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Found 2 results

  1. ganz früher ging das mal, dass es extra Stimmen für die panasiatischen Schiffe gab - aber seit mehreren Updates sprechen die nur noch Deutsch ... (ich nutze die Einstellung National+ für die Stimmen) ist mir klar, dass das für WG nicht die höchste Priorität hat, aber kommt das irgendwann mal wieder? (vor allem, weils ja schon mal GING)
  2. Hello all, I know I will likely cause quite the lively discussion and there will be people who disagree with what I'm about to say. I shall try to remain as objective as possible and would like to ask you to do the same. It has been a while since the introduction of the pan Asian dd line. I didn't want to jump to conclusions prematurely so I gave it some time, observed, talked to clan mates and started playing the ships myself (currently at chung mu). As it stands now, however, I feel confident to put forth the statement that I consider the Yueyang to be unbalanced in its current form. Let us compare it to the Gearing for sake of ease, as both are very similar: Concealment: 5.8km best in tier by 100 to 200m respectively. Speed and maneuverability: 36.5kn. Half a knot faster than its American counterpart, bonuses further escalate this in the Yueyang's favour. It also turns better Guns: identical. Hp: Yueyang has 700 fewer hp than gearing. Torps: 68kn. 2kn faster than gearings. 13.5km range, 3km fewer range. Damage is identical, concealment a bit better. Utility: both get speed boost and smoke. Gearing can trade its speed boost for def aa, Yueyang can trade smoke for radar. Now let's put these numbers into context. Random battles: The Yueyang will only be outspotted by Yugumos and Kageros, allowing it to contest caps. It cannot torp dds, but almost always has a guaranteed first shot on its side. This, combined with great dpm and a max damage per salvo of almost 3k make her health disadvantage irrelevant. It can engage cruisers successfully due to its stealthy torps, as it can bbs. When using smoke it has the same damage potential as a Gearing. It is only threatened By carriers and z-52s. When running radar it can dominate a cap even against multiple dds, provided it gets fire support. The fact that its average damage on the server exceeds any other dd, including the Khaba, is Testament to this. Competitive/CW: In competitive it has become the dd of choice since it allows for the mobile deployment of radar. I won't go into the way typhoon and Hurricane clans use her, but she simply dominates the game there. This is not solely due to great play, which in itself would be fine, but due to her versatility making the other dds irrelevant. I would suggest slight nerfs to her, beginning with bringing its concealment and maneuverability in line. The fact that this hybrid outspots a dedicated torpedo boat is laughable. Additionally its guns or hp could be nerfed ever so slightly if the aim is to keep its torpedo armament and consumables untouched. I hope this doesn't come off as too much of a rant, but I truly believe the ship is too good in its current form.