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Found 28 results

  1. lossi_2018

    OPERATION Killer Whale

    Dear WG and new players hopefully reading this. The last 3 months I started abstaining from randoms and ranked for personal reasons, vowed to stay calm and helpful in chat and delve more in operations when I had the time. Yesterday and today, I almost lost my cool. I didn't curse, I didn't belittle, none of that. But I found myself typing desperately in chat to a non understanding or communicating audience, begging even (yes it came to that), for my teamates to join me in exit point and win the mission. I have killed the bbs, blocked the waves of incoming ships multiple time by myself. This is not bragging, various players tried to help, BUT NO ONE wished to exit map. Even when the bots stopped coming. It is obvious, multiple times documented, that the player base doesnot, cannot, is unable or incapable of noticing the small instructions on top of screen. They can't read the mini map or spot the small anchor as is. So in order to help and not criticize how about helping them? A blinking red light (as when on fire) with a warning count down (from 5 min onwards) and a siren screaming might do wonders, something to force the players to read, or notice that the mission WON"T end in a WIN if they don't EXIT the map. See how I wrote it? I will do it again. EXIT THE MAP FROM THE ANCHOR POINT else the mission WILL FAIL! (insert blinking text or dramatic music) I'm serious as the plague. I lost 7 operations WITH ALL OBJECTIVES DONE and with more than half the team alive. People refused to go out. again in bigger letters EXIT MAP TO WIN MISSION. It's a font, they can't read it. No problem right? MAKE IT BIGGER. like that more potent fonts below EXIT MAP TO WIN MISSION plz Thanks
  2. @Crysantos @MrConway @Tanatoy @YabbaCoe Well, after we had Narai operation completely bugged, it seems the Raptor Rescue follows the steps of bugginess. Luckily, for this operation Raptor is the most important ship and so far she does go where she is supposed to. However, many transport ships are wondering all around, the repair one (engineer or whatever it's called) was heading straight back to the spawn. I would really like to know what WG messed up this time and more importantly... WHY!?? I can provide a replay later but I'm sure other will do the same. So far Narai is still bugged. WG staff said it will be looked into it but that was over a week ago and still nothing. I guess the issue is with all operations now. Seems like nothing has been improved, it was just completely messed up making some operations much harder to complete and often impossible to complete with 5/5 stars. EDIT: Instead of a long replay, just a few screenshots for now... From the moment 'LIBERTY' starts turning, going around the island and then heading back to spawn. You will also be able to find 2 other transport ships completely stuck on the map during most of the battle. "CIMARRON" and "BOGUE" I believe the names are. Again... bugged as hell. AI terribly messy.
  3. Let's call this the Operation 'Big Haul'. The basic idea would be to intercept a mega huge doubloon convoy leaving Puerto Rico and bound for Cyprus. The players' team would be tasked with intercepting the convoy and transferring the doubloons from the convoy to their support ships. Please discuss and help with the details! Seasons greetings everyone!
  4. Right, so i have aready seen lots of effing potatos who have virtually no idea what do they do then die 2mins in, and people who just simply throw a garrenteed win away cause they are not in the right place in the right time, and a apparent serious lack of guides detailing on how to beat them. do please suggest improvements on the guides as well, since I’m not that good at remembering ship spawn positions. Guides to operations in wows: contents: General guidelines for all ops T6 ops: defence of naval station newport killer whale agies raptor rescue(on hiatus) t 7 ops: nari Ultimate frontier(on hiatus) special ops: Hermes(on hiatus) cherry blossom(on hiatus) operation dynamo(on hiatus) 1. General guidelines for all ops: Operations differ from PVP random battles as in you will only be fighting against bots, not humans. The bots however differ from the ones in co-op as the ones in co-op are powered by potatoOS while the bots in ops are powered by skynet’s younger brother, which means if you screw up or you are not up to standard, they will murder you. Also unlike in co-op you often find yourself fighting at a numbers disadvantage from the start on, but you will have a tier advantage or some form of help in the form of forts, other bot ships or just downright completeing the objectives ASAP. So here is some general guidelines: Read the objectives that appear at the top right of your screen, especially the main one. Completing the main objective will at least garrentee a win, but if you want more £££ then complete the secondaries as well. even though bots are powered by skynet, they will always spawn in the same place/same ships, and and roughly the same movement pattern towards you until further notice. DDs are usless in all ops except dynamo, as they have far too little HP and armor, guns often don’t do much against ships and bots evade torps as soon as they are fired, making torps useless except in point blank ranges. Avoid bringing Nuremberg to any ops. It has far too little armor and explodes just by someone looking at it the wrong way. OPs are not PVP, so you need to be aggressive and make the plays that count, foucus fire on the same ship, don't camp, and if you have to, eat a torp meant for a convey ship. for the same reason, avoid camping in repair circles unless you absolutely have to go and repair. All OPs have friendly fire turned off.
