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Found 74 results

  1. There is one thing I do not understand. Why do we have another Season of Ranked with Carriers. WG obviously knows something is wrong with the DD/Carrier-Interaction. Otherwise they would not publicize their plans to adjust those ships in several ways (changing the attack plane reticle, reducing air visibility of DDs, and so on...) If they know that they have to adjust those values (which is a fact) why would they introduce another competitive Season of ranked with Carriers? It makes no sense whatsoever to introduce a competitive Game Mode (or Season) if you know the Balance of whole Ship-Classes (not talking about individual ships here) is totally off! Now let's get started with OP Carriers or OP Ships in general. Someone with a WG Tag just noted that you would not ban individual ships from Game Modes (f.e. Ranked) and even asked why you would do such a thing... Well, the colleagues working at World of Tanks did JUST THAT. They banned several Reward Vehicles from Ranked Game Modes because they are too strong. So please do not tell us that this would not be an option.
  2. Major1999

    [POLL] CVs OP?

    The poll is anonym.
  3. novents

    Kremlin OP?

    I don’t usually start new threads, but this topic has been bothering me for a while now. I have the Kremlin myself, and I play it occasionally. It is the only T10 tech tree BB I have so, Thunderer and Borg aside, I don’t have a lot to compare it to. Every now and then I see another topic pop up asking WG to nerf the Kremlin because Russian Bias memes intensify. But is the Kremlin really that horrendously brokenly overpowered? Please help me understand. 1) you can’t hit sh*t at 17-20km in the opening phase of the match when you’re working your way into position. Dispersion is horrendous that even if your lead is on point, shells straddle a broadside cruiser/BB. Forget about bow in targets. Yamato/Montana are entirely capable of devstrikes at that range because lolpens and plunging AP, respectively. Even Repub can send a few cruisers to port early because lower calibre/volume of shells. 2) While your SE + range mod + spotter plane Yamato teammate can have some success sniping away from spawn, you need to get close. Which almost always means you get focus fired. And while you can angle towards BB AP, you have to pray to MM gods there aren’t a lot of islands for Wooster/Colbert to hide behind, or Smolensk / Mino divs on the enemy team if you decide to get close. You melt. Maybe slower than a Jean Bart, but you melt. And by the time you disengage from a range module Smolensk smoke (that you can’t kill anyway even if he’s sitting broadside in open water), you’ve already lost 30-50k HP and a few heals. Rinse and repeat 3) Kremlin loves islands, ambushes, flanking angles. Good luck repositioning unspotted when there’s a CV in play 4) “oh but Kremlin + Kuznetsov heal is OP reeee”. Umm, what about a conqueror that you get down to 3k before he prints himself a new ship and goes back up to 30k? Have we forgotten that exists? etc etc TL;DR - Kremlin can’t hit anything at mid-long range. At least not consistently enough to make it OP. Kremlin can’t tank forever (focused by 5-6 ships you melt in 2 mins or less) meaning you pay a heavy price for getting into effective gun range. It’s a very very situational ship. Strong at pushing a weak flank or if the enemy is dumb enough to give you full broadside at 5km. Utterly useless in stalemates. So is Kremlin OP? How is it OP? And who are the people that say it’s OP? Are you unicums, do you only play it in divs, how do you make it work? Or is it just potatoes that get deleted broadside at 5km and then scream “OP plez nerf”.. like an Atago that once accused me of hacking/cheating/aimbotting when he rushed my Lenin around the island and ate 4 citadels at point blank range? Looking fwd to your thoughts
  4. Hi Leute, ich spiele wows schon seit CB allerdings mit Unterbrechungen ich habe also vor 1-2 Wochen wows mal wieder gestartet und mich sehr gefreut ein paar schönen Fahrten zu machen! Nachdem ich jetzt mehrere Games gemacht habe muss ich leider sagen es macht einfach keinen Spaß mehr und das liegt nicht an den Mitspielern oder am spiel selbst sondern hat vorwiegend einen Grund und das ist die "Smolensk"!!!! Die Smolensk ist einfach viel zu op mit Ihren Geschützen und dem Nebel!!!! Nun ist das Forum meine letzte Hoffnung den ich möchte eigt. nicht aufhören wows zu spielen aber mit der "Smolensk" im Game habe ich für mich die Entscheidung getroffen wows nicht mehr zu spielen. Ich hoffe ich finde hier 1-2 Gleichgesinnte die mir helfen die Aufmerksamkeit darauf zu lenken das dieses Schiff entweder removed oder sehr stark genervt werden muss!
  5. Varate_me_k_as_Klaiw

