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Found 9 results

  1. Dear fellow commanders and WG, I guess I can't be the first one to bring this topic up. What's up with the bots in your own team, who don't even try to avoid your torpedoes? Enemy bots can do avoiding manoeuvres to avoid torpedoes, but your own team don't do a thing. And why the penalty for friendly fire applies like it was a real player? This is not about torping in front of your fellow ship (that's just asking for trouble), but your fellow ship running into your torps that you shot earlier when the line was still clear. Your own team bots know how to avoid collision, to the point they even stop. But torp avoidance? No, it's torp eating. Could this be changed? Cheers!
  2. _Wunterslaush

    Being punished for server issues

    Hello! Lately I haven't been able to finish games because of insane lag followed by disconnects, which means I lost valuable time doing the new Fly! Strike! Win! Tasks, which I mean, is annoying, but I can make that back fairly easily. BUT THIS This is just plain fucked up. Why the [edited]do I get the teamkilling penalty on top of being unable to play for half a day? And why is there 0 info on what the [edited]is happening to the servers? When will the game be playable?
  3. I have noticed that I am either on an incredibly bad run off luck or WoWs are penalising me - because I don't pay to play. Now I'm not the particularly good at this game, but the margin of defeat is so significant and I am about 80% of time in the top 4/5 in my team. This means I am more frequently in teams with very poor players than would be statistically likely or there is an attempt by WoWs to induce players to spend by penalising them. Now this game is either "free to play" or it isn't. I haven't tried to poll team members about whether they pay for upgrades etc. but if they do they are wasting their money because they really suck.
  4. I must say that this WWII in Europe Marathon mission is one of horrible designed mission when there are not my wanted targets (GER/IJP) in co-op battle and then you leave early to skip match for next round... no wanted ships again and early left. Then decided to go to scenario... access denied. Oh cmon WG if you plan this kind mission, please make sure it is not pointless that need take penalty. 0/10 this mission event.
  5. Lordofdroid

    What is this TK penalty for?

    I just got a "Team Killer" penalty for...rubbing against a friendly Bismarck which resulted in a MASSIVE damage of...2 HP. 2!! And I got a TK status post battle for it for 4 games. 4 games! What. The. Feck. Why?
  6. Lighthill

    Faster "Team killer" bans

    Known team killer, starts a match by destroying 1,5 friendlies and no ban?!?!? If you inflict any damage to friendly before any enemies --> Warning: Lock guns for 10 seconds. Second time: Ban! It shouldnt be possible to destroy friendlies!! When ban happens game could inform "There has been a mutiny on board" and player would be kicked and replaced.
  7. Geehrte Kapitäne, Admiräle und Flottenkommandeure Anlässlich eines unlängst geführten Gefechtes möchte ich gerne eine Möglichkeit erörtern um "zu gutes Spielen" nicht auch noch zu bestrafen. Im konkreten Fall wurden in einem Domination-Modus in nur sehr kurzer Zeit 4 oder 5 gegnerische Schiffe zerstört. Damit wurde der gegnerische Domination-Point-Counter unter 0 gebracht und schon war die Runde vorbei. 3-4 Helden wurden auch adäquat vom Spiel belohnt, aber der Rest der Truppe hatte ja nicht mal eine Chance, sich im Gefecht zu beweisen, da ein paar wenige flinke Zerstörer bereits ordentlich zugeschlagen und das Gefecht damit schon beendet haben, bevor es so richtig los ging. Hier bietet sich nun ein Dilemma: zum einen ist die Leistung der wenigen Angreifer stark zu würdigen, da sie ja in so kurzer Zeit einige Schiffe versenkt haben. Zum Anderen ist es wiederum unfair dem Verlierer-Team gegenüber, da sie vielleicht die Angreifer auch schon ordentlich beschädigt haben, aber nur Kills gewertet werden. Manche können auch einfach aufgrund ihrer langsamen Schiffe noch nicht ins Geschehen eingreifen. Sollten diese langsamen Schiffe dann noch zusätzlich belohnt/bestraft (je nach Seite) werden? Bedenkt, um die 300 Punkte zu verlieren reichen der Untergang von 3 großen Schiffen (BB, CV) und 1 kleines (DD, CA). Man könnte natürlich auch sagen: das ist eben Domination, das gehört dazu... wenn man damit nicht rechnet, dann ist man selber Schuld. Dazu muss man allerdings auch sagen, dass ein Gewinner in diesem Team - wenn er noch nichts machen konnte - auch einen mieserablen first-win davon trägt. Ich würde echt gerne eure Meinung dazu hören. Ich habe einige Antwortmöglichkeiten in meiner Umfrage gegeben, mehrfach-Auswahl ist auch möglich. Vielleicht habt ihr aber eine weit bessere Idee. In diesem Sinne, Gute Jagd.
  8. robihr

    teamkill penalty

    was just deliberately teamkilled from full hp (atago killed my shokaku). problem is that repair costs are more expensive then his penalty. repair costs of shokaku is 140k while remuneration i got from him is only 68k credits. it seems that i am being punished for his teamkill. also with deliberate teamkills (where someone fired more then 1 salvo on friendly ) there should be additional penalty aside from repair costs of his victim.
  9. kilslinger

    penalty due to secondary battery

    I got a huge penalty due to destruction of a friendly Aircraft carrier by my secondary battery, my main guns were pointed at another battleship! i understand and accept action to prevent team killing but over at least what i can control.. It would be the same if i where to get a penalty for a team mate to turn into me and me ramming him. please address the subject.