  5. Greetings, folks. I had this idea in mind for a while now, which would include a Scenario / Operation meant to be added to the weekly Ops that rotate including Killer Whale, Narai, etc. Basically what this idea of mine includes: * A tier VIII & IX Carrier-oriented operation which allows all nations, and all ship types/classes with tier VIII and IX. * Battle of Midway-styled operation, from Japanese point of view (So a fully offensive scenario where the player team will attack an island and has to fight heavy resistance). * Up to three carriers per player team. * Some allied AI ships, including at least one CV, which will aid in the player team's attack, and also help with immersion. Objectives could be: * [MAIN] Support the landing ships that have to reach the island with a certain amount of infantry still alive. * [MAIN] Destroy the Aerodrome(s) on the island. * [SECONDARY] Destroy enemy aircraft carriers in the vicinity. * [SECONDARY] Destroy particular enemy ships that are pushing certain positions and flanks of your fleet. * [SECONDARY] Destroy a certain number of fortresses and bunkers in the vicinity of the island. Key Strategies could be: * Carriers have to support and cover the team in pushing up the defences and holding off air raids from the island's Aerodromes and aircraft carriers. * Aerodromes and AA emplacements (Forts maybe?) have to be destroyed as quick as possible for best allied CV efficiency. * Battleship- and Heavy Cruiser-players should focus on fighting on-shore emplacements while the Destroyer- and Light Cruiser players should focus on fighting enemy ship hordes. AFTER CARRIER REWORK (???) The mission can generally stay the same, however since the CV rework isn't allowing you to play fighters for the time being, it might be a good tweak to remove some of the enemy CVs from my original idea. Yet what kinds of inspiration this gives me: More aerodromes, on-shore installations, and (moving) AI ground targets (i.e. tanks, trucks, convoys) for use with the new attack-role aircraft (aircraft with rockets). (And maybe even player-controlled aerodromes? Can work as static CV-gameplay, however for this to work the player-aerodrome(s) have to be on the defensive, otherwise it'd be a bit unrealistic unless you want to have B-25s, B-17s and B-24s to be player-controlled, which aren't even modelled in the game, unless we talk about the Japanese G4M's that participate in Operation Cherry Blossom as torpedo-bombers..) I'm very sure there's at least something we could work on? I've always wanted to see a more carrier-oriented scenario as in, where it's oriented about carrier-players. Also, because this scenario should include the higher tiers (VIII and IX) it should avoid a lot of problems with new CV players that don't know how the game works with CV meta. Nothing against new CV players though, but the Training Room and Co-Ops can be used to learn how to play CVs. I just love to see carrier-tactics and communication between CV players, which can't be achieved in the current state of the game since you can only have a division with one CV (which I understand due to balance. I wouldn't want a Random Battle with CV Divisions against me...). So I thought to lay my idea in front of the community, so I could get some feedback, and see what you guys think about such an Operation. Cheers, and let 'em have it! FIRE! ~ Sirion.
  6. now u have 2 operation only limited allied ship attend , if wg no need ijn ship,pls delete it like u dont know how to balance jp & usa cv, u can direct rework it so disappointment
  7. Hi guys, Been playing Killer Whale as it's back in rotation using Graf Spee and Dunkerque. Although I've been getting good results it's not really been fun. I miss the old Cleveland :-( So, which if any of the current Tier 6 ships come close to approximating playing Operations with the Cleveland? The characteristics I'm looking for are: 1) "dakka dakka" i.e. good rate of fire 2) A certain amount of "tankiness" i.e. can take a hit without melting 3) Decent AA would be nice but not vital I realise the Cleve was a beast but something must come close. NB: I would consider a premium Cheers!
  8. Bonjour, Pour ceux et celles qui seraient intéressés par les opérations, une petite compilation de quatre parties commentées des croiseurs rang VIII sur Cerisier en Fleur, et une interrogation : la prochaine itération de cette bataille sera-t-elle augmentée en difficulté comme les autres, ou restera-t-elle assez facile? On connait tous, je pense, la réponse :) Bon visionnage à ceux et celles qui iront voir. Le minutage dans la description pour choisir le croiseur que vous voulez regarder après ma causerie sur l'opération. A bientôt, Starkadd
  9. Sirthegoat