    Worcester and Minotaur Fake XP's

    I just want to ask W.G a simple question: Why your Worcesters and Minotaurs are Sooo O.P?Captains of Henri's...Moskva's...Zao's and Hidenbourg's spent less money on the game to climb at Tier 10 ? I don't mention the complains for unfair battles from amost all DD's...CV's and sometimes BB captains! I unfair treatment ask you only for the unfair treatment reserved--EVERY other Nation- Cruiser captains. i don't think you didn't understand it. I don't think you dont have statistics SO....WHY so grossly unfair treatment? I ask a Worcester captain today and he answer"You know that you can stop playing the game!!!"...This is your official answer too? We have to get used to it ----Unafair battles---- or unistall your game? BTW....For the mentioned above (Woost and Mino) captains....You can do as many kraken unl.you want....you can gather 2.000.000 and more XP's with your"ships"...unfortunatelly most of thyem are FAKE.....GIFT from W.G XP's and have no respect from anyone!!! So continue!
  6. +300K dmg with EZ any kid can doo that, this ship broken, the only choice when this ship in the game is only Delete the game and forget it for ever, but we all love the game but this Thing is make as hate this game.
  7. Marcanzi_1

    Minsk T7

    Comme une image décrit mieux que un texte : Sachant que je vient tout juste de le mettre full, que je suis un débutant sur ce style de jeu et que j'ai juste AFT comme compétence de rang 4 sur le capitaine. Ce bateau est petit mais il est teigneux. J'attends IFHE avec impatience, car les HE manquent un peu de pénétration sur les BB et croiseurs. Bon sinon il est très rapide, furtivité moyenne, PV moyen, puissance de feu faible mais 14,7km de portée avec AFT. Et j'ai dit qu'il était très rapide ? Il est plus lent que le Leningrad, le Minsk ne peut allez qu'a 48,7 nds max.
  8. Poitato_desu

    Nerf RU BBs

    Just nerf that crap to the ground, no ship should be imune to dmg from the front while having bs dispersion. eigher give ru BBs normal armor (aka 25mm from t5-t7 and 32mm from t-t10) or reduce the dispersion to german BB lvls, or reduce the max fiering range to 15km. alternatively give the superstructure 50k hp before it gets saturated.
  9. Just encountered the Smolensk in the last 3 games and the spam that this ship pumps out, it's range and with the smoke is ridiculous. The ship is also quite small and very hard to hit. I saw it melt down a Yamato from cover. Is it me or is this ship ridiculously OP and therefore extremely dominant in the gameplay? I saw a youtube clip from Flamu and he had over 1000 hits a game and 300k damage and claimed it was his 5th game in a row like that. Of course, it can be a sneaky WG trick, first make this ship available, so OP everyone wants it and spends their coal. And then nerve it down in the next 2-3 upgrades to a normal ship. Also, compare this OP ship for 'just' 244.000 coal when an OHIO/Colbert takes 6 regrinds. It seems we lost some balance here.
  10. Smolensk. 16 guns shooting every 4 secs. Smoke. Torps. He melted me (Moskva, 60 WR and 1500PR) in less than 2 minutes (12-15 km away). Behind an island, and into the smoke. Practically invisible and not shootable. Another game, he begun to shoot at a Yamato mate, he drained him from full health to 12-15k health in 2 minutes or so. Same smoke+island combination. Another "bimbominkia" ship for those which farming is supreme satisfaction in the game. Are we sure programmers's senile grannies aren't involved ? P.S to have a clue, google "bimbominkia" to understand this ship.
  11. Admiral_R4z3r

    Ist HE OP?

