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Found 6 results

  1. I confess that the title is a bit premature; I am not at all certain that the announced change to the Sigma values of the Orion will make the ship a goner. She is by most accounts too strong as she is now, and she will probably still be quite a good ship even with worse dispersion. Still, what I am thinking about, now that I've gotten used to the smell of burning cruisers in the morning, is if there is another ship out there with the same capacity for cruelty to small ships as the Orion currently enjoys? The sheer sadistic pleasure of seeing your first salvo taking off half the hit points of an enemy Friant - not to mention setting two fires and wrecking her rudder, engine and torpedo tubes - is one self-serving (if arguably unsound) reason to get out of bed on weekends. And as I started off on some ship comparisons, it struck me that one tier IV ship with almost as high HE alpha damage as the Orion, is the faithful old Ishizuchi. Will she serve? Or is her armour/AA/[other vital characteristic] just too weak for her to handle herself as a proper seal club these days? And before any of you say it: Yes, this post could very likely be used as evidence of moral turpitude. I am not always the upstanding internet citizen I pretend to be.
  2. Procrastes

    The Master of Orion

    With two separate Orion posts having been closed in the Gameplay forum due to rules violations in their opening posts, I thought I'd open a third one, here in the 'Battleships' section. Hopefully we can all contribute to keeping it afloat! So, fellow gamers, what are your thoughts on our new tier IV battleship?
  3. :) Deneme yaptım , eskisi kadar gaza gelmiş şekilde oynamasamda güzel bir maç oldu. Hiç zırh delici kullanmadım.
  4. Temujin27

    HMS Orion - Detonation

    I suffered a total Detonation this morning in the new RM IV BB Orion. It was just a couple of minutes into the game and i was still on full health, but caught two air launched torpedoes (i know my bad). They impacted a split second apart and so cant really tell which one set off my magazine (see photo - hit points indicated). The first just missed the 305 mm Armour Belt, and impacted the 63 mm Aft Armour Belt. The blast would have had to overcome the 254 mm Athwartship and / or the 254 mm Barbette Armour of Turret E. So I'm not sure if that one could have done the damage (the torps where only from a Langley)? The second looked like it hit the 305 mm Armour Belt amidships, so i was confused how that would have set off the magazine of Turret C ? I would really like the thoughts of the community. Is it possible that the second one actual hit BELOW the 305 mm Belt (due to roll of ship) and so would have had to only overcome the 25 mm Torpedo Bulge and 38 mm Citadel Torpedo Bulkhead before dealing with the 78 mm Barbette Armour at the bottom of Turret C ? And lastly "if" that is what happened is this a portent of things to come with the new Pan Asian "Deepwater Torpedoes" ?
  5. DistantUK

    UK BB Mission Gifts - Can not sell

    Hello, When trying to sell any of the gifted UK BBs Tier III, IV and V, I am greeted with a transaction error message. Are they not meant to be sold? Anyone else having this same issue? Kind regards, Distant