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Found 7 results

  1. novents

    Kremlin OP?

    I don’t usually start new threads, but this topic has been bothering me for a while now. I have the Kremlin myself, and I play it occasionally. It is the only T10 tech tree BB I have so, Thunderer and Borg aside, I don’t have a lot to compare it to. Every now and then I see another topic pop up asking WG to nerf the Kremlin because Russian Bias memes intensify. But is the Kremlin really that horrendously brokenly overpowered? Please help me understand. 1) you can’t hit sh*t at 17-20km in the opening phase of the match when you’re working your way into position. Dispersion is horrendous that even if your lead is on point, shells straddle a broadside cruiser/BB. Forget about bow in targets. Yamato/Montana are entirely capable of devstrikes at that range because lolpens and plunging AP, respectively. Even Repub can send a few cruisers to port early because lower calibre/volume of shells. 2) While your SE + range mod + spotter plane Yamato teammate can have some success sniping away from spawn, you need to get close. Which almost always means you get focus fired. And while you can angle towards BB AP, you have to pray to MM gods there aren’t a lot of islands for Wooster/Colbert to hide behind, or Smolensk / Mino divs on the enemy team if you decide to get close. You melt. Maybe slower than a Jean Bart, but you melt. And by the time you disengage from a range module Smolensk smoke (that you can’t kill anyway even if he’s sitting broadside in open water), you’ve already lost 30-50k HP and a few heals. Rinse and repeat 3) Kremlin loves islands, ambushes, flanking angles. Good luck repositioning unspotted when there’s a CV in play 4) “oh but Kremlin + Kuznetsov heal is OP reeee”. Umm, what about a conqueror that you get down to 3k before he prints himself a new ship and goes back up to 30k? Have we forgotten that exists? etc etc TL;DR - Kremlin can’t hit anything at mid-long range. At least not consistently enough to make it OP. Kremlin can’t tank forever (focused by 5-6 ships you melt in 2 mins or less) meaning you pay a heavy price for getting into effective gun range. It’s a very very situational ship. Strong at pushing a weak flank or if the enemy is dumb enough to give you full broadside at 5km. Utterly useless in stalemates. So is Kremlin OP? How is it OP? And who are the people that say it’s OP? Are you unicums, do you only play it in divs, how do you make it work? Or is it just potatoes that get deleted broadside at 5km and then scream “OP plez nerf”.. like an Atago that once accused me of hacking/cheating/aimbotting when he rushed my Lenin around the island and ate 4 citadels at point blank range? Looking fwd to your thoughts
  2. Hi Leute, ich spiele wows schon seit CB allerdings mit Unterbrechungen ich habe also vor 1-2 Wochen wows mal wieder gestartet und mich sehr gefreut ein paar schönen Fahrten zu machen! Nachdem ich jetzt mehrere Games gemacht habe muss ich leider sagen es macht einfach keinen Spaß mehr und das liegt nicht an den Mitspielern oder am spiel selbst sondern hat vorwiegend einen Grund und das ist die "Smolensk"!!!! Die Smolensk ist einfach viel zu op mit Ihren Geschützen und dem Nebel!!!! Nun ist das Forum meine letzte Hoffnung den ich möchte eigt. nicht aufhören wows zu spielen aber mit der "Smolensk" im Game habe ich für mich die Entscheidung getroffen wows nicht mehr zu spielen. Ich hoffe ich finde hier 1-2 Gleichgesinnte die mir helfen die Aufmerksamkeit darauf zu lenken das dieses Schiff entweder removed oder sehr stark genervt werden muss!
  3. Varate_me_k_as_Klaiw

    Worcester and Minotaur Fake XP's

    I just want to ask W.G a simple question: Why your Worcesters and Minotaurs are Sooo O.P?Captains of Henri's...Moskva's...Zao's and Hidenbourg's spent less money on the game to climb at Tier 10 ? I don't mention the complains for unfair battles from amost all DD's...CV's and sometimes BB captains! I unfair treatment ask you only for the unfair treatment reserved--EVERY other Nation- Cruiser captains. i don't think you didn't understand it. I don't think you dont have statistics SO....WHY so grossly unfair treatment? I ask a Worcester captain today and he answer"You know that you can stop playing the game!!!"...This is your official answer too? We have to get used to it ----Unafair battles---- or unistall your game? BTW....For the mentioned above (Woost and Mino) captains....You can do as many kraken unl.you want....you can gather 2.000.000 and more XP's with your"ships"...unfortunatelly most of thyem are FAKE.....GIFT from W.G XP's and have no respect from anyone!!! So continue!
  4. +300K dmg with EZ any kid can doo that, this ship broken, the only choice when this ship in the game is only Delete the game and forget it for ever, but we all love the game but this Thing is make as hate this game.
  5. Poitato_desu

    Nerf RU BBs

    Just nerf that crap to the ground, no ship should be imune to dmg from the front while having bs dispersion. eigher give ru BBs normal armor (aka 25mm from t5-t7 and 32mm from t-t10) or reduce the dispersion to german BB lvls, or reduce the max fiering range to 15km. alternatively give the superstructure 50k hp before it gets saturated.
  6. Just encountered the Smolensk in the last 3 games and the spam that this ship pumps out, it's range and with the smoke is ridiculous. The ship is also quite small and very hard to hit. I saw it melt down a Yamato from cover. Is it me or is this ship ridiculously OP and therefore extremely dominant in the gameplay? I saw a youtube clip from Flamu and he had over 1000 hits a game and 300k damage and claimed it was his 5th game in a row like that. Of course, it can be a sneaky WG trick, first make this ship available, so OP everyone wants it and spends their coal. And then nerve it down in the next 2-3 upgrades to a normal ship. Also, compare this OP ship for 'just' 244.000 coal when an OHIO/Colbert takes 6 regrinds. It seems we lost some balance here.
  7. Smolensk. 16 guns shooting every 4 secs. Smoke. Torps. He melted me (Moskva, 60 WR and 1500PR) in less than 2 minutes (12-15 km away). Behind an island, and into the smoke. Practically invisible and not shootable. Another game, he begun to shoot at a Yamato mate, he drained him from full health to 12-15k health in 2 minutes or so. Same smoke+island combination. Another "bimbominkia" ship for those which farming is supreme satisfaction in the game. Are we sure programmers's senile grannies aren't involved ? P.S to have a clue, google "bimbominkia" to understand this ship.