidding, -35, when game stops, after a seconds disconencts and I have to reenter. It's very frustrating because when it happens in multiplayer battles, my ship stops completely while I'm disconnected, so others players sink me easily. I tried to forward ports, setting static IP's, changing DNS's, updating drivers and opening the firewall, but nothing seems to solve it. Why my computer travels thru time!? (Sorry for the image size) What I have to do for solving it? It happens randomly, and it's very disturbing. Thanks in advance! ^^
  16. DutchDelightsNL

    Does it affect you?

    Before anyone feels like to comment...... i know i am not a superstar or have many games under my belt, i am quite new here! With having sad that, besides EU i like playing other regions, not only because of crappy missions and rewrds on EU. Do like that we have much ships to be for sale in the premium shop. But i would like to talk about sommething else...... Since i started some time ago ican see i progressed in the game, with better understanding of where to hit,loadout,possition play strenghts and weakness of ships som going back to lower tiers. But then having watched video from gamers like mejash,nozoup,notser and flamu i noticed they have i guess better gaming consoles. when i see they play on youtube, an FPs of 65 or higher, and a ping of -35ms My best result are on the RU server where i get like 45 to 50 FPS and like 45to 60 ms ping i do believe that also has to do with results on playing a DD or running into islands, shipps transporting or even a complete mis when firing Does anyone here notice the same problems or does it have nothing to do with playing the game overal..... Thank you for your time and answers............................
  17. ErsahSamet

    Ping Sorunu

    Merhabalar arkadaşlar. Forumda yeniyim. Hatam olduysa kusura bakmayın. Sorunum şu: Oyuna nerede girersem gireyim (Ev, ofis, arkadaşlarımın evi) ping sorunu yaşıyorum. Aynı makineye arkadaşım oturuyor onda sorun yok. Ben kendi hesabımı açıyorum ping 100'den bir saniyeliğine 500'lere çıkıyor. E doğal olarak ateş ettiğim hedef aslında orda bile olmuyor. Bu sorun yaklaşık bir haftadır devam etmekte. Kafayı yiycem var mı bir çözüm?
  18. Yumdyen

