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Found 3 results

  1. Click the banner to get redirected to our website What is Odem Mortis International? Founded in 2015 with the sole intent of dominating competitive gameplay in WoWS, the clan and its members have proven time and time again that we have achieved what we set out to do; be the #1 clan on the EU server. Going into 2018 we look forward to what Wargaming will bring in terms of clan content this year. We aim to continue performing up to the “OMNI standard” in tournaments and competitive play. What do we look for in a Player? We are looking for people who are willing to put time and effort into becoming part of a competitively driven community. Members are expected to: Be able to communicate effectively in English Have TeamSpeak3 installed 60%+ Winrate (Tiers and ships played will be taken into consideration) 1500+ Battles played Be competent with multiple classes of ship Have multiple Tier 8 competitive ships Have multiple Tier 10 competitive ships Have the ability to read the flow of battle and play smart Have a sense of humour but also the ability to be focused during competitive play Every member is expected to continue improving *Meeting the above requirements does not guarantee a place in [OMNI] What do we offer as a Clan? A well-established and stable community. 2018 marks our 3rd year in World of Warships and the 6th year as a competitive online gaming community Plenty of skilled members to play in a division with Weekly practice in the form of trainings, skirmishes with other clans and internal battles Continuous participation in tournaments and other competitive modes What does the Testing Procedure look like? In order to maintain a high standard of player performance, new members will undergo a trial phase. This phase is an evaluation where Officers and other Senior members will keep track of division, training and official match performances. It is expected that every trial member does his/her utmost with regards to teamplay. While random game stats do give an indication of knowing basic game mechanics, they do not however shed light on the teamplay aspect of the individual. Statistics will never tell us the whole story, so if you still think you have what it takes to join [OMNI], join our Discord and use the @recruiter tag OR contact ALL of the recruiters below; Zgicc Elegant1337_dEdK Achievements During the peak of the first Season of Team Battles we got 3 teams in the top 5 (Rank 1 , 2 and 4) of the leaderboard. In 2016 we were invited to a cross-server event; the EU vs NA Showmatch where we performed flawlessly, winning all matches against our American counterparts. 1st place in the Winter King 2016 tournament. 1st and 2nd place in the January 2017 King of the Sea tournament after fielding two teams. 1st place in the March 2017 King of the Sea tournament. 1st place in the First Season of Clan Wars 2nd place in King of the Sea V 2nd place in the Third Season of Clan Wars 1st place in King of the Sea VII 1st place in the Fourth Season of Clan Wars We now have a Discord Server! Click here to join
  2. Brauch man gar nicht um den heißen Brei herumreden, wer mich kennt, darf sich freuen, du bist cool! wenn nicht, na dann darfst DU mich jetzt kennenlernen und vielleicht mal schauen was so ein 72%+ Noob anders macht, wenn er seine Derps und Yolomoves auspackt ;) Ich fahre offensiv und das mit Recht ;) Werde in Zukunft mal wieder ein wenig streamen, kann aber wegen Uni etc nicht genau sagen wann, deswegen kann ich kein schedule vorgeben. Ich spiele auf einem Unilaptop, demnach lasst das Vollbild sein, wenn euch eure Augen was wert sind. Spiele das Spiel Vanilla, sprich keine Mods, die augenkrebs etc verursachen. Benutze glaube ich 3-4 Skins von dem guten 0BlackSkull0 (auch in OMNI und nen top modder) und das war es. Streame entweder komplett auf englisch oder mal deutsch, je nachdem ob ich solo, divi und auch mit jemanden fahre. Sprich ich kann euch mal was auf deutsch antworten, aber flame rage und faile dann weiterhin auf englisch. Kleine Vorwarnung: ich spiele selten mal Tier 6 (vllt mal nen daily in der Dunkek oder so) aber nichts darunter, der rest ist 7/8-10 und ich mag es dort. Klickt einfach den Banner
  3. So Ive been waiting a long time for this. Her indoors just fell asleep watching Corry and I thought ill go and game a bit. Now I never see OMNI in my games ever and then 3 turn up on my team all at the same time AND I actually manged to outscore them all. Not that I'm saying I'm as good as OMNI mind you (I'm not that daft) but at the same time I am quite pleased with this game...