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Found 56 results

  1. Dear WG Please show PvE some love, and operations too They're not your cup of tea, I know, not what you want to do But many oldies like myself, find relaxation in A battle without angry people always complainin' I've been a captain many years, my harbour is quite full and even though I've left at times, I've always felt the pull of just one more scenario at 02:55 So be a good chap W.G; keep Pee vee Eee alive. Cheers
  2. OVNI Organisme Virtuel Naval Insubmersible est une structure basée sur WOWS, offrant à ses joueurs une organisation simple et claire sur Discord. https://discord.gg/d9SFerz Le mot d'ordre est bonne ambiance et partage. Globalement, nos joueurs sont répartis sur 3 équipes distinctes suivant leurs motivations : [OVNI] Semi-compétitif [OVNI_] FUN + batailles de clans [OVNI2] Espace d'accueil pour monter ses bateaux tier 5 et plus.. (les joueurs pourront évoluer ensuite vers les 2 autres équipes). Chaque équipe bénéficie d'une base avancée pour leur confort de jeu, ainsi que de responsables d'équipes pour les encadrer/aider. L'ensemble des équipes sont actives et jouent ensemble tous les jours, cela nous offre l'opportunité de réaliser régulièrement ( hors batailles de clan ) des entraînements entre nous, ou entre inter clans FR. Les Batailles de Clans sont pour nous la période la plus dynamique..." et permettent à chaque joueur de progresser au sein d'un groupe plus restreint. Cela permet également de créer des liens et de produire un travail d'équipe très appréciable. Nos recrutements sont ouverts sur les 3 équipes : [OVNI] Quechu4; Urosuki; HMS_Breizher; ; Xx_Bucentaure_xX; [OVNI_] Seragoon; jpb38_2016; jean23131; Artigor; Lugdunum; Xx_Bucentaure_xX [OVNI2] Artigor; Xx_Bucentaure_xX Les pré-requis obligatoire au sein du clan : Discord + Casque-Micro
  3. PaP_Mentoles

    Strange bots behavior on Aegis

    Hello. As you can see on the replay, the bots from the beginning went crazy. Mahan & Shchors were moving backwards. The second wave from the left lost orientation and on top of that the 3 BBs became 5 including an Amagi. 20200806_211101_PGSA506-Erich-Loewenhardt_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  4. Why did operation change early? Narai yesterday, aegis today! We could play for only 1 day! Wth wg?
  5. As per the title, what you think? Is Weegee's move to nerf operations (and especially the way they did it) are inline with what this "company" (lol) is most characterized by?
  6. Hello all, and Wargaming world of warships PC, Because of a back ache yesterday that forced me to stay away from the computer, I lied down and downloaded, out of curiosity, WOWS Blitz. As I was battling on that nice smartphone game, I suddenly realized, as I was watching the game modes, that a campaign mode was possible. I thought immediately that it was like the campaigns in WOWS PC, and almost missed the fact that it proposed HISTORICAL-based background missions in SOLO mode and in CHAIN missions that would run like a mini-operation with secondary objectives inside. I told myself, "You surely are kidding me, brother". But no, the WOWS Blitz team succeeded to realize nicely and smoothly what the WOWS PC team never could do in 5 years. I bought even some gold to unlock the DREADNOUGHT british warship and began those PvE Campaigns/missions with great pleasure. What the actual frak is going on, WOWS PC? Why can you not do what WOWS blitz can do ? (And I know, there are operations in WOWS PC, but they are shrinking in numbers instead of increasing). Instead of developping more and more (hypothetical) ships in a panicking hurry, can you not develop at least GAME MODES different than all the time random, ranked and clan battle? Where are the projets of PvP convoy duty? Where is the project of PvPvE Filth battles adapted to normal ships? Just some questions asked by a fan from the closed beta, and worrying that the game will lose a lot of premium and buying players wanting different game modes, players that will go to Ultimate Admiral - Dreadnoughts once they deliver their strategic campaign beta to fill their heart's content. Protect yourself from Corona-chan and be well, all Starkadd
  7. lossi_2018