    Dank Dudes suchen Zuwachs!

    Dank Dudes Dank or get danked Ihr seit es leid allein durch die Meere zu schippern? Ihr möchtet bei Operationen nicht mehr auf Randoms angewiesen sein? Ihr möchtet euch mit anderen über Warships austauschen? Dann seit ihr bei uns genau richtig! Wer sind die Dank Dudes? Die Dank Dudes sind eine kleine Gruppe aus Spielern im mittleren Alter die ehemalig aus den Team Battles entstanden sind. Nachdem diese abgeschafft wurden und über ein Jahr lang keine Alternative vorhanden war möchten wir uns jetzt wieder aktiv als Clan zurückmelden. Wir absolvieren meist abends zusammen Aufträge in Divisionen, spielen zum Spaß quer durch die Tiers Schiffe und absolvieren wöchentlich auf Wunsch die Operations. Auch würden wir gerne wieder bei den Clan Battles mitmischen können allerdings bisher nicht genug Spieler am Abend stellen. Das Wichtigste bei uns ist allerdings der Spaß am Spiel und das Real Life an erster Stelle steht. Welche Zielgruppe wird gesucht? Wir suchen Spieler im Alter von 18-40 Jahren momentan ist unser Durchschnittsalter schät­zungs­wei­se bei ~30-35 Jahren. Wichtig ist uns dabei das ihr eine geistige Reife mitbringt, gut mit anderen umgehen könnt und auch freundlich im Spiel seit! Spieler die den Spielchat mit Beleidigungen und Anschuldigungen überfluten werden bei uns keinen Platz finden. Ansonsten haben wir keine weiteren Anforderungen unser Teamspeak kann auf Wunsch genutzt werden wer Mitspieler sucht wird dort sicher welche finden. Was habe ich davon? Die Dank Dudes versuchen eine freundliche Community aufzubauen in der jeder der Mitspieler für Aktionen im Spiel sucht fündig wird. Auch bieten wir euch uneingeschränkten Zugang zu unserem Teamspeak den ihr auch außerhalb von Warships nutzen könnt um zu kommunizieren oder mit Freunden andere Spiele zu spielen. Weiterhin bauen wir Schritt für Schritt die Clanbasis weiter aus um euch alle möglichen Bonis fürs Spiel bieten zu können. Status der Clanbasis (IV): Dock (-10% Wartungskosten): Zerstörer, Kreuzer, Schlachtschiff, Träger Werft (-10% Schiffskosten): V, VI, VII, VIII Forschungszentrum (+3% Erfahrung): Fr, De, Gb, Ja, Pa, Rus, Uss Wenn ihr interessiert seit dann meldet euch doch Ingame bei einem unserer Ansprechpartner oder bewerbt euch direkt. Bitte beachtet dabei das eurer Profil nicht privatisiert ist einzelne Stats spielen bei uns allerdings keine Rolle. Ansprechpartner: Disraptor, Crown_of_Thorns, Seyfa
  10. Seeing as I unlocked the Budyonny only a few days back, I've been taking it into co-op battles and operations to grind XP for the upgraded modules (as one does). Twice today, however, I've been thrown into the deep end and suddenly found myself counting down for the start of... a random battle? I am dead certain I queued for an operation when I was sorted into a tier VII random. A couple games later I was 100% queueing for a co-op when I ended up facing a host of angry tier VIII BBs in another random. Do more people suffer from this glitch?
  11. Appareillage de mon petit clan (operation Overlord). Bonjours a toutes et a tous nous cherchons des membres sympathiques pour nous rejoindre afin de préparer la prochaine saison des battle de clan. Actuellement nous sommes 8 membres dont 4 sont prêts en terme de condition participation clan. Moyenne de ma part 20 000 xp jours en gros deux conteneur jours ,les autres membres selon travail etc. Objectif du clan : 1) S'amuser dans la défaite comme dans la victoire. 2) Régler les problèmes de la démocratie a coup de 480mm pour les ambitieux ;) . 3 Participation a des batailles de clan ou classée selon les motivés. 4) Aider en division pour peut être les ratio de certain membres qui y tiennent compte ou tout simplement jouer . Structures présente actuellement: Avec une base de 3 actif départ nous avons pu faire des chose sympathique je trouve , nous avons axé pour l'instant le point économique achat et maintenance. -Colonne rostrale -quai dd( ca,cl ) et quai cuirassé. Chantier naval pour tier 5 et 6. Centre de recherche amériacain,Anglais,Japonais et Allemand. Communication du clan: Lien discord https://discordapp.com/invite/e56qHRT Structure a venir quai pour les portes avions .Environ fin de semaine prochaine.
  12. Bunnytob

