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Found 10 results

  1. Salentine

    RN CV's in testing

    seems like WG have sneaked a RN CV into the test server, followed by this announcement, thoughts?
  2. ThemistoclesGR

    -Worst Ranked season ever-

    Hi fellas, I wanna share my impressions from current Ranked season -by far the worst one for me. Being stuck to rank 5 for 350 battles i feel on the edge to quit playing since its by far away from fun and competition. Of course i wont put it to players as everyone knows a battle may go wrong or good for someone. Ill put it entirely to the match making and more precisely to the ships balance. I dont know if you agree with me but a win is 50% to the players and 50% to the ships, different ships with different gameplayes but specific capabilities and advantages. One huge advantage tho is the radar that balances the whole game no matter the ship or the player. Since i had another losing strike today i feel again that its pointless to get higher to ranks, for ranked 4 i needed 105 battles and im still at rank 5 at 470 battles (yesterdays stats) including numberous backs and forths to 6 and back to 4...if i remember well i reached 3 times rank 4 with 3 stars and fell like 6-7 times to rank 6 or 7 and back again to 5. As i believe many of you had the same experience and the common idea i think is the same with mine. For this reason i screenshot my todays progress, my overall stats to ranked and some match makings as an example. To all 3 screenshots i uploaded i marked the match making depending the radars at every team. No matter if its a loss for me or win, the winning team had at least one more radar to the losing one (including minotaur). I wont say much for this as most of the players here will agree that the more radars the bigger the advantage. Though i wish i had some yesterdays screenshots that i played 2 battles (ofc lost) with 3 radars vs one. As a subsubject of my first impresson i want to say about destroyers and how they are matched to balance the teams. Since some dds have radar or hydro as well is an advantage too. Considering that already a cruiser with radar is big advantage then a dd with a radar (that you basically can transfer whenever you want unspoted) is even bigger. So my point here is the teams with yue yang balanced with gearings (i wont say with shimas cause shimas got awesome torps and can balance it to damage) since yue yang is basically a gearing with a radar. The rest comments on this are yours... Third point to match makings is the issue with minotaurs. How the hell a minotaur with smoke can be matched with a cruiser with radar? I've been in many matches that one team has radar (des moines, moskva, worchester) and its matched with a minotaur who -guess hat- he has smoke. Its another "given" advantage to the one of two teams and before yu run to talk about the "choice" to put a radar ill respond with his awesome paper armour... Final point-problem of the ranks are the overpowered ships. I've experienced many battles with a precise characteristic, a "new" ship to take the first position no matter the contribution to the team because of false game mechanic. As an example ill put on the table two ships, the worchester and the conqueror. I think the worchester as overpowered because it produces a lot of damage with a lot of fires (even you have just used repair) combined with a lot of overpenetrations from the shells fired to it even tho it has light armour. Its not reasonable to deal 3k damage on a worchester from a yamato shell. I think its a little bit shame mostly when there is not even a radar on the other team (match making issue again). About conqueror i have to say that its op as well for the simple reason that causes 10k dmg per shell and 2 fires even after repair and at the end it disappears from the "spotted" area after a few seconds, at least manage to balance it with another conqueror at ranked games. To conclude with, for those simple points i think this ranked season is a total mess, by far the worst of all the previous ones (even with the t7 i played lol). Bad players getting advantage of op ships to climb the ranks even they dont deserve it, match making makes better players to struggle to get where they deserved to be and generally all this is far away from the "fun" of the game. At least you could bring back the "irrevocable" stages after rank 10 so ppl wont damn the game for this situation and mostly they wont quit ranked season. Afterall if it was a fair season as pronounced before the beginning you should be able to keep the rank that you earned... I hope my English are good enough to make my points clear, Thanks in advance
  3. Heute hatte ich den hals so dicke dass ich einfach ne runde mit dem CV in die tonne getreten hab. Es gibt leute die sagen von anfang an es sei kindergarten und spielen nicht mal mit. als ich den typen in einem gefecht gesehen hab muss ich zu geben es war nicht fair den anderen gegenüber aber wenn man 15/15 spielen nur verliert, dann ist mir das auch egal. nur ist mir aufgefallen dass man sich selber mit dem CV wegtorpen kann ohne dass man selber pink wird. ja es steht zwar -1 in der liste aber mehr passiert da nicht? hätte wenigstens gehoft selber pink zu werden oder irgendwas zu kassieren aber da bleibt alles aus. Ich weiss es war gemein und bösartig von mir mich selbst am anfang des gefechts weg zu torpen aber bei den momentanen teams ists mir eigentlich egal. mir macht eigentlich mehr sorgen dass da keine strafe auf einen zukommt, wenn die das in zukunft so machen weil man selbst frustriert ist, dann fällt das niveau des spiels imens. jetzt abgesehen von meiner bösen und gemeinen tat, was halted ihr davon dass sowas überhaupt geht? PS: Falls ich jemandem das spiel versaut habe tuts mir leid. werde in zukunft das nicht mehr machen.
  4. Rage_Unchained