    OPERATION Raptor Rescue

    I wasn't expecting to return to the subject but since it'd taken 3 (unicums) plus meself to beat dis wit five stars after 8 attempts and several personal records that don't mean or pay crap, I would like to make some calm and collective observations for blokes derping in dis for first time. Dis Mission (operation) is called Raptor rescue. Raptor is the CV that gets repaired at start of game. So... in order to win ANYTHING and not LOSE dis, you have to Rescue the CV. In other words since instructions again are for more advanced users of the English tongue : you need to SAVE the Raptor (CV/ship that carries planes/aircraft) in order to WIN. SAVE THE CV TO WIN. And again in larger font for those who don't/can't read it. SAVE THE AIRPLANE CARRYING SHIP (CV) TO WIN. In order now to get more stars (WHICH YOU WILL LOSE IF THE CV DIES, so take note of that fellow captain) A very simple plan can be implemented depending of the ships the team has. One ship should (usually/I hope) can kill the pre WW1 cruiser, dd, CV that spawns at the lower part of the map. (Two at the most if they are fast, but that's almost too much.) Rest of the ships (a cruiser/dd must be present at all times near the friendly CV) should follow the slow moving CV in a protecting cordon. 2 dds will spawn near it but they are easy to dealt with. Again cruisers must be present to finish them off quickly. SHOOT the dds first as they can LAUNCH torps and TORPS CAN SINK THE FRIENDLY CV FAST! (duh) The bbs should not circumnavigate map hunting whatever catch their fancy but stay close to tank and eat some torps if necessary. It is a team friendly operation. Look at map. (it is that green square stuff at bottom right of your screen. RED means enemy ships and GREEN are friendlies) The CV will go a couple of routes with the upper being easier and the rare (not so always) lower corner spawn the most difficult to deal but... If the convoy (ships following in a protective cordon) stays near the CV (ideally in front of it) they can create a blocking fire wall to stop even dis. Again the CV must survive. Better to lose a ship or die than let it sink. If the team moves in a coherent manner the 2nd enemy CV will be intercepted and sunk easily. Firing at same targets help and while obvious it should be included in instructions. All dis and some I probably forgot must be in a easy to read text at start of mission and with Larger Fonts inside. While obvious and perhaps foolish, it isn't. People do not know what to do. We should help. I write almost as much as I'm shooting dis 'n dodge stuff wit my chin when needed. Bonus : If everything goes fine, you get to TORP the small paper ship spawning between the far corner islands and win a rare achievement. It is a good operation but can be frustrating as it needs above all else (unfortunately or perhaps fortunately) player skill.
  8. How have you managed to mess up operations so badly? The AI has lost the ability to do basic path finding. Did Raptor Rescue today and most of the support ships got stuck on islands. Did Aegis recently and the bots went into reverse, even raised a ticket and was told that operations were suspended while they were being fixed, checked and it was still available. Either fix them or just get rid of them, as they currently stand they are pointless.
  9. Hanse77SWE

