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Found 3 results

  1. Who is Over Penetration? Over Penetration is a community with members from all over. Our main objective is to give friendly players a solid group for gaming together. We like to take part in Clan Battles, competitive tournaments and all sorts of events, however we also like to take things easy every now and then. The one community is distributed over two clans "[OP] Over Penetration" and "[OP-B] Over Penetration and Bounces". While both clans participate in Clan Battles [OP] is just a little more focussed on competitive play and [OP-B] a bit more on just participating. Are you interested or just want to say hi, please visit our Discord server at: https://discord.gg/477MGM3 What are we looking for in [OP]? We are always looking for players who enjoy the game like we do and are active. People willing to play with good players while having fun. Players whom are willing to take part in competitive gameplay and want to improve the clan. Requirements: - Be able to communicate effectively in English - Be friendly - Have a sense of humour - Be on Discord regularly - At least 1500 games - 57%+ Solo winrate with 1650 PR (Recent improvement counts) - Have multiple tier 10 ships available for competitive use - Have a working microphone/headset Competitive experience isn't required, as we can introduce you to it. What if you don't meet the [OP] requirements? Try [OP-B] Obviously! Don't worry! We have a second clan. [OP-B] is for players that either fall just short of the requirements for [OP] or want to be a bit more relaxed in general. People that still want to play with our communities' members and improve their gaming experience. Beside that [OP-B] is also doing Clan Battles and is filled with generally nice people, at least when they feel like it. Feel Free to check us out at our discord. Requirements: - Be able to communicate effectively in English - Be friendly - Have a sense of humour - Be on Discord regularly - At least 1000 games - 54%+ Solo win-rate with 1400 PR - Have at least 1 tier 10 ship available for competitive use - Have a working microphone/headset  Our testing procedure Once a recruiter has made an initial assesment, you will be put on a two-week trial period. During this period you will be able to get to know us, see if you really want to be one of us and vice versa. Our members will give advisory votes on your acceptance into either of the clans based on how well you play, communicate and how you fit in among the other clan members. This trial is both for you and for us, therefore you will not be required to leave your current clan during the trial. We are looking forward to meeting you!
  2. having played cruisers for quite a bit I have noticed that I have citadel hit and received citadel hits in pretty much all classes in the game, save 1...now I don't know if I've just been unlucky, or that this class is just immune to citadel hits. -cruiser vs. cruiser..happens all the time -cruiser vs battleship...rare but you can citadel hit them if the gun is strong enough..battleships are better suited for this though -cruiser vs aircraft carrier, the citadel is located a bit high on the ship for most of them -cruiser vs destroyer...I can't honestly say I ever got a citadel hit ribbon from hitting a destroyer, with other destroyers, cruisers or battleships. nor can I remember receiving the "heavy damage" message after anything other then a torpedo hit when playing a destroyer. is it possible to citadel hit destroyers? do they even have a citadel to hit?
  3. shamelesscreature

    How exactly does turret damage work?

    In light of the upcoming turret hitpoint buffs, I've been wondering... 1. How much damage does a turret suffer when a shell penetrates its armour? 100% of the shell's nominal damage? 33% since it's not a citadel hit? Or some other number? 2. Is there a difference between HE and AP shells, besides the former's ability to deal splash damage to turrets? 3. What's up with the "shell overpenetrated - turret destroyed" mechanic? Do overpenetrations cause automatic turret destruction, or are these also hitpoint-based?