    Hallo liebe Mitkapitäne und Kapitösen 😉 Ich möchte hier einmal eine sinnvolle Diskussion bzgl. der Frage anstoßen, ob HE zu stark /OP ist. Lesen wir uns dazu doch einmal die Definition durch: Overpowered (often abbreviated to OP) is a common term referring to a perceived lack of game balance. It is often used when describing a specific class in an RPG, a specific faction in strategic games, or a specific tactic, ability, weapon or unit in various games. For something to be deemed overpowered, it is either the best choice in a disproportionate number of situations (marginalising other choices) and/or excessively hard to counter by the opponent compared to the effort required to use it. (Quelle: Wikipedia EN) Nach dieser Definition ist HE zweifelsohne OP, da es in den meisten Spielsituationen die beste Wahl ist (abgesehen von AP auf Breitseite, was bei guten Spielern eher selten vorkommt). Des Weiteren existiert kein wirkliches Counterplay. Ist HE also OP? Meiner Einschätzung nach, ist HE erst durch den exzessiven Gebrauch von IFHE (meist als Must Have) so stark geworden. Im Zusammenspiel mit High-DPM-Schiffen (+Conqueror allerdings hier ohne IFHE) ergibt das eine etwas zu starke Kombination. Daher bin ich der Meinung, dass HE aktuell nahezu OP ist. WG sollte daher überlegen, ob es eventuell eine bessere Möglichkeit des Counterplay geben sollte.
  12. Well hello there fellow forumites. Another CV GC thread. To be more precise though an inquiry on what could be a reasonable way to a) rebalance premiumships while b) making sure that at the same time the player base doesn't get alienated. Primarily this thread was inspired by @Verblonde and @Tyrendian89. Also tagging @MrConway in the hope he find something that will help his colleagues resolve the upcoming issues at hand. And while this thread revolves primarily about the Giulio Cesare, it's aimed at being repeatable with other OP premiums. So. Where to start? With a few assumptions! Assuming that the mentioned TESTING (!) of putting a premium back into the game one tier higher ends with a balanced premium. Basically finding a version of the GC at T6 that is... Keep in mind though: This is all still in discussion and - according to Mr Conway, testing GC at T6 won't start before 0.8.1 Assuming that AFTER GC at T6 is balanced and fun WG wants to actually pull through with bringing a premium ships from one tier to a tier higher. Becaus remember: For those that missed it: The "if it happens" part is the relevant one! Further assumptions might follow down the post. Ok, the dreaded idea takes place somewhere down the road! What now? Talking about the two options that are available: Accepting the 'new' GC (then at T6) OR Getting a refund for her T5 dubloon value. And I see (in dozen posts) that - even acknowledging that OP ships must be rebalanced nerfed - neither of these options looks appealing to players. A lot of forumites, redditors or discord discussions revolved around: Getting cash as refund, not wanting to lose a T5 ship (rather nerfing at T5 than rebalancing her at T6), enjoying fighting T7 enemies more than T8 enemies, and so on. You know the common problems players uttered with the two mentioned options. Yeah, yeah, it's all a clown fiesta. We're stuck with something we don't want. Well, this post got me thinkging: Now, I'm not going to reiterate all that has been said (or thought) following this quite, so let me summarize it: It was WGs error that these OP ships found their way into the game in the first place, yet we all want a balanced game (Huh ... maybe that's another assumption I should add). But since it was WG's error it's not the players that should be held responsible for it Most players I've seen so far don't like the