    Operation ideas

    The other day I has a bit of spare time on my hands, and I thought something along the lines of: Hey, why don't I come up with an idea for an operation? Well, a few hours of notepad & MS paint later, I have this unrefined operation here. My overall thoughts on this operation: - It might be too easy. Maybe I should make the aircraft stronger. - It would be an interesting premise for an operation, but, well, it needs refinement. So what do you think? Do you have an interesting premise for an operation? Do you think you could improve this? Feel free to chime in ;) - Bunnytob
  13. die operationen stürzen nach dem laden ab und man muß sich neu einloggen . hermes ist die einzige die nicht abgestürzt ist
  14. I been farming operation Narai alot this week and there seems to be a recurring theme to do with aircraft carriers. I wanted to open the subject to the community and see what other peoples experiences are on this. Before I go on I have to make one thing perfectly clear: I am not in any way attacking aircraft carrier players, the class itself or any player in particular! In the screen shot below you see that the aircraft player came second from bottom on experience., only got 2 kills and shot down 17 aircraft. This seems to be every time a CV queues for this particular operation. So if they arent getting the kills and they arent shooting down planes... theyre not even doing a high amount of damage without getting the credit for the killing blow because if they were they would get more XPs. Again I need to stress the point that in most games, I do not consider the aircraft player to have done badly. In fact in this particular game I thought the CV did very well. So what gives? I know there are issues with CV's and its probably going to be a sensitive subject for some people. Remember Im not pointing any fingers or blaming the players. I just want other peoples input, Id especially welcome the views of CV players.
  15. BlackYeti


    My first impressions on Narai are very positive. The enemy spawns are random but not frustratingly chaotic like in Ultimate Frontier, they don't catch you with your pants down because you are on the opposite side of the map. Most of my games yesterday ended with wins except one defeat where we had 2 Akatsukis in team and not enough firepower to stop DDs from torping Libertys. At the end only the lead ship was still alive and with not enough troops on the ground the operation ended in a defeat when time ran out. One enemy transport escaped so we couldn't get the "kill all ships" objective to win... PROS -fast paced, lots of targets to shoot at -random spawns but entertaining and not overwhelmingly difficult -lots of planes and thus rewarding for AA-specced ships -good cover for cruisers -repair ship somehow finally doesn't feel like a noobtrap CONS -as with all other operations so far, destroyers are a sub-par choice and substantially hurt your win chance
  16. NothingButTheRain