    How I play Aigle in Aegis

    Since Aegis is back on I thought I would share how I like to play the T6 premium DD Aigle in said Operation. I would like to point out that this tactic doesn't suit all DDs and I've had some success working this way in the Perth. This is a text that I wrote for my clan back in June but with the magic of Google Translate I can share it with you. I'll fix small errors as I find them. We start with the ship. Aigle is a T6 French premium DD and as I understand it, the T6 standard DD will be just as solid but without smoke. She is fast, has a lot of HP, powerful but slow torpedoes and the guns are very good against cruisers but turns slowly. Some important figures: The guns: Five of them, 2,600 on a cit with AP, loads on 4.8, 9% fire without help. The torpedoes: Reloads at 77s., does 18,400 damage, 57 knots, 8km range. Smoke: Works 20s., Lasts 81s. Speed: 36 knots, 37.8 with SM flag. Boost + 20%. Will be detected at: 6.8 km (full stealth), 3.1 km when shooting in smoke. Captain: Flags: Sierra Mike makes no sense because you will only rush between certain points and then the boost will be good. NF is a must as the smoke barely has time to reload between the "stations" Increased fire chance can help but I am full of economy flags so I ignore it. Ram-flag can be helpful. More on that later. Map. (Apologies, best I could find.) Red lines = my approximate course. White arrows = Shoots. White "circles" = Smoke. First wave: I start by rushing so far so I can put my first torpedo salvo between the islands where the first wave will appear. They may not always be able to be detected before I get into position, but it doesn't matter. The ships usually vary their speed so they are quite difficult to hit. It usually goes well with a blind salvo about where they usually come. Overlapping wide spread works fine. You learn. Not so important. Then I set course for NW to meet the second wave. You can shoot with the guns at the first wave, but it usually does not give much and you would rather not be spotted when the second wave comes. Second wave: Now you should be with the bow towards NW on a kind of parallel counter-course with the second wave. Here it is great if you can get someone to spot for you. Wait until they are almost down to 7 km away before you "smoke". You can shoot the torpedoes Before that. Since the ships are heading towards you at a fairly high speed, you get more "range" so to speak. Prioritize the battleships with the torpedoes. Now you are in smoke with a collection of T4-6 IJN cruisers at 3-6 km distance with the broad side towards you. AP-time! Just keep in mind that the nearest cruiser may be so close that he sees you in the smoke so focus on him if he gets too close. BEWARE! They can shoot torpedoes into the smoke. BEWARE! Here you can be tactical and either sink ships one by one or "grind" them down to low HP so your teammates can kill them easier. Ego or the team. You choose. When the smoke disappears, the torpedoes have recharged and if there is anything left of the second wave you may have to "dance" a bit with them at the end. By now, you should have made just over 100k. Third wave (Convoy): Here it is time for smoke no. 2. There should be no problem with spotting because your team should be straight south of the enemy and see everything. There are two enemy ships on the west flank of the convoy and these are your targets. It may be that the southern of them has come so far that the island blocks torpedo shots. If so, use the torpedoes on the northern ship. Shoot torpedoes, smoke on! Then it is time for AP in the side at about 6-7 km distance. They can change speed so don't rely too much on the torpedoes. Has even happened that I've sunk them with the guns before the torpedoes have "arrived". If you are unable to sink any of them or only one does not matter much, only they are weakened, your team will take care of them. Fourth wave (Battleships): Fourth wave is two-part. In the north comes two lone battleships (T4-5) and in NE comes a larger group of ships with a T6 BB as flagship. It is these three that are worth a star. Your targets are the two in the north. Go south of the island as it is drawn on the map, otherwise you will be spotted immediately when you get around the island and have to chase them from behind. Not good. Same as on the second wave. Shoot torpedoes, one set per ship, smoke on, but this time spamming HE. Also, keep in mind that they vary in course and speed some so they are not completely easy torpedo targets. Here it is very important that you have someone who spots. The idea is to start a fire or two before the torpedoes hit. They go out, and then the flood gets stuck when/if the torpedoes hit. Or, conversely, they fix the flood and then burn well. Both ways work. Just shoot! It is very unusual for the torpedoes to sink them by themselves. If they are not dead when the smoke disappears, you have a choice to make. Either shoot the next torpedo salvo and get out the back of the smoke or run the boost and rush on. (This is where the ram-flag can be good to have.) Can be a bit risky but they/it should be quite so "low" for a single torpedo to do the job. You can get sunk at this stage but it doesn't matter that much, usually this is the last thing you can do. You can rush east and help with the last group, but it is not always necessary. THE END! It's not always possible for someone to spot fort you, so be prepared not to see anything when the smoke comes on. It is not wrong to have a friend with you in the voice chat division for coordination. Some general tips about Aegis: * Work fast! The trick is to end every wave before the next one comes on. It also has to be fast at the end so that the transport ships do not run straight into the last enemy group. If you lose a transport ship, you have lost a star. Also, you have to get all the tasks done before the transports reach the "exit" Work fast! * You can't do everything by yourself! As you can see, I almost completely ignore the first wave, help a little with the convoy and do not have much to do with the last large group. I focus on the second group and the two battleships in the north. It's my job! The rest I have to trust that my team will fix. * If you see someone who seems to play as I have described here, do not hesitate to position yourself to spot. The whole team benefits from it. The thing is that you actually do the most with the guns. I usually rack up approx. 200-240k damage and then only 1/3 from torpedoes/flood/fire, the rest is pure gun. Since you have been so good and read so much, I will add a video. This can be a good "moneymaker" as you can see on these screenshot. these are 4 or 5-star games. Any questions?
  10. lossi_2018