dubloon option because dubloons have been devalued rebalanced. WG is aware of that WG has been generous in the past regarding compensation for silver ships, so I see at least a chance that the same is possible for premium ships This one is specifically geared towards the GC: Nerfing her at T5 would gimp her too much Ok, with this in mind, let's think about two possible actions a player has on day X: 1. Accpeting the rebalanced GC at T6: Since most players complained about not having a T5 when they accept the T6 GC, my proposal on this one is rather simple. Give the player TWO ships. The rebalanced GC at T6 (with all the balance and fun WG deems acceptable) AND a (heavily) nerfed GC remaining at T5, that still fulfills her role as a roamer that rewards angling. My take on a nerfed T5 GC would be a +2km concealment nerf, a fire chance nerf from 35% (iirc) to 27%, an AP DMG nerf by 15%, a 3s reload nerf, a turret traverse nerf. Slap a special camo on - to immediately identify her as the T5 version - and rename her to "nerfed Mortadella" (or something more ... fitting like ... I don't know ... Giulio Cesare pre-WWII). Slap some goodies on top and I don't see an issue with that. 2. Declining the rebalanced GC at T6: This one is a bit more tricky since a pure dubloon refund will not cut the crepes. The very least I'd offer would be the nerfed T5 GC + her dubloon value as refund + some goodies on top. Or one of the options given here: Apologies verblonde for altering your quote a bit to match my option 2 (italic font). NOTE: While afterwards the 'new' T6 GC would be available in the shop, the 'old' T5 GC would ONLY be available for those that had her prior to her rebalancing. Creating - yet another - oportunity for ship collectors to distinguish themselves from the masses. As mentioned here: Conclusion: Does this look 'greedy'. I don't know? I tried to be somewhat reasonable, based on what I read from other forumites. I didn't ask for a night with Alena and Dasha coupled with a metric ton of finest Colombian blow, 20kg's of Vodka and Caviar (each) and a chance to whip Putin. For every GC owner. So, you tell me! Tell me what you think? What would you see fit. Especially given the fact that - no matter if a GC at T6 might or might not become reality - WG/Lesta is pushing towards rebalancing OP premiums. Which ... as much as it annoys me to see some favourite ships go, IS BETTER for the long term health of the game. So there might be a few more ships (My guess would be: Belfast, Gremy, Kamikaze sisters, Imperator) that will be rebalanced one way or another. And since cold hard cash is OUT as a possible refund option: We might as well aim for a more achievable solution. To bring a bit of reason in: WG gave away dozens of GCs as a welcome back gift. Sure this in and of itself was botched till kingdom come, but do you really think WG will send players money that never bought this ship in the first place? I highly, highly doubt that. Why should WG do this? Pretty simple. As said above. They botched up. If they manage however to keep players at bay and even bring players to accept to nerf OP ships with a reasonable token of appreciation, then I can see players living with the nerf of a few selected ships and the outlook of having a future where premium ships are frequently nerfed and buffed. Maybe on a more sensilbe basis than silver ships. But overall closer to a balanced approach than the heavy handed OP's we have now. Bascially adhering to a system outlined here: Also a route like the above mentioned is the only that I see fit to avoid setting nasty precedents. Anyways. I've talked ofr long enough, and it's getting late. Let me know what you think. And try to keep it civil!
  13. Shoot_Him_____

