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Found 2 results

  1. The plans of strengthening the Siamese (Thailand) naval fleet leading to the ordering of two light cruiser.With the cost of 1,207,720 pound and another 278,400 pound for the armaments Italy was chosen to be the one to building both ships.Already recieved the names by the Thais for both ships, one would be Taksin and second would be Naresuan.The Naresuan was first launched in August 6, 1941 and Taksin launched in May 28, 1942 but both of them never arrived to Thailand. Sometime later Italy paid back the compensation of the two light cruisers to Thailand in the amount of £ 601,360. ''Ship project history: Small cruisers, have received names Taksin and Naresuan were ordered by Thailand in Italy in 1938. Under an original design, they should have 5500t standard displacement, 30kts speed and armament consisted of 3 twin 152mm guns, 6 single 76mm AA guns, 4 twin 13.2mm MGs, 2 triple 533mm TTs and catapults for seaplanes. Interesting feature of these ships was that despite only one funnel, machinery had en echelon arrangement (from a bow aftward there were No1 and 2 boiler rooms, No1 engine room, No3 boiler room and No2 engine room). The kiel laying of cruisers has happened in the end of 1939, and in December, 1941 works were suspended, 6/8/1942 Italian Government confiscated both ships. Taksin and Naresuan were renamed Etna and Vesuvio respectively. The project was redesigned to AA cruiser. All armaments were replaced by new, thus catapult and TTs were removed. Besides providing of air defence of escorts, on the new ships it was supposed to assign additional functions of fast cargo vessels. For this purpose 400m3 holds were provided. By September, 1943 the ships were in 60-65% readiness. 10/9/1943 they were captured by Germans at Trieste, and in 1944 scuttled on shallow water in 1944, raised next year and BU in 1948.'' Historical photos of the hull.
  2. xxHELIOS


    Tech Tree Position General Purchase pricepromo Hit Points17,200 Main Battery 130 mm/50 B-2LM2 х 2 pcs. Rate of Fire12 shots/min. Reload Time5 sec. Rotation Speed9.7 deg./sec. 180 Degree Turn Time18.56 sec. Firing Range12.51 km. Maximum Dispersion108 m. HE Shell130 mm HE-46 Maximum HE Shell Damage1,900 Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell8 % Initial HE Shell Velocity870 m./s. HE Shell Weight33.4 kg. AP Shell130 mm SAP-46 Maximum AP Shell Damage2,500 Initial AP Shell Velocity870 m./s. AP Shell Weight33.5 kg. Torpedo Tubes 533 mm Quintuple PTA-53-68-bis2 х 5 pcs. Rate of Fire0.46 shots/min. Reload Time131 sec. Rotation Speed25 deg./sec. 180 Degree Turn Time7.2 sec. Torpedo533 mm 53-56 Maximum Damage17,933 Torpedo Speed61 knot Torpedo Range10 km. AA Defense 37 mm 61 shì4 х 2 pcs. . . . Average Damage per Second36.8 . . . Firing Range3.51 km. 85 mm/52 92-K1 х 2 pcs. . . . Average Damage per Second3.8 . . . Firing Range3.51 km. Maneuverability Maximum Speed36.5 knot Turning Circle Radius660 m. Rudder Shift Time4 sec. Concealment Surface Detectability Range7.56 km. Air Detectability Range3.41 km. Regroupons dans ce sujet les avis, astuces des joueurs possédant le nouveau destroyer Pan Asia premium de tier VIII : Le Siliwangi. l’ayant drop dans mon premier container et ayant fais quelques parties je viens donner un avis qui changera sûrement un minimum une fois le navire bien en main. Points fort : - Pool HP - Canons - Hydro - Torpilles Points faible: - Vitesse - AA - Maniabilité - Canons -Torpilles Pour faire simple c’est un Ognevoi avec ses canons stock, un dpm pas terrible, un navire peu maniable et peu rapide, des torpilles d’eaux profonde avec une portée de 10km et une vitesse moyenne 61kts. Personnellement, je trouve le Loyang beaucoup plus plaisant à jouer, plus rapide, plus maniable, des canons un chouilla moins puissant mais avec un Dpm et une vitesse de rotation supérieure, seul la vitesse des obus est le point noir ( et encore, à des engagements sur de courtes portées cela n’est plus un obstacle) Le Siliwangi est un dd avec du potentiel mais manque de caractère, ce qui n’en fait ni un parfait gun boat ni un parfait torp boat, son cammo n’est pas optimal et son AA ne lui permet pas de survivre trop loin des croiseurs, néanmoins la smoke + Hydro combinée à ses 130mm font de lui un adversaire à ne pas non plus sous estimé. Siliwangi: -Cammo: 6,5/10 -Canons: 7/10 -Torpilles: 8/10 -AA: 3/10 -Manœuvrabilité: 5/10 -Moyenne: 5,9/10