    A letter from Narai

    These were the times... Later in the day, back from work... Too bored for randoms, too bored for co op but hey... what do you know! missions got updated... it is 'good op' time. When ships of all types were tested in a demanding environment. One strong flank, one weak but wit a twist. You pick your poison, dont forget the middle. One look at the team and you knew. So many familiar silhouettes out there. The loyal Gneisenau sisters, the angry Lyon, the rarely sighted Blyskavitsa. What fantastic memories. The new lads. The pesky Zara and the unhappy Gorizia. The yolo Yorck and the 'I punch above my weight' Myoko. Oh that crazy reliably unreliable but always heroic Atlanta. I've seen miracles. 289k dmg, 12 kills solo epics. 278k dmg, 11 kills total last second collapses. Defeats that will boggle the mind and kill your soul. Thrice breaking a gut mouse cuz... reasons. but mostly the howl of victory when you win cuz the guy that went to save a fail, from the transports end of the map to the other edge, has caught the cv, sunk it and then rushed back to shoot a hail mary... outside the bowl, over the cliffs, boom goes the Colorado that just deleted you. You will never be forgotten. Thank you.
  11. lossi_2018

    Operations mode question

    With the removal of Narai, it seems the game steadily heads toward complete removal of the remaining operations. Since none of the old ones returned, we can safely assume this is the end for Narai too. The rest remaining ops will follow the same fate swiftly once enough complains about 'bugs' surface probably as soon as next month. Surely before the submarines come. Will you consider a game with no operations and the current co op mode, an enjoyable experience for the committed or casual pve player?
  12. Gegründet bereits kurz nach der Beta-Phase bietet der Clan eine Heimat für alle, die keine Lust auf das ständige PvP-Geflamme und den ClanWars (CW) Stress haben. Sondern einfach Spaß beim gemeinsamen Schiffchen fahren und dabei Bots killen - wann immer und mit wem man will ! Unser Hafen ist voll ausgebaut , für das ein oder andere Schiffchen von dir ist noch Platz ;) Besonderes Highlight sind die Clan Operations, mit 7 Clan-Leuten in der Divi 5 Sterne Dauer-farmen macht einfach irre Spaß Im Moment sind wir 44 Kapitäne -aber haben aber Platz für 50 Altersmäßig sind wir meist Mittel bis Uralt, aber auch der ein oder andere Jungspund fühlt sich bei uns sehr wohl :) Ach so: TS vorhanden - aber keine Pflicht ! Im Chat und TS wird Deutsch gesprochen, für viele ist das halt einfacher (weniger Verständigungsprobleme) ! Wichtig: Wir sind ein reiner Spaß Clan, Real-Life (RL) geht vor !!!! Trotzdem sollte eine Mindestaktivität vorhanden sein - Alleine wegen dem Öl für den Clan - Das brauchen wir um weiter auszubauen ;) Gefahren wird alles von T1-10 - Leider (noch) keine U-Boote ;) Aufnahme-Bedingungen: - Ü18 - Statistiken (Stats) müssen sichtbar sein - Aktivität im Game Ansprechpartner: Clanleitung: Joker7403 / Unmotiviert / Dread013 Anwerber: U67 Am besten Bewerbung im Game via PM oder gleich über die In-Game Clan Bewerbung - ist am schnellsten Also: Wer keine Lust mehr hat, alleine das Match mit Randoms zu retten der ist bei uns herzlich willkommen und mit Sicherheit am richtigen Platz. Habt viel Spaß im Game & cu U67
  13. Not saying I don't appreciate the early change from the pile of poo that is Defence of Newport Station, but for non-NA servers this usually happens on a Thursday. Is this a one-off, or a new standard?
  14. Pub chat time. Narai is a very familiar Op for those who division up to play for farming and/or fun, but how badly can it go wrong with a Random team? Post here your experiences and/or Fail scorecards (no naming and shaming). What ships did you and the others play and what happened? Who lost their cool in chat? Need a catharsis? Come here for a moan and a commiseration. Super-carry stories also accepted. I though quantity of plays might compensate for quality, but might have been too optimistic. I only had time for one this morning. I queued up in Nelson with Premium consumables and fire and repair flags. We also had a Gneisenau, Yorck, 2x Algerie, Jervis and a Blyskawica. So good damage out potential not much tanking. Blys calls transports but is followed by an Algerie and later the Jervis, abandoning the middle. We are so rubbish the first Emerald actually survives and runs back towards the harbour. Mo is very late appearing, and the remaining Algerie launches a spread causing Mo to evade and beach itself before existing the harbour! Ask the Yorck and the Algerie to head off the CV, Algerie dies and Yorck is happy staying in the green. Gne moves instead (!), dies to the Nicholas. Blys races to catch the CV. Yorck, Me, enter the harbour from the upper entrances, the naughty Algeire enters from the south. Campletown survives and smokes up in the middle, holding me back because I don't want to eat a spread. We take down the first wave ok. I took a torp and flood from the Gallant and then two more fires, and got finished off by the QE because I was showing too much side. Jervis dies soon after. 6 kills, 220k damage and 1.4m potential. 400 bxp. (no scorecard, sorry). Classic case of chasing down secondary objectives at the cost of the primary. Your turn:
  15. BattleshipGunner

    Old operations return - When?