    Stalingrad OP

    This ship is way overpowered. Everytime we are up against 1-2 in CB they are very difficult to defeat. with 72K hit points it is really a BB more than a cruiser. I have broadsided them in a BB with little effect. WOWs need to either MM with Stalin's on both sides or reduce its abilities. Makes the games very repetitive and quite frankly boring. Who agrees something needs to be done?
  14. Zdravím, (osobní názor) chtěl bych upozornit na jeden z největších problémů jinak skvělé hry, a to jsou Torpéda. Proč má proboha 1 torpédo tak šíleně velké DMG? A neřešme prosím realitu, tohle je hra, která by měla mít vyvážené všechny stránky tak, aby se hrálo pohodlně všem v jakékoliv lodi. Necítím se ve férové pozici, když se dokážu vyhnout 4 torpédům z 5 a to jedno jediné, co mě trefí, mi sebere +- 60% HP a okamžitý flooding. Netuším, jestli se to týká všech torpéd ze všech lodí, ale mám pocit, že je to vždy stejné. (pro mě) Ideální by bylo snížit torpédům DMG minimálně na polovinu, protože hlavní třída lodí, která je používá, jsou Torpédoborce, a ty mají všechna esa v rukávu (rychlost, kamufláž, kouřová clona). Řeším lodě po tier 5, netuším, jak to vypadá na vyšších tierech, ale zde pro mě hra byla dnes těžce nehratelná. Myšlenka torpéd mi nevadí, pokud by to nevypadalo, jako arty ve WoT před nerfem. Tam už to WG po několika letech nadávání hráčů došlo, a nemám s tím, jak to teď vypadá, problém, kdy se to vyřeší zde? Hru beru jako více odpočinkovou a méně akční, oproti WoT, což je super, ale tahle stránka věci to hrozně moc kazí. Jinak je to OK počin a se hrou jsem spokojený.
  15. Blue_sonic98

