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Found 6 results

  1. Hi people. I was messing around on Google maps (all rights reserved, images belong to Google inc blah blah) and wound up looking at Gdynia - then the Blyskawica.. One thing lead to another and I have some images from maps that nicely illustrate the size of these things - cars for scale! Enjoy!
  2. Possibly one of the most interesting website that my countrymen produced is the "Fortepan", an on-line photo archives which aims to preserve the everyday history of the 20th century. If you do like to browse through thousands of historical photos, here is the link to the english site, not that these pictures require any laguage, really. Today, one of the news portals published a selection of these pictures regarding the Kaiserliche und Königliche Kriegsmarine, and as the original source (Fortepan) states that these pictures are free to use under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-3.0, naturally I decided to steal borrow them and hopefully, at least some of you will find it interesting. I also tried to butcher the english translate the captions of the selection on the news portal, if and when they contained actual information. (just to be precise: source). Thre pictures are from 1906, Adriatic sea. Enjoy! Crewmen of a 110-ton(?) torpedoboat (possibly destroyer by the nomenclature of the era) having a rest The caption speculates that considering the state of their clothing these gents probably served in the engine/boiler room Resting time in the crew quarters of the port (not specified which). Diver in heavy equipment, starting (or ending?) his task Possibly the same scene Cots and mattresses filled with hay - no idea what they are doing outside According to the caption, this is a torpedoboat ("torpedónaszád"), but that's basically all we know The SMS Dromedar (SMS - Seiner Majestät Schiff), originally a tugboat, now a minelayer. (Looking at the signal flags, they are totally going full pay2win) Again the SMS Dromedar and some of the crew tidying A small steam-powered vessel, in the background probably one of the Erzherzog Karl-class battleships One of the Habsburg-class battleships. The ships of 114 meters length got into british hands after the world war, and were dismantled in Italy in 1921 Onboard the Habsburg-class Having a rest in the shadows of the turrets. The ships' armament consisted of 3 pieces of 24cm Krupp cannons, 12 x 15cm cannons, 10 x 7cm Skoda quick firing guns, 12 x 3,7cm Vickers autocannons (caption explicitely says so, I am somewhat uncertain about these being "autocannons"), 4 x 8mm Skoda machine guns, 2 x 45cm torpedo tubes bulit in below the waterline and 20 mines. An overview of Fiume (today: Rijeka, Croatia). The SMS Monarch, classified as armored coastal defence ship. Length: 93 meters, weight: 5878 tons, commissioned in the 11th of May, 1898. Armed with 4x24cm Krupp cannons, 6x15cm cannons also manufactured by Krupp, 2x7cm cannons (the source literally translates to "boat guns", I have legit zero idea what the hell this supposed to mean), 10x4,7cm Skoda guns, 4x4,7cm quick firing Hotchkiss guns, a single 8mm machine gun, 2x7 cm Uchatius "boat guns" (So far I only read about the Uchatius guns as land-based artillery, so that's a possibility that these are actually intended to support marines on land, but I am still puzzled with this) and 2x45cm submerged torpedo tubes. The Monarch-class consisted of three ships, apart from the namesake, the SMS Budapest and the SMS Wien. It is unknown which of them is on this picture. ...and yet another Habsburg-class. These pre-dreadnoughts (the men of the era considered them as Schlachtschiffs, so battleships of course) were made in the shipyard of Stabilimento Tecnico in Triest (today's Trieste, Italy), and consisted of three ships, the SMS Habsburg, SMS Babenberg and SMS Árpád. Interestingly, we do know some things about the photographer, including how he looked like. It's certain that he visited Fiume and Cattaro, and that he died in the war - but it is unknown who he actually was.
  3. T0byJug

    HMS Cossack.... God She is Predy

    Note the 102mm count as secondary Guns Think im gonna like her Stats Pics of the Lady
  4. szerLucjan

    Screenshots (straight and artistic)

    I didn't find any topic like this and I think that it's time to make one. So... share your best screenshots here, you can photoshop them or leave straight. Make wallpapers and other stuff. For newbies -> ctrl+g = no hud I'll start with Aoba
  5. Pictures of Cobi Błyskawica Wrong forum location But do you care More pics (will do some more in daylight at weekend if any interested May try to embellish it a little with some other lego parts. But guy this a good fun model to build. My first Cobi kit.. Some tank models next i think
  6. Yagami_Crewman

    alt_naval and other never were pics

    So here is my painstakingly assembled collection of never were photos, Many are the work of alt_naval, Wherever known, the originator is credited and identified. Due to the large number of pics involved, I will need to break this down in batches. First up: alt_naval's Not Finished page. Francesco Caracciolo Class Battleship Furious class Light Battlecruiser Lexington Class Battlecruiser The original 7 funnel design with 10x14" guns Modified Hood Class Battlecruiser HMS Hood and a sister ship. Close up detail Improved Hood. Normandie Class Battleship Ersatz Yorck Class Battlecruiser U.S.S Washington BB-47