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Found 5 results

  1. The German Navy until 1989 This is a video from the Bundeswehr. Unfortunately only in German, you can enjoy the picures or you can use the automatic translator from youtube. Source:
  2. NothingButTheRain

    Ingame music

    Hi. Occasionally I will play a battle and hear the music and find the track that is being played very pleasing to the ears! But I discovered that WOWS has a gigantic number of songs and wading through all of these is very painstaking when doing this with any regularity. Is there some list of which maps have which songs so I can at least find out what the song is called that I'm looking for?
  3. _Bronislaw_Komorowski_

    World of Warships Soundtrack 0.5.10

    Miłego słuchania.
  4. cpt_Reckless

    Twoja muzyka w World of Warships

    Jako, że od patch 0.5.11 mamy możliwość wrzucania do gry własnej muzyki proponuję się podzielić własnymi soundtrackami. Ja na początek wrzuciłem sobie czysto elektroniczne kawałki, bo pasują mi do morskich pejzaży: Desolate - DesolationMassive Attack & Azekel - Ritual SpiritDesolate - Teariness Of LemniaThree Trapped Tigers - KrakenDesolate - Farewell #3Desolate - RisenDesolate - FlorescenceMachinedrum - Gunshottaechospace - sunsetSynkro - Changes W planach mam również wrzucenie muzyki z Total Annihilation. Ktoś to jeszcze pamięta?
  5. Hi all I'm a really big fan of the wows music so I decided to extract them from the game and convert them into mp3 files for you to enjoy! Some of the songs I couldn't find in the game files so I had to look them up online. Download is here (V2.2): https://mega.nz/#!p8l3mQhB!vVIeeW0V7oTs3Pz2NDN0WolKc3LsME31amQhtz5Zi0s Version 2.0 mainly changes the order of all the songs, as well as adding new tracks and offering you a better quality version of older tracks. Part 0 are all the songs you hear in-game when no threat is present yet (Approaching Enemy). Part 1 includes all the songs you hear when battling. They also include some of the old and removed songs from the game. Part 2 are the loading screen themes. Part 3 are the port themes. Part 4 are the trivial tracks, such as the victory and defeat theme, as well as some examples of modular soundtracks. I'll try and update the album as soon as there are new soundtracks in the game, so stay tuned for that. Enjoy listening! New in version 2.2: - New musician on board! Svetlana Zubova! - Added the Christmas port special songs '808', as well as 'OST 0-65 - Echoes of War' and 'OST 3-300 - Edmond'. - Rearranged some music files.