    high ping, unplayable

    For new readers, this issue is for Swedes that is using comhem as ISP right now I am having a constant 20% packet loss towards / 76 that started today which windows says its the servers for WoWs EU and so is several of my friends. We all have different good stable ISPs and have no issues with any other games or services. I read on the NA forums which has a support forum (why I cant find any on the EU side just shows how little wargame cares about EU) that some people also have issues. |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|| WinMTR statistics || Host - % | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last ||------------------------------------------------|------|------|------|------|------|------|| - 1 | 226 | 225 | 0 | 0 | 5 | 0 || bredband.comhem.se - 0 | 230 | 230 | 1 | 1 | 4 | 1 || - 0 | 230 | 230 | 1 | 1 | 3 | 1 || - 0 | 230 | 230 | 1 | 1 | 3 | 1 ||fr2-a9006-edge-1-be20-2000.wargaming.net - 0 | 230 | 230 | 21 | 21 | 29 | 21 || ed-n56128-fe-4-vl244.wargaming.net - 20 | 128 | 103 | 77 | 91 | 99 | 93 || ed-sl-c75.worldoftanks.eu - 25 | 116 | 88 | 77 | 89 | 99 | 90 ||________________________________________________|______|______|______|______|______|______| WinMTR v0.92 GPL V2 by Appnor MSP - Fully Managed Hosting & Cloud Provider
  19. N'abend zusammen, Den ganzen Tag über (ja, es soll auch Leute geben die Urlaub haben) läuft alles flüssig, kein Ruckeln und kein Zuckeln...ABER, dann "durfte" ich heute Abend mal wieder feststellen, dass ab ca. 21:00 Uhr auf dem EU-Server (login.worldofwarships.eu) kein vernünftiges Zocken möglich ist. Soll heißen, durch unregelmäßige Lags gehen die Ping-Zeiten fleißig hoch und runter, und ingame "springt" die Umgebung , oder der Kahn "hängt" zwischendurch auf der Stelle fest. Von vernünftigem Zielen kann daher auch keine Rede mehr sein. Und die Ursache ist - nach kurzem Test, tada - die bescheidene Serverkapazität, beziehungsweise die Anbindung der WG-Server an den Internetknoten (CIX). Im Fall von Wargaming ist G-Core Labs S.A.mit Sitz in Luxemburg der IDC (Internet Data Center/ Rechenzentrum) und ISP (Internet Service Provider) Wer Trace-Tools wie pingplotter benutzt, der kennt das typische Bild: sobald es vom ISP zum CIX geht, jubelt der Ping hoch - Verursacher, wie so oft IXReach: ( bei mir ixreach.bcix.de in Berlin) nächster Hop, geht nach Amsterdam (*.ams.ixreach.com) soweit gleichbleibend erster Packet-Loss (im Bild bei 4%) dann auf dem vom G-Score bei IXReach gemietetem Serverbereich zweiter Packet-Loss (ebenfalls 4%) direkt auf der Subdomäne von G-Score finaler und höchster Paket-Loss (12% also jedes achte Bit geht flöten) auf dem WG-Server Nun, woran liegt's? Sind die WG-Server eventuell nicht für eine Spieleranzahl über ca. 23.000 Zockern angelegt?! Der EU-Server-Chart von Warshipstats ist da sehr eindeutig. Ungefähr zur Zeit des Peaks fangen die Probleme an - ich habe jetzt nur nicht den gesamten Pingplotter-Sample mit an den Post gehangen. Frage 1: Wie sieht es bei Euch aus - tritt das Problem bei Euch ähnlich auf? Frage 2: Wie sieht Wargaming die Angelegenheit (Hallo Admins, Ihr solltet ja die Serverlogfiles haben)?
  20. Aimbob_OneShot


    Moin. Seit diesem Patch hab ich das erste mal Probleme mit meiner Latenz. Sobald ich in das erste Gefecht gehe, hab ich nach 2 - 3 Minuten ein Monsterlag ( Da passiert 3 - 4 Sekunden überhaupt gar nix ) und dannach bleibt meine Latenz permanent bei knapp unter 500 ms . Spiel neustarten bringt nix. PC neustarten bringt nix. Das einzige was da hilft ist, meinen Router neustarten. Woran kann das wohl liegen ?
  21. This has happened to me at least 6 times. Where I am in a match and I have 40-70 ms then suddenly my ping drops below 0 and always to -35 in matter of seconds. Then I get disconnected from the server to the login screen. I know that I have crappy network speeds but when this fast change in ping happens there is no one else or nothing that uses tremendous amount of the network. Even if there was something that uses a large amount of the network the ping would only drop down to 0 and I know this. Another thing is that I have played video games for 5 years now especially WoT and I have never experienced something like this before. I didn't even know it was even possible. So my conclusion is that this is game/server related but who knows. So I really need help to solve this problem because it gets really frustrating to get disconnected while in battle.
  22. Hi. I have a TP-Link TD-W8901N router. I have few lags in game and i want do port forwarding. I add ports in my router and looks the ports still close for me. I add screenshots from my router and port checker. How can i fix this problem. Thanks.
  23. Long story short: installed WoWS on my father's PC as I'm visiting family and I don't get fps count and ping shown on screen. Can't find the option in the settings to enable it. Have everything displayed on my own PC. Where can I find it, or was it disabled? Nevermind, turns out the display was set up so dark I merely couldn't see it right. Gotta play with the brightness settings some more.
  24. Hi all, What is the EU server IP address to test PING and TRACEROUTE? Few days ago I had terrible lag (never had that before) with PING wildly fluctuating between 50 and 300 ms so I want to check things from time to time... Thanks for info in advance! Leo "Apollo11"
  25. Since Monday evening i've been getting lag / high ping. Seems to be getting worse. Anyone else having issue? I'm with virginmedia - Aldershot area. Other games play OK - including WoT