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Found 4 results

  1. After playing for a while world of warships i noticed that the supposed distances that are displayed between your ship and an allied/enemy ships are totally incorrect. You can tell just by looking at these numbers that something must be totally wrong! In one match for example i was not more than 200 meters behind an allied BB and the game showed a distance of 1.1km. How do i know that it couldn't be more than 200 meters? Well i was sailing a Myoko and this ship had a length of about 205m and regarding the gap between me and the BB it was impossible that 5 Myokos would fit in there. The gap had barely the length of the Myoko so the distance had to be about 200m. The same thing can be observed when a DD gets in your visual range. Mostly they are about 6km away, at least thats what the game tells you, but 6km means that about 30 Myokos would fit in between. But it turns out that those DDs are not 6km away, they are only about 2km away and thats total [edited]!!! This makes is it even harder to evade their torps. After those observations i did some math considering the length of my ship, the displayed distance and the length of the other ship as well as how much the other ship appears to be shorter in that distance. I was just using a set square on my screen and a calculator and my obsversations proved to be right!! This whole system is total crap!!! Another problem are the speeds of the ships and the travel distances which are also totally incorrect. I did a little experiment with an allied afk BB. He was about 11km away when i turned towards him with the maximum speed of my Myoko which is about 35kn or 65kph. Physics tells me that it would take about 10 minutes for me to reach the BB, but i traveled those 11km in a little bit more than 3 minutes (the guy was afk the whole time!). How is that even possible?! Who is responsible for this crap? The developers were either drunk when they programmed that bs or they didnt attend any math classes in school at all. I hope that a mod reads this and leaves those guys a memo that they should fix that. That ruins the whole game!!!
  2. As it is now, if someone dc's, their ship comes to an immediate halt, in a way no ship would be able to do without help from an isle to run into. And while being at dead stop makes you easier to hit (Fair deal, if you're not at the helm you should be easy to kill), the sudden stop is in my opinion not the best way to do it. To exemplify this, I have a happening in my tier 4 japanese battleship, the Myogi, a fairly fast beast, as battleships goes. I, through carelessness and good play from the enemy DDs, notice a huge swarm of torpedoes coming in from my starboard side, probably from multiple Minekazes or something. I start to turn, but know that I will fail, the torps are too close and I'm going too fast to be able to avoid the spread, so I think 'Damn, another one' and bam ---> Login Screen. I log back on as fast as I can (fairly quick, adrenaline pumps) and when the game is done loading, I expect to be a sinking wreck, having had some half a dozen torps hit me midships. Instead, I am greeted by the blaring torpedo-warning, and the indicator shows them to the port side. What the ...?! I see the closest little red triangle speeding away, some 3-4 meters in front of the ship. and the rest further in front. I had my speed set to zero when I dc'd, and the entire spread had clean missed, leaving me totally unscathed. I can imagine the rage of those DD captains as the hand of god descended and saved my ship. Then I dc'd twice more and ... well a ship at dead stop doesn't survive all that long. But that is another thing entirely. My solution to this problem: I suggest that when one loses ones link, that ones ship comes to a stop in the same manner as when ones engine have been shot to pieces. Simple, the code obviously already exist for it and not in any way unfair. At least not in my opinion.
  3. Hey guys, I want to keep this short. The game is missing some iconic effects, let me show it to you: Game: Reality: That "water ripple effect" when a Battleship (or any ship in the game) fires its guns is missing and I know its not the same ship. Is this something which is maybe coming into the game later? World of Tanks took more than a year to implement good physics, I hope World of Battleships doesnt take that long :-) The effect itself (Water reacting to an explosion) is in the game already, I think you can see it if a torpedo hits a ship. What do you other guys think? Is this something you would want the game to show? Best regards
  4. Epic117

    Water physics

    I am not sure where to post this thread so sorry about any mistakes, I was wondering if the developers are happy with the current water physics/animations, dont get me wrong they look great but it feels like they could be even better and feel like the water is actually "hugging" the ship rather than being "static" thats just my opinion on it, i know its just a small detail that is not even close to the stuff thats being worked on right now but still i would love to hear the developers and your guy's opinion about it!