    Operation hard difficulty

    So I've been wondering for a while now. When choosing "other operations", there is a button with "hard" but it will always be unclickable with a message that it will become available in future updates. What's this all mean? Is there a hard difficulty somewhere? I never been able to access it ^^
  17. Hallo, nach längerer Abwesenheit vom Spiel kam ich zurück und musste feststellen, dass man nun eine Division braucht um eine Operation/Szenario zu spielen. Für gelegenheits Spieler, und sehr wahrscheinlich auch einige andere, ist dieser Zwang eine Blockade für das Operation/Szenario spielen. Ich persönlich verstehe nicht, warum man nicht beide Optionen anbietet, sprich entweder man macht eine Division oder eben nicht für diese Operation/Szenario. Solange dieser Divisions-Zwang vorhanden bleibt, kann man also erstmal World of Warships Operationen/Szenarios ganz vergessen. Glücklicherweise ist das Halloween Event davon nicht betroffen.
  18. Operation Raptor Rescue is, as the saying goes, one tough cookie. 1. Sink the destroyer, the cruiser and the battleship Shortly after the little convoy of rescue ships get underway, the intrepid heroes are attacked by a destroyer, a cruiser and a battleship. In order to complete the first secondary objective, you have to sink them all within the space of three minutes. Since everyone has an itchy trigger finger, and these are the first targets to appear, this usually takes care of itself. With a bit of luck, no one suicides on a torpedo either. 2. Seek out and destroy the carrier to the south This is the second secondary objective, and one that is greatly facilitated if there is a carrier player on the team (and he takes an interest). The enemy carrier, whose name I presently can't recall, has an escort that seems to be usually comprised by some cruisers and maybe one destroyer. They need to be taken out and this needs to happen fast. If they are left alone, the enemy carrier will send planes to attack the friendly convoy, and the ships - containing at least one pesky Kuma - will stalk and try to assassinate the Raptor. At least two fast ships, or a carrier and one fast cruiser, is probably the best get-up for this side mission. Having fast ships is imperative, as they must be able to catch up with the main force again once the carrier & co are dealt with. EDITED: As far as I can surmise, and has also been stated by other posters in this thread (see f.e. EdiJo, in post 33 below), this carrier will evidently not start attacking until it is spotted. Until someone disturbs its slumber, it will remain passive. So it is evidently very possible to wait until the end phase of the operation, and then seek out and sink this carrier! 3. Protect and escort the Raptor and the other friendly convoy ships to the exit area The ships that stay with the Raptor, must act like what they are - namely, escort ships. They are there to protect the Raptor and the other friendly ships, not the other way around. Basically, the players should position themselves between the Raptor and the incoming enemy flotilla. Ideally, they should set up an AA screen to keep out the planes from the enemy aircraft carrier (of which there should be only one, if the seek-and-destroy mission outlined above was successful). In addition, they must also act so as to shield the Raptor and the other friendly ships from incoming shells and torpedoes. To some extent, this mean taking the hits instead of their protegés (and this goes most especially for any battleships in the team). During the run for the exit area, there exists one special window of opportunity. At a set time, the Raptor and the other friendly convoy ships will stop and take shelter behind an island. This gives the players the opportunity to take the battle to the enemy, and destroy as much as possible of the enemy squadron - including the second enemy carrier, whose destruction completes a third secondary objective - before the Raptor gets underway again. [This is where the operation has failed most often, in my games. The player ships have remained huddled together with the Raptor in the shelter of the island, largely unable to maintain effective fire against the oncoming enemy forces. Then, when the Raptor has started moving again, the players have kept to the rear, even going so far as to take shelter from incoming fire behind the very ships they are supposed to protect. Given that the operation automatically fails if the Raptor is sunk, this comes across, in my book, as a somewhat inexpedient tactic.] There is yet another secondary objective, which consists of getting to the rendez-vous point ahead of the Raptor. I am not entirely sure if this rendez-vous point is in the exit area, or somewhere before that. ----------------- Problems with completing this operation The most basic problem seems to be that many players fail to grasp the main victory condition, namely getting the Raptor safely to the exit area. I have watched again and again, how gallant cruisers and mighty battleships have huddled together like a flock of anxious sheep, keeping well out of the way as the Raptor and the other friendly ships were chewed up by shells, bombs and torpedoes from the implacable enemy. This is not how you win a war, nor does is gather any laurels on the virtual battlefield. Ironically, the special "repair zone" around the factory ship seems to be a block on the path to victory, since it encourages some players to always remain in that zone, effectively preventing them from fulfilling their duty to shield the Raptor from the enemy fleet. Another problem is how you handle the object of finding and sinking the first enemy carrier to the south, and then getting back in time to join the main action. Accomplishing this usually means that someone has to get a number of constructive tactical suggestions across in the chat. Problems like these are meant to be overcome - there would be little point in playing the operations, if they didn't involve a challenge. But this operation seems to be harder than most. Or maybe I have just not been getting the hang of how to do it? I've started this thread as a sort of platform for an ongoing discussion on this operation, and I've begun with jotting down a few of my own thoughts, above. Now, over to you. What do you think of Operation Raptor Rescue?
  19. AkosJaccik