    Kobayashi camos - optional removal

    Hi folks/WG, Just got my hands on Roma, and I have to say, well done! Really FUN ship. Good guns nice armor, and I guess balanced by not having decent AA and pretty bad range(18.1km?), but it's not really meant to be sniper, so meh, it's fine! But...I purchased the Kobayashi camouflage, because of huge financial benefits. However, the beer keg/boiler on top of a battleship and the general VOMIT splash of colours and patterns makes me cringe whenever I look at the ship - and it's quite a bit of time. I have met quite a few people both HAVING and NOT HAVING Roma speaking in similar manner about the camo appearance. There is an option NOT TO SEE the camouflage, but atm, it also DEMOUNTS the camouflage, not letting you have the benefits for which we purchased it. There is another option, and that is to use external mods to either remove the camo visually, while still having it, and to even have some modified versions of the said camouflages. Why doesn't WG give us the similar option? I don't know who in the right mind approved these appearances (both Kii and Roma Kobayashis), and that none of the testers ever said anything to you about this...(if they were given access/notified about it). Problem with using mods to cure the vomit issue is that it affects other camouflages that are actually ok, good looking or even loved. WG, please make it possible to have the appearance ONLY be optional, not the camouflage effect itself as it really is disgusting to look at. Please? Pretty please? EDIT: To each his own, some people will like the camouflage, and I hope they have best of fun using it and looking at it. I understand the ARP/HSF/Dragon and some other specific camouflages being in game too, they have their own place for fans of certain anime/manga whatever. But I really hope WG understands that this really isn't anywhere near likeable or even tolerable for a big chunk of customers and players with Roma. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  5. The_Great_SCH

    Yet Another Ranked Rant

    "Oh look, another noob whining about other noobs, because he is a noob" you will probably say. Partly, you are right. The reason i write this post, is to rant and try to help people who still needs to break the chains of this enslaving mode we call Ranked Battles. By the time I am writing this, have too many battles in this ranked season, and still sit at R4, and I am starting to wonder if I will ever be able to rank out. Most of the unicorns are over with this nightmare already, some made it under 200 games, and the rest of us, the noobs, scrubs, plebs, call us whatever you want, still need to feed this monster. Here are some basic pointers everyone should f*ucking learn, before even starting the f*cking season in the first place. 1. If you agree on a cap and agree to stick together, cap it fast! - DD's tend to let one in and others just sail around, not to get radared. 2. If there is one capable player in a DD or Belfast, please try and contest the enemy cap from SAFETY! - contesting is important to get the lead early 3. If you have point lead, F*CKING STAY TOGETHER AND DEFEND YOUR POINTS! - even 9 extra points is enough to win a f*cking game 4. If you are a DD, your job is to screen for torps and possibly spot - do not yolo rush just to get one kill (idiots) 5. If you're a BB, camp in a safe place, ONLY IF YOU HAVE TARGETS TO SHOOT AT! - also, you know you are allowed to shoot DD's rght? 6. Cruisers, I get that you have smoke, but please use the f*cking hydro if you plan on sitting in smoke, and don't stop your f*cking engine, especially if you're in a Belfast. 7. NO, YOU DON'T NEED TO PUSH IF YOU LEAD, STAND IN GOOD POSITIONS, AND DEFEND, THEY WILL PROBABLY PUSH 1 BY 1 AND YOU HAVE A BETTER CHANCE!!! So, I made it into 7 noob tips, maybe some pro's could add some more, to help those, who are struggling to reach R1, or R5 even. I am sick and tired of playing one good game, getting a star, and then losing it after, because my team cannot manage certain situations and point leads. Gentlemen, this mode is about winning, not about "getting that one kill".
  6. So yesterday for the fourth time (for me), i got that odd lucky shot. I was rowing along in my Fuso tossing shells at a stubborn cruiser, i fired a broadside to get him off my back. And as i shifted view to manouver, i suddenly hear i have sunk an enemy destroyer. Apparently a destroyer had received that broadside instead of me missing the cruiser, i must admit to thinking i must have mistaken a cruiser for a destroyer. Another battle and i am enjoying my Fruitcake, a cruiser is giving chase so i fire some torps to make him turn. Suddenly a destroyer crosses my enemy cruisers path and is the recipient of some nice torps, i bet he was just as suprised as i was. So dear community do you have some similar lucky shots?
  7. InfiniteBeer

    Amerykańskie pancerniki

    Macie i paczajcie z tego wszyscy oto pancerniki z ameryki ;p Filmik, na razie po rusku:
  8. InfiniteBeer