    Nerf graff zeppelin

    My Scharnhorst got rekt by a graff zeppelin in the beginning of the match I was going to stick with my teammates and a Nagato was near me and the graff zeppelin chose to attack me she did 19k damage on me by her big dive bombers squad and then destroyed me by her torpedo bombers I went to port when I checked the results of the battle it was a surprise for me: That graff zeppelin won a ton of achievements *edited*
  16. i mean...it's just hilarious, there is no other ship that i can find that just trolls and sealclub tier 10s like this. Is one of the few ships in which when i find myself in tier 10 match my only thought is " more hp to drain". You alwais choose the fight, you have smoke on demand. you have a hhuge window of stealth torping and you can very close. IT'S A BLAST. As of right now also the icarus and jarvis feels like very fun ships ( especially the latter), very well done wg
  17. DataDemon

    How to nerf Worcester (?)

    Don't get me wrong, I love this ship, but you have to admit it is slightly OP. Some of you might not have this ship yet to answer the question, and I love the fact you have the ability to abuse this ship in clanwars before it gets nerfed to oblivion. And I would love if WG keeps this ship as it is (like they did with Conqueror in the end), but if they should nerf it I would like it to be nerfed the right way. My suggestion is, nerf the turret traverse first/only. To seattles gun traverse. Or alternativly let it have back the 25mm deck armor. Make it as squishy as a chapaev. My reasoning: My goal is to have a ship balance. Since we are talking about clanwars/randoms/ranked the very least is a balance in between a ship class (Cruisers). Before Worcester came out the T10 cruisers had the best Balance in the whole game. Worcester just shits on it. I would not mind if Worcester would just be an HE focussed Des Moines. So the tradeoff would be no AP power, but you get a lot of HE DMP for that. Then every ship would still have its nieche and balance would be still there. But, Worcester right now has no reason to sit behind islands. And that is the big 'problem'. -Worcester can freelance. Noone can spot it. Except a dd. But then the dd will get radared. At any position on the map. No dd is safe. A worcester can even activly hunt dds and it requires skill and patience to bait a radar and get out, even if you know what is coming for you. -Worcester can tank. Compared to a radar mino, it is not easy to kill a worcester. It is not impossible to citadel it, but even at broadside the chances are high you will just ovepen it. The only thing that does reliably citadel it are only Des Moines AP shells so far. And that is also the only matchup a worcester might lose 1v1. Every other cruiser it simply poops on. -Worcester can kite. It can doge, it has almost a troll armor (actually no armor, but serves same). It will not get spotted until you want to. Sure, the shell arcs are bad, but if you can hit something in Henry, so can you in Worcester. Big ships, stationary ships and mid range are enough. And the amazing turret traverse makes changing directions easy. -It has the best DPM in the game. No cruiser can push it in open waters. I would even claim it wins 1v2 pushing Hindenburgs. It just simply replaces a zao. If you consider Zao should go to cap, assist dd and run. Worcester can do the same. It even spots the dd himself. At 10-12km you have no troubles hitting, at 14-16km you are still more effective than a zao. Zao has only torps, arcs for sniping at max range and AP potential speaking for it. And that is the reason I consider Worcester to be OP. It can do both: sitting in cover spamming HE, aswell as kiting like a zao hunting dds and flanking. Even worse it can combine that, like you sit in the first cover (like you would in DM), you lose position, and while you would pay dearly with DM you can simply kite away. (thx to concealment and turret traverse, and shooting angles). Then chose next island where to stop. Or differnetly, play it as a zao until you are down to 10k HP and then you switch to hiding only. It has just too much flexibility. And to call it balanced you should take away from worcester what it took away from zao. If you think Worcester needs no nerfing, I would not mind. It is my favourite ship right now and I would gladly keep it that way. But should you agree with me and time for nerfing come, then let us agree that the ship should continue clevelands dynasty of a pure HE spamming island hugger, instead of turning it into something else. *Notice that I was not talking about divisions (smoke+Worcester), his AA, or its many consumables. The cries out there are that this ship is OP because of these reasons (->alone meh, divisions great), but I claim that it will remain unbalanced for even without these gimmicks; but mainly for the reasons/flixibility I mentioned above.
  18. Ici vous pouvez parler du Worcester, poster vos meilleurs résultats , faire vos retours , donner votre ressenti , vous insultez sur les différents builds ou éléments à mettre en place dessus... Je referais un truc propre un peu dans l'esprit de cet excellent sujet: En attendant voici déjà l'excellent guide fait par @OhMyDoge sur son nouveau bébé adoré ^^ J'invites ceux qui sont intéressés par ce navire à consulter la présentation/tuto avant de partir faire n''importe quoi avec (pensez à vos compagnons d'armes) Je mettrais de nouveau en place un classement un peu débile si çà vous intéresse en attendant voilà déjà quelques éléments pour se faire une idée de la bête: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAY3FZb_d-ZGVJmviCia5mw Le classement !!!! Notice_Me_Senpoi [UTW] - The first - 266K, Kraken -11 citas
  19. Jack_Geary