    Hi. Apparently, before the CV rework there were a few other operations (Hermes, Cherry Blossom, etc.) Are these ever going to return? As far as I know, the CVs are back in co-op mode again and stuff like that.
  16. We are a casual clan in the process of reorganizing since a lot of old members left and we're looking for old or new players who want to make use of the facilities and perhaps help it grow again. Good solo players are also welcomed. No pressure at all to our members, you play when you can and you enjoy the bonuses of being in a clan without restrictions. We have level 3 in almost all categories and further upgrades are planned. Standard requirements apply. | normal activity
  17. It is a delight to have Raptor Rescue back again. Thanks for the work in returning it to use. It is refreshing to have another operation to go at. Please can we have the rest back in the cycle? And new ones too?
  18. Operation Dynamo was originally introduced in July 2017 as a promotional tie-in with Warner Brothers to promote Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk film, in version 0.6.8. Although 0.8.5 is the next version to be rolled out we know that a new line of tech tree French Destroyers is in supertesting right now, and potentially ready for general release in 0.8.6 around 25 July 2019. Two years after the original operation, and 0.8.6 has a pleasing symmetry with 0.6.8, don't you think? Plus the penultimate reward for completing the Operation was originally a 10-point French Commander, who would be a useful addition to new players to go with their new French Destroyers. The original iteration of this Operation gave players two new unique Tier 5 Destroyers: British Destroyer HMS Anthony and French Destroyer Cyclone, to be played exclusively in this Operation. Players also had a chance of obtaining for free the new Premium Tier 6 British Destroyer HMS Gallant, or purchasing from the Premium Shop, to use in the Operation. ORP Blyskawica was not allowed at that time, despite her historical participation, because she was Tier 7, and the Operation was mostly balanced for Tier 5. One of the balancing trade-offs was the Anthony had access to DefAA and Cyclone a Smoke Generator, both consumables to be used strategically when really needed. The second iteration of this Operation was re-introduced in version 0.7.9 for the Royal Navy event, timed for the release of the British Destroyers, including the Premium Tier 8 British Destroyer HMS Cossack. Like Gallant before her, Cossack would be allowed to participate in Operation Dynamo, which was otherwise restricted to Tier 6 and Tier 7 "Allied" Destroyers (including the "neutral" USA and the "with-friends-like-this..." USSR). During the PTS MrConway and Crysantos livestreamed a playthrough, using a full division of mostly heavily-armed Tier 7 Destroyers (HMS Jervis, ORP Blyskawica, 3x USN Mahans, Minsk, and Gnevny). Afterwards commenting that "I feel like one game of that was enough for now. It was fun. But I do think that we need to make it more difficult. So I'm going to add that to the feedback." That feedback resulted in buffing the HP of Schnellboots from 1500HP to 2700HP. Operation Dynamo, and many others, was discontinued in version 0.8.0 on 30 January 2019 because of the changes to aircraft carriers and AA, and the need to rework the AI for attacking aircraft. While it was available in rotation, and especially for farming divisions off-rotation, the Operation was insanely popular because of how easy it was to complete and rack up large amounts of silver and XP. Reasons for this include but are not limited to: XP for shooting down planes, motivating players to use full-AA ship specifications and captain skills. And boosted sales of USS Sims, easily the best choice for farming (guilty!) Intentionally provoking additional plane spawns by moving into the 9th column or straying too far from the convoy for the purpose of boosting earned XP. Although the AI was very aggressive and very accurate in dive-bombing offending players this was trivially countered by a smokescreen with a third-party spotting the aircraft now milling around the smoke cloud. Mostly static spawning points of Schnellboots, motivating players to race ahead to intercept to farm credits and achievements (Natural Selection, rewards extra XP). This carried no risk because: No real threat to Green AI convoy ships. The Green AI was very good at dodging incoming torpedoes. The random artillery shells were more directed at the players, and did little alpha damage. The ships had enough HP to survive dive-bombing attacks, and those that didn't were considered expendable as you could afford to lose 30% of the convoy (and 30% of the soldiers, tbh)for a 5 star win. Evacuating soldiers on player ships could be killed when taking damage, but were immune on convoy ships. There was no incentive to stay close and shepherd them home. XP and Credit rewards were disassociated from your proximity to the convoy. Trivially pathetic Red opposition. Despite buffing their HP the Schnellboots were still easy one-shot (full broadside) kills. Boosting their HP merely resulted in more damage dealt by players and greater silver rewards. They did not attempt to dodge torpedoes aimed in front of them and always sailed in predictable lines of attack. The torpedo bombers were ineffective XP pinatas because of excellent convoy dodging. The dive bombers could be quite effective but often not enough survived to drop and the bombs never did enough damage to one-shot kill big convoy ships. Considering WG concerns about the game economy I'm not surprised Dynamo was removed. I hope it is not permanent because the issues identified above can be addressed. It would be very timely to reintroduce the Operation to coincide the release of the French Destroyer line. The original iteration balanced for Tier 5 was obviously much better balanced because of the limited participants and the ease of calculating performance. I would not recommend re-introducing the Operation for T6/T7 as before, and certainly not to include US and USSR Destroyers. I would recommend including the Premium Tier 6 French Destroyer Aigle and the Premium Tier 6 British Destroyer Gallant (Aigle is available for cash, Coal, and Doubloons; Gallant is available for cash and Doubloons). Tier 6 would also be represented by the British Destroyer Icarus, another historical participant, and forthcoming French Destroyer Guépard. I would also make the case for allowing ORP Blyskawica as sole T7 because a) she participated, b) she's available for cash and Doubloons, and c) owners were moaning about her being power-creeped, this would give her something special to do. And if reintroducing the Operation happened to boost sales of any of those Premium ships then so much the better. Balancing Operation Dynamo around Tier 6 Destroyers with not very good AA would see Blyskawica becoming much sought-after for farming, having decent AA and great guns. Fix the unintended consequences of motivating selfish behaviour and it would be great again. Boost the number of attacking Schnellboots, and/or make them more evasive, nerf the credits rewards, remove XP earned on intentionally spawned aircraft, make the convoy ships more vulnerable and less agile (give us a reason to smoke for them). I would rather see Dynamo back in rotation with normalised rewards than never see it again. TL;DR bringing back Dynamo for introducing the French line of Destroyers would be very fitting, but needs some work to rebalance difficulty and rewards.
  19. KamiKaZe1870