    Wincyj statystyk

    Nie wiem czy ktoś zauważył ale dzisiaj WG dało nam w łapki jeszcze więcej statystyk, nad którymi możemy fapować w profilu gracza. XVM zbliża się dużymi krokami ;p Teraz można się onanizować przy każdym z okrętów osobno ;)
  9. InfiniteBeer

    Gdzie celować i czym strzelać

    Niniejszym poradnik ten jest skierowany do osób, które chcą go przeczytać ;p Pamiętajcie jednak, że obecnie system uszkodzeń a co za tym idzie penetracji oraz pancerza będzie zapewne zmieniany nie raz nie dwa bo obecnie mimo, że poprawiony dalej kuleje. 1. Gdzie celować? To podstawa bo każdy okręt mimo podobnej budowy ma różne rozmieszczenie swoich słabych punktów jak magazyny czy maszynownie (więcej ->tutaj). Dlatego do każdego okrętu należy podchodzi w miarę indywidualnie jednak aby nie popadać w skrajności podzielimy to na klasy jakie obecnie mamy w grze. a) Pancerniki Jest to klasa, która jest obecnie najprzyjemniejsza do bicia, jest to swego rodzaju puszka z HP, która potrafi się odgryźć jednak ze względu na swoje gabaryty jest ona łatwym celem i przymierzenie w konkretne punkty nie jest trudne, nawet na większe odległości. Celując w pancerniki, mierzymy przed wszystkim w wieże dział głównego kalibru oraz w pewne magiczne miejsce, które jest pokazane na rysunku. W te miejsca strzelamy APkami, krytyki pod wieżami powinny wchodzić po koło 20k i więcej, krytyk w miejsce pomiędzy ostatnim kominem a tylną wieżą to dmg rzędu nawet 40-60k. Jednak to miejsce nie na każdym pancerniku jest tak wrażliwe. Czasami znajduje się bardziej pod kominami. b) Krążowniki Tutaj zaczyna się magia. Nie za bardzo działa tutaj zasada, że pod wieżami wchodzi duży dmg, w przypadku krążowników jest to jedno miejsce. Punkt ten jest trudny do trafienia, szczególnie gdy gramy pancernikiem. Cały myk jest w tym, że trafiając tam z pancernika (oczywiście APkami) możemy roznieść krążownik lub poważnie go poturbować, strzelając tam innym krążownikiem będziemy co chwile zadawać duże obrażenia i krytyki. Jest jednak jest problem, otóż tam wchodzi tylko jeśli pestki ładnie wylądują na linii wody, jest to dość istotne bo trafiając wyżej już takiego efektu może nie być, jest to po części spowodowane obecną mechaniką (tak przynajmniej mi się zdaje ;)) a po części magią. Punkt ten jest dość istotny przy strzelaniu w amerykańskie krążowniki 6,8,9,10 tieru. W japońce wchodzi łatwiej. c) Niszczyciele Tutaj jest jedna zasada, strzelać HE i patrzeć jak puchnie. Trzeba przyznać, że po ostatnich zmianach jednak w niszczyciele strzelamy AP. d) Lotniskowce W większości cały kadłub ale najlepiej środek + miejsca pod kominami. 2. Czym Panie, czym? Tak samo jak przy celowaniu tutaj jest podobnie a) Pancerniki Ogólnie w zależności od tego czym gramy takim rodzajem będziemy strzelać, różne są preferencję jednak jeśli celujemy w konkretne punkty to zawsze walimy AP, jeżeli nie mamy szans na przymierzenie lub chcemy gościa wkurw***ć walimy HE aż go podpalimy, choć to raczej preferuje przy krążownikach, z BB lepiej strzelać AP bo RNG może akurat spasi a tu jedna pestka może zadać ponad 20k uszkodzeń ;p b) Krążownik Jeżeli jesteśmy krążownikiem możemy sobie pozwolić na szał AP bo są one bardzo efektywne, a jeśli płyniemy pancernikiem zawsze można strzelić jedną-dwie salwy HE, ponieważ wieże krążowników są bardzo wrażliwe i łatwe to zniszczenia. Co do weakspotow to tak jak wyżej, strzelamy APkami. c) Niszczyciele Hulaj dusza tylko HE, chyba będziemy także w niszczycielu, w tedy można się pokusić o AP. AP d) Lotniskowce Co kto woli, najpierw podpalamy pokład HE a potem mordujemy AP. To tyle, temat jest dość płynny bo co chwilę coś jest zmieniane, ktoś może się zgodzić lub nie jednak coś tam ogarniałem pod tym względem i myślę że jest to w miarę ok. Edit: Dodam tylko, że jest to ogólny zarys, nie jest to poradnik jak grać daną klasą!