    2 new japanese DDs

    Wargaming, what have you done. The 2 new Japanese DD's are way overpowered. How come they can destroy an Atago with just guns when the Atago is bow on in less than 1 minute? What a joke. People will just get them now as they are to OP. Even your early testers said they was OP. Sort it out and stop making ships OP.
  20. Hi, i kinda felt the need to at least write up some sort of short view on current topics of discussion so I sat down for a bit and came up with a few things on the following 5 topics. 1.) Stalingrad 2.) Harugumo 3.) Worcester 4.) Role of the DD 5.) CBs/ranked/competitive. Its about 3 pages so for those who are interested feel free to take a look and share your opinion too. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W74nNODMFxw0R-BwObUshyPKOnpXgn96d4bUgL2iipo/edit?usp=sharing Mr_Dced P.s: By the way i dont have a clue what if im doing stuff on here correctly so if im not... sorry in advance i probably didnt know better.
  21. ClappingLollies

    Soviet Cruiser Stalingrad Tier X

    So it has apparently happened guys. The strongest ship so far will end up in the best players hands. (I will 100% get this myself) Stalingrad is apparently in her final form now. And looks basically better than ever. Enjoy the read. And to those who get it on release: Enjoy. You can now sealclubb at T10. "ST. Soviet Cruiser Stalingrad Tier X Basic visibility changed from 18.72 to 18.12 km. Visibility during firing in a smoke from Main Battery has been reduced from 15.58 to 14.87 km. “Defensive AA Fire” consumable has been added to the extra slot: Number of charges: 2 (Defensive AA Fire l) and 3 (Defensive AA Fire ll). Reload time: 240 (Defensive AA Fire l) and 180 (Defensive AA Fire ll). Duration: 60 seconds. AA damage increase: +100%. These are final changes and soon this ship will be added to the Arsenal for steel exchange. We would like to sum up and anounnce the cruisers final statistics. Stalingrad is a heavy cruiser with an impressive 305 mm caliber and significant combat capacity – 72 450. The ship has two types of ammunition: High-explosive (HE) and Armor-piercing (AP). HE characteristics: Initial velocity – 950 m/sec; maximum damage – 4500; chance of fire – 33%. AP characteristics: Initial velocity – 950 m/sec; maximum damage – 9200; Reduced shell arming threshold – 34 mm; improved ricochet angle settings: automatic ricochet happens at 65 degrees and possible ricochet may happen at 55 degrees. Reload time – 20 seconds, Sigma value of 2.65. The ship has the same dispersion ellipse as Graf Spee. It’s more than an average cruiser has, but less in comparison to a typical battleship. Maximum firing range - 20 350 meters. Armour – 25 mm. It’s worth mentioning that armour of casemate and the forward armour belt is 50 mm and with good citadel armour. This gives good potential to avoid damage from cruisers high-explosive shells and even ricochet the biggest shell in the game (460 mm) at acute angles. Number of charges of “Damage Control Party” is infinite. “Repair Party” restores 33% of citadel’s damage. Fire duration – 45 seconds. Detectability radius of Stalingrad is comparable to that of battleships at tier X. The large citadel is the same as that found on the cruiser 'Moskva'. All of which makes Stalingrad players carefully pick his battles and choose his maneuvers wisely. The Cruisers ballistics allow effective fire at any distance with a high chance of penetration. The unique dispersion ellipse gives this ship pretty high accuracy but at the same time is less efficient than that of any other tier X cruiser. The main goal for Stalingrad is to fire against heavily armored targets with armor-piercing shells which deal a lot of damage. Due to reduced shell arming threshold and high-explosive shells this cruiser may battle with other ships as well. It’s worth noting that reduced shell arming threshold has been reduced from 51 to 34 mm and that allows shells to arm at light and medium armored targets and deal more consistent damage. It looks like Stalingrads guns have everything needed to make this cruiser a versatile ship, however, its reload time is 20 seconds. To reach maximum efficiency, having a relatively low damage per minute and requirements to its commander, this cruisers owner should chose targets wisely and keep their distance. “Defense AA Fire” gives Stalingrad protection from aircraft attacks for a long period of time. It also increases bomb dropping zone and torpedoes of the enemys aircraft for a minute, though does not give a boost of AA efficiency like other ships with similar consumables. After using this consumable cruiser will be vulnerable to aircraft because of the cooldown of 3-4 minutes. In summary, this cruiser could be effective against any ship class: the amount of HP allows it to fight against battleships, its armor-piercing shells will frighten any cruiser, and destroyers and aircraft carriers can be countered with consumables like “Surveillance Radar” and “Defense AA Fire”. However, players should be attentive to the battle situation. In unfavorable circumstances Stalingrad won’t be able to change position quickly because of weak maneuverability characteristics and the large dimensions of her hull. It will also important to pay attention to close combat situations where Stalingrad is especially vulnerable because of her large citadel and poor agility."
  22. Jack_Geary

    OP AP Bombs

    I was in a random battle when a Midway bombed me from full health to 0 health with AP bombs in a Tirptiz. I know it wasn't my magazine since I had the flag that made that impossible. Is this just the game being stupid or what? When I asked on Chat the player said he had AP bombs. If its normal than the game mechanics needs to be looked at as its way OP. No aircraft should be able to bomb a BB in 1 shot from 100% health to 0%
  23. Mangrey

    Burn it all

    So after watching this: how can Wg still think that fire aint OP as f**k, it makes the intire game stall. (It motivates camping) Mang
  24. Muppeteer

    Defence of naval station

    Had forgotten that if you defend the circle until the timer runs out you get a friendly cv instead of an unfriendly enemy one spawning. Since I was playing cv im not sure I appreciate having less planes to shoot down (wiped every plane that launched before fighters had to reload, then that was it). Maybe enemy should get a zuiho or something ;)
  25. WG nerf this broken ship FLINT! Its stupid and you *Edited know it! Just nerf it already!