    Nouvelles opérations ???

    Bonjour, j'aimerai savoir quand est-ce qu'on verra de nouvelles opérations ?? avec les 4 actuelles on s'en lasse vraiment rapidement..
  20. If last time (before 0.8. patch) my struggle was gaining 5 stars , now I am simply astonished by the constant and high influx of really bad players, with no clue at all about objectives ( racing ahead then get caught by instant-spammed fleets of aggressive bots, or simply get killed right on start by T3 bots, or letting the first wave penetrating the perimeter then ending the game in next 5 min by that crazy full assault of all bots rushing full speed from al directions, etc) ; Its no consolation at all for me ending always top score on team if all I get its loss after loss, getting an pathetic 1 * or 2 * once in 10 games, as "last survivor"..... What happen guys, are no more decent players in Operations ? I am getting real frustrated here... I am now at the end of an (very ..) depressing, shameful chain of 9 defeats and only an pathetic win... getting smashed so bad by bots so humiliating.... No matter what I do, how many ships I kill, or points I score, I end-up last one alive cleaning a flank only to see other flank destroyed and bots rushing the base and deleting there all... Any advices ? ...
  21. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Coward bots refuse to fight :p

    On this week Op., NARAI, the bots decide to play rabbit, and even with tons of bb.s, dds, ca on their side, if more than 1400 troops are dropped, they instant put the tail between legs and run away, refusing to fight, i.e. - frustrating us of some juicy XP & credits. On my last game, even when we let escape the cargo ships, ( 4 cruisers on team, nobody dare to go after them .... ) immediately after the count on troops reached 1400, the whole fleet of bots ( more than us !!! ) decide to play rabbit and the game ended abruptly, with the message "enemy retreat". Were 3 of us, a dd (me) a bb and a York - the bots still have a fresh new arrived Colorado, the Atlanta, the Shchors and the Indianapolis ! 4 vs 3, but the bots run away, in advantage... Please, WG, reset the fighter spirit on the bots hearts, it's frustrating to see them running away with only a scratch, I mean, lets remember, the rabbit behavior was a characteristic only of Random Battles and only human players behave like that ! Your bots, dear WG, are worldwide known for their ferocity and "always ahead, never retreat" spirit ! What the heck happen there to scare them so much ?? Pretty please, reset the bellicose spirit in our beloved bots !
  22. Yedwy