    Operations Handbook

    Thought I'll share some insights about the ongoing operations. Do note that all of this is rather subjective, so take my experiences with a grain of salt. Hopefully I can write about other operations as well, but currently can't guarantee it. Also - any additions are welcome! General overwiev Your task consist of two main objectives: Destroy all enemy ships at the base (6 ships, consult the layout below) When you are done, withdraw to the designated area (randomly selected) with at least half of the operational ships Secondary tasks: Destroy enemy forts and onshore facilities (at least 18 of them) Destroy enemy aircraft carriers (a Hosho and a Zuiho of the reinforcement fleets) Destroy the enemy's first and second reinforcement groups (4 ships marked with red circles on the minimap) Do not let the enemy reinforcements enter the haven Your job, especially the first half, is pretty straightforward. Let me give you a general overwiev of the situation - many good pilots died for the data, as per usual. I tried my best to give approximate locations of your encounters, be it ships or forts. To neutralize forts, it feels like the armour piercing grenades are the better choice, but don't take my word for it. For any other land-based target (warehouses, fuel storages etc.), it's probably best to load high explosive. Now, let's see where you can, or even should enter the bay! I personally find the 'A' route easier - or cheesier, if you would. After neutralizing the forts, delete the Karlsruhe, and you have basically free route to the pantry while you can support the southern allies with shelling. The 'B' route requires more caution, as while neither the destroyer, nor the dreadnought is a serious enemy, you don't want to pointlessly lose HP, especially to torpedoes. The main threat at 'B' point is the G-101 potentially surprising you, so do advance cautiously, especially with battleships with limited maneuverability. Don't be afraid of the 'B' route though, you can basically solo it with a Leander for example, while still raking up a respectable amount of damage - and besides, sooner or later someone has to deal with the southern patrol forces. The sh*t hits the fan usually when one would love to take his leave. When the "sink the two carriers" objective is failed, the game often looks like that people are trying to flee to the extraction point, while most of them get massacred. When "sink the four ships" objective is failed (sometimes coupled with the "don't let them in"), usually the team does a sort-of good job, but by sticking together on one side, they are unable to neutralize the specified target(s) on the other side, failing to get 5 stars. (One time I even asked for "one more minute" in the chat for the last target, while everyone else was heading to the "cap" on the other side of the map, but to no avail - they sailed inside the circle just a few seconds later, losing a star in the process.) As such, this scenario is rather hard to "solo carry" to 5 stars, but as it can be completed with half of the remaining team - or even just a sole ship surviving, should it reach the zone - , it's easy to book at least some sort of a success. Practically the only cause of outright failing the mission is getting completely eradicated or running out of the time. About tactics Personal choice(s): Dunkerque You might be tempted to bring a plus-sized battlebarge just to "be extra sure", but I can't necessarily recommend it. To be entirely frank, I did not even try them out, they might work fine, but in my limited experience they tended to lag behind both on the map and on the scoreboard. Speed is somewhat important in this operation, and the targets don't really justify bringing overwhelming firepower to Overpen City. Plus, you might end up without any reasonable AA cover in worst-case scenario, and while you might install torpbeats.exe, recovering from the evasive maneuvers might require far too much time with a ship of that mass. This does not mean that you can't do well in a battleship, I'm most certain you can (I can imagine that for example the ridiculous firing range of the Fuso might come in handy), but battlecruisers are probably more well-suited for raiding. Hell, this operation is probably the wet dream of a Scharnhorst, good thing you can't bring her in, as you would probably solo clean the map. ...so I took out the Dunkerque. The AA is somewhat meh (read as "Not as blatantly OP as we are accustomed to"), but she handles well, her speed is good enough (as you'll constantly turn most of the time, on an average you'll do 26-28 knots at flank speed - you'll still notice that you might end up behind your team despite your efforts), and bow-on practically nothing on the map can hurt you. I'd still say that don't be afraid to occassionally use your rather good HE shells, as a fair amount of targets (land based targets, destroyers, low-tier cruisers) will let your AP shells through from one side to the other. Update: Just for the sake of lolz science, I tried the Fuso too. Killcount is low, as there is no sense in shooting fuill salvos at semi-dead targets, but good Lord, this thing can and will one-shot CV-s like it's noone's business! She nuked the Hosho with a single salvo, then put 31,6k into the Zuiho with another before I lost visibility. Speed is somewhat an issue though, but range (and the relative accuracy at long ranges) does compensate it somewhat. It's different kind of fun - but fun regardless! Personal choice(s): Cleveland, Leander As a rule of thumb, if you want to clear house in operations, sortie in a cruiser. My picks are two light cruisers, but for rather different reasons. The Cleveland is your classic, relatively tanky gunship with godlike AA capabilites. What do you have to fear in the haven when sailing a Cleve? Not a lot. What do you have to fear when approaching through the 'A' path? Absolutely naught. On the 'Killer Whale' operation, one of the potential dangers are aircraft - not their quality, but their quantity, as if you are a lone destroyer, against a wave of ~15 torpedo-, and dive bombers you can do only so much. This is obviously a non-issue sitting comfortably in a Cleveland, deliberately screening your allies against airstrikes can grant you a respectable amount of plane kills - and watching the air is something you should, as I'll try to argue beside this when talking about carriers. Leander, as almost always, is yet another good choice in my mind. You trade the AA and HE in, but get other useful tools like hydro, heal, smoke and torpedoes. With balls of steel and liberal use of your torps, you can achieve more than 150k damage without an extraordinary effort. Do note that the bots (unlike in regular Co-op) tend to stop when they break visibility (like when sitting in their smoke), so torping the smoke cloud or shooting based on the muzzle flashes is a very real possibility. Hydro, smoke can all come in handy when you slam your face into the shore just when torpedo bombers arrive (an example based not at all on my personal experience...), need to urgently break the line of sight, or when pushing destroyers. And of course, the repair party... It's very plausible that almost any CL is able to achieve great results. I feel a bit uncertain about heavy cruisers like the Furutaka (or now that I think about it, maybe THE heavy cruiser in this bracket), then again, I did not try her out in this scenario. Personal choice(s): Kamikaze Well, the thing is, I did not keep any of my T6 destroyers, so my choices were rather limited, but one can never really go wrong with Sealclubikaze. As CV may or may not be present at your game, there are targets of opportunity for a destroyer, but those are not forts. Your damage output on your guns is generally speaking low, and often times your gun elevation require you to go dangerously close to actually shoot at the onshore installments. And besides, there are very few scenes more pathetic than a destroyer sitting outside the harbor, pew-pewing at unimportant forts. Not that it's a matter of class... So, you sure can pull your weight as a destroyer, hunting capital ships (especially if there is no CV to help you, you can easily put the three capital ships inside on ice and have fun with the remainder), dueling with other destroyers, smoking up routes. I still feel though that the presence of destroyers are not at all a necessity in this operation - it does not mean that they are not fun to use. Maybe the biggest nuisance will be that the sky is generally filled with planes, so you will be spotted for a fair amount of time, which is not a huge problem, but you'll also be under attack from above. As long as it's not an en-masse air raid, all you need to do is be aware of the minimap, but if noone is left to handle the AA (or there was noone there to begin with), the endgame can become ...intense. With that said, I still think that under "ideal" circumstances and players with "identical skill" , cruisers will triumph. Personal choice(s): Ryujo In this case, carriers are here to... carry. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I am still waiting for at least an operation - if nothing else - where the air superiority setup is useful and helpful ...which is not the case right now. Pick Ryujo, load up as much strike planes that is borderline illegal, and head out! Your token fighter will be very handy - but not to give combat air patrol. I dare to say that for now, protecting your allies from air attacks, while you naturally should do so when the opportunity arises, is of low priority. Any CV you will encounter at the bay will also only have one fighter squadron, meaning that for the most part, you are free to reign the skies. Your most important targets are the two carriers mentioned in the objective, plus any objective ship came to reinforce that your allies would have a hard time reaching, and your top priority is for your strike groups to get through, so turn your attention - and fighters - mainly at this task and hope that your allies can mostly handle themselves (and they should). Initially, you can provide intelligence (especially regarding the position of the destroyer(s)) and engage the capital ships. The stationary targets are - of course - ridiculously easy to terminate, always manual long-drop these (disregard that on the picture I screwed up the waypoint...). Be aware though that the forts do have AAA, and it's not fun to start the match suffering bullsh*t casualties. Your hangars have limited space, especially considering your fighters, and you'll need them to push your strikes through without a bloodbath, so be cautious, and when possible, accept engagements above friendly AA. We are talking about the air groups of lady Hosho, so even a lone Madsen machine gun taped to a jetski can and will help. Theoretically, you can dive-bomb land targets, and while that's fun, it's really not your job, conserve your strikes to naval vessels. Also, you might want to "farm easy damage". Please remember, that you are a flyboy, everything is "easy damage" to you, so don't be a pr*ck: Like... seriously. Don't be a pr*ck. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Once inside the harbor, just about any class can wreak havoc, so as a carrier, you have an elevated responsibility in picking targets. You can be a huge asset to your team's success, although if noone is quite controlling the situation (to speak lightly), chances are, due to the nature of the objectives, you can't really do it alone either. If you did everything "correctly", you might still not end up at the top of the scoreboard if your cruiser mates also did everything correctly, but that's just fine. You are there to win, after all! ...mostly. And to have fun!
  20. Captains, To clear up confusion seen in many comments on the forums, here is a little cheat sheet for our Dunkirk missions and activities. You can of course find them also on the Portal. Note: To simplify, I give here last full day of the event as the end. Full duration includes also the little wee tail end of few hours of the last day (example: Weekend mission 1 starts on 21/07 at 7:00 CEST and ends on 24/07 at 07:00 CEST). Operation Dynamo In-game PvE Scenario Operation of the Week until 02/08/2017 Even after that can be accessed by a Division of 7 players until the Update 0.6.9 Dunkirk Collection Common conditions unless specified otherwise: Tier V+ Random, Ranked or Scenario battles Once per Day Time Frame: 20/07/2017 - 09/08/2017 (well, with a little tail end in the early hours of 10/07) Free: Daily Missions Get 2,000 Base XP Reward: Dunkirk container (2 collectibles) Total containers: 21 Free: Weekend Missions 3 sets of missions (21-23/07; 28-30/07; 04-06/08) - note that the caveat about early hours of the following day applies. For better overview added them in the Calendar (and will update the Operation Dynamo calendar post with the daily missions). Once per Day Win a battle and place in Top 5 XP earners Reward: Dunkirk container (2 collectibles) Total Containers: 9 Gallant Knight to the Rescue I: Daily Missions HMS Gallant Win a battle and place in Top 5 XP earners Reward: Dunkirk container (2 collectibles) Total containers: 21 Gallant Knight to the Rescue II: Once per Account HMS Gallant Win a battle and be the top basic XP earner Once per account Reward: 1 large Dunkirk container And if that is not enough, obviously there is the Premium Shop :) Apart from that, in the same time flame (20/07 - 09/08) , there are two sets of missions to get the special Dunkerque camouflage. Note: These missions do not give the Collection containers - instead you get consumables, flags and, of course, the spiffy Dunkerque skin. You can find detailed mission sets on the portal or in game. The Colors of Dunkerque: Restricted to Dunkerque (Tier VI Premium) Flower of Steel: Any ship of tiers VIII + X Now... Set sail and save the surrounded army! Action Stations!
  21. Cpt_Puma

    Opération : Dynamo

    Comme annoncé dans l'annonce du test public de la 0.6.8, WG va nous proposer un événement "historique" sur l'évacuation de Dunkerque, aussi appelé Opération Dynamo. Je vous propose de rassembler ici les informations au fur et à mesure de leur révélation. Dynamo prendra visiblement la place des "Opérations de la semaine" avec la version 0.6.8. Il s'agit donc d'un scénario en coopération, dans une équipe de 7. On ne pourra participer qu'avec des destroyers de rang IV à VI, anglais ou français, ce qui ne correspond à rien pour le moment mais on aura 2 nouveaux DD apparemment offerts pendant cet event : Cyclone (FR) et Anthony (UK). Gallant sera aussi proposé dans le Premium Shop (qui a dit P2W ?). Image du Cyclone : On aura droit au port de Dunkerque en situation : Et voici la map de la mission : On va sans doute commencer dans la zone verte, récupérer des soldats aux abords de la plage de Dunkerque et subir des attaques aériennes composées de 12 chasseurs Bf109/Bf110, 24 DB Ju87 et 3 TB HE111 par attaque. Si on réussit certains objectifs secondaires, les attaques suivantes sont composées de 4 chasseurs, 8 DB et 18 TB. Pendant ces attaques aériennes, il faudra rester groupé pour fusionner l'AA de chaque navire et on sera aidé par des avions de la RAF (bots). Il faudra ensuite traverser la manche en évitant les mines (zones rouges) et les Schnellboots (flèches rouches), vedettes lance torpilles rapides, petites et maniables (a priori, des cibles difficiles à toucher surtout à la torpille). Et si on réussit la mission, je pense qu'on récupère des conteneurs qui vont nous permettre de récupérer aléatoirement des objets de collection sur le principe des insignes de la campagne A la poursuite du Bismarck. Et il faudra refaire la mission jusqu'à récupérer les 16 objets et ainsi finir l'opération. On doit pouvoir récupérer une médaille (bof) et un camouflage permanent, sans doute celui du Dunkerque qu'on voit dans le port ci-dessus, donc un camouflage spécifique pour ce navire et pour ceux qui n'appréciait pas les bandes de neutralités du camouflage du Dunkerque, un joli troll. Et surtout un commandant légendaire de la Royal Navy qui aura des bonus sur les compétences Multitaches, Expert en écran de fumée et Expert tireur d'élite. N'hésitez pas à compléter si vous avez d'autres informations.
  22. Johnny_Moneto

    Operation Dynamo - Guide

    While testing new Operation Dynamo on the PTS I saw a lot of players struggling with it in different ways: from wrong build of the ship to loosing sight of your objectives to wrong positioning on the map. Thus I made a guide to Operation Dynamo (introduced with version 0.6.8) on Youtube: Following secondary tasks were changed after I made the video: - Save 7'000 Soldiers (was 6'000) - Save at least 7 civil ships (was 6) A nice change compared to the PTS: You get a 19 point commander on the live server for each ship. Some of the skills seem pre-chosen for you. You can still commit my recommended builds, though. AND: All commander XP earned in the operation is converted to Elite Commander XP => XP can be transferred to any commander. Very nice additional incentive to play the operation. Two weeks only! Then the ships will be gone.
  23. Tuccy

    Operation Dynamo (Weekend 3)

    21 - 24 July: Operation Dynamo (Weekend 1) The following Mission will be available in game from 21 July at 07:00 CEST until 24 July at 07:00 CEST (UTC +2). Mission: Protect the evacuation! Restrictions: Random Battles, Ranked Battles, Scenarios Once per day Must be Tier V or higher Conditions Win the battle Be in top-5 by XP on your team Rewards: 1 small Dunkirk event container
  24. Tuccy

    Operation Dynamo (Weekend 2)

    21 - 24 July: Operation Dynamo (Weekend 1) The following Mission will be available in game from 21 July at 07:00 CEST until 24 July at 07:00 CEST (UTC +2). Mission: Protect the evacuation! Restrictions: Random Battles, Ranked Battles, Scenarios Once per day Must be Tier V or higher Conditions Win the battle Be in top-5 by XP on your team Rewards: 1 small Dunkirk event container