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Found 3 results

  1. cherry2blost

    Pink because Patch (polite version)

    Update 0.8.4 and THIS ..... Hit battle sit for 3 mins staring at load screen with ships moving on map... CTRL ALT DEL 3 times, give up go to repair in game centre... come back and THIS.... come on guys you are taking the michael... now am afraid to hit battle in case I get kicked to Co OP....... another nail in the coffin of my willingness to play your, increasingly failing game any more ! And having deleted the game, taken the time to do a complete re install, update of ALL drivers and softwares on my patently antique Ryzen System.... I come back to this........ Oh and now it happened a 3rd time AFTER re install, various updates and restarts..... me thinks that this is going to become an issue once the majority of players get on during prime time..... nice work Wargaming !
  2. gekkehenkie50

    What to do in this situation

    I have a question: When you are in any ship, be that a DD, BB or CA (CVs excluded in this case), what do you do when you meet the entire enemy fleet? This seems to happen to me alot; In Iowa, I often suddenly get spotted, and then the shells just start pouring in, my team wisely decides to turn around and run, but because I am being focused, and it is tier IX, I have no chance of retreat, except perhaps backing up... I have already made a post about the Iowa and how bad I am in her, but I noticed that this problem is not specific to her... Come to think of it, it can happen to any ship. I just played a game in Akizuki, and together with a fletcher we just cleared a headland, and bam, 1 ship... 2...3...5...7...9 it was at that point that I got the picture and steamed in the other direction, however; the enemy fleet deployed radar... I think it was the chapayev... so what do you do in a DD when radar is on and you still need to run 3km to get out of its AOE? I just did a wiggle wiggle shake and prayed :S. I survived with 2K hp left, the fletcher didnt get away... so, now crippled I tried to flank around the enemy and let them pass me by... they just turned on radar again and surrounded me. My questions are: What can you do if you find yourself spotted, out in the open, in front of the entire enemy fleet? Is there any counter against radar for a DD?
  3. Over the last 3 days, 2 wins and 16 losses including an 11 losses in a row run. Far from being mostly due to RNG, at least 5 or 6 of them were defeats snatched from the jaws of victory. You couldn't make up some of the [edited]ups I have seen. 6 ships to 2 up with 4 minutes left 200 up and in control of 2 of the 3 caps......loss due to some serious idiot play (and a team kill scrap between 2 of our DD's who ended up both dead to each other ) I have even left the battle (dead) in 3 of the defeats expecting to find a win after it finished only to see it come up 'defeat' a few minutes later. Far from whining about it and sticking the tin foil on I wonder if others can do nothing to get a win whatever they try. Edit - forgot to mention - New Scharnhorst....5 games no wins