    Campaigns for T8 cv-s

    Any plans in making current T7 campaigns open to t8 cv-s or making/reworking some of those pulled in that direction in near future? Its much easyer to learn dropping mechanics against bots and campaigns offer nice sorroundings to do that, currently we have no use for our t8 cv-s out of randoms and there its often bottom tier you end up as, whitch is hardly a good situation to polish up your technique. Frontier comes to mind as possible candidate, bots there were ever quite strong and bot ranger was usually more of a sidenote with bb and cruiser pushes beeing main source of peril, simply replacing the bot ranger with say aa iowa might be enough to make a nice t7 cruiser and bb and t8 cv operation?
  23. SD-7 (S.H.A.D.O.W. 7th Pacific Fleet "The Espada") is searching for you! Do you like to play World of Warships? Do you like to play World of Warships with others? Do you like to play World of Warships with a fun but mature group? Then SD-7 is looking for you! SD-7 is all about fun in the game; we do not enforce any join requirements, however we do have the policy that if one goes offline for more than 30 days he/she has to inform the flagstaff beforehand so we won't exclude you after we're full and making space for more active folks. Our primary focusses: * PvE Operations with tactics. * Divisions in Co-Op, Random & Ranked Sprint Battles. * Helping new, starting players get around the game much easier. * Providing a fun-only clan with active mates and no stat-walls to meet. * Last but definitly not least: FUN! Our secondary focus: * As soon as we have enough mates that are willing to participate in Clan Battles within SD-7, we will set up an "internal team" comprised of the players that want to play Clan Battles. Participating does not require any stats, but does require you to join our Discord server, understand basic English common sense, and certain activity will be expected from you. The players that are not interested in participating in our team won't have to do anything, and can simply ignore this and play on within SD-7. If you're interested, contact founder RADM "Sirion_" (me), or commanding officer RDML "GaCommanderGice" for more intel if you require so. Otherwise, simply apply for membership in-game. We'll accept anyone as long as we've got free space! Cheers! "Remain sane, follow the vane." ~ Sirion
  24. PhillerTheKillBiller

    FILO is looking for YOU!

    FILO needs YOU! It's time for us to expand once more, and that means it is time for you to join us. We are looking to expand our competitive and Clan Battle Teams, but we are also accepting super early beginners this time around. FILO is a gaming community stretching over all Wargaming Titles. We are open to any people wanting to join. What we are looking for: Players with the intent to play team based. Be that Operations or Clan Battle Games or just divisioning up for Randoms. We enjoy a good round of messing around in the Training Room. Doing our own scenarios or just inventing funny new game-modes. We want you to be on Teamspeak and thus you need to speak english. Activity-wise you don't have to be online every day of the week. But we are looking for people who are around more than not to take part in Clan Events and Division up. What we offer you in return: We are a big community stretching over all Wargaming Titles. We have alot of Streamers in our Community, and some experienced Players to learn from. We consist of people from all around the globe and are a welcoming bunch. If you are interested in joining, feel free to contact us in-game. Our Recruiters are always happy to answer your questions and will be by your side for the recruitment process. Our Website: https://www.firstinlastout.eu/ SyntaxError Achatius PhillerTheBiller Sjjoosten Sincerely yours, Phil
  25. Force H_Royal Navy (FH_RN) is back and looking for salty seadogs to join the crew, it has been quiet for a while, but now back fully active and looking for active players. Force H Naval Base has buildings that give our players bonuses for their Captains XP and Ships XP from their games, that will improve more as time goes on, and will soon be fiving bonuses to coal for each clan member, as well as making buying your ships that you unlock in the tech tree cheaper to buy. You don't have to be superman, just need to have some or most of the following traits:- 1. Be active and playing regularly. 2. Be English speaking, as i have set up a discord chat server, to help in battles, and to generally have fun together. 3. Looking to team up with other clan mates, and when we have enough players, participate in clan battles, as well as other events as and when the are held. 4. Knowing which end of the ship is the front, is an advantage, but not a deal breaker lol. 5. Knowing what those things that go bang are for is also a plus, but again not a huge deal breaker. 6. Age is unimportant, just be ready to have fun and sink some enemy ships. If you would like to join a very small clan that is looking to expand, and help it to grow. You will get all of the benefits and rewards from being in a clan, and the more success we have, the more and bigger the rewards become. So if that appeals to you, then leave your details below and I will be happy to invite you to join Force H_Royal Navy (FH_RN) Give us a try, you know it makes sense. General_Montgomerie